Before I start I must tell you a little about myself. I am a Black Male who has a extraordinary desire for married white wives. My experience tells me that most, if possibly not all have a deep desire to taste the “forbidden fruit” of long black cock. Let me tell you of my latest conquest.

I work as a social worker in a large metropolitan hospital. My education includes a Doctorate Degree in Psychology; and a Masters Degree in Social Environments As such it was extremely easy for me to obtain a top job at a very influential teaching hospital in New York City. My expressed duties were to council the spouses of terminally ill patients. Additionally when a patient was admitted due to extreme trauma or near fatal accidents I was the one chosen to comfort the families of those patients.

That of course was the duties assigned by the Hospital Administrator. My agenda naturally was far removed from the concerns of the hospital. My objectives focused primarily on the conquest and complete subjugation of the pretty white wives of the unfortunate beings who were admitted to the large and for the most part impersonal hospital.

If you wish to continue I’ll focus on my most recent example of Black conquest.

On a cold and dreary Tuesday afternoon I was on call when a middle aged man was admitted with an extreme head trauma caused by an auto accident. The man was an attorney in his mid forties who was from one of the most prestigious law firms in the city. He was extremely wealthy and the hospital wanted me to give whatever comfort I could to his most attractive wife.

Mrs. Gretchen Thornber III was a stunning woman in her late thirties. She was a rather tall elegant woman whose auburn hair reached to her shoulders. Her rather small but pert breasts pushed against her white silk blouse. However her best and most visible assets were her long legs which seemed to go on forever.

I first laid eyes on the stunning wife when I walked into the private waiting room of the VIP lounge. My cock harden as I observed the wife sitting on the low sofa with the expensive dark blue skirt riding up those delicious long legs encased with black nylons and black knee high leather boots. Her white silk blouse was stretched tight against her heaving braless tits. The tight nipples were making their presence known; especially with my nine inch black cock. The distraught wife was trembling; deep in concentration as the chief surgeon was explaining the operation he just performed. The doctor had the bedside manners of a king cobra. He told the tormented wife that her husband would either recover; or die within the next twenty four hours. After sharing the information he coldly rose and exited.

The worried wife sought out my eyes looking for some meager compassion in this large and cold room. I quickly made my way to her side and put my muscular arm around her soft shoulders. Looking into her deep emerald eyes I calmly reassured her that someone cared; and that someone was me. In a soft and comforting voice I soothed her anxieties. As we continued to discuss her fears I felt her tenseness subside.

After her trembling ceased I suggested that we go to the cafeteria and have a cup of coffee. There was nothing that we could do in the waiting room and I let the head nurse know where I was taking the stunning beauty. Her sneer told me that she too understood my none too subtle strategy.

History told me that if I could get the wife to make the first step the next phase would be a certainty. I let my arm encase her shoulder as we walked the short distance to the elevator. I could sense her uneasiness at my somewhat forwardness in our short journey. Although she wanted a comforting shoulder to unburden her deepest fears she felt uneasy at having a six foot six inch black male taking this seemingly innocent gesture. However, she did not realize that my actions were anything but innocent. The first stage of seduction of a distraught wife was to let the victim get comfortable with my hands on her delectable body. Once she was comfortable with this gentle caressing the next move was to far more tender and heated areas of her luscious tight body.

My many years of experience has taught me that the white husbands of these precious wives tended to totally ignore their most basic needs. The needs for closeness; intimacy; and yes total sexual passion. The husbands as a whole was far too busy making a living; rising on the corporate structure; and most importantly worried only about their sexual release.

As we entered the elevator, I could sense that Mrs. Thornber was ever more apprehensive of the fact that we would be completely alone in the express elevator for seventeen long floors. She express her concerns when I let the index finger of my left hand slowly caress her pouting lips. At the same time I gently pulled the delectable creature closer to my hard muscular body My voice was calm as I told Gretchen to not worry; that I would take care of everything.

The fifteen minutes of forced conversation over coffee caused Mrs. Thornber even more concern. Fatigue; and the uncertain fate of her husband of twenty years was causing the beautiful white wife to become very distressed It was at this point; the point that the pretty wife was the most vulnerable that I suggested that I take her to my apartment less than a block away.

She quickly tried to make an excuse that she couldn’t leave the hospital but after so many conquests I was able to completely defuse the weak protests. I convinced her that she needed to get away from this dreaded place; that there was nothing she do to help her husband. I told her that it would be morning until her husband would be able to see her. When she wanted to go to a hotel I told her that it was so late that she might not find a vacancy and that it would be far more relaxing if she rest awhile and take a shower. She would then be able to be rested and alert when she saw her husband the first thing in the morning.

She hesitated; and at that point I mentally chalked up another delightful piece of pussy for my memoirs. I concluded that Mrs. Gretchen Thornber III was one eventful step away from having my long black cock imbedded in her precious pussy folds.

As the weariness overcame her senses Gretchen reluctantly agreed to come to my loft apartment. As Gretchen dropped her weary eyes to the table she could not seen the leer that enveloped my face as I felt my long cock harden. Gretchen seemed near exhaustion as I innocently let my hand fall to her exposed knee and softly let it rub the tender flesh of her inner thigh.

As her senses seemed to return she acknowledged the soft caressing of her thigh and took her small hand and placed it on mine pulling it up. She sternly looked into my face but said nothing. Little did she know that the insolent rebuff would cost her dearly in the hours to come.

I helped the wife of a severely injured man to her feet and quickly paid for the coffee. Helping her with her long leather coat I managed to brush the outside of her unhaltered firm breasts. She appeared to be too fatigued to notice the caress. I smiled as I thought of the further liberties that I was planning for the next eight hours.

When we reached my apartment I turned on the dimmed lighting to the living room. Helping her with her coat I showed her to my large black leather sofa and quickly walked the short distance to the fire place and turned the gas log on the lowest setting. The small ripple of flame jutted about the small living room. When I reached the sofa I stared intently at the half closed eyes and asked if she would like a small glass of wine to soothe her aching muscles. She quietly agreed. As I filled the large wine glass I felt a further twinge of hardness. Shortly; it would be but a matter of moments until my long black cock would be deeply embedded in the wet warm woman chamber of the beautiful white wife laying comfortably against the black leather. As I approached with her wine I was in awe of her long beautiful legs encased by the knee high leather boots and black shimmering hose.

As she drank the first; and then the second; and finally the third glass of wine she became more and more serene. In a low and calming voice I suggested she lay on the long sofa. She was a little apprehensive but fatigue finally outweighed her initial trepidation and stretched out on the leather sofa. She was on her stomach and used her arms to rest her weary head. As her eyes closed I slid to my knees next to the couch and softly rubbed the small of her back. She arched her back but as I soothed her alcohol fogged brain with a soft and calming discourse she let her body relax. The soft caressing of her taut and tense muscles relaxed her inner defenses.

My hands dropped to the leather boots and I softly told her that I would take off the tight boots and rub her tight calf muscles. She softly mumbled something as I lovingly unzipped the inside of the boots and pulled the boots from her long beautiful legs. As the second boot was removed I gingerly soothed the tight calf muscles in a slow sensual caress. The gentle stroking went on for nearly twenty minutes as I used my strong hands to lower the beautiful wife’s resistance. As I heard the quiet mewing leave her lips I accelerated my momentum.

I let my hands slowly travel from her taut calves to the firm thighs and in a slow circular movement stroked the warm and inviting flesh. Gretchen tried to resist, but her fatigue and alcohol clouded mind could not plan an effective resistance to my well tuned technique of seduction.

“Please raise your hips. I’ll rub your tight muscles with warm oil but I don’t want to stain your panty hose,” I softly murmured.

Unable to comprehend what she was doing she subtlety raised herself on her knees while I gently pulled the tight pantyhose off her firm and tight thighs. My fingers and thumb grasped the elastic waistband and gently lowered the shimmering covering. As the pantyhose were pulled from Mrs. Thornber’s tight ass cheeks I marveled at the sight before me. The asscheeks, so white in the flickering light of the fireplace beckoned me to kiss the perfect mounds. I gently let my tongue lick the taut muscles as Gretchen tightened the objects of my affection.

I carefully pulled the hose from the tips of the beautiful woman’s toes. I reached back and retrieved the bottle of warm oil setting on the fireplace ridge. Tipping the bottle I let the warm fluid on the perfect thighs of my latest plaything. The warm fluid caused the beautiful Gretchen to flinch; but my soft caressing soon made the beautiful white wife relax once again and resume her restful sate on the leather sofa.

As her soft moans became more audible I knew it was time to finally claim my prize. My fingers continued to explore the upper reaches of the soft thighs; and I became more and more aggressive in my exploration. My index finger finally found the moist panties of my latest bitch. My finger rubbed the ever hardening nobe and I heard the wife of one of the most prominent attorneys in the city quietly sobbed, “No, please no.”

I was amused by her feeble attempts to thwart my final victory.

My finger had worked itself to the inner leg of the now soaked black lace panties and I inserted the tip on my finger in the steamy chamber. As I suspected my conquest’s pussy was now leaking it’s sticky discharge. Wanting to prolong Gretchen’s anxiety I inserted more and more of my finger into the steamy chamber. Her hips were sensously rotating as I teased the sensitive orb; rolling it between my finger and thumb. My prize thrust her hips against my hand trying to force the insertion of more and more of the pleasure giving length into the warm wet channel. Her moaning increased . . . . . . .

Finally . . . . her resistance was completely broken. I could sense the surrender as she eagerly thrust her hips in ever consuming passion.

I quickly removed my pants; I don’t wear any underwear. I don’t want my nine inches restricted.

She attempted to turn and look back at me when she felt the removal of the pleasure giving digits and felt the cushions sag under the weight of my knees.

“Please, you mustn’t. I haven’t taken my pill today. Please you must use protection,” begged the aroused wife.

“Raise your hips little tramp,” I mocked.

Her mind wanted her to resist but her body had abandoned her mind. She meekly raised her hips and pleadingly looked over her shoulders into my dark and ridiculing eyes.

“Please. . . . . . . Not without protection. You mustn’t fuck me without a rubber..” begged the aroused wife.

“Beg me to fuck you with my black cock you little whore,” I continued her subjugation.

She started to say no. . . . . The sharp crack of my open hand on her taut ass cheeks ended her speech.

Another firm slap yielded the results I was after.

“Please fuck me,” she moaned.

“You can do better than that little tramp. Tell me that you want my black cock!” I ordered.

Unable to reason with her dripping woman chamber Mrs. Gretchen Thornber III screamed her desire, “Please, oh my god. Fuck me with your black cock. FUCK MEEEEEEEE…….”

In one brutal stroke I buried the nine inches of my rock solid black cock deep into the warm, wet and willing woman chamber of the white wife. Once I achieved maximum depth I could feel the beautiful wife drop to the sofa and wrap her ankles behind my black ass cheeks. As I continued to pound my black cock into the gushing pussyhole I could feel my latest conquest tense as her orgasm neared.

Wanting; no needing total domination I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Tell me the name of your worthless husband,” I ordered.

“No. . . . . Please NO.. . . . . . . Oh my god no. . . ” she gasped.

“Tell me his name bitch,” I mocked.

As her mind tried to resist, her body begged for release. Her mind was totally overloaded from the events of the day; from the events of the last two hours. I smiled; it took me only two hours to break this heretofore perfect wife. As her hips thrust against my tight rippled stomach; with my long black cock buried to the hilt in her swollen pussy she finally broke.

“Chuck. . . . . His name is Chuck,” my white conquest screamed.

As she surrendered her body to my black cock I thrust brutally against her heaving hips. As she tensed in total release I let cock spew its seed into the inner recess of her being. A smile creeped over my face as my spunk poured into her hole. It took me several minutes to empty my nut sacks of their gism into the unprotected womb of Mrs. Chuck Thornber III.

As the last spunk dripped into the chamber I leered; maybe the society wife would be the recipient of a black child. She should have made me wear a rubber I laughed.

I pulled my black weapon out of the clenching cavity and my sperm flowed free once the black cork was removed. I longingly looked at the dripping cum in the rippling light emitted from the fireplace. Her pussy lips tried to clinch shut and prevent the fluid from escaping but the muscle had been stretched too far this evening. The sticky gism was dripping down her pussy over her throbbing orb and settled in a large glob of her dark blue skirt which was bunched under her now peaceful hips. Her wimp husband; even if he survived the night probably wouldn’t be able to touch the sides of his wife’s pussy in the future.

Of course the wife needed further training. That training would begin in the morning. Once I broke a white wife the next step was very important. The wife would be required to pay homage to my black cock.

Mrs. Gretchen Thornber III slipped off into a peaceful and serene sleep. She didn’t feel the black dog collar being clasped around her beautiful neck.