I was working and a friend at work was telling me bout how he spent this past weekend at a house in New Jersy ,It was run by a woman names Madam butt play. She opens up her house after you provide a clean bill of health showing your std free and forking up 500 bucks for the weekend. I took down all the info he gave me and looked it up on line. I called her and set a date for July and right after I got off the phone with her I called my doctor to set a medical exam date. I did every ting she asked got the medical note and on Friday was heading to her house. I got there at the same time as the other people. 

There was quite a lot of people there we walked in to her house where she had chairs set up,After a hour Madam Butt Play walked in and closed the door and locked it. She handed out a peace of paper that you had to sign stating you would not sue no matter what. Then you got up handed it in with your medical note and walked into the next room.This is where A lady named Kiva Sad Shut up sit down and cricked a whip. You were then told to remove your clothing and place every ting in your bag and mark it wit your name. Some people looked around and did not do as she told them to do. She then walked over to them and kicked them men in the balls This made me strip faster then shit. I placed every ting in the bag and took a seat like the rest. Some of the women in the group did not remove there bra or panties. 

She became quite angry and Madam Butt walked in and explained that after you signed the paper you gave up all your rights and she now owns you for the week end and if you don’t do as your told she will hurt you. She then walked over to this woman who was not undress and smacked her with her hand and then the girl who got smacked became quite angry she them sad fuck you and tried to walkout this is when Madam butt sad I will sue you for breach of contract.Holy shit she had us all by the balls we all knew what we were going thee for but had no clue it be like this. This girl then sat down and started to remove her bra Madam butt sad No stand up in front of all of us and remove your clothing. She did and every one watch as she became nude her body very hot and in grate shape. Madam Butt then gave Kiva the order to get all the bags from us and sad you will get this bag after sunday afternoon once your contract is over. Now lets go as we walked to the next room we watched Kiva putting all are bags in a closet and locking the door. 

Madam Butt told us from now on you will be nude and no one is there own person If I tell you to shit you better do it right there or you will get a shock with my love bug she them took out what looked like a tazer, She turned it on and showed us it works. She them sad I don’t care if your boyfriend or girlfriends every one will and must Fuck each other.Some of the group became quite up set with this. No one will say no to any thing and if I hear you say no to my staff who you all will get to know soon I will make your day. And with this she called in her staff. 5 huge guys oiled and of every kind of race walked in 100% nude there cocks shaved and hung like a horse. She then called in Kiva and the 3 other women who to were huge but in there chest all of them had to be a b to a DD She then gave all of them the order to pick one of us and make us more at home. 

Then madam Butt.Walked away. the staff looked each one of us over and poked each one of us in ways that were very sexual. I got this guy who walked right over to me and grabbed a hold of my cock he sad one word yes! Then he took my hand you come with me. I walked to the room on the right where there was a bed and he told me to lay down where he sat nest to me and took hold of my cock he told me we were going to get to know each other real well.This is where he handed me a bottle of feet and told me to get in the bathroom. I got off the bed and did as I was told. I was not sure what he was going to do to me but did as I was told,I taught to my self I am going to kill Steve when i get back to work.This huge Black male then ordered me on the floor with my head down and ass in the air.

The floor was quite cold and in seconds I could feel him touching my ass I knew I was getting fucked now and Just then he pushed the tip of this feet bottle in to my anus and he grabbed on to my cock,It started to feel like a i had the shits and I was trying not to shit my self in seconds the bottle was removed and he was filling it back up with hot water. He shoved it back in and this time I let out a oh,And quickly got smacked in my balls shut up bitch! I could hear people screaming out in Joy from other rooms they were getting fucked like They never had be for.You could hear Oh Oh Oh god yes harder and there I am getting a bottle with water shoved in my ass. 

He stopped and sad Get up and hold it in till I tell you, I then got up and the second I did a little liquid dripped out of my ass, He yelled out you pig wipe it up I then got back down where he gave me a wash rag I wiped it up and he gave me the order to shit then shower I jumped up faster them I ever did be for I shit my brains out and wiped up I got in the shower and at this time another person walked in as I was in the shower He was ordered to suck me off this short white guy got in the shower with me and this man who was my master got in the shower with me he grabbed a huge fist full of lube and put on a condom. He then told me its time your going to get fucked hard with this he did not take his time hes cock now hard and throbbing was pushed in my ass it hurt like hell this other guy was sucking my cock and I could feel his cock pushing in and out and with each push it go deeper and deeper and my pain soon became less and less to the point it only felt like i had to shit for some time he fucked me just then he pulled out and told this guy sucking me to bend over he then did the same thing for him lubed up his ass and put on a condom and as soon as he pushed his cock in this guy let out a scream Madam Butt walked in as he was fucking this guy in the ass she sad oh you lets go as she pointed to me I jumped out of the shower as soon as I left the room I could hear him scream out I am cuming in side you bitch how do you like being a fag. and then quiet.

Madam Butt walked me up to the next room Lube dripping out of my ass,I did not say a word as I entered the room there was a girl on the bed laying there a man sitting in a chair watching this girl push a sex toy in and out,Madam Butt sad Fuck her why her boyfriend watches and gets off. I walked in and lay on the bed and lay next to her. Madam Butt then through me a box of condoms and told me to eat her out.I looked at her pussy it was wet and dripping from this toy she was using I took hold her legs and removed this toy with my teeth, I licked her wet juice from her pussy it was hot and salty, He then grabbed a hold oh her nipples and played with them why my tung slipped in her hot wet pussy her pussy a pink color was so hot thinking about this that I started to drip cum from the tip of my cock this is where madam Butt sad Now take her and take her Hard.

I got up placed on a condom and was ready to push my cock in when I was told to stop, I looked and did as I was told madam butt walked over to me and slipped on a rubber thing over my balls and cock when she did this my cock became 2 times bigger then it was ever be for.I am 9 inches normal but after she up on this rubber ring I was bigger i had to be 11 or so inches and my cock changed color it became a bright red and vanes popped up and with the order to fuck I pushed my cock in she jumped up on the first push my cock was balls deep she was so wet I could feel it on my balls with the first push, I started pulling in and out faster and faster her cries of joy became ones of Ho god and her finger nails pushed deep in to my back, My balls now starting to throb I fucked like this for what seemed forever just then she started to cum and around the same time I was the orgasm shook us together I pulled out and pulled off my condom the second I did so her juices gushed from her pussy lips it was so hard it it me 5 inches back My cum bursting from the tip of my cock were flying and hit its mark on her face her lips a bright red and her makeup running off her cheek now dripping with my cum made me so horny but I was done.

I fell to her side and madam Butt took her boyfriend out of them room she sad rest up in a hour you to have a date with some one else.I fell to her side and madam butt left the room The girl sad thank you so much I reached over to kiss her not seeing my cum now on her lips and for the first time tasted my cum. She and me kissed and tuch each other and fell asleep fast her all wet and sticky and me sticky and hurting from my ass. 

Part 2 if it gets good reviews. ..