Coming home from an another day at work, I find you standing in the middle of the living room wearing the soft black leather boots and matching corset that I had laid out for you this morning, you have also took the liberty, to my pleasure, of also putting on your wrist and ankle cuffs.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Walking up to you, I take your ass cheeks in my hands and pull you roughly against me, placing my mouth against your waiting open mouth, I kiss you deeply and thoroughly, squeezing and massaging your ass cheeks in my hands. Breaking the kiss, I spin you around quickly, almost throwing you off balance, taking both wrists I clip them together and then begin kissing my way up your exposed back, biting and nibbling as I choose. I hear you sigh as I begin kissing your neck, reaching around I take your soft warm breasts into my hands, squeezing and rolling them between my fingers. Cupping your breasts in my hands, I take a nipple between each thumb and finger and begin to squeeze and roll them as well. Pulling your nipples up and away from your body, you try to stand on your toes as I pull higher on the tips of your nipples. Pulling higher yet, I let them pop from between my fingertips, as you fall back into my arms, I reach up and take your ponytail in my hand, twisting it’s length around my hand, you squeak as you feel me pulling on your hair.

Taking your bound wrists in my other hand I begin to shove you toward the playroom, you twist and turn as I move you, but you never stop moving forward, knowing what will happen if you buck me on this. As we enter the room, I unclip your wrist and re-clip them to a rope hanging from the ceiling, taking up tension on the rope, I stretch your arms above your head. Stepping back and looking, I decide to blindfold and gag you as well, you struggle at the gag at first, but quickly relent as I take a nipple in my fingertips and squeeze it firmly until you open your mouth and accept the small ball gag into your mouth. Walking over to a cabinet against the wall, I look over at what is hanging there, various whips, floggers, paddles and other toys, sliding my eyes down to a lower shelf, I spot the new black leather belt that I just bought a few days ago, I remember seeing the look in your eyes when you first got a look at it, you shuddered all over when I picked it up and snapped in my hands.

Picking the beltup, I double it in my hands and begin walking toward you, as Iget closer to you I snap it together as hard as I can, you flinch at the first snap and your whole body goes rigid as I hold the belt up close to your nipples and snap it once more letting you feel the air rush from between the hand tooled black leather edges. I place the belt onto your breasts, catching your erect swollen nipples between the black leather edges, you begin to tremble at the thought of what I am going to do next, slowly I part the leather and just as I snap them back together you jerk back causing me to just miss snapping your nipples between the edges. Letting go of the looped end of the belt, I take your breast in to my hand, squeezing and pulling you forward, you have to arch your body forward as the rope running from the ceiling will not let you step forward, but only arch your body forward on your toes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I guess your nipples are just too small a target.” as I swing the black leather through the air and smack it against your exposed ass cheeks. A muffed scream comes from your mouth as you begin dancing on your toes from the impact of the leather against your flesh. Once again I swing, laying another red slash across your cheeks. I decide I’ve seen enough of your dancing and I release a little tension on the rope pulling your arms into the air, next I spread your legs apart and clip your ankle cuffs to small rings set into the floor about three feet apart, readjusting the slack in the rope, I pull your body up into a nice taut position, you are almost on your toes as I tie off the end of the rope. You are breathing very heavily now and as I walk around in front of you, I watch as your breasts heave up and down, trembling and shaking from the sensations coming from your ass. I place my hand against your pussy mound and slide a finger inside of your wet hot pussy, slowly I begin to stroke my finger in and out, wiggling it around as I thrust it back deep inside of you. You begin to rock your hips against my hand as I wiggle and work it in and out of your pussy lips, hooking my finger deep inside your pussy I pull you close to me, kissing and biting your neck as I swing the belt once more. Your body rears against me as the belt strikes your ass once more leaving a third red stripe across your trembling shaking ass checks. Throwing the belt to the floor, I walk around you and take your ass cheeks into my hands, kneading and squeezing the hot red flesh between my fingers, striping off my clothes, I grab the lube from the cabinet and pour out a hand full, slapping my hand against your asshole, I begin to rub it in, sliding my dripping finger deep into you.

Finally I take my hard swollen cock into my lube dripping hand and stroke the length of it before placing the tip against your sweetly puckered asshole. Placing my other hand on your pussy with a finger deep into your wetness, I begin to push the length of my shaft deep into you, your body trembling and shaking as I get deeper into you. Slowly I begin sliding in and out of you, wiggling my finger deep in your hot wet pussy, I begin to stroke faster. Feeling your body begin to shudder, I take your breasts into my hands and begin to squeeze and roll them in my fingers and begin thrusting in and out quickly. Both of our bodies begin to quake as we reach closer to cumming, I’m pumping hard and fast into you, kneading and rolling your tender breasts in my hands, as I shudder and begin cumming, my pumping my hot white load into your ass sends you over the edge and you begin cumming as well. Rocking and bucking your hips against mine as we both shudder and shake with the release. Standing there, I wrap my arms around you, holding myself still inside of you as I kiss your neck and shoulders.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To Be Continued