It was another night in Florida, 1998. Me and my friends Barry, a white muscular hillbilly type, and Juan, my Colombian Spanish friend had just come from a bad party and had a few beers. We are all 20, and when your that young the only thing to do in Florida other than party is go to the beach. Well on our way Juan fell asleep, and Barry figured “Fuck it, this night is over”. On our way back Barry sees this girl, Candice,that was once friends with his old girlfriend.”Hey! whats up!” he yelled. She was a hottie, about 5-8, maybe 125, good body, sweet ass titts and really cute brown short hair,right to her shoulders.Found out later she was only 14, but looked so dam cute.”Why are you walking?!”. As we pulled over barry told me she was a huge slut, and had heard of a story where she met some guy in the movies and fucked him in the back. Well we talked for a while and asked her if she wanted to come with us back to juan’s house to chill and smoke out or something. she said ok.

I didn’t realize it while it happened, but one by one she asked us if we had gf’s. Of course we all said no, but all of us did. we then took her to the pool by juan’s house and before we could even get in she took off all her clothes and got in the Jacuzzi. Her young little body looked so sweet, I wanted to start rubbing my Dick against it right then, but this is real life, not some make up story, so i didnt.Barry and Juan got in with her but i was playing shy guy and waited outside. She got close to Barry and he had his arm around her. He was also rubbing her soft ass legs. Dam she looked good! I wanted to touch her body so bad, but i didn’t want to look dumb in front of my boys. Her and Juan were a short way aways from each other but I noticed they were rubbing their feet together under the pool. Someone then said we should go to the Sauna.

As we went in it was very small.Barry and Juan sat in between Candice and I was sitting alone on the bottom. I cant tell you what they did because it was so dark, but I heard Juan say something about making it hot and Candice saying “Oh Yeah”. I heard the sound of a finger going in and out of Candice’s pussy, and I knew my boys were both on her fine ass. I Could barley see hands rubbing all over her, so I wanted to get some also. I ran my hand up and down her soft ass leg I had been watching since I saw her, and she brought out her hand and rubbed my hand as if to say”it’s ok, you can touch me”. I climbed up towards the top and saw Barry rubbing all over her sweet looking titts, and Juan was french kissing her while, I think it was him, fingering her. After they stopped I went and got about a 5 second kiss, and felt her sweet ass sluty 14 year old tongue in my mouth. it felt so good. I then grabbed a tit and sucked on it as hard as I could. Her titts were awesome, no 14 year old had titts this good, and I dated alot of young girls to know. I was obsessed with her titties and wouldn’t leave them alone. Someone said something about it being to hot and we should go to Juan’s down the street. Thats what we did, and thats when this 14 year old fine ass hoe let us all inside her.

Back at Juans we laid her down on the bed and all started touching her. Juan took her pants off, fingered her a little and then started fucking her. While he fucked her I sucked on a titt while Barry sucked the other. I usually wouldn’t kiss a slut so much but I loved her tongue, and kept going back to kiss her. I dont think she liked that alot because after a while shed kinda pull away from my kisses, at one point even saying “youve had enough of my tongue.”. Fuckin bitch. Anyways, after Juan was done Barry turned her over and fucked her doggy style. I walked up in front of her and had her suck on me. I didnt nut and it didnt last long because Barry was fast and when he left it was just me and her. I got on top of her but before I fucked her, I got curious and asked “Do you do this alot.” all she said back was “yeah.” Well that was enough conversation for me. I got up inside her and started fucking her, first slow, then fast. She wrapped her soft legs around me and kissed my chest while I fucked her. After I was done we both went outside and Barry took her home, while me and Juan just chilled and talked about our night. We never saw Candice again. Everything I told you happened. If it wasn’t a “Juicy” sex story, I’m sorry, but I only said what really went on. I hope you all enjoyed it.