Hi. My name is Kim. I am 5’8″ 133 lbs. Black hair, green eyes. Olive skin with 40D breasts. I have fooled around with a lot of guys but only slept with two. While I enjoy having sex with my boyfriend’s 6.5 inch cock… a girl craves to be stretched.

My boyfriend’s name is Tim. He is 5’10” and 175 lbs. He has a nice body and an even nicer cock… close to 7 inches. We had a normal straight relationship and a good sex life until one day last week. Last Friday after we made love Tim asked me if I had ever considered being with more than one man at a time. I told him no I had never thought about it. I was kind of a prude when it came to sex. Always have done things the normal way. But I have thought about it and didn’t really want to tell him that as I thought it might be a blow to his ego. I asked him why he asked… He said that he has fantasized about seeing me with one or two other men. Someone with a bigger cock than him stretching my pussy while I sucked him off. I was shocked at his forwardness. The thought of it though made my pussy tingle and extremely wet. We made love again and afterwards I told him that if he could find the right person, I would be willing. And by right person I meant cock size.

The following night the phone rang, Tim answered it and had a conversation. Before he hung up he said “OK… I”ll see you at 8:00”

I asked him who it was and he said that it was Rich. Rich is a guy that we know from the local bar we go to sometimes after a hard day. He bartends there.
“He’s coming over tonight after he gets off work and he is bringing a friend.” The thoughts raced through my head as I knew I didn’t have much time… it was already 6:00. I knew what Tim had planned and wanted to shower and shave my pussy before they arrived. Just in case.

After I showered I hopped out and put on my favorite teddy. A purple one piece with a button crotch. I pulled my skirt on over it and my blouse. White silk blouse, making sure to leave it unbuttoned enough to where my teddy peeked out. You could also see the outline of my teddy through the blouse.
As I was straightening my hair, Tim came in and said “WOW! You look hot baby” with a huge smile on his face and an enormous bulge in his slacks. He started to come towards me and the doorbell rang. I thought, Who the hell is that? It can’t be them, it is only 6:45. I still got at least an hour before they arrive.
I was finishing up my hair and I heard the familiar voices and laughs. I knew it was Rich and his friend and all of a sudden I got so weak in the knees. Was this really going to happen? Wow.

I went into the living room and there was Rich and his friend. Rich was gorgeous. His friend was even better looking than him. Amazing. Could it be possible that I was going to have my way with these three attractive men? I think if you were to touch me right then I would have came on the spot.

“Hi Kim” Rich said as he came over to me and pecked my cheek. “This is Andrew.” Andrew slowly starting walking towards me, reaching his hand to me and as I took it he gently kissed it and said “My friend’s call me Drew. Nice to make your acquaintance.” “Likewise” I replied.

His eyes staring at me the whole while. Making me nearly melt. I looked at Tim and felt a blush come over me and to my surprise he winked and had the cutest smirk on his face.

Tim asked “OK who wants a drink?” We all responded that that would be a great idea. I said “Let’s go out to the balcony and get some fresh air while we enjoy our drinks. Tim pulled a bottle of Merlot out of the wine rack and I grabbed four glasses. We all headed to the door. “Ladies first” Drew said as they all followed me through the threshhold.

We sat around our patio table enjoying the weather and the view. It was beautiful. Breezy. Sun begining to set. The orange and purple sky glistening off the wavey tides of the ocean. Listening to the roar of the water as it splashes against the jagged rocks below us. We live on a cliff in a high rise condo over looking the bay.

Breaking the silence, Tim asked everyone how their day had been. All of us responded with the usual response. Fine. Except for Rich. He said he had the worst day. Asshole customers, nothing but a bunch of drunks. To my surprise Tim said “you know what the best relief for stress is?” With a puzzled look on my face I sat quiet while Rich asked “What? Do tell.” And I am still amazed at the response that Tim gave. It is the response that started my whole night of ectasy and his fantasy. “A good blow job of course.” I started to blush as the men then continued to talk about blow jobs and who gave the best head and past expierences, blah blah blah. And then out of nowhere, Tim said “You know Kim gives the best head out of any woman I have ever been with.” And like a game Rich seemed to be playing along. He looked at me and said, “is that true Kim?” I was awe struck. But I wanted to play the game too so I took it a step further. “Why don’t you decide for yourself handsome.” I said as I licked my lips and drank another sip of my wine. Rich said, “Is that an offer?” I looked at Tim for approval and he said “yes it is” with a wink. I looked at Drew and he had a beautiful smile on his tanned face and I didn’t wait for another cue.

I dropped to my knees and let my long black hair caress his thighs up to his black work shorts. Teasing him. I could see his cock twitch underneath the thin material of his shorts. I grabbed his bulge with one hand and undid his shorts with the other. I pulled them down to his knees exposing his semi erect cock.
Rich is a good looking guy. 6′ 190lbs. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Nice cock. And from the looks of it it had to be at least an inch and a half bigger than Tim’s. I would say a good 8 inches. He wasn’t very thick though but it was the longest cock I had ever seen.

I grabbed his base and began to stroke it. I was surprised at how hard it already was. I took the head in my mouth. Teasing the tip with my tongue, tasting the precum that was already oozing out, I dove down and swallowed as much a I could without gagging. I would say five inches. I started going up and down smoothly wanting him to come in my throat. I could hear his light moans and the feel of his hands getting tangled in my hair. I went faster taking his whole cock in my mouth. Deep throating him. I felt his body begin to jerk. I knew he was getting close so I increased my speed. Rubbing his inner thighs and grabbing his balls. Milking him. And at almost the same moment in which he was a bout to come I felt a hand on my ass through my skirt. It caught me by surprise but I continued to work on his long cock. I wondered what a cock his size would feel like ramming my tight pussy. Getting excited from the thought of it all I began to swirl my tongue around his cock while he continued to fuck my mouth. Now his hands were on my head, pulling me to him. I could feel his body start to convulse.

I jacked him off while I held his tip in my mouth and he exploded. So much so that it was running out of my mouth drizzling down to my chin. At least six good loads. As he came I milked his cock with my hand as I looked bck to see who was touching my ass. It was Drew! Oh my gosh. Drew was naked and ready for me. He looked gorgeous. I wanted him at that moment. Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes. About 5’9″ 175 lbs. Very defined. And to my surprise was even bigger than Rich. His dick had to be at least 10 inches long and very thick. Oh my God. I had to have it. I turned around and he smiled at me. We giggled and he kissed me. He started rubbing my swollen breasts and licking the nape of my neck. As I reached for his cock he pulled my skirt up exposing my wet pussy and round ass. He lifted me onto the patio table and told me to spread my legs. I had his cock in my hand and to my surprise I couldn’t put my fingers all the way around it. I wanted to know what it would feel like for his massive cock to be in me. The only cocks I had ever had were about half his mass.

I spread my legs and reached out for Tim to come over to me. To my wanting mouth to fulfill his fantasy. He must have read my mind because he was half way over already, undoing his slacks. And as I reached for his cock that was already fully erect, I felt Drew unbuttoning my teddy. I held each man’s cock in my hands and could feel the noticeable difference in them. How much more massive Drew was than Tim. I spread my legs even wider allowing him full access to my wanting wet pussy. And at almost the same time as I took Tim in my mouth Drew pushed the head of his huge cock in my tight hole. Grabbing me by my waist Drew went into me halfway.

I continued to suck Tim off. The feel was unbelievable. I had never expierenced this before. I came as soon as he inched deeper into me. My body thrashing from pleasure, he continued faster and harder. Ramming me. Deeper than anyone ever before him. I swallowed Tim’s cock and let out moans of delight. Tim let out a moan and said that he was fixing to come. I wanted to prolong this moment so I released his cock and squeezed his base. I turned my head the other direction and noticed Rich standing there rubbing his already stiff cock, not more than five inches away from me. So I reached out and grabbed it. Holding both men’s cock’s in my hands as my body took Drew’s massive member over and over again. Banging me. Stretching me. I took Rich’s cock in my mouth and swallowed him, pumping my lips over and over. Tim came around the table and stood next to Drew.

I had an idea. I released Rich’s cock and said “hold on guys, I want you both. Let’s change positions.” As Drew slid out of me I felt my body quiver with ecstasy. Drew took a step back and then they allowed me to walk by and I went into the house, to the living room. I looked back at them and said in a teasing voice “Well, are you coming?” They all quickly came towards me and I grabbed Drew, still in disbelief of his huge cock and told him to lay down on the floor. And as he did I crawled on top of him feeling his huge cock bounce off the back of my ass. I reached down and slid the head into me and said “Rich fuck my ass.” Rich gladly positioned himself behind me as Drew penetrated deeper than he was before. He was filling me up but little did i know what full felt like. I felt Rich’s hand rub around my stretched pussy lips then adding my lubrication to my ass. Entering me from behind aI let out a scream. It was too much. I had never been this full in my life. Tim hearing my screams came around front and muffled my mouth with his cock. Rich is ramming me as Drew takes it nice and slow. I feel the waves rushing through my body as I climax unlike any climax I had ever had before.

Drew started to increse his speed and with both men going in and out very fast, I came again. I swallowed Tim’s cock over and over again, sucking him with everything I had. As I heard moans escape Drew I knew he was fixing to reach climax. He gave me three or four more quick thrusts and then moaned loudly and I knew he was shooting his load deep in me. I could feel my pussy’s moisture increase ten times over. I felt his cock go limp in me and I rose up off of him. While Rich still rammed my ass. I knew Drew was spent but I wanted more. He crawled out from underneath me and I told Tim to take his place. Tim got under me and entered me with ease. “Let’s try something new” I said as Tim began to fuck me. I told Rich to put his cock in my pussy with Tim. I was curious to see if both men could fit into my pussy at the same time after Drew had fucked me with his fat cock.

Rich was more than happy to oblige as he sqeezed it into me. It was tight at first but he got into me. And to my surprise, both men together were only a little bigger than Drew. Feeling both of their cocks going at an opposite pace. One in, one out… my body exploded again. I knew Tim couldn’t hold out much longer and shortly after he looked into my eyes and said “I’m about to cum” I said “Cum for me baby.” His body starting jerking and with the jerks from his body Rich began to cum. With the thought of both men in my over stretched pussy, cumming, my body exploded with one final climax. MMMMMMM.

We all laid there for a few minutes, relaxing. We had a few more drinks and then our new lovers left. That night Tim fucked me like he has never fucked me before. We haven’t done it since. It has been a week. But I am sure it will happen again. And maybe next time the boys will bring their girlfriends and I could return the favor to Tim. Boy that will be exciting. My fantasy is to see him with another woman. But that is another story. I hope you have enjoyed my story of ecstacy.