This is the story were I had sex with my gay friends for first time a threesome.The names are Tom and lee with me rekkkaa ok .It happened when we all decided to have sex knowing about each others willingness for have gaysex. Tom and Lee wanted have sex first as I was young among us they said i have no experience so they said me to watch them have sex with each other.Tom stood up and opened his legs and showeed his big butt to Lee and smiled athim all of us were naked and horny Lee came behind tom stood behind him and pushed cockhead against his awaiting hole and Tom had felt lees big dick entry and was quietly pushed his ass back and Lee was pushing his rod.

Tom pushed back and Lee kept pushing deep into asscheeks. I loved the feel as he fucked tom and i was senseing each bump in front of me.
Tom and lee were slamming their bodies. Lees hard rod keptslamming up into Toms analpassage and he was about to explode and suddenly while
i was wating them Lee bounced off Tom and came near me and pour his cum onmy face and it was allover the place and was stickly running down his legs.

I smiled and considered myself to be lucky to have friends like them.
Suddenly tom got up and wanted to fuck me as Tom was chubby but had big fat cock which was too big for me into my ass was more strange . Tom got up splited saliva on his dick and blowed it twice and he was ready to fuck me but i was scared of him and I stoped him telling it would hurt a lot if u fuck myasshole but Lee put his hand on my chest and said it always hurts at first to take a fat cock but you will like it i say that for real.

Tom lost his patience. He pulled out his cock to max and it had sharp point waiting for my hole to be tored out of me.Tom pulled me over on top of him and held me tightly. Then Tom slowly began inching toward the hole and pressed against it and my tiny hole exposed. Tom leaned forward and watched his dick popped into hole and then I felt the pain
Toms hard humped my rounded ass and he wanted this to speeded up his strokes started slamming hardly and waspaining alot in to my ass.

I took the pain and I want some more and Tom humped me for a while and atlast he came in me cummed inside my ass it felt ticlikng and was comforting me a lot and I liked Tom inside me and Lee came infront of me and said me to suck his dick and i did suck him dry still my ass been humped by Tom I was in next world of joy and sex never wanted the sound of fucking to stop I was realeased by Toms grap but Lee starts by making out with a kiss on my ass. 

Now Lee bring my hard cock up to my back of ass and tries to mount by doggie style and begin to fuck my ass over again now by Lee. There I am stroking Toms dick now and he was shooting cum load allover my body again and continue to watch Lee fucking me and he was ready to fuck me again Tom was hard seeing Lee fuck me . Soon Lee wass pounding my ass like there is no tomorrow and I was moaning with pianfull ecstacy. This lasts for 20 minutes and he cums all over the ass . This was the best sex of my life .