I walk up to the door of my girlfriend’s apartment. As I start to slide the key into the lock, I can hear slight muffled noises from inside. As the door slowly opens, I am met by the sight of my girlfriend laying with her legs spread wide open on the couch and her super sexy friend Shayla, who I’ve always wanted to see naked, on her knees eating my girlfriend out. Shayla’s tight ass looks so incredibly sexy with that hot pink thong on.

I shut the door behind me and walk up to the couch as I get nice wide smiles from both of these sexy beauties. Shayla slides her tongue back into my girlfriends tight slit as she cups one of her own voluptuous breasts and starts to pinch and pull her nipple.

My girlfriend grabs me by the belt and yanks me towards her. She scrambles to undo my pants, and once my semi hard cock is out she places her wet lips around it. The warm, wet feeling is so incredible. She runs her lips up over the head of my cock and down the shaft. Then she grabs both of my ass cheeks and slides my now pulsing hard cock all the way down her throat as she starts to lick my balls.

While she is doing this, Shayla watches and continues to lick all over my girlfriends soaking wet clit. As she looks up at me with a lustful grin, she pushes my girlfriend’s knees to her chest and starts to slowly lick around her asshole. My girlfriend lets out a muffled groan as Shayla slides the tip of her tongue into that tight little brown hole. Shayla then starts to shove her tongue deep into my girlfriend’s asshole, spreading it open and getting a full taste of what she has to offer.

My girlfriend then sits up, releasing my cock from her mouth, and says, “I want to taste my pussy and ass juices as they drip off your tongue!” as she leans forward and deep tongue kisses Shayla.

They kiss for a minute, then both of them turn to me. As they both stand up, Shayla pushes me onto my back on the couch as my girlfriend gets into the 69 position on top of me. She slides my cock into her mouth again as she reaches back and spreads her cheeks for me to see her delicious asshole just waiting to be explored. I spread her cheeks with my own hands and start to slide my tongue up her slit to her asshole. My girlfriend then slides her finger deep into her tight, brown asshole and pulls it out, only to place it deep in my mouth. With this I bury my tongue all the way up into her asshole, moving it from side to side.

I then feel Shayla’s hands slowly spread my thighs open as she places her tongue on my balls and starts to lick all over. The sensation is absolutely incredible. My girlfriend’s spit runs down my shaft as she slams her head up and down my cock.

Shayla gently lifts my ball sack up as her tongue begins to explore a little more south of my cock. She spreads my cheeks and places the tip of her warm, wet tongue on my asshole. She moves it all around, tasting my naughty unexplored hole.

With all of these erotic sensations all at once, I begin to ravish my girlfriend’s asshole with my mouth. I start shoving my entire tongue all the way up her asshole and then all the way up her cunt, switching back and forth. I don’t even notice that my girlfriend stopped sucking on my rock hard cock.

I Hear them both giggle, and next thing I know Shayla Is directly beside me. Her huge tits look so incredible as she stands there. She crawls on top of my face as if she is going to sit on my face and eat her out. While kneeling over my mouth, she pulls her thong aside to reveal a thick, long, semi hard cock with a big pair of balls hanging just inches above my face. The tip of her cock lands on my lips as I can’t believe my eyes.

Breaking the silence, my girlfriend shouts, “Slide your hard cock in his mouth to get it wet so you can fuck me with it!” With that Shayla slides her cock in between my lips and pushes it into my mouth. The feel of her head against my tongue is extremely erotic. My cock gets twice as hard and starts to pulse just by the thought of what is happening. Shayla pushes her cock deeper into my mouth, making sure I get it extra slobbery. She then pulls it out of my mouth, and shoves it into my girlfriend’s wet cunt.

As my girlfriend continues to suck on my cock, I can see every single vein and bulge on Shaylas thick member penetrate my girlfriend’s deepest areas of her cunt. Her balls slap against my girlfriends clit as I stick my tongue up to run against Shayla’s cock as it moves in and out. Then, after tasting enough of my girlfriend’s juices, I move my tongue back towards Shayla’s asshole and bury it deep inside the best I can with her motions. Shayla reaches back with a hand and shoves my face more into her ass so that I can slide inside of her better.

Shayla then removes her cock from my girlfriend’s cunt, and slides it back into my mouth, only to remove it quickly and slide it deep inside my girlfriend’s awaiting tight asshole. After a few thrusts in and out, she shoves her cock back into my mouth. I accept it with my tongue out prepared to hit her balls as she thrusts completely down my throat. She then pulls out of my mouth and gets up saying, “It’s your turn now sexy!”

She moves to the other end of the couch and spreads my cheeks open again. She slowly slides the head of her cock inside of my extremely tight asshole. The intrusion feels absolutely incredible. I can feel every single bulge in her cock as it starts to slide in and out of me. My girlfriend jumps up and flips around, straddling me. She grabs my cock and slides it deep into her asshole and starts to move her hips up and down, making my shaft move in and out of her tight asshole.

My cock gets harder and harder as it gets closer to wanting to cum. I can feel my balls tingle as more blood rushes to my pulsing cock. As I start to cum, my girlfriend pulls my cock out of her ass and goes down to suck on it like there’s no tomorrow. She takes all of my warm, thick semen into her mouth as the taste of her freshly fucked asshole is still all over my dick. Shayla keeps fucking me harder and harder as I have the hardest, most pleasurable orgasm ever. My entire body is tingling as I lay there with my girlfriend’s cunt in my face and Shayla’s cock deep in my asshole.

Nect thing I know, Shayla is out of my ass and back in my girlfriend’s asshole. I can see her pumping in and out of her ass, as I move my tongue to run along her shaft. Shayla starts to let out moans of pleasure as she pulls out and cums a massive amount all over my girlfriend’s open asshole. Her semen runs down over my girlfriend’s gaping pussy and across my tongue. The salty, warm taste of her cum is incredibly arousing. I move my tongue up so I can lick all of Shayla’s cum out of my girlfriend’s open asshole and then proceed to lick the rest off the tip of her dick.

After this entire arousing experience, we all fall asleep naked together. The next morning, after we wake up, we head to the shower, but that story will have to wait for another day. 😉