Having been born on a ranch in the west where hunting was as much a part of life as eating. I learned to hunt at an early age. When ever the opportunity presented, I would take my rifle and our German Shepherd bitch we called Gretchen with me.

One warm spring day Gretchen and I went out on our usual hunting excurison, after having hunted for over two hours, both Gretchen and I were warm, there was a small creek that ran through our ranch where it was cooler under the trees. Put my rifle down and leaned back against a tree with my knees bent and spread apart with Gretchen laying on the ground in front of me and I was petting her and scratching her head. I had reached the age of puberty and beginning to know that my cock was for more then just to piss through and having heard the older boys in school talk about jacking-off, un-zipped my jeans and started playing with my cock, when Gretchen raised her head and started licking my cock, it felt so good that unbuttoned my jeans and lower them and my shorts to expose my cock and balls to Gretchen.

She continued licking both my cock and balls and my cock became very hard and erect the harder my cock got the more Gretchen would lick. Never in my life had I had such a feeling. Being the first time it took quite awhile for me to ejaculate and when I did I thought the top of my head was going to blow off. Gretchen continued licking all the come off my cock. Needless to say after this first time Gretchen and my hunting trips continued every time I had a chance.

A short time latter Gretchen had come in heat, we had a cyclone fenced kennel we kept her in, but the male dogs can smell a bitch in heat for miles and we had to keep chasing them away. I took Gretchen out of her kennel and we went on one of our hunting excursions, the hunting became less all the time and the trip down by the creek and our favorite tree came quicker and quicker. This time I put my rifle down, set down with my back against the tree and my pants down so Gretchen could lick my cock and balls, which she did, only these she would lick for a few minutes and then turn around with her butt towards me, I could see she was having a discharge from her pussy, she would turn and lick my cock again and then turn her butt towards, after several times of her doing this I realized she was telling me she wanted me to fuck her. I took my pants and shorts off and climb aboard her butt, she even pushed back towards my hard cock and moved her tail to one side to make it easier to shove my cock into her wet pussy. With my arms wrapped around Gretchen in front of her hind legs I shoved my cock completely into her, she hunched her back and pussed back against me as hard as she could as if she was really enjoying my fucking her.

We also raised sheep on the ranch and each spring we always brought the sheep into pens for lambing. We had one ewe we called “old ewe” for the want of a better name, who was sort of a pet. Every time you got close to “old ewe” she would back up to you wanting her butt scratched. One spring Saturday my family had all gone into town. I told them I didn’t want to go as In was going hunting, hunting for Gretchen’s pussy. As we passed the sheep pens there was “old ewe” and her pussy looked inviting, I crawled over the fence and when “old ewe” saw me she came over and backed her butt up to me, I scratched her on the butt and thought to myself this time I was going to surprise her. I took my cock out and climbed aboard her with my hard cock in hand, to my surprise I no more than had the head of my cock in her pussy and she pushed back against me as if in a hurry to get all my meat and when all my cock was in her pussy she hunched her back and moved her pussy back and forth really enjoying my fucking as much as I was. All the time I was fucking “old ewe” Gretchen stood outside the fence and growled. When I finished fucking “old ewe” and crawled back over the fence Gretchen couldn’t wait to go hunting, but instead of hunting first she headed right for the creek and our favorite tree. When we got there she started jumping on me and rubbing her nose into my crotch. I set down with my back against the tree and took my cock out for Gretchen to give it a good licking before I fucked her. However this time she would lick my cock for a few seconds and the turn with her butt towards me, then turn and lick my cock again and turn around with her butt facing me, when my cock was really hard and stiff she even turned her butt and set down on my cock. I knew what she wanted and that was for me to fuck her, when I took my jeans and shorts off and got ready to climb aboard she became so excited she could hardly stand still. When I put my cock to her she hunched up even more than before and wiggled her pussy back and forth to get me to fuck her harder. When I finsished and set down with my back against the tree Gretchen came and layed down with her head between my legs and lick my cock clean. It wasn’t to long until I got my breath and my cock started getting hard again, the harder it got the faster Gretchen would lick it, whenshe hadit real hard she again turned her butt towards me and set down on my cock, this time her pussy was still wet from my previous fucking her, but she wanted me to fuck her again, this time when I jumped her she even hunched more and moved back and forth with more force as if to show me she was a better fuck than “old ewe”. She was jealous of my fucking “old ewe!” After lambing was over we turned the sheep out to pasture and Gretchen and I wolud go hunting over the hills into the sheep pasture and “old ewe” would leave the flock and come to me to have her butt scratched. It became so if Gretchen and I were going near the sheep pasture I had to carry a piece of rope to tie Gretchen up or I knew she would have killed “old ewe”. One day when I thought all the family was gone we went out to the sheep pasture and I tied Gretchen to a post, crawled under the fence when “old ewe” saw me and left the flock and came to me turned her to me, I scratched her on the butt, dropped my jeans and was fucking her real good when Dad came up and caught me, he hadn’t left with the rest of the family he was out repairing fence. I was embarrassed for dad having catch fucking “old ewe”. Dad said, “I thought you were fucking her by the way see looked at you, don’t be embarrassed” he said, I have fucked her many times, when ever your mother plays hard to get and I get hard-up I come out to the pasture and give her a good fucking. You thought when ever she turns her butt towards you she wanted her butt scratched, she trying to tell you she wants you to fuck her, and she is a damned good fuck isn’t she?” After I finished fucking “old ewe” Dad dropped his pants and fucked the hell our of her. Dad went back to the house and I untied Gretchen and headed for our favorite tree down by the creek, Gretchen took off on a run as if in a hurry and then come back to me as if to say “hurry up”. When we reached the creek she could hardly wait for me to get my jeans and shorts off, she wanted to fuck her, I know the sight of me fucking “old ewe” made her jealous and she was going to be sure she got her fucking.

As I grew older and my cock got bigger it seemed both Gretchen and “old ewe” enjoyed being fucked that much more. When ever I would put my meat to them they both would hunch up more and wiggle their asses around as if to say “fuck me really hard!’

I finished high school and went off to college. One fall week-end Dad and Mom had picked me up at college for my first week-end home. They both mentioned on our way home how much Gretchen missed me. Whenwe drove into the driveway and Gretchen saw me she started barking and jumping on the kennel fence, I walked over opened the gate and went into her run and gave her a big hug and told her to wait until I changed clothes and we would go hunting. It seemed as if she knew what I told her as she quieted down, after changing clothes and getting my rifle when I opened the gate to her kennel she immediately took off on a dead run for the creek and our favorite tree. When I got there she was ready to be fucked, when I got my jeans and shorts off she didn’t give me a chance to set down by the tree she started licking my cock while I was standing up as soon as my cock was hard she turned around and pushed her butt into my crotch and wiggled it back ans forth as if to say, “hurry up and fuck me really hard.”

Many years have passed and Gretchen and “old ewe” are gone but I still have dreams of the good fucking they both gave me as I was growing up on the ranch. Gretchen in particular as she gave me my first blow job and my first fuck. She couldn’t talk but I know from her actions she enjoyed my fucking as much as I did fucking her!

The end!