I had to break it to the guys at lunch. My dad was supposed to drive us to the WWF wrestling show next week, but now he has to be out of town, so my mom is going to drive us. At least my dad watches wrestling with me a little bit, and is more of a regular guy, but Mom is pretty conservative, and might put a damper on things sitting with us in the stadium.

This was supposed to be really good. Five of us boys going to the WWF live, followed by a sleep-over at my house, and no school the next day because of a teacher’s institute day. It was me, Glen and Kyle, two of my long-time friends, and Al and Cory, two cool guys that we just started hanging with.

“Guys, my dad can’t drive us, so my mom’s going to go with us,” I told them at the lunch table.

“That’s alright,” said Glen, and Kyle and Al nodded.

I moaned, “You guys don’t mind being seen with my mom there?”

“No!” said Kyle, “Your mom’s hot looking!”

“Yeah!” agreed Glen and Al. Cory had never met my mom, and just smiled.

I thought to myself “Hot? They think my mom’s hot?” I didn’t feel so weird now, because I thought she was hot, too.

When I went home, I told Mom what Kyle and Glen had said. “They called me hot?” she asked again. I don’t know if she was amused or flattered or both, but she had a smile on her face. “Do you think I’m hot?” she asked me.

“Yea,” I stammered, although this was the first time I ever said that to her.

“I thought you did,” she said.

I started looking at Mom differently a few months ago. She’s a big-titted brunette, with long legs, and a nice ass for a woman turning forty. I wondered what she looked like naked. I liked looking at her tits hanging free in the nightshirt that she wore to bed. I hung out near her bedroom door, hoping that she would leave it open a little when she undressed. I got as far as seeing her in her bra and panties. That was a turn-on, but I really wanted to see her tits, or her ass or bush. I snuck in her room and looked in her underwear drawers. Her bras were size 38C. Most of her bras and panties were white and conservative, but she had a couple of black silk panties. I wondered when she wore those. Mom noticed me hanging around, and even teased me about it. Once she caught me looking down her blouse when she was leaning over. She just smiled and said; “See something you like down there?”

On the day of the WWF show, my little brother and sister spent the night at my aunt’s house. The other four boys came over to my house, and Mom drove us in the mini-van. Mom looked really sexy. She wore skin- tight jeans. She had on a thin clinging blue top, tucked into her jeans. Previously I had only seen her wear this top under blazers and stuff. It made her tits looked really big. I saw the other guys looking at her. On the drive, Mom was loose and friendly, and we were all in a good mood.

At the show, we all sat in the same row, Mom on the end and me next to her. I had to explain what was going on to Mom. The WWF was taping three hours of matches, with breaks for set changes and commercials. Mom noted that most of the audience was in their early teens up to their early twenties. A small percent were teen girls, with a few dads. The crowd was rowdy and vulgar, but not out of control. Hundreds held up crudely drawn cardboard signs. Mom noticed a guy down front holding a sign saying, “Show us your puppies.” I had to explain that “puppies” were what the wrestling crowd called women’s boobs. “Oh, my!” she said.

The crowd yelled obscene things at the scantily-clad women wrestlers, called them “sluts” and “‘hos” and yelled “show us your puppies!” As the three hours dragged on the crowd got more restless and vulgar. They would whistle and holler at good-looking girls walking down the aisle, and stuff. The crowd would pick out a well-endowed girl and chant “Puppies, puppies!” at her. During a break, on the other side of the stadium, a whole section stood up and was yelling. My mom thought it might be a fight, but more sections stood up around the disturbance chanting “Puppies”, so some girl was either flashing or teasing the crowd.

Very late in the show, during a long commercial break, most people were sitting down, but Mom was standing up stretching her legs. Some guys way down in front noticed her in her tight top and started yelling “Puppies, puppies!” My friends pointed out to me that they were looking at Mom, and I pointed it out to Mom. She smiled with a shocked look on her face as more buys joined the chant. Mom said to me, “The don’t want to see MY boobs! I’ve had three children!” But the crowed kept chanting at Mom, who was glancing around with an embarrassed smile on her face.

Mom shocked me by jokingly pulling up on her top with one hand and very briefly exposing her right bra cup. The crowd cheered loudly, and my embarrassed Mom sat down. But the crowd got louder, and more and more people were standing up. Every section around us was now on its feet, looking in our direction. Mom looked at the second deck above us, and everybody was standing up to see what the excitement was about.

Mom looked over my friends and me. My friends were smiling and chanting, “Puppies, puppies!” too. I joined in, too. Some guy in the row ahead took out a five-dollar bill and passed it to Mom. My friends followed suit, and all four pulled dollar bills out and passed them down to Mom. The crowd noise became a general roar.

With a slutty smile on her face that I’ll never forget, Mom stood up, grabbed the edge of her top with both hands, and slowly lifted. As her bare waist was exposed, I could see her fingers grab the bottom of her bra cups. She lifted up, and her big white tits fell out of her cups. The noise was deafening as Mom, smiling, held her sweater and bra above her tits, and flashed her puppies at the thousands of teens, tuning her body slowly in every direction so everybody could see. With her back arched and her arms up, her tits looked big and round and firm, her big nipples pointing straight out.

I was shaking, almost faint, but a had a huge erection. My eyes went from Mom to my friends, with their mouths open, and the gawking, leering, cheering crowd. Several flash cameras went off.

Finally, she pulled down her sweater and sat down. Almost immediately the show started again, and the crowed turned back to the final featured wrestling match.

Without further incident we left the show and drove home. The mood was very celebratory.

At home, Mom got some food and drinks out for us, and we settled in downstairs, playing music and watching video games. Mom disappeared upstairs, presumably to bed, and the boys made a number of comments on Mom’s tits. Obviously they were still floored by what they saw.

About an hour later, Mom came downstairs, offering more food and drinks. She was wearing a thin robe tied in the front. Her braless tits swayed in the robe, her nipples protruding, some cleavage exposed. Mom asked if there was anything else that we needed. Al and Cory started chanting “Puppies, puppies!” Mom smiled, and the other boys joined in, including me.

Mom smiled and said, “Didn’t you boys see enough?” When the chant continued, Mom stood in front of the couch and chairs we were sitting in, smiled, untied her robe belt, and opened her robe wide. We cheered at the sight of Mom’s big jugs, wearing only some sexy black panties under the robe.

Mom started putting on a show, shaking her tits, then dropping the robe and dancing topless. Our eyes were glued on her big bobbling tits hanging free. With one of my WWF CDs playing in the background, Mom spread her legs and danced in front of us. Guys shouted “More!” Mom grabbed the sides of her panties and slowly pulled them down, exposing her hairy bush. She stepped out of her panties and turned around, and shook her white ass in our faces.

Mom stood directly in front of Al and did a lap dance. She shook her tits and ass in his face. She took his hand, and placed it on her tit. Al reached up with both hands and fondled her tits. Mom reached down and groped Al’s crotch through his pants. Mom unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick, and stroked it. Cory was sitting next to Al, and Mom reached over and rubbed his dick. Cory pulled his dick out. Mom stroked Al and Cory’s dicks as they both felt her tits and ass. Glen was sitting on the other side of Al, and soon Mom had his dick out. Mom stroked Glen and Cory as the three boys felt her all over. Glen inserted a finger in Moms pussy.

Mom slowly dropped down on Al’s lap, facing him. She took his hard dick and aimed it at her descending pussy. His dick slid in, and Mom sat down on his lap and started fucking him. Kyle got up and joined in feeling Mom. I really wanted to feel her tits, and finally got the nerve to stand next to her and grope her big tit. Mom looked over and me and just smiled. Ten hands were on Mom as she slowly fucked Al. Kyle, standing to the side of Mom, pulled out his dick, and Mom put it in her mouth.

In no time Al grunted, “I’m Cumming!” and started twitching. When he was done, Mom sat backward on Glen’s lap, and fucked him. She blew Kyle more, and he came in her mouth,

I managed to feel my mom all over, her tits, pussy, ass, and legs, but stood back as she fucked my four friends. Finally, when Cory was done fucking her on a sleeping bag on the floor, I pulled down my pants, and kneeled between her legs. Mom looked up at me, smiling, and helped to guide my cock into her warm wet pussy. I laid down on her and fucked her.

Until daylight, Mom took turns fucking and sucking us, sometimes one at a time, sometimes in groups. We probably all came at least three or four times, and I heard Mom say that she was cumming a number of times, too.

-The End-