My Master has wanted to possess my mouth, cunt, and ass. Up to this point in time he has owned all but one, my ass. Today he will own all three.

I came down the stairs leading to our bedroom. My nipples sticking out of my shirt from the rings I placed on this morning, making them very sensitive to touch. Slowly I take off my shirt and pants exposing red, tingly nipples and a clean, shaved pussy, wet still from my morning play session. As I get into bed I start kissing your neck and nibbling on your delectable ears, as I rub my nipples on your chest.

Trailing kisses and bites down your chest I take your aroused nipples into my mouth and start sucking, biting, sucking, making them hard and tingling. Moving down wards I work my tongue in little circles to your groin. I have reached your now erect cock, softly nibbling the head, you start pushing up your pelvis, making me take you deeper and deeper into my mouth. I suck hard, moving my mouth up and down your shaft, taking you deeper and deeper until the gag reflex squeezes the head and clamps down sending electric surges through our body. I release your cock and move down to your inner thigh, where I so gently kiss lightly and bite leaving only small tattle tale reminders of being there. I take your balls I suction one into my mouth, running my tongue all over it and applying gentle pressure. slowly releasing it I take the other one. Rolling my tongue around it you start to moan and push. Letting go of it I work my way up your shaft and take your engorged cock back into my awaiting mouth, you thrust it deep, instantly. As you continue to fuck my face, I quickly swallow making it close tightly around your cock head, You moan, one good hard push and you are down the throat, my muscles constricting, giving you a fucking sensation. As we get into rhythm, I slowly withdraw your cock and put you urgently into my dripping, hot, cunt. Moving up and down your shaft squeezing harder and harder, ready to cum you lift me off and roll on top of me. Taking my breast you start milking it, twisting, and pulling the nipple adding just the right amount of pain to sent wanting through my body. I start lifting it higher so you will take it into you mouth. As you do you bite once hard and start sucking, pulling your mouth off as you start again. This time as you clamp your lips around the breast taking so much, sucking hard then you bite down releasing it through clenched teeth sending me in to head spin. You know I have cum.

Taking your fingers you ram them into my cunt as I proceed to fuck them. Thrusting them in and out you get them so wet. As you come out you run your fingers up to my clit where you lube it with hot cum. Knowing I want so much more, you put your fingers back inside my cunt and as I start fucking them you kiss my bud. As I thrust up my pelvis you start sicking it, pulling it up with each motion. Sucking it harder and harder, you start to bite, ohhh so gently making cum shoot out of my cunt. Taking the cum that is dripping into your hand you rub it on my anal opening. Using it to lube the opening so you can stretch the opening. Sucking and biting my clit you, you make me cum again. This time as I do you put two fingers in my ass. Pushing and turning them, as you continue to eat my pussy. Finally you have three fingers in and you know that I am now ready. As you reposition yourself to insert your cock in my ass, I quickly lift my pelvis, hook my legs around your waist and draw you deep into my cunt. You let my cunt fuck you a few times and then move my legs and flip me over. I get on all fours as you let me take your cock inside my cunt one more time. Hitting my special spot that sends cum streaming down your shaft. I am just crazy with desire and wanting. Reaching around I grab your huge erection and shove it into my ass. God it feels soooo good. Move forward and back I start to thrust my ass against your groin. Faster and faster, I can feel you getting ready to release your cum. One good push and you spew your juice deep inside my ass. You quickly pull out and ram it into my cunt so I can squeeze the remaining cum into my cunt. Super satisfied you pull out your cock and watch as our combined cum seeps out of both holes. We both know now that you very definitely own now and for ever every hole I posses.

– The End –