Coyote stared at his discovery for a long time without moving. His thoughts raced from the plantation’s two hundred year history to the stone tower he and Raven were building now. Raven. His thoughts settled on her, of course.

He pictured the smooth skin of her back, the gentle curves of her shoulders, the way her form narrowed at her waist and then rounded out again into her perfect ass.

He imagined her tossing her head to look back over her shoulder at him, her lips forming that slight smile she got whenever she won some small victory over him. He could never resist smiling back.

Coyote stared at his discovery without moving. Then he smiled and his mind was made up.

“Raven, come up here.” he called from the entrance alcove. Raven’s head jerked up at the tone of his voice. It was a tone she didn’t hear often. Maybe not often enough, she admitted to herself.

At the top of the short flight of stairs, she saw him, standing in his jeans and yellow work shirt. His back was turned to her and he shoved something she couldn’t see into his black nylon backpack. She stopped at arm’s length from him. “Yes?” she said and he turned to face her.

He reached out to touch her face, as she knew he would. If nothing else, she was certain that he thought she was beautiful. She closed her eyes and felt his finger trace the curve of her cheek. She could smell the leather and sweat of the work gloves he had worn all day.

Kiss me, she thought to herself, and opening her eyes, she saw him smile briefly as if she had spoken aloud.

“Come with me. I want to show you something,” he said. And she followed him outside.

They walked in silence down the old trail that led to their spot where the creek entered the small forest where berries and plums grew wild.

He took her hand as they entered the woods and he felt that same storm in his chest he felt every time he touched her. He put his hands on her waist to help her over the creek bed and his hand slipped under her pullover to touch her bare skin. He had to fight back the sudden urge to take her right there. He pictured her body wet and sparkling and then imagined caressing her, covering her skin with the clean, silty mud. He set her down and conjured the strength to hold to his original intentions. The muddy creek bed would wait.

The entered a small circular clearing in the wood, and her first thought when she saw his discovery was revulsion. As if reading her mind, he said, “It’s not what you think it is.” She faced him. He walked over to the large post planted in the center. The post was maybe ten feet high with a large steel ring fastened to opposite sides, one near the top, and the other about halfway up. Several clean new black leather straps hung from the rings and lay on the ground. On the side with the highest ring was a foot high platform. “Field slaves would have been whipped in their quarters, so that the other slaves could see. This is so far out here in the woods, so that no one would see.”

He paced around the pole while she stood still looking at it. After completing the circle he looked at her with an expression she had seen before. His blue eyes narrowed slightly and he bit his lower lip for a moment, then he spoke. “Undress, Raven.”

Raven hesitated. She was uncertain if her limits were about to be reached, but she knew if she refused him outright, her time with him would be over. She unbuttoned her pants before bending over to remove her boots.

He watched her slip off her jeans and pull her shirt over her head. As she reached behind to undo her bra, he began to walk around her as he had the pole; inspecting this magnificent creature that he tried so hard to totally possess.

He was standing behind her when she reached down to remove her panties and she felt his hands take her wrists. He brushed her hair aside with his chin, and she felt his mouth on her shoulder n that spot she knew he liked more than any other. “Yes.” She thought, “Kiss me. Make love to me here then take me home and make love to me again.” She tried to reach for him, to caress his cock through his jeans, but he held her still.

Still holding her wrists, he hooked his thumbs through the waist of Raven’s panties and began kissing down her shoulder and back, tasting her skin until he knelt behind her. He kissed the small of her back and released her wrists as he began to slide the panties over her ass and down her shapely legs.

Raven tried to concentrate on the feel of Coyote’s hands and her own lace panties sliding down her legs to quiet her nervousness. But it all returned as his hands reached her ankles and she stepped out of them and stood naked between her Master and the whipping post. Coyote raked his fingernails up Raven’s legs as he stood, amazed as always at the reaction his body had to the sight of her standing before him naked. His cock strained against the denim, possessed by that part of him that wanted to take his girl NOW.

His hands on her waist, he guided her to stand before the pole.

“Take one of the straps.” he ordered. She started to shake her head, and then she felt his breath on her skin and his voice in her ear. “Do you not still crave my attention as much as I crave your submission?” She watched almost unbelieving as her trembling hand reached for one of the long black straps before her. She wrapped it twice around her wrist and then Coyote reached around her to slip the end through one of the twists, securing her hand.

“Now take another one.” Coyote ordered. Raven closed her free hand over another strap and held it, watching while Coyote wrapped it around her wrist and secured it.

He walked around the pole, looking at his bound slave even as he pulled the strap that took the slack from her bonds and pulled her hands over her head. His breath caught in his chest as he watched her lower her head even as her rising arms lifted her breasts.

Raven closed her eyes as her arms were lifted above her head. Her Master had told her before how he enjoyed the sight of her in this position. For a moment she allowed herself to hope that this was all Coyote had planned, to tie her to this ancient post. She knew he wanted her. She hoped he was preparing to take her now. Then she felt his hands on her waist and she was lifted onto the small platform.

She grasped the leather cords and held close to the pole, making those motions that she knew incited her Master’s lust.

The gentle slap of his many bladed whip against her calf startled her and she gasped, jerking her leg up. “Keep your leg lifted there, little slave,” he ordered and Raven obeyed, pulling on her bonds and holding to the post.

Coyote took a strap from the lower ring and kneeling behind Raven, he brought it around his girl’s bare lifted thigh. From his position kneeling behind her, he could see her cunt exposed by her lifted leg. Once that strap was secured around her thigh and the post, he slowly drew his finger along the perfect pink folds of her labia. He was gratified to discover that his slave’s pussy was wet.

Raven felt the finger along her nether lips and gasped. She rose up on the toes of the foot left unsuspended to expose more of her. “Take me.” she whispered. “Please take me now, Coyote.” She arched her back, crushing her breasts against the pole and moving her hips away, trying to present her lovely cunt to him. “Please,” she whispered again.

Coyote stood. “Raise your other leg, slave.” he ordered. Raven pulled the straps to hold herself and leaning against Coyote, she did as she was told. She felt another strap around her thighs, then another under her ass, creating a seat, and she was secured to the post.

Coyote stood behind his slave, the sight even more magnificent than he had imagined. He brushed her hair aside to expose her neck and lowered his mouth to her skin.

Raven tossed her head back and opened her mouth. Her Master’s kisses moved from her neck to her cheek then her mouth was covered by his. His hands circled her waist and then slid up her flanks until his fingers rested lightly on the sides of her breasts.

As he explored her mouth with his tongue, Coyote moved his hands to his slave’s ample breasts. He kneaded them gently, fighting his urges to hurt her. Lost in his desire for her, he continued to kiss her and to lift her breasts, pressing them together then separating them, taking the perfect nipples between his fingers, then sliding his finger below, between or above her pink-tipped white globes.

Her Master’s passionate touch inflamed Raven and she found herself giving Coyote what he wanted. Her mind raced, trying to process the sensations of her body. Their tongues danced between their mouths while his hands roughly handled her tits, her nipples pressing up to and rubbing against the hard wooden post. She arched her back, pressing her now-dripping cunt against the post as well, as had the girls and women bound to it over a hundred years before.

Keeping her breasts firmly in one hand, Coyote slid the other down Raven’s belly and placed it between the post and her sex. The feel of her wet lips parting to admit his finger into her as she continued grinding her hips against his hand tempted him again. He held her firmly and pressed his crotch to her ass as he considered how best to keep this wild creature tamed.

The denim of his jeans rubbed roughly against her ass, and Raven could feel his hard cock through the cloth. She struggled against the hand holding her still, wanting the freedom to move with the finger inside her, to keep her clit moving against his hand. Then he released her and she fell back, held only by the seat tied around her ass and the straps tied to her wrists.

Raven remembered where she was and what was about to be done to her.

to be continue