“Damnit how is it he makes me feel this way” the Fabulous Fifties host Carol Jones said as she climbed her stairs to get a quick shower. After talking to her daughter’s old friend Jeff Carr who just returned home from Arizona because of personal and legal troubles, she couldn’t believe how much he had matured.

She had been lying by the pool tanning herself after a good swim. Swimming laps in her country club size pool in her back yard, Carol Jones would lie around if time warranted it to tan and relax for an hour. Wearing one of her signature collection swim suits, her body let it be known she wasn’t only fit, she was in incredible shape for 51.

She didn’t have to wear the perfect fashions which hid typical suspect areas of a mature woman’s body. Regardless if it was cellulite around the tummy or thighs, she did not possess it. Varicose veins were never apart of her anatomy either. She was physically gifted in many respects that one wouldn’t even think of. 

Age had not taken it’s toll, appearance wise, for the former cheerleader and now semi-famous and nationally known dietician. She recently took time away from filming her health and fitness program seen nationally. She hoped to pursue other ventures; hopefully they might pan out.

As is the case for many, dreams and goals don’t always come to fruition. Some do and some do not. But for carol Jones, she knew this day was her day. She felt it.

“Oh my god he makes me…Oh no, I can’t be turned on by him; it’s impossible. I’m too old to be this horny because of Jeffrey. Oh my god” she uttered while climbing the stairs. Wearing her one piece swimsuit which to Jeff Carr looked too good to be true, she began sliding the straps off her shoulders before she was up the stairs.

Out her door, he headed for his house which was next door. They had chatted after he announced to her he was home. She was delicious in her bathing suit. There was so much more to her, but regardless she was sexier then ever.

As he headed for his house, visions of her taking off her swim suit and in front of him charged his hormones up. He was in confused by conversation alone. He couldn’t believe he was going to masturbate with visions of her having sex and doing him.

Turning on her shower, she was having an emotional melt down. Erotic thoughts filled her mind. Slipping her swimsuit off, she stepped inside. The warm water splashed her everywhere. Turning around, she let it rinse her hair out. Taking the scented body wash, she began rubbing and lathering herself down.

“Mmmmm Jeffrey I can’t believe you find me so attractive that you would step in here with me. Ohhh put your arms around me honey. Yes, that’s it” as she cupped her tits using her hands while imagining his presence in the shower.

Everything was coming together in her shower. Her body tingled. Her pussy was moist. She began to drip. Her hand descended upon her pussy. Pushing two fingers inside her cunt, she smiled and closed her eyes. Moaning, she called Jeff’s name out.

“Ohhh baby, ahhhhh Jeffrey feel me, yes feel me more honey. Ohhh baby, yes ohhh god I can’t believe you find me so desirable. Feel my tummy too. Tell me you love my body. Tell me I’m still awesome. Tell me I’m still sexy. Oh yes Jeffrey tell me everything about me is still sexy!”

Then in response to her own fantasy she said “Yeah baby you are still sexy. I didn’t even know you were so sexy” as she rambled on and on. Feeling herself everywhere almost, she continued picturing him snuggling against her in the shower and rubbing and caressing her all over.

Next door Jeff Carr still couldn’t believe his attraction to Carol. He found her sexy, told her she was attractive, and mentioned other things too. She knew he figured out she had a boob job. He loved that she did. To him of course, it enhanced her beauty. She was always pretty to say the least, but he never thought she was sexy until the day he came home and he eventually visited her. 

He hadn’t said so, but she knew he was fascinated; his eyes were fixated on her boobs and other parts of her when they sat and talked earlier. His eyes roamed her countryside. She saw where he traveled. She smiled constantly but it wasn’t only because she was happy to see him. It was because she realized what he was doing with his eyes; in his own way he complimented her as he looked her over.

“Damn she’s freakin hott and I can’t believe it but I’d fuck her man” he exclaimed as he took his clothes off as he began to shower. “Hell I wish I stayed; god I don’t know, maybe I would and maybe I wouldn’t but I should have said something more.”

His cock tingled. He became aroused. Pulling the shower curtain to the side, he couldn’t wait to feel himself. He couldn’t wait to hold it, stroke it, and jerk it madly until he could cum.

“Fuck Carol I wish you were here with me. I wish I was with you. I can’t believe how much you actually turn me on. Damn those tits of yours. When did you get that boob job? I can’t believe you did it. Hell did Robbie get one too? Did you two get a 2 for1 special” laughing to himself while slowly jerking himself off? “Fuck I gotta tell you, you’re downright freakin’ sexy!”

He started stroking himself faster and faster. Carol thought to herself “Oh come back here Jeff. Come back to me; stand by me and hold me, feel me too Jeff. I want you. I can’t believe myself but I do.” Suddenly she turned around, turned off the water, and stepped out. Drying off she only saw his car. 

He told her earlier, Jeff’s mom Gloria was gone for the day. It was 12:40 in the afternoon. It was sweltering hot. Cooled off, she threw on an oversized t-shirt without a bra on and shorts but no undies. Her hair was wet, but it dried before she got next door with it being so hot.

Knocking twice, nobody answered so she let herself in. She called out Gloria’s name. She didn’t answer. She called out Jeff’s name but he didn’t answer. “Oh god he’s in the shower. Oh lord, he’s naked too. Oh god I must see him in his naked glory! Jeffrey can you hear me” she called out.

He heard something. He thought it was his mom. He stopped jacking off. He listened again. It was faint due to the fan was running. Assuming it was his mom he replied “I’ll be down soon mom I’m just cleaning up.”

Having heard him, Carol ran with it and said “Okay dear” while walking to the stairs. “Should I or shouldn’t I” she questioned herself. 

Something in some way or another said “Go for it! Go for it now!”

“Thank you” she said answering herself. She climbed the stairs slowly but anxiously. Her whole body rushed with excitement as it echoed deeply within her. Her pussy began to spasm in heightened arousal. She hurt for his presence. A nervous smile appeared. Suddenly, she was timid.

At the same moment, Jeff realized it wasn’t his mom’s voice. He straightened up and thought about the sound of the voice he heard. He realized it was Carol. “What the hell is she doing here” he asked himself. He desperately thought about what he should do now. “Shit she’s downstairs and I’m hard.”

He hoped by taking his hand off his cock, it would settle down quickly. He didn’t know she was walking up the stairs and was half way up. She was hornier at each step. Her body was going crazy. Her nipples were becoming harder as she climbed each step. More nervous as she came closer, she knew for sure what she desired. She had to have sex with Jeff. She didn’t know why but she knew he was her destiny.

Semi-limp he stepped out and grabbed a towel. She was at the top step. The exhaust fan still ran as it drowned out all other sounds. Quietly she advanced to the landing and two doors down was the bathroom where he stood. 

Still not wrapped in his towel because he assumed she was down stairs, he thought he would go to his room, quickly dry off, and put on something, anything at all to cover up. Still appearing partially hard because he hadn’t settled down, he opened the door.

He didn’t see her. She saw the door open. “Should I turn and not embarrass him?” She didn’t have time. He walked out, turning off the fan, and naturally looked towards the stairway.
Naked as a jaybird and partially erect, he saw her and she saw him. She didn’t smile and she didn’t turn away. She had a look of desperation in her eyes. She looked at him and he looked at her. He was stunned and she was horny. Neither spoke for a moment.

“I want you Jeff Carr! I want to make love with you so much I’ll do anything for you” she said in delicate tone. She seemed nervous but stood her ground and didn’t shy away.

“Oh shit Carol, I want you too! I think you are so sexy, so damn hott, I just don’t know how to tell you the right way. I mean I could, no I want to have sex with you in the worst way possible. When I saw you lying by the pool I said to myself ‘Oh god I can’t believe hot awesome she looks. I could fuck her. No I could make love all day to her.’ That’s how I feel about you.”

His cock was hard again. He was lost in her beauty. She saw his erection. “Then lets make love honey. Let’s just see how everything goes. Let’s lie down and make love sweetheart. Let me show you how well I can love you. Let me show you how horny I am Jeffrey. Ohhh god baby, let’s, ohhh let’s make love” closing her eyes as she began falling apart emotionally.

He could have cummed all over her. He was ready to implant himself inside her pussy. She was dripping and ready for it as well.

Ripping off her large t-shirt she exclaimed “Jeffrey, suck on these for me please. Please suck them, lick them, and tease my nipples too. Let’s go to your bed now!”

He didn’t wait a second longer. Dropping his towel, he took her hand and led her to his bed room. Bags everywhere, he pushed them to the side. Pulling the covers back, he jumped on it. He patted the mattress as she sat down next to him.

She didn’t wait for another invitation; she pushed him back, climbed on top, and began ferociously kissing him while throwing him into a wild erotic spin. He rolled her so he was on top, then she rolled him back as her tits smashed against his body. He wanted to see her new boobs falling down into his face.

“Let me suck them. Get on top of me so I can lick and kiss your tits please” he asked her. Without a word, she was kneeling over his face. He was staring up at them. They were beautiful to say the least. His cock scraped against her stomach and lower. Every time it did, he heard her moan lightly as if he excited her.

He pushed it against her more often while licking her tits. He even swam across her nipples too. “Ohhh you do that so well Jeffrey. I want you to do that all the time. I want you up inside me now. I’m so wet, I’m dripping uncontrollably now, and I want you and your beautiful sexy cock to feel me inside. Are you ready?”

“Am I ready? Carol I was ready the moment I saw you on the deck tanning. I knew at that moment I wanted to make love to you. I don’t know why, but I just did” and she put her finger over his mouth so he would shut up.

“Fuck me” she said tenderly to him. Her eyes twinkled and her smiled turned him on.

“Jeffrey, fuck me as hard as you can. I can take it. I know I can take it” and she lowered her cunt over his cock. With his cock having disappeared she squealed excitedly. Then she settled in. Somehow they switched positions without his cock coming out.

Over her, he began pumping her pussy. Slowly and methodically, he built up speed. She watched his face. She watched his every expression. Her smile was wide, but as she came closer to climaxing, she winced more and more as she wanted it greater and greater.

“Oh yeah, you are so perfect” she screamed out. “Keep fucking me like that” said the always positive and sexy 51 year old woman. He didn’t see a 51 year old woman. She didn’t look a day past 35 he thought.

“Oh you are so damn sexy” he repeated. “You are so hott it’s incredible to me” he yelled out while bangin her madly.

“Oh god Jeffrey, so are you. Oh I want to tell you so many things! Oh yeah, ohh wow yeah that’s good, damn ohh yeah honey!”

“Am I good” he asked aloud. “Am I as good as you hoped? I hope I am” he screamed.

“Yes, yes” she replied briskly as she humped him back. “Oh I’m ready, I am so ready Jeff. Let loose because, ohh because” and she screamed and tightened any hold on him she had as well as the bed. She shook and quivered and her legs squeezed together as she orgasmed horrifically.

She was not delighted she was better, she was in ecstasy. Carol wrapped her arms all over him. She began kissing him fervently. Her emotions overwhelmed her and she wouldn’t let go.

“Jeffrey dear, I want you to know how much I admire your maturity. You are an incredible man. You are mature beyond your age and one other thing honey. You fuck as good or better then any man I had the pleasure of being with, which isn’t too many, but you rate right up there” and she smiled, hugged him, and began kissing him heavily.

He wanted to respond, but loved being held by her. He loved how sensuous her kissing was. He loved her soft mature body and how she entangled herself around him.

“Carol I want you to know I could make love with you anytime. I don’t care about your age; it doesn’t matter. Your beauty and you as person turn me on. That’s enough for me. I could or we could go to your house for round two. How’s that sound?”
“Honey, it sounds perfect.”

From downstairs they heard “Jeffrey? Oh Jeffrey, can you come here for a moment?” It was his mom. She came home. They froze and looked at one another. Frightened, neither was sure what to do. They didn’t say a word. He put on undies and shorts while she lay in the bed.

He went downstairs. Carol reached for her clothes, slipped them on, but didn’t move. She couldn’t be caught by one of her best friends. She couldn’t be caught having sex with Jeffrey, Gloria’s son. There was too much to risk.

Gloria asked Jeff to load up some boxes in her car she forgot earlier. Worried he’d be caught he coaxed her to follow him to the garage. Carol listened for sounds and footsteps. Finally she had her chance to break away.

Almost out the door, she saw Gloria standing in the kitchen with her back to Carol. Carol had to sneeze. She slid the sliding glass door open and sped away, sneezing several times. Gloria turned but saw no one.

“Jeff, why did you leave the back door wide open? It’s over a hundred degrees. That’s not keeping the house cool honey.”

“I didn’t mom, I don’t know why its open.” She said she had to go upstairs. “Why, what do you need” he asked worried she’d discover Carol in his bedroom. His door was left wide open. He didn’t know she slipped away unnoticed.

“Well you can get it for me, but it isn’t something I can’t handle. I’ll get it” Gloria replied. Jeff was worried. Carol was upstairs and his mom would see her and all hell would break loose. Upstairs she yelled out. “Jeffrey, get up here please” as if he was a little kid.

“Please make your bed and clean all this up. It looks like you had a slumber party or sleepover in here.” He apologized noticing Carol was gone. He was relieved.

Back at her house, Carol sat in her family room. Looking up at the ceiling, a perpetual smile graced her face. So much untapped energy, released beautifully and triumphantly with a gorgeous young hunk of a man. A young man, who turned out to be a great lover, he would be a great lover for many times to come. She slipped her hand up inside her shirt, feeling her new improved tits she had done last year. “Mmmmm he’s so wonderful. He felt so beautiful in me. Ohhh Jeffrey, I’m ready for you again. Please come back soon honey.”

She heard a car leave. Maybe it was Gloria that left. A knock on the door and Jeff walked back in and called Carol’s name out. She called for him telling him where she was at.

“Make love to me again Jeff; make love to me again only this time in my shower.”

“I’ll make love anywhere or anytime to you. You are too special and way too sexy not to make love with” he replied.