I have an online sub who does my bidding with the
assitance of two accomplices, two work associates
of hers, who let her get away with absolutely nothing.
Earlier in the day, we had kept her stimulated and
horny, making her wear a vibrator up inside her,
continuously turned on, and a butt plug as well.
In addition, they had tied her naked to a chair, spread
wide, blindfolded and gagged, and worked the vibrator
in and out and tormented her breasts for about 30
minutes while I was online directing the show. Then,
they went car shopping (see previous story). This
story is about what happened following the car shopping

niki had sent me a story about using cats as bondage
torment. She REALLY liked the story, and it just
so happens that the accomplices are real cat lovers.
This story explains just why we kept niki so horny
all day. Regardless of what you may read here, there
were only a total of eight cats attacking niki at one time.

The story is told first from one of the accomplices,
then from niki herself.

The Cats and niki
Date: 96-09-01 13:07:38 EDT
From: RosieRose
To: LineMstr

Last night was experience not only for niki, but also
all our cats. They slept all around her last night,
as well, it’s a good thing she really likes cats.

After we got home, I removed niki from the back and,
Judy reparked the new car so she could see it from the
window. niki was feeling somewhat sorry for herself.
The morning exercise, and the afternoon spent either
exhibiting herself or bound had done nothing but increase
her state of arousal. She was wet. I asked her if
she wanted me to take off the blindfold and gag and
she indicated she did. Well, I told her I would if
later she would let me put them back on without protest.
She indicated yes. After I removed them, she asked
what she had to do to get her hands cuffed in front.
I told her it was best I keep her cuffed as she was then
there was no temptation to touch her sex and possibly
relieve her distress, she just groaned as I turned on
the TV to some cooking show. I then went to make sure
the table and cats were ready. All was ready, so now we
just had to wait for the time.

At about 9pm I asked niki if she needed anything, that
I would cuff her in front now if she wanted. Needless to
say, she became very suspicious. She had been trying all
evening to get Judy or me to release her, and now, for some
reason, I just do it. I cuffed her in front, and she got
some water and just generally moveed around as much as the
leg irons would let her, wondering what was going to happen
next. I let her wonder about for about 10 minutes and then
told her it was time to regag and blindfold her, reminding
her she promised not to protest. I gagged her first so I
did’t get any questions, then blindfold her as Judy got the
kitty vitamin, cream, and honey mixture out and heated it a
bit in the microwave. Judy and I assisted niki into Judy’s
work room where we have moved out the table from the wall
and put a camping slleping mat on it. Now, as I told you,
it is over 7 feet long about 4 feet wide and solid wood. It
was my father’s work table for years, and I had modified
it with eyebolts to hold niki flat and still. We got niki
in the room, turned her back to the table, and helped her up
on it. After laying her down and making sure she was on the
mat, I strapped her down. Now she began making alot of noise,
and I told her this had better not be protesting! Her cuffed
hands were secured above ther head, her elbows were strapped
flat to the table, a wide strap was placed across her pelvis
over her hip bones, a strap across around thigh secured to
the table, and a strap around each calf secured to the table.
And, to make sure she can not curl her toes, I tied a nonslip
loop around each big toe and secured it to her ankle cuff so
her feet were tied straight up. Lastly I put her safe toy in
her hand. We found you on line and we were ready!

As per your instructions, we first painted the mixture on
her sides, her ribs, and the sides of her breasts. Now niki
started in with the noise again as Judy placed a couple of the
adult cats on the table with her. Now the cats love this
stuff, and we had not fed them much that day, so they just
started in on licking as much of it off her as possible.
niki went nuts!! She could only really move her head back
and forth and raise her chest a half inch of the table,
but none of this detered the cats from their desire to get
it all off of niki. Judy could hardly get it on fast enough!
Next you told us to put it on her nipples, and we got the
rest of our herd (6 total) to help the other two cats, and
we had a feeding frenzy on niki’s nipples, sides, and thighs.
Now I don’t know why niki told you she did not respond to
tickling!! She was sooo wet! The cats were all over her,
and each other, to get to this stuff, when you told us to
put it on the soles of her feet. We quit putting it on niki’s
sides and concentrated on her feet and nipples…needless to
say niki was going nuts all over the table! I am just happy
I bought the repelling straps to hold her to the table! We
continued this for about 15 minutes, and niki was in almost as
much af a frenzy as the cats. Judy and I were just trying to
keep the supply up with the demand when you told us to put it
on her clit. When we did, niki exploded in a long orgasm, and
I was thanking the builder of this table for his workmanship.
You told us to tell niki we would quit applying the mixture when
she dropped her safe toy, and until then, we would keep applying
it to her nipples, clit, and feet. Now, one of the cats had
decided to completely clean niki’s slit, and was really getting
in all the knooks and crannies with his tongue, as we kept
applying more. The other cats were equally spread between
her breasts and feet. Still very much of a feeding frenzy…I
loved this stuff!! niki had at least 3 more possibly 4 more
orgasms (actually they counted 5 total online – LineMstr)
before she dropped her safe toy in exhaustion…hers,
not the cats’. We had to actually pick them up and take them
out of the room to get them to stop. In fact, as we were
releasing niki from the straps, they were outside the door
scratching and mewing to get back in. We unbound niki, and
sat her up on the side of the table. She just kept shaking
her head and asking what was in that stuff. I asked her if
she felt any tension now. She smiled, and went to take her

I don’t know where you got this idea, but I know that I have
to start reading the stories you and niki read.


cats, cats
Date: 96-09-01 21:32:39 EDT
From: nikigirl
To: LineMstr


i don’t know why i sent you that story…i should have
known you would like it too much! After we got back
with the new car, actually truck, Rosie and Judy bought
me in the house still bound. They left me for a few
minutes on the couch until i heard Rosie ask me if i
wanted the gag and blindfold off, as i felt her fingers
in my pussy and removing the clit clamp….oh the pain
felt so good, and i could almost cum on her hand!
i nodded my head yes, and she said that later she could
regag and blindfold me without protest. i indicated she
would get no trouble from me, so she removed the gag and
blindfold. i asked her what it would take to get the
cuffs changed to the front instead of behind me. Rosie
just smiled that evil, all knowing smile of hers, and
said it was best she keep my hands were they are they
were less likley to wander into my crotch and possibly
earn me some more dermerits or greater punishment. She
then turned on the TV and left me to watch some PBS cooking
show. i am really tired, so i tried to get comfortable.
Everytime Rosie or Judy came in the room, i asked them to
please recuff my hands in front, when i heard Rosie finally
ask me if i wanted to be cuffed in front. i was feeling a
bit suspicious of her motives, but i needed to get up and
drink something, so i told her yes, of course. i got up,
but the leg cuffs prevented me from walking very fast
as i just moved around to the kitchen and bathroom. i was
looking around, trying to figure out what they had planned
next. i didn’t see anything out of place, when Rosie reminded
me of my earlier promise, and first regaged me and then put
the blindfold back on. i was really feeling sorry for myself
now as Rosie helped me walk about five feet, and then she turned
me around and teold me i would feel a table behind me, and
that i needed to sit up on it. i sat up on the table, and i
felt a mat under me. Rosie explained that i needed to lie on
it, as she helped me lie down. i could not for the life of
me understand what they were doing, but a hint was coming to
me…..and i was regretting my sending you stories. Rosie took
my cuffed hands above my head and attached them somehow so i
could not bring them down. Next, i felt straps around my elbows,
my thighs and calfs, and, lastly, over my hips, holding me down
to the table. i could shake my head and wiggle my toes, and that
is about all. Then, i felt a loop put around my big toes pulling
them up so i could not curl my feet. i hate that, and i tried
to make as much noise as i could, but all i heard is Judy
giggling and Rosie talking softly to her. i felt my safe toy
pressed into my hand. Then some warm liquid spread on my ribs
and the sides of my breasts…..i know what you are doing and
i try and protest, but i really can not move an inch. Next
i feel the scratchy tongues of a cat and laugh to myself….i
had not seen them most of the night, and never asked where
they were! Whatever Judy and Rosie had put on me, the cats
really liked, and it was driving me crazy!! i kept squeeling
and trying to move as the cats kept licking, and the stuff
was reapplied…i was about out of my mind when i felt cats
licking my very sensitive nipples and my thighs. Now i had
had an itch i could not scratch all day, so i was hoping,
like the girl in the story, i will get some relief. i was
beginning to lose track of the number of cats, or where the
stuff was being put on, and where the most cats are, when my
feet are attacked. Now you asked for information, and as a good
slave, i told you my most ticklish spot…the bottoms of my feet!!
Now I rue the day i told you!! i can feel cats all over my
feet and my nipples!! Judy must have put a sign out, “More
cats needed today…please leave them here!” i was about out
of my mind, and thought i needed to drop the safe toy! i didn’t
think I could stand it any longer, and then i felt liquid
spreading down my slit! At least 15 cat tongues were suddenly
all over my clit!! There must have been 20 animals on that
table with their tongues on my nipples, my feet and my clit…
when i had one of the biggest and longest orgasms i have had
in a while. i just finished that one, only to hear Rosie tell
me this torment will end when i drop my safe toy!! i felt more
liquid applied and the tongues started in again….i could
not help it!! One giant cat had his whole head in my slit
really going at it, when i had another orgasm!! If it had
not been for the straps, i know i would have been 3 feet off
the table! Then at least two more orgasms came quickly, and
i could not stand it any more, so i had to let the toy go….
i was worn out and licked clean! Everything stopped, and
i heard some very unhappy cats being pulled off me, and i was
slowly released from the table and helped up. Rosie told me
you were on line the whole time directing the scene, and for
me to hurry and get cleaned up so you could to talk to me.
i couldn’t believe how intense that was!! Of course, it had
been a long day of denial building up to this…i was worn
out, but i had worked hard for it.

your tired happy slave


The End