“Hi Craig.” she said as we passed in the hallway, “remember me?” It

isn’t that I didn’t recognize her, it’s just that I didn’t expect to ever

run into her again. Hilary had graduated from the university some

four or five years earlier, and it is pretty unusual for former

students to return to visit beyond a year or two after graduation.

“Well hello Hilary, what are you doing here?” I replied, a little

surprised, since I didn’t remember her being overly friendly with

me, especially since I was merely on the staff at this university, and

not one of the faculty.

Hilary explained that she had been invited back to give a guest

lecture to the current students on the life of a working actress on the

road with bus and truck musicals.

These are revivals of old standard musicals, usual a performing

vehicle for some fading variety star of twenty years ago, like Robert

Goulet or Debbie Reynolds. They go from city to city playing

anywhere from one day to a couple of weeks. It can mean being on

the road for months at a time. The name comes from the fact that the

scenery travels in a truck, and the performers in a bus. The hours

are long and the work grueling, and the hotel rooms are all the same.

However, the pay can be excellent, and competition for the roles is

tough. If you can last it out on the road for any length of time, you

are good, and you are tough.

And Hilary was tough. When she was a theatre student, she was not

one your stars-in-the-eyes innocent acting students. Quite the

contrary, as the daughter of professional performers, she knew what

it took to succeed, and because of that she worked hard at her craft.

After four years of intense study, she had developed into a talented

singer, actress and dancer.

Her biggest drawback as a performer was that she was small. Petite

is perhaps a better word. Standing barely five feet tall, Hilary was

not the standard show girl type. All the more need for talent and

sheer will to get ahead in the business.

Her small stature was never a drawback in my book. Being on the

short side of average height myself, I always had a preference for

small women. And Hilary fit my ideal almost to a ‘T’. At five foot,

she may have weighted ninety five pounds or so, but her small body

was exquisitely shaped and well packed to boot, her shape reminded

me of Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing. When she was still a student

I can remember watching her rehearse, and being fascinated with her

small taut round thighs and her pert tits, that jiggled so nicely

when she danced. My pulse would quicken rise whenever she was

dancing on stage and an actor would lift her so that her costume

would rise to reveal her high round butt encased in lycra and lace.

She was the kind of vision that would occupy both my sleeping and

waking dreams. I spent much of my time back stage watching her

great little ass.

During her student years, I kept my hands (and thoughts) to myself.

Although I was a staff member and not faculty, it still isn’t a good

idea to ‘mess around’ with the students. There is always the danger

of getting tangled in a sexual harassment suit or something similar

that could be detrimental to both ones career and paycheck . None

the less Hilary had been an outgoing student and there were many

occasions that we chatted about this and that or found ourselves in a

group at a restaurant or party. The division between student, faculty

and staff being somewhat less formal in theatre departments than in

other academic fields. In addition, my job as production manager

put me in contact with the students on various levels.

There was more than once in those encounters that she stood very

close to me or accidently rubbed up against me, but at the time I

thought nothing of it, but just enjoyed it, and let it pass. In

retrospect, maybe I should have paid more attention.

We stood and chatted in the hallway for ten or fifteen minutes, she

telling me abut her experiences on the road since she had left school.

I told her of the past plays that we had done over the years.

Suddenly, she looked at me and “Show me the theatre. I’ve got at

least two hours before I speak to the class, and I’d like to have

another look at it after all these years.” I thought that this was a

little strange, considering that she had spent the better part of the

last few years in one theatre or another, but, enjoying her company

and not being one to disappoint a visiting alumni I grabbed my keys

and headed off to the theatre.

The theatre is the large modern auditorium that is used for the big

musicals that are done every year. It seats about 1600 and has a

large stage and a regular rabbit warren of dressing rooms.

The theatre was empty as we walked in on stage, there wasn’t a

show scheduled to move in until later in the week. The cavernous

theatre was totally dark, except for a single lightbulb on a stand in

the center of the stage, and the red glow of the exit signs one

hundred feet distant from the stage.

“You know, Craig, either you are really dense, or I am a total failure

at telegraphing my feelings. When I was a student here I was hot for

your ass, and I did just about everything I could to get you to pay

attention to me. Nothing seemed to work. This time I’m not going to

be so subtile.”

With that comment, she turned, reached up, and kissed me hard on

the mouth, almost ramming her tongue down my throat. In the same

motion she reached down and cupped my cock and balls with her

right hand.

I was surprised, but not so much as to not respond to her advances.

I returned her kiss with an equal passion, and in response began to

caress her ass. I could feel through her skirt that she was wearing

stockings and a garterbelt, but there was no evidence of panties.

“I always wanted you as well” I said breaking from the kiss, “but you

know how it is these days,- students and staff and all that stuff”

“Shut-up!” was the reply, as she rubbed my now growing cock a little

harder, and continued with the deep kisses.

I slid my hand down below the hem of her skirt and ran them up her

thighs beyond the stocking tops. Her flesh was smooth and cool to

my touch and that butt that I had watched so closely in rehearsals

quivered as I ran my hands over it. I gently kneaded her ass cheeks,

and as I did so I realized that she was wearing a g-string made of

some silky fabric, that had a thin ribbon that ran up the crack of her

ass. She shook her butt, rubbed her thighs together and moaned in

my ear as I tugged lightly on the g-string ribbon.

Her hand began to fumble with the zipper of my pants. Within a few

seconds she had released my cock from my pants and began stroking

the now raging hard on. I moved my attention to her small but firm

round breasts. I could feel her nipples harden beneath the fabric of

her bra and blouse. My hand had found its way inside her blouse

and I rolled her nipples between my fingers Her stroking of my

cock continued, occasionally she would squeeze the head, rolling her

hand around as she did so. I was in ecstasy, and Hilary was enjoying

herself as well.

After a few minutes of this, I looked around; here we were standing

in the middle of the darkened stage illuminated only by the single

light that stood about four feet away from us, and me with my prick

hanging out. If anyone were to walk into the theatre now, there

would be no mistaking what was going on, and that would be the

end, job, career, the works

Just as I was about to suggest that we find somewhere else to do this,

she slid down onto her knees, saying, “I always wanted you, and I

always wanted to do this on stage.” With that comment, she gave the

head of my cock a big wet lick and proceeded to suck it with great


“Hilary! I want you too, but we can’t do this here.” I protested but

her expert ministrations were clouding my judgment. Despite my

protests, I made no attempt to make her stop. In fact I began to

stroke her blond hair and slowly pump my hips to match the rhythm

of her expert mouth and tongue played as they played upon my dick.

It felt so good that my knees were on the verge of buckling, and my

mind was going blank.

Suddenly she stopped sucking, “You’re right, we can’t do this here”,

she said, “there’s no audience, and besides, we need a little furniture.

I’ve got an idea. Stuff that back in your pants.”

Not sure what she had in mind, I managed to jam my swollen and

sensitive dick back in place and zip my pants. Hilary readjusted her

clothes only slightly.

“Follow me. “she grabbed my hand, and we headed to the back of

the auditorium and out into the lobby.

Perhaps the most striking feature of theatre is the lobby, which is a

large airy space approximately 140 feet long and 40 feet tall. The

outer wall is made entirely of glass that has a mirror finish on the

outside so that people in the theatre can see out, but those on the

outside cannot see in. The lobby fronts a small park like area that is

crossed by foot paths and is a favorite place for students to sun

bathe. It was a beautiful spring afternoon and there were perhaps

forty or fifty people lying about the lawn.

“Here!” she said, pointing to a polished wooden bench along the

outside wall of the lobby of the theatre. The bench that Hilary

pointed out was about one foot from the glass and maybe three feet

from a group of six or eight people lying in the sun. With a dramatic

flair she stepped onto the bench, and lifted her skirt. Shaking her

ass at the one-way mirror and the people beyond it, “I want to have

you right here,” she growled. With one hand she grabbed the top of

her red g-string and gave it a tug upwards which buried the point of

it in the lips of her pussy, tufts of blond hair curling around its edges,

I could see that it was already saturated from her pussy juices.

Taking the initiative I walked up to her and unbuttoned the rest of

the buttons on her blouse, revealing her lace encased tits to the

daylight. With my face now at tit height, I popped the center clasp

on her bra and laid my tongue on her pink nipples. It only took a

moment of licking and nibbling them before they were erect and

turning crimson from the attention.

Hilary was still holding her skirt up around her waist the entire time

that I was paying attention to her tits, she seemed transfixed, lost in

herself. I shifted my attention to he crotch. Gripping the backs of

her thighs I began to lightly chew the fabric of the G-string, she

spread her legs slightly and pushed he pelvis forward to better

accommodate my actions. I found the head of her clit through the

fabric and nibbled. I pulled the fabric aside and began licking and

sucking her clit directly. Her pussy was saturated before I started, it

tasted musty but sweet. Several times her knees nearly buckled as I

worked her pussy.

“Let me sit down, before I fall down.” And with that she sat on the

end of the bench with her crotch right at the edge. I sat on the floor

between her legs, and dived into her pussy again. This time I came

up with a mouthful of her G-string, which I pulled away from her

pussy with my teeth. I worked the damp piece of fabric down her

legs and completely off entirely with my mouth, revealing a blond

encased pussy lips with a rather pink and protruding clit. I returned

my attentions to that clit, licking, nibbling and sucking, occasionally

darting my tongue into her cunt. Hilary’s squirming and bucking

increased in frequency and intensity. She grabbed my hair as if to

hold on, leaving her skirt draped over my head. Finally, she simply

laid back on the bench, too distracted to sit up any longer. This gave

me even better access to her pussy, I positioned her legs over my

shoulders and I began to probe the depths of it with my fingers

while I continued to lick and nibble her clit.

After a few minutes of such attention to her pussy, her hip bucking

changed tempo, her thighs clamped hard around my head and she

forced her cunt down hard on my fingers. She let out a long cry, and

held that position for what must have been thirty seconds. Slowly

she began to relax, her pussy and thighs twitching slightly as she did

so. I knew that I had brought her to orgasm.

During all of this my cock had been pressing hard against my fly,

straining to escape the confines of my pants. I reached down and

undid my belt and fly, finally releasing my cock. It sprung forth

ready, the head almost purple from the internal pressure. I slid

Hilary toward the end of the bench, and lifting her legs in the air, I

plunged my cock into her pussy.

Her pussy was like heaven, hot, wet, and tight. I had fantasized

about her years before, but I never though that I would actually

have an opportunity to actually fill her hot hole, especially under

these circumstances. With her legs in the air I was able to bury my

cock to the hilt with every stroke. Hilary almost howled each time

the head banged into her cervix. I was hot and desperate and the

pace of my fucking was relentless. She kept sliding back on the

bench from the force of the strokes, finally she gripped the end of

the bench to hold herself in place.

We continued at that pace for what seemed to be several minutes.

She was responding to my thrusts with equal intensity I could feel

the cum rising in my dick, but I wasn’t ready to pop my load yet.

“My ass, in my ass!” she panted loudly. I looked around, still unsure

that we wouldn’t be seen through the mirror glass windows. I guess

I was surprised to hear that from her, but on the other hand, I

always remember her as being precocious. I didn’t want to leave the

confines of her pussy, but I slowly withdrew from her cunt.

Hilary stood for a moment, I removed my jacket and laid it on the

floor so that she would have something to kneel on. With that she

knelt facing the end of the bench, and leaned over so that her torso

and tits were laying on the bench. She shifted her ass in to the air a

little higher. Her face was pressed into the bench and she gripped

the sides tightly. Spreading her ass-cheeks, her asshole was staring

at me like a little pink button, surrounded by a few wisps of light

blond hair. She was a small woman to begin with, and I wasn’t sure

that that tight little sphincter could accommodate my regulation size

dick, but, If she wanted it, I was game. Since the lobby of a theatre

isn’t the place you’ll find a tube of K-Y, I reached under her and wet

my hand with some of her pussy juices and rubbed it around on her

asshole as lubrication. With my index finger I massaged around the

rim and gently pushed it into the opening. She moaned a bit and

raised her ass to meet my finger. I worked it in and out for a

moment and then added another finger. She took the second one as

eagerly as she did the first. I added a third. She clamped her

sphincter tightly around all three. I rotated my fingers around and

pumped them in and out, her ass raised to meet the movement of my

hand, and Hilary groaned loudly with every stroke.

Thinking that such an accepting asshole would be a better place for

my cock, I withdrew my fingers and readied my dick for penetration.

I again dipped into her sopping pussy for more lubrication, this time

swabbing my dick head as well as her asshole.

She moaned as I placed the head of my cock against her asshole and

pushed gently. It didn’t give at first in spite of the earlier occupation

of my fingers, so I pushed a little harder, and slowly her sphincter

opened and I watched as the little pink began to accept the tip of

my throbbing dick. All at once it gave and she gasped loudly with

satisfaction as her asshole accepted the head of my cock. She tightly

gripped the edge of the bench as I slowly slid the rest of my length

into her now relaxed ass. It is hard to describe the sensation of her

delectably tight asshole. Different from her pussy, it was hot and

dry, her ass muscles griped my cock tightly as if someone had their

hand wrapped firmly around my dick.

Slowly at first, I began to stroke in and out, she tightened her ass

muscles with each out stroke, relaxing them for the thrust in. I

noticed how the few blond hairs that surrounded her asshole would

stick to my dick in the out stroke, and slide into her ass along with

my dick on the in-stroke. She was still on the high from her

previous orgasm, and she began to shudder, squirm and moan

rapidly as the pace of my strokes into her ass increased. I was

having a little trouble getting a good position behind her, with my

pants down around my knees, and my shoes slipping on the tile floor.

Oblivious to the students sunbathing just five feet from us on the

other side of the window, Hilary began to cry out loudly with each

stroke as I banged in to her butt, at times muttering “yes, yes, do me

fuck my ass!” . It didn’t take long before the incredible sensation of

her heavenly asshole began to take it’s toll. I was visibly shaking

from the effort to keep from coming.

She sensed that I was about to come, and as I began to spurt, she

cried “Pull out, I want to feel your cum on my ass.”. I did as she

instructed. The first two spurts were shot inside her rectum but the

last few shots hit her ass hole and dripped down on her cunt.

cumming more jism than I can ever remember, I was almost

howling with pleasure as I shot my load into and on her. I shook and

groaned with utter satisfaction completely oblivious to the people on

the other side of the window.

Hilary collapsed on to the bench flat on her stomach, with her ass

still pointing into the air. I fell on top of her in exhaustion and lay

there for a moment. “That was terrific” I whispered into her ear.

Then it dawned on me what we had just done. Fucking in the lobby

of a public building. As I began to get up I glanced over to the

window. There were ten or twelve people standing at the window,

with either their ears cupped to the glass, or shielding their eyes

trying to see through the mirror surface. I could see from their

movements the we had been making enough noise that they had

heard us through the glass and were trying to listen to the activities.

Hilary began to gain her composure, I slid back and licked my own

cum off of her pulsing pussy and tongued her ass once for quick

measure. We quickly stood and began to reassemble ourselves. A

little embarrassed at the passion of the moment, we both sheepishly

glanced at each other and smiled. Quickly we dressed, as the

commotion outside the window subsided. There weren’t many words

to say after that performance on both of our parts. As we headed

towards the door of the theatre, Hilary turned to me and said, “I’m

staying with Kay Jenson while I’m here, give me a call after you’re

done with work, and maybe we can find some time to continue our


Kay was the dance instructor for the acting students, and a very

attractive woman… this could be interesting. I would definately

make that call. And with that thought we walk out of the theatre

and into the day light.

To be continued….