Hi Everybody,

It’s Bobbi. For those of you who haven’t been following my letters to this newsgroup, I am a 5’1″, 105 lb athlete who has taken to showing off my body to liven up my sex life. I have shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes, and I like to think that my 34A-22-34 figure is firm and desirable. I am not beautiful, but I’ve been told by a lot of guys that I am. I would say that I am cute instead of gorgeous. My figure is firm because I work out at least eight hours a week, either cross country skiing, roller-blading, running, weight lifting, swimming, or biking. I’ve been told that my best feature is my firm ass, and I love to show it off.

Well, this weekend I got to show off a lot more than my ass! In my last letter, I told you that I was going to get the chance to meet with a group of college guys at their fraternity house. Well, I finally got the chance to do it.

All day Saturday, I was so excited and nervous, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I went for a run in the morning (with my clothes on this time), and I went to the gym to lift weights. I saw Gary (one of the guys I’d be performing for that night) at the gym, but I didn’t show off to him like I have before. I talked to him a little, asking him who would be there that night. He told me that he’d spread the word around to several of his friends who were still in town (most students were home for break), and that he knew of nine guys besides himself who would be there for my show. He also said that some of them might bring friends. I felt really wicked talking with him about it. I mean, there we were in a public place talking about how many guys would be available to watch me strip, and then have sex with me. Needless to say, when I got home from my workout, I was still pretty excited.

I told Tom that I’d talked to Gary and how he’d told me that there would be at least ten guys at the party that night. I asked Tom if he still wanted me to go, and he said that he did. He asked me to tell him what I was planning to do with all of those men, and I asked him what he thought I should do. I love playing this game with Tom. He is pretty shy when it comes to talking about sex, so I end up asking him questions about what I should do. So, at first I told him that I planned to do a strip tease for them, and I asked if he’d like that. Of course he said that he would, he always says yes to whatever I propose. Then I went to the bedroom and showed him the 10″ black dildo I’d bought for that night. As I asked him if I should fuck myself with the dildo in front of them, I could see that he was getting really excited. I showed Tom how I was going to suck on it later, and I asked him if he thought the guys would like it. I didn’t get much further before Tom attacked me. My pussy was really wet and as Tom kissed me I undid his pants and pulled out his hard cock. I lay down on the bed and told Tom to fuck me. God was he excited! He pushed his cock into me with one fluid stoke and began giving it to me hard. I knew Tom would cum quickly, and I wanted to feel him in my ass (something I’d just been introduced to), so I told him. “Fuck my ass, baby,” I pleaded, and he pulled out of my pussy as I turned over. I reached down between my legs and spread some of my pussy juice around my asshole. Then I raised my ass a little off the bed and told Tom to put his cock in my ass! As Tom slid his hard cock into my ass, I felt a burning sensation, but I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) stop him as he plunged all the way in. He fucked me hard for about five minutes as I rubbed my clit, and the feelings of pain and pleasure mixed together. I guess the pleasure outweighed the pain, and I came shortly before Tom erupted into my ass.

As Tom pulled out of me I was a little sore, and I made a mental note to bring some baby oil with me to the party for lubrication! I had entertained Tom and a friend of his a couple of nights before and they had fucked me a total of five or six times in my ass! I used baby oil that day and I didn’t get sore then, so I figured I needed the lubrication. Before that night I’d never had anyone in there, but I’ve quickly grown to love the sensation. At the party, I’d thought I might try to take on three guys at once, one in my ass, one in my pussy, and one in my mouth. I could hardly wait!

Around seven o’clock I began to get ready for my evening. I took a bath and shaved my legs and pussy. Then I put on my white stockings and garter as Tom watched. I pulled on my white lace thong panties over them so that I’d be able to take my panties off and leave my stockings on. I put on my slightly padded shelf bra and looked at myself in the mirror. The bra lifted my little boobs up and displayed them nicely. You could just see a hint of brown above my nipples. I put on my tight white cotton dress and my three inch white heels. My dress just barely covered my ass so you could see my bare legs above the tops of my stockings, and the garter as it disappeared under the hem of my dress. I loved the way my heels accentuated the well-tuned muscles in my legs. Tom told me that I looked very hot, and I had to agree with him. I couldn’t help thinking I’d like to wear this outfit to the bar one night (but not in our town!) and see what happens. I walked over to where he was sitting and got down on my knees. I pulled his cock out and took it down my throat. I looked up into his eyes as I sucked his cock. I would suck him for a while, then I’d tell him how I wished there was a cock in my pussy, too. As I sucked him, I asked if he still wanted me to suck and fuck all of those strange guys.

“If you still want me to, I’ll suck all of their cocks,” I said. “Do you want me to? Do you want me to take all of those hard cocks down my throat like this?” Tom just nodded and moaned. I asked him if I should fuck them, too, and he nodded again. Then he started to cum in my mouth. I swallowed it all and licked him clean. Then, as I stood and grabbed my bag, I told him to think of me full of cock. I told him that I didn’t know when I’d be home, because some of the guys might want to fuck me more than once. Then I walked out the door and got into my car.

I couldn’t wait to get to the fraternity house! I was so excited I could hardly stand it. It only took about five minutes to drive there, and when I arrived I noticed a lot of cars in the driveway. I parked at the end of the drive and walked up to the house. They were obviously waiting for me, because the door opened before I even got to the porch. Gary was standing there, holding the door open for me. He whistled his approval of my outfit, and I gave him a nice wet kiss to thank him. There were a bunch of guys in the front room, so I went in and sat down on the couch between two of them. There wasn’t really any room on the couch, so I had to squeeze in between them. As I did, my dress rode up over my ass and exposed my lace panties. I asked the guys in the room if they were there for my show and they all said yes. Gary told me that they had set up a little stage for me in the dining room, and that there were more guys in there. I asked him how many guys were going to be there, and he replied that there were fourteen of them so far, but that there might be a couple more. I asked if anyone wanted to wait for the others to show up, and no one did. So, I stood up and asked Gary to lead the way.

The dining room was huge! It must have been 20′ by 40′, and the stage turned out to be a king-size bed in the center of the room. I told everybody to grab a chair and to get ready for the show to begin. When everyone was seated, I introduced myself and laid down the ground rules. I told them that I was going to strip for them, and if they liked what they saw they should tip me accordingly. I also let them know that with the proper encouragement, there probably wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t do, and as I said it, I pulled my black ten inch dildo from my bag and laid it on the bed. I asked Gary to turn on the music so that we could get the show started.

The music started and the sounds of Aerosmith filled the room. I’m not a professional dancer, so I just kind of moved to the music. I strutted back and forth, caressing my breasts through my dress and turning and bending over to expose my ass to them. I noticed a few guys rubbing their crotches and I smiled at them. After a short while, I began to slide the hem of my dress up to show off my panties. They had worked their way up into my crotch and I pulled the material up between my pussy lips. My dress has a zipper down the back and I pulled it down. I was getting really hot and I decided to speed up the pace a little. I pulled my dress forward off of my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Well, the guys really liked it and a couple of them held up dollar bills. I have seen movies of strippers before so I knew that they would want to tuck their tips into my panties. I moved first to one guy then the other and let them push their dollars into my panties. I let them run their fingers over my pussy as they did it, and man, it felt good! More of the guys were holding up dollars and I offered my breasts to one of them. He pushed his dollar into my small cleavage and stroked my breasts as he did it. Then I turned my back to them and undid my bra. When I turned back around, I let it drop to the floor and started pinching my nipples. They were already erect and the guys seemed to like how big they were. I have very prominent nipples and they stick out about 3/4 of an inch when they are erect like they were then. I moved closer to the guys and they started running their hands over my tits and stroking my ass. I asked if they wanted to see my pussy and they howled and cheered. This was great! I told one guy to pull down my panties and soon, I was left in just my stockings, garter and heels.

By now, the guys were feeling me all over and tucking dollars into my garter belt and playing with my very wet pussy. The money seemed to add an even sexier feel to things, I felt like I had to do what they wanted. I mean, they were paying me, weren’t they. So, I decided to turn up the heat even more. I moved over to the bed and climbed on. Then I grabbed my big black dildo and started to suck on it. As I mentioned before, it was ten inches long, but it wasn’t terribly thick. I like to feel full when I have a cock or anything in my pussy, but I’m kind of small (you know, 5’1″ and 105 lbs), and so is my pussy. Anyway, this particular dildo was just big enough around so that I couldn’t quite wrap my fingers around it (not huge, but big enough to fill me up). I teased them with it, holding it near my pussy and asking if I should put it in. They definitely wanted to see me fuck myself with that thing, so I asked them what it was worth. More of the guys came over and dropped bills on the bed, and I put the head of the dildo into my wet, hot pussy. I got up on my hands and knees and pointed my ass at them as I started to fuck myself with a few inches of the dildo. There were a few black guys there, and one of them told me how good I looked with a black cock in me. I told him that I bet I’d look better with two black cocks in me, and told him to come on over. I asked the other guys if I should suck their friends cock and they urged me on. As he stood in front of me, I kind of forgot about the money. I think the guys were still putting bills on the bed, but I didn’t care, I was about to get my first cock of the night. As I reached forward and undid his pants, I told the guys that they were going to have to put on condoms if they wanted me to go any further. I was afraid that they’d object, but I guess I’d made them all so horny, they hardly protested at all. I told them that there were rubbers in my bag if they needed them. Then I watched as the black guy in front of me pulled out a fairly big semi-hard cock. I could tell that this would be one of the biggest cocks I’d ever had! I told him that once I got him hard he’d have to put a rubber on, but right then I just had to have him in my mouth. If he’d been completely hard I would have had a harder time taking him down my throat, but that’s just what I did. As I moved forward and felt his cock sliding down my throat, I used my hand to push my dildo as far into my pussy as I could.

I just got so incredibly turned on with those two black members inside of me. The other guys were blown away by my actions and they kept telling me how hot I was. You can’t believe how sexy it is to hear a bunch of strange men telling you how good you look with two cocks in you, and that’s what they were saying. As the cock in my mouth started getting harder, I told him to put his rubber on. While he was putting it in, I rolled onto my back and started to really fuck myself with the dildo. I kept looking from one guy to the next as I slid that black rubber cock in and out of my pussy. I had intended to keep my heels on, but I’m afraid they came off as I thrashed around on the bed. My black lover got my attention by holding his cock in front of my face, and I pulled the dildo out of my pussy. I wanted this guy inside of me. I asked him how he wanted me and he said that I should just lie back. As he climbed on top of me, I guided the head of his cock between my pussy lips. I was well lubricated by then so I wasn’t surprised when he started to slide inside of me. Like I said he was pretty big. Well, more long than big around; and he couldn’t get his cock all the way in. It must have been almost as long as my dildo, probably nine inches, and he started to fuck me slowly. Every time that he pushed himself in, he would hit the bottom of my pussy. It was a strange sensation, kind of painful, but soooo satisfying. I really felt like I was full of cock. After a minute of two, he was pushing harder and making me accommodate more of his cock. I think I came twice before he finally pushed deep and I felt his cock start to throb. He got kind of a glazed look on his face and then kind-of collapsed on top of me. When I looked down, I saw that he had never gotten all of his dick into me, and I hoped that I’d get another chance later to try to take all of his nine inches.

The other guys applauded and cheered as their friend got up off of me. I sat up and asked if they had liked the show. Then I told them to gather around the bed. When they were all standing beside the bed I moved from one to the next, sucking their cocks into my mouth. It was really wild, there were so many guys there that they formed a barrier around the bed, sort of like a fence with dicks! I was really in my element sucking on all of those cocks! I found two really big ones, too! One must have been nine inches long and a little thicker the guy I’d just fucked, but the other one was huge! It had to be ten inches long and really thick! I couldn’t even get him in my mouth! Still I tried! When I got around the circle to him I kind-of wrapped my hands around his cock and tried to get the entire head of his cock in my mouth. My fingers and thumbs overlapped a little (of course I have kind-of small hands), but not much, and try as I might, I couldn’t get the whole head in my mouth! I must of been spending too much time with Mr. Big, because the others started to get impatient with me.

Before I knew it, there was a guy on the bed with me. I was on my hands and knees and had just moved on to the next cock in front of my face when I felt someone behind me. I had planned to suck everybody off once first, so that they would have some staying power when they all fucked me, but this guy had other plans. As I felt him slide his cock into my pussy, I asked if he had a condom on. He said that he did, so I told him to go ahead and fuck me. I guess I’ve told you how much I enjoy the feeling of having a cock in my mouth while someone fucks me from behind. Well, he made me cum right away and I had to take the cock out of my mouth so I wouldn’t hurt him. God was it good!! The guy in my pussy only lasted about five minutes, but I came one more time before he did. When he pulled out I pleaded for someone to take his place! I’m afraid that I get a little whiny sometimes, and now I was begging for a cock to fill my pussy.

I didn’t have to wait long before another guy was plowing my pussy from behind. I was in heaven, with a cock in my mouth and another in my pussy! I looked between my legs to make sure the guy was wearing a condom, and he was, so I just gave in to the pleasurable feeling. Just then, the guy I was sucking on told me that he was going to cum. I hadn’t bothered to have the guys who’s cocks I was sucking put on rubbers, so I told him to cum on my face. As he jacked off on my face I had to use all of my self-control to keep from engulfing his cock and savoring the taste of his cum. I really love the taste of cum. Anyway, I refrained from tasting him and I moved on to the next guy.

I went on like that for quite a while, sucking guys off while their friends pounded my pussy with their hard cocks. It was fantastic! Gary said that two more guys had arrived bringing the number of cocks in the room to sixteen. I was marveling at how good I felt when I felt something really big pushing against my pussy. I looked back and saw that it was the guy with the enormous cock, and I asked him what had taken him so long. I knew that this would take my full concentration so I told the guy I was sucking on that he’d have to wait just a minute. I could feel the head of Mr. Big’s cock pushing between my pussy lips and I really wanted him inside of me. I asked Gary to get my bag and bring it over. Then I told him to give my lover the baby oil. Well, he knew what to do, and pretty soon both my pussy and his huge cock were coated with the slippery stuff. I was on my hands and knees, and now I lowered my head and got down on my elbows. Then I told him to try again. All of the other guys had kind-of gathered around to watch me take this huge cock, and they weren’t disappointed. I felt like I was about to split open as he pushed the head of his cock into me! Once the head was inside, my pussy contracted around the shaft of his monstrous cock, and the pain went away. I came as he pushed forward and tried to bury himself in me. He must have gone in eight inches, which is the furthest anything has gone into my pussy! It was incredible!! I was truly full of cock! He was very kind and didn’t move while I came for about 30 seconds. After the intensity subsided, I told him to move in and out slowly. I was really out of it! All I could think of was how good I felt! I started looking around as he moved gently in and out of my pussy. The other guys around were all stroking their cocks and watching as this totally depraved woman fucked this huge cock. I really loved it that it was me doing it for them.

I wanted to do something even sexier for my audience so I asked my lover to pull out of me slowly. After he did, I grabbed the baby oil and lubed him up some more, and then I poured it all over my ass. I took care to rub it into my asshole with first one finger, then two , then three, and ultimately four. Then I lowered my head and shoulders again and asked him if he’d fuck me in the ass. I felt the head of his huge cock pushing between my cheeks, and I cried out as the head pushed in. He stopped momentarily, and I pushed back against him and yelled for him to give me all of it! You can’t imagine how full I felt as he pushed forward and drove that beautiful cock all the way into me.

I had never felt so sexy! I got back up on my hands and knees and motioned for the guy in front of me to feed me his cock. I kind-of lost control then, I just went wild! I grabbed the guy in front of me by the ass and pulled him towards me until his cock was buried to his balls in my mouth. I just hung onto him as the guy with the monster cock slammed in and out of my ass. I started to cum and just kept on cumming. I’m afraid I let the guy in my mouth shoot his sperm down my throat. I loved it though, it tasted so good! I started sucking off another guy while my ass was being thoroughly fucked by that huge ten inch cock. Then Mr. Big told me he was going to cum. I told him that I wanted to see him cum, and that he should cum on my tits. He pulled out, and I rolled onto my back. I watched as he pulled his rubber off and started to jack off on me. It was all so dreamy! I remember watching as he started to shoot big streams of cum onto my tits. I remember rubbing his cum into my little boobs as he got off of me and another guy moved up between my legs.

Everything was kind of a blur after that. I remember thinking I had to be more careful, and to not swallow any more cum. And I don’t think I did let any more guys feed me their cum. I remember lying their as one guy after another climbed on top of me and fucked either my pussy or my ass. I must have cum fifty times! God I loved it!! Imagine me just lying there as one guy after another took his turn with me. I’m sure I fucked all sixteen guys, and I remember seeing a lot of the guys more than once. I was there until 2:00 A.M., that’s six hours of fucking! Gary was very helpful when it came time for me to leave. He kind of brought me to my senses and helped me to gather my things. He handed me a stack of bills and told me I’d made $143. I know that that isn’t a lot of money, but I had enjoyed earning it. Gary had noticed how out-of-it I was, and he wanted to make sure I got home okay. It was really something. I hadn’t had anything to drink, but I felt like I was in no condition to drive. I guess it was all of the intense sex, but it really had me feeling strange. I told Gary that I would like a ride home, and that I would pick up my car the following day.

I put my panties and bra on, but I didn’t want to put my dress on. I was covered with cum and I didn’t want to get it all over my white dress. I asked Gary if he minded if I rode with him wearing only what I had on. He said that he sure didn’t mind, and as we walked to the door, I stopped and kissed several of the guys. As we approached the door, I thought about how sexy it would be if I revealed even more, so I took off my bra and panties. Then Gary and I walked out the door. It was a little cool, and I got goosebumps on most of my body. I loved how it felt to walk down the driveway with only my garter belt, stockings and heels on. Gary’s car was near the road and I hoped that someone would drive by and see me, but nobody did. As a matter of fact, we didn’t see another car all the way to my house.

I saw that the living room light was on when we pulled in my driveway, so I figured Tom was probably sitting there waiting for me. I decided to make him wait a little longer, and I asked Gary if he’d like me to suck his cock. Gary thought that that sounded great so I moved over to him and undid his pants. Since I’d let Gary cum inside of me before, I thought I’d let him cum in my mouth and on my face. I wanted to have some fresh cum to show Tom. I got up on my knees on the seat and bent down to take Gary’s cock in my mouth. Our porch light was on and there was a streetlight nearby, so I knew anybody who was looking would be able to see that I was nearly naked, and that I was giving someone a blow job.

I came up for air once and looked around. I noticed that our living room curtains were pulled to the side and I knew that Tom was watching. I also noticed lights on in our neighbor’s kitchen, and I thought I saw somebody standing next to the window. Anyway, I went back down on Gary and I sucked him until he started to cum. I swallowed some and had him shoot the rest on my face. I guess we’d been there for over fifteen minutes, long enough to give whoever was watching a good show. Then I told Gary I’d come for my car in the morning, and I gathered my things and got out of the car. I took my time walking up the steps. I looked over at the neighbor’s house and saw him standing in the kitchen window watching me. He was a single guy who kept to himself, but he wasn’t that bad looking. I hoped that he’d been jacking off as he watched me sucking Gary’s cock. I really wanted to go over there so that he could fuck me, but I didn’t want to make Tom wait anymore.

I stepped inside and saw Tom sitting in the living room. I went to him and let him look me over. I asked if he’d been watching me in the car and he said that he had. I told him that I could still taste the cum the guy had shot into my mouth, and showed him the rest of it on my face. Then I laid down on the floor and told Tom to fuck me. As we made love I told him how I’d sucked and fucked sixteen guys. Tom came right away, but I was able to get him hard again and we went to the bedroom where we made love again as I recounted the events of the evening, including how I’d taken all of a ten-inch cock in my ass.

Well, that was Saturday night. My pussy, jaw, and ass were kind of tender the next day, but Tom and I made love three more times over the course of the day. I didn’t go up to the frat house when we went to get my car, but I’m sure I’ll go back someday. Tom was going to stop and get some groceries on the way back to the house, so I beat him home. When I got home the neighbor who had watched me the night before was in his driveway washing his car. Our driveways are right next to each other, so I had to walk right by him when I got out of my car. He told me that he had enjoyed my performance and asked if I’d do the same for him. I had been thinking about Saturday night and was feeling kind-of randy, so I said “sure.” I followed him into his house and dropped to my knees as he pulled out his cock. God, I felt nasty!! I looked up at him as I sucked his dick and when he came, I swallowed it all! I got up off of my knees, kissed him on the cheek and asked if that’s what he had in mind. He told me that he’d like to fuck me next time and I said that I’d like that just fine. Then I went home to wait for Tom. Luckily, Tom didn’t get home for a little while. I’m not sure that he would approve of me sucking our neighbor’s cock. When Tom did get home, I attacked him and made him fuck me in the ass.

Well, as you can see, I had a full weekend. I’ve been pretty busy at work this week, so I’ve had to write this a little at a time. I did meet with Mary on Wednesday at noon, and she and I licked each other’s pussies until we came. She is so cool, I’m really glad I met her. She wants me to come over this weekend for a party for her husbands 40th birthday. She wants the two of us to perform at the party. She has got it all planned out. She’s only invited her husband’s male friends, and me. In her plan, she and I are supposed to slip away to make love to each other in their bedroom. When we get there she plans to turn on the intercom and broadcast our love-making to the rest of the party. The bedroom door will be open, and she has already talked to one of the guys about getting everybody else to come and spy on us. It sounds really hot! I’ve told her I’ll think about it. I also asked if she could invite Tom so that he could get in on the fun, and she said that she could.

What do you think? Should I do it? Be sure to let me know what you think. I love you all, and I think of you often.