This morning I am to meet master in his work shop. Said he has a surprise for me. This could get scary, god only knows what he has made or rigged up.

So with uncertain anticipation, I enter the shop. He is standing by one of the work bench’s finishing his cigarette. As I stop to gaze at his naked body, he tells me to lock the door, turns and strolls in to the office. Of course I follow.

He hands me a robe (it is cool in there this morning) and tells me to strip. As I take off my cloths, exposing breasts, with hard nipples from the cool air and of course a silky, smooth, hairless pussy, he sits in the arm chair beside the end of the desk. I slip on the robe, with out closing it so he can continue to gaze at all that he possess. I kneel facing him, between his spread legs. Staring at me is a marvelous cock, big but not firm. I love taking that soft cock into my mouth and feel it come to life under the control of my lips, throat and tongue.

Holding the shaft in my hand, I take just the head and gently caress it with my teeth, while sticking the tip of my tongue in the opening, pushing it in ohhh so slightly. Circling the rim with my tongue I start to draw that cock in with soft sucking motions, taking it deeper into my mouth until the head is all the way in and my lips can feel the base of his shaft where the nuts connect. As I move my mouth up and down his shaft like sucking on a lolly pop, I gently massage his balls and put pressure on that spot just between his base and his ass. He is starting to groan, moan, sighing his pleasure, thrusting his pelvis slowly up into my face as I continue to suck his cock. I can feel my cunt pulsating with the motion of sucking his cock. I know I will have cum between my legs very soon now. As the face fucking becomes more intense I can feel my throat closing around his head, squeezing it just enough for a little pre-cum to hit my throat. As I swallow this little bit of his essence, I have my first orgasm, and the cum is thick between my legs. Now he is ready to do what he enjoys the most, making me cum over and over again.

As I stand up he firsts puts his hand between my legs, rubbing the cunt juice from my clit all the way back to my ass, stopping just long enough to thrust a couple fingers up my ass on his way by. Putting my feet on the seat of the chair, I lean back on the desk with my ass just resting on the edge of the desk. Spreading my legs he leans forward and starts licking my cunt. Circling my clit and running it down with sideway motion, reaching my hole he sticks in his tongue, for just a moment he fucks me with his tongue, my cunt is in spasms, as it closes around his tongue as it goes in and out. I feel my release as it hits the tip of his tongue. He sucks it into his mouth, has me sit up and with a hand on the back of my neck he pulls me in for a deep sensual kiss, and sends all the luscious cum down my throat. I intern insert my tongue into his mouth, running it all over the inside of his mouth making sure I have collected any juice that was left in his mouth I swallow.

Butt because I have cum and shouldn’t have, because I am only suppose to cum with his cock inside my cunt or ass, He applies the first clamp onto a hard nipple. As I inhale from the light pain sensation, he lowers me back onto the desk. He starts to suck my clit. The feeling of it being pulled into his mouth is making butterflies go berserk in my stomach, my tits throb and my cunt weep. He continues doing this, and as I keep thrusting my cunt into his face, he slips two fingers into my cunt, moving them in and out as I fuck them. Ohhhhhhh god, I am cum-ing, ohhhhhh god, fuck me I scream, please fuck me. NO, not yet is the response I get, as he removes his fingers from my cunt and uses them to squeeze the clamp that is on my nipple sending a involuntary, damn you ass-hole sigh out of my mouth, as the pain/pleasure surges through my body.

Realizing what I just said, I knew that I was in for it. He reached around his back and came out with a beautifully hand carved, replica of his cock. My own personal dildo of him, I notice it is a little bigger and thicker, which makes it a fair size dildo to take. But I love it, because it is his, and I know that he will make me take it. He started to rub it up and down my pussy, stopping at my clit to make circular motion on the now protruding bud, applying just enough pressure as he did this to send my body into convulsions. Knowing I would cum very quickly, I bit down on my lip, holding back the passion that wanted to be released. Moving my new toy down to my cunt he gently inserted the head as he rubs my rosy, red clit with his fingers. Putting the cock deeper into my cunt as he pinched pulled, rubbed my clit. As I started to fuck that cock, faster and faster, I could not hold back any longer. I’m cum-ing, fuck I’m cum-ing, harder babe harder, please, please, escaped through my lips as I felt the cum drip down the crack of my ass as he pulls out my toy.

Even though that was one of the most awesome orgasms he has given me, I knew that I was not supposed to cum. Before I new what was happening, He ran is fingers down to my cunt, collecting as much of the cum on them he could, he brought them up and rubbed the cum on my clit, making it feel soooooo goooood. Just as I was really enjoying this, I felt a very sharp, jolt hit my clit, and surge through my body taking away all pleasure, again I felt another jolt, and another. Shit, I screamed and looked he had taken a small transistor battery and zapped my precious bud with it. Being so wet from the cum he just placed on it, the contact it made definitely did the job. NOW lets try fucking this toy again, if you don’t cum I will let you have the real one.

So, my master, slowly running his tongue up and down my cunt, hitting my very sore bud, gently nursing it back, over and over he gently sucked on it, taking away all the pain and bringing pleasure back. I am moaning and thrusting my cunt into his face begging for him to keep going. Sucking it deep into his mouth he flicks his tongue all around it. As he releases it, he runs his tongue down to my cunt and quickly inserts it, into an awaiting cunt that starts to squeeze and release as he enters. I am pushing it harder and harder into his face, sighing with ultimate pleasure, I am fighting to keep the cum from spewing. Oh babe, oh babe, please, please, I want to cum. Wait, he said, just a few minutes longer, OK babe. He slips the toy back into my cunt, as I squeeze to pull it in and out. There is still enough juice there to make it glide like a feather floating in heaven. It feels spectacular. I now have a semi happy cunt, enjoying the pleasure of fucking his, magnificent, cock toy. Oh god, this is great. The more I sigh and moan the faster he rams it in. My climax is growing, holy shit, cum babe, please fuck me, please. I want to feel the real Johnson in there. Please babe please. YES is his only reply.

First I need to feel his cock deep in my throat. So jumping down from the desk, I kneel facing him between his legs and frantically take it into my mouth. Sucking so hard, pulling it with every sucking motion. I feel it way back there, closing on the head, milking it as he thrusts it in and out. Knowing when he is ready, I now pull away. We are both ready to proceed with the ultimate, pleasure, finally that we both want.

Quickly taking off my robe, I throw it on the floor, where I kneel on it, on all four. He gets on his knees behind me. Kneeling there very stationary, I back up and fit his cock into my cunt. With a rocking motion, I let my super hyper cunt muscles squeeze his cock in and out of my pussy as he places his hands on my hips and guides me. Back and forth we continue. Harder and faster he is pulling me back. I am thrusting my butt into his groin. God, gliding in and out it feels like eating a fudge sickle. Cool, moist, dreamy sensation. With harder thrust he is hitting my special spot. I’m cum-ing, god babe, you feel soooo awesome. Please faster, harder, cum now , babe now. I can feel his cum building getting ready to release. I keep begging, starting to reach the ultimate climax, he rams deep and hard with his final thrust, as I squeeze his cock and feel his juice squirt deep into my cunt as I spew my cum all over his cock. Slowly, slowing down, gently massaging his cock with my cunt I have milked his cock completely. Still in that position, he softly rubs my backside with feather light circles, as we both gain our strength and start breathing normal. That was one of our most intense love making sessions. Both deeply and completely satisfied, we uncouple, stand, embrace, get dressed and ready to start our busy day. With a start like that I know it is going to be a glorious day.

– The End –