The twenty year marriage of Mike and JoAnn Reinhardt was rapidly deteriorating. Mike, the over worked Life Insurance Agent was working nearly fifty hours per week. He was valiantly attempting to provide for his non working wife and his seventeen year old daughter.

JoAnn, age 40, was in extremely firm condition. During their marriage JoAnn had developed as the dominant love mate. Whenever the stressed out husband begged for sex JoAnn considered it an ever expanding game to come up with new and different ways to deprive her meek husband of his spousal right. Lately she mocked her husband by laying passively while he thrust his six inch cock into her warm but motionless supple body. After he shot forth his less than ample discharge she ridiculed his minuscule discharge.

The married couple lived on a five hundred acre farm which consisted primarily of hills and timber. Their seventeen year old daughter, with bright red hair and a body of a goddess had just became the queen of the county fair.

JoAnn, to ridicule her totally pussy whipped husband had chosen to cut her own long red hair so short that it barely covered her ears. Mike had always loved the long flowing hair and the intentional shedding of her most striking feature was another slap at the usually uptight husband. During his last three attempts at making love with his perfectly proportioned wife his manhood had failed to live up to its expected task. These latest failings gave the 5′ 7″; 125 LB wife additional ammunition in her continuing abuse of her love mate.

On a cool Tuesday morning Mike meekly dressed and left his home in the hills to make his daily insurance calls. Both Mike and JoAnn realized that he would not return until after dark that late September day. Waiting until her husband had departed; and her daughter drove off to high school. JoAnn leisurely got up and took a soothing and relaxing bath. She was disturbed by the door bell and throwing a towel around her perfect tight body ran to the upstairs window to see who was disturbing her at 10:00 AM this beautiful fall day.

Observing a county Sheriff’s car parked in the drive she muttered an obscenity under her breath. She quickly remembered that she had reported someone dumping trash in the farther most valley on the hilly farm. Yelling from the second floor window she announced that it would take a minute for her to dress.

Waiting impatiently by the farm house screen door was Sheriff Jerome Washington who had made the special trip to the isolated farmhouse. A twinge of hardness developed in his pants as he heard the sweet voice of the forty year beauty. He had observed Mrs. Reinhardt on many occasions and was anxious to get the uppity little bitch in the country. The Sheriff was a massive structure of Ebony Muscle but not very intelligent. However he did have one quality besides wearing the uniform of the chief law enforcement officer in the county. That quality was an extremely dominant personality. His second most impressive quality was that of being one mean son of a bitch.

JoAnn quickly dressed and smiling chose to not put on a bra. Her 38A breasts; even after forty years were tight and hard and thrust out against the white cotton blouse. Being mischievous she tied the tails of the white blouse under her firm breasts and left the top three buttons unbuttoned. She then slipped on a pair of French cut black lace panties and chose the shortest; tightest cut off Jean shorts that she had. Yes, she thought, the black ignorant Sheriff was going to get an eyeful. JoAnn smirked to herself that today she was going to tease another of the inferior male species and leave their little manhood hard and dribbling. Pulling on white ankle socks she slipped on a pair of black cowboy boots and bounded down the stairs. As she came down the stairs her small breasts bounced against the cotton blouse making the nipples harden.

She became somewhat startled as she rounded the stairs and found the arrogant black sheriff with his feet on the kitchen table eating an apple. “Well, howdy Mrs. Reinhardt. It looks like you have dressed up for me……… for our little jaunt in the woods”.

Taken back by the uninvited appearance of the Sheriff in her kitchen; and by his less than subtle reference to the “trip to the woods” she meekly nodded.

As the two walked towards the door the Sheriff gave the pretty housewife a little pat on her well padded cut offs. Turning angrily to face the forward sheriff she let out a string of put downs; “Don’t you ever touch me again you black son of a bitch. Do you hear me!!”

Amused by the quick and vicious remark Sheriff Jerome merely smiled and held the door for the now enraged housewife to exit. Silently the two entered the squad car and the Sheriff sped off after receiving the directions given by the still infuriated beautiful housewife.

As the County Squad car hurtled down the backroads; and then over the cow paths the Sheriff was planning the next confrontation with the little bitch seated beside him. Glancing over he seen the small but perfect breasts straining against the tight blouse. Letting his eyes drop he felt a hardness develop as he observed the tanned long legs of Mrs. JoAnn Reinhardt. Eyeing the vortex where they came together he thought that he observed several red hairs peaking out from the tight crotch of the blue denim cut offs.

“I would suggest Sheriff that you keep your eyes on the road you disgusting rodent.,” shot JoAnn’s malicious reply.

Turning his eyes back to the road the steaming Sheriff knew that the time was clearly near.

Making one final turn the car plowed up the wet path until it came to a screeching stop near a clump of trees that shielded the top of a steep hill.

JoAnn was the first out and she stepped out at a rapid pace. “See if you can keep up Ass Hole,” she yelled back at the black Sheriff as he took his time getting out of the squad car.

He caught up with the wife about half way down the hill. She had a thin film of sweat covering her tight body. As the Sheriff walked up to where she was standing she felt a twinge of fear. . . . . . .

Before either could say anything the Sheriff swung the back of his hand and slapped the beautiful JoAnn across the cheeks. The force of the blow knocked the red haired beauty to the damp ground. “That’s for back talking me. Don’t you ever act like a bitch to me again or I’ll spank that big ass of yours with my leather belt. Got that Bitch ?”

The suddenness of the blow; and the domineering and forceful manner which the Sheriff took charge caught the now prone JoAnn by surprise. She could not do anything but nod her head. As she turned her head she felt the warm blood oozing from her cut lip.

She quietly rose to her feet and looked at her tormentor. The initial sense of fear again surfaced in her mind and she suddenly felt that she might lose control of her bladder.

The Sheriff sneered as he regained control. The arrogance had returned. As his mind swirled with his anticipated revenge the hardness returned to his huge cock as he viewed the delicate morsel standing in front of him. Her look of fear; the cut lip; the white blouse tied under the pert breasts; and her trembling tanned legs.

“I want to see those little titties of yours. Untie your blouse Bitch.”

Shocked into the reality of her current situation she meekly nodded her head. Her bladder seemed to be bursting; from fear (?).

“I won’t tell you a second time. You want to taste some more of your blood Mrs. Reinhardt?” questioned Sheriff Dave.

Her tongue licked her inner lip and submissively she reached for the knot holding the blouse together. Slowly undoing the knot she let the two tails come apart. As the blouse forced it’s way open she timidly let her eyes fall to the ground.

Lewdly the Sheriff let the beautiful vision soak into his now racing mind. Realizing that he had gained the upper hand he moved on to the second phase of domination; one that he had traveled on many occasions; with many of the wives of the county. He could only marvel at the number of submissive and guilty white housewives.

“Unbutton your shorts. . . . . . . Let them fall to your feet,” came the next mocking order.

Submissively JoAnn felt her fingers undo the metal button at the bottom of her tight tummy. The cut offs were tight and she had to wiggle her hips to get the tight jeans to slip down to her black cowboy boots. After the demeaning act was accomplished she did not look up into the forbidding eyes of her captor.

Smiling the Sheriff questioned the now sobbing housewife. “Do you want me to take your panties down Mrs. Reinhardt ?”

Finally she allowed her eyes to search out the dark and forbidding slits of the Sheriff. “Please . . . . . . . . . . . Let me go. I won’t say anything,” begged the now beaten housewife.

Ignoring her pleas the Sheriff merely repeated his question. “Do you want me to slide your black lace panties down to your ankles or would you rather I show you my leather belt ?”

Although JoAnn felt her firm and tight body start to tremble she could not tell if it was from fear. . . . . . . or from sexual excitement that seemed to be consuming her body. She could feel the hard pencil eraser sized nipples harden in the cool forest air; she could feel the beginning of pussy dew form in the tight crotch of her black lace panties. Never in her forty years had a man so dominated her. She was used to her kind gentle husband; not this domineering monster of a man. As her mind raced she noticed the six foot Sheriff take the first step towards her trembling frame.

As he closed the five feet between them she again let her eyes fall to the leaf coated ground. When the Sheriff was next to his trembling captive he slowly; agonizingly slowly inserted his fingers and thumb in the elastic top of the feminine panties and slowly dragged the sexy document down the long and beautiful legs. He let the panties fall to the tops of the cowboy boots.

He then took the delicate cheek into his large hand and raised the pretty face. Tears were slowly dripping from her emerald eyes. “Spread yourself,” came the surprisingly soft command.

Mrs. JoAnn Reinhardt, her eyes staring into Sheriff Dave’s sneering face meekly spread her legs. As the Sheriff sensed this last act of surrender he let his right index finger take inventory of her tight and now moist pussy chamber. He then brought the wet finger to the wife’s lips and smeared the wet finger over her dark red lips.

“Turn around,” came the precise command.

JoAnn meekly shuffled her booted feet and managed to turn 180 degrees. The panties and the cut offs were still binding her ankles and the white blouse hung loosely; completely unbuttoned. She felt her hands being drawn behind her and the metallic click of the handcuffs as they were attached to her petite wrists. Once attached the brutal Sheriff pushed the trembling housewife. Poor JoAnn fell face first and with her hands bound behind her, she could do nothing except fall and allow her breasts to take the biggest part of the hard impact.

Laying face down on the moist leaf covered ground she heard the Sam Browne gun belt fall to the ground. The next sound; almost deafening was the metallic zipper being pulled down.. “Get up on your knees you little bitch!” came the domineering command.

Apprehensively she pulled her knees to her chest, raising the tight ass to hip level. “Do you want me to take your ass or your sopping pussy?” questioned the lecherous Sheriff.

Frightened by the question Mrs. Reinhardt tried to turn her head to see the brutal Sheriff. “Please. . . . . NOT MY ASS. . . . . . . I have never been taken there before,” came the whimpering request. “Please take my pussy. PLEASE . . . . . .. . . . ”

“When is the last time you have been fucked you little bitch?” questioned the Sheriff.

Whimpering, JoAnn meekly sobbed, “It was nearly three weeks ago.”

Sneering the Sheriff aimed his rock hard nine inch cock and rammed it home in one searing stroke. The sudden and complete filling of her pussy chamber felt like a bar of steel ramming into JoAnn’s inner being. The brutal thrust had pushed her tender breasts into the dirt and her mind struggled with the barbaric impalement.

The Sheriff continued to thrust his steel hard cock into the tender and seldom used woman hole. The Sheriff’s fuck technique was straight forward and simple. He longed for his satisfaction and cared nothing for the woman struggling in the mud at the end of his long and thick cock. He became amused however when the delicate Mrs. JoAnn Reinhardt transformed from the struggling victim to a sex crazed animal thrusting against his muscled black body.

He could sense when the little bitch was close. .. . . . . . “Beg me Bitch!” was his simple command.

“Oh my Goddddd. Please finish me………. I need your cock. Please don’t stop. . . . . . . . . . PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE FUCK ME!!!” came the continual begging pleas.

As her pussy lips tighten against his hard cock he knew it was time. Grabbing the thrusting hips he pulled the red lined pussy against his thrusting hips and exploded his cum deep into the chamber. The explosion of man cum ignited a massive woman climax and Mrs. JoAnn Reinhardt gripped the steel rod with every muscle available.

The 260 LB Sheriff collapsed on the diminutive young housewife and he laid on the soft woman blanket until he felt his hard black cock soften. He then slowly pulled himself off and brought himself to his knees. Grabbing JoAnn by her short red hair he gave his next command, “Clean my black seed with your mouth you little bitch.”

JoAnn submissively opened her mouth and tongue cleaned the still hard black cock. She had never given her husband this pleasurable treat but became consumed with the task before her now. The brutish Sheriff clasped the short red hair and forced more of himself into her small oval. She slurped as she struggled to clean the entire length and breadth of the massive muscle. The Sheriff became amused on how easy it was to break the middle aged housewife.

JoAnn continued to suck the thick cock. It slipped out of her searching mouth and she had to bob for it as her hands were still handcuffed behind her. Sheriff Dave obscenely fondled JoAnn’s pear shaped breasts as she struggled to clean his cock. He found the hard nipples and savagely squeezed the sensitive orbs between his fingers and thumb. The action brought a compliant groan.

Eventually tiring of his plaything he pushed JoAnn on her back. As she fell she struggled to lift herself on her elbows. Looking into his dark eyes she again felt the streak of fear invade her bruised and battered body. The thick man cum was starting to drip out of her bright red swollen pussy lips and drip to the moist ground below. She felt the salty fluid burn her torn lip.

Through terrified eyes she stared at the huge black man as he straddled her dirt encased breasts and slowly let his muscular black ass cheeks cover her petite face. “You know what to do you little bitch,” came the stern order. Mrs. JoAnn Reinhardt let her long thin tongue slip between her torn lips and find the tight anal chute of the muscular black giant. She heard him moan as her tongue caressed the sphincter muscle. As her tongue forced it’s way into the dark passage she felt the Black Sheriff relax and allow her tongue to enter his asshole. For what seemed an eternity she caressed the tight hard muscle; forcing her tender tongue deeper into the tight crevice. Once the chamber was lubricated and clean the Muscular Black Giant rose and sneered down at the writhing white housewife.

After zipping his pants and tucking in his shirt the black Sheriff sauntered over and straddled the still prone Mrs. JoAnn Reinhardt. Sitting on her chest he stared down into her fearful eyes. “You’re my little dog bitch now. When I tell you to do something you best do it. Any Questions ?”

Fearfully JoAnn looked into his menacing eyes. “I don’t have any questions,” she sobbed.

The Sheriff then removed the cut offs and black silk panties. Pulling the frightened housewife to her feet he tied a long rope around her neck. He then dragged the tear streaked wife to her feet and tied the end of the rope to a trailer hitch on the back of the squad car. Laughing he turned to the alarmed housewife. “I’m going to drain some of that energy of yours out by the time we get back to your house. Try and keep up little slut.”

The Sheriff then entered the squad car and drove off with Mrs. JoAnn Reinhardt walking very fast to keep up. With her hands still handcuffed behind her back; her blouse hanging open and completely naked below her waist except for her boots she struggled to maintain her pace.

By the time the three miles were covered she was near total exhaustion. The brush and briars had scratched and scraped her legs and tender butt cheeks. She was drenched with sweat and the Sheriff’s man cum was profusely dripping down the inside of her thighs.

She dropped on the kitchen floor as the Sheriff pushed her inside her home. As she lay nearly naked on the floor the Sheriff threw the cutoffs; the belt hitting her tight buttocks. “I’m keeping the panties. . . . . I want to remember this day. Tomorrow I will be by at 10:00 AM. You best be ready. And tomorrow I want you to dress to fuck. I’m going to introduce you to the Board Chairman; my budget needs to be increased and you are the proverbial icing.”

Laughing at his helpless playmate he sauntered out the door and drove off. The hapless housewife was still lying exhausted on the kitchen floor.

Falling asleep she did not hear Mike open the screen door. Mike could hardly believe his eyes; his beautiful wife laying on the floor with her legs splayed open and cum dripping down her pussy lips forming a large puddle on the clean kitchen floor. Looking up JoAnn saw her husband standing with his mouth open; staring at her cut and torn body.

Rather than try to explain she merely stuck her right index finger up and motioned for her husband to clean her pussy. She was the newly broken slut of the Black Sheriff but she still had power over her cuckold husband. Mike merely dropped to his knees and crawled between the widely splayed legs of his wife. The salty fluid burned his tongue at first but he continued to lick at the swollen pussy lips. As his tongue entered her pleasure lips JoAnn grabbed her husband by the ears and forced him to clean her. As his tongue caressed her now aroused clit she wrapped her long tanned and cut legs around his neck and pulled him evermore into her seeping slit of pleasure. Mrs. JoAnne Reinhardt climaxed as she tightened her legs around the willing face of her husband.

As her climax subsided she drifted off into a fitful sleep on the kitchen floor dreading; anticipating her subservience the following day yet to come.