Today, my Master requested I were a silk, lace, emerald green teddy, garter belt with silk stockings. As I get ready for my session with him, I’m thinking, what am I in for this morning.

As I come through the door to our room (he is not in hers today), I notice the ties, paddle, belt, lube and cock ring. My heart begins pounding, today will be a good day.

I take off my over coat and stand before you. I see appreciation in your eyes, as I wait for my command to get into our bed of lust and desire. It is given, I pull back the covers, discover, to my hearts delight, that you are getting stiff already. I straddle you, my pussy already starting to drip with anticipation.

So I gently rub my cunt juice on your groin and slowly work my cunt down to your cock. Sitting with my pussy on your soft but thickening shaft I move up and down slowly. Letting the head of your cock, tease my clit, that is now starting to swell. God it feels soooo good. I do believe I will be cum-ing soon. Continuing to slide, I place my hands behind me and start to gently massage your balls and that sensitive line that runs between them all the way to your ass. I can feel you starting to move with me, making your cock head hit my now protruding bud harder, sending shivers through out my body. I feel myself cum-ing, the juice is running down your shaft.

I am cum-ing hard, pressing down and circling my clit on your cock, as I groan my desire, you let me know, that, I have cum tooo quick. I must now clean up my mess. I move off of you and I notice that there is a little pre-cum mixed with mine. Taking my tongue I lick up and down your shaft, around your nuts, enjoying the taste of our combined juices.

Cleaning the head I gently suck it into my hot, waiting mouth. Sucking and circling my tongue all over, inserting the tip into your hole making you clean again. My excitement builds as I swallow our essences and take your cock deep into my throat. Sucking harder and taking you deeper I close my throat around your head. you start to move in and out of my mouth as I clamp my lips around your shaft, thrusting your hard, thick, peter deeper and deeper, moving faster and faster. Christ, I start making soft grunt noises as I feel my orgasm grow and my cunt spew hot cum out of a throbbing pussy. This time I know I am in big trouble. You thrust one last time to make sure my orgasm is over, it is and god it was a stupendous one.

You have lifted my head off your cock and placed me across your belly. Once you strike me with the paddle, then again a little harder. I wince with pleasure/pain shooting throughout my body. Once more I feel the paddle hit. I feel your big johnson moving, your anticipation is growing. Just knowing I will now fuck you harder and stronger. My punishment is over. you now let me ride you and take your magnificent cock straight inside my sensitive, wet, cunt. As I tighten my muscles around you and start humping your cock, I feel your fingers taunting and teasing my bud. Glory me, you are making me cum, I fuck faster, begging you to let me release my super intense orgasm. Your answer is NO. You continue to your assault on my clit and tits. As the climax builds you are pinching and twisting my nipples. I call out, begging , with built up agony of frustration, knowing that I can not hold it much longer. I scream out my desire. You take my clit and massage it, pulling it, sending me into a maximum explosive orgasm, that has me fucking you like a freight train leaving hell. The twinkle in your eyes tells me to get ready. My punishment will be to endure more pleasure/pain, orgasmic agony until I can’t hold back and release with you.

Laying on my back, you tie my hands to the headboard, spread my legs and place yourself between them so that you have complete access to my whole body. Taking one of my bosoms in to your mouth and and the other in your hand, you begin your sensual assault on my senses. Suckling, nibbling, milking and twisting my nipples. I feel myself pushing them deeper and harder into your mouth and hand. Moaning with desire, feeling your soft lips with rough lace is intoxicating. I begin moving my pelvis against your groin. You start biting, pinching, sending me to climax heaven. But I will not cum, do not want it to stop. You continue to taunt me, driving me into submissive bliss. As you release my boobs and give them one good smack each, you grab for the belt.

placing a pillow under my bottom, bringing my knees up and spreading them, you expose my clit high enough to give it a smack with the whip. It is wet and the strap stings as leather connects with cum, wet skin. I gasp, confused, feeling pain and also exquisite pleasure. Again you bring it down, with a raspy voice I beg for you to make it better, promising to be good and not cum. you said “promise” as you administer one last whipping.

My cunt is throbbing, my clit, hard and pulsating. I beg for your cock, beg to fuck you, your reply is “soon, baby soon”. I want to see if you can keep your promise first. You just adore the site of the hard protruding clit, you produced. Placing your tongue on it you begin to run it up and down my pussy. My climax is near exploding, yours is growing as you suck my clit. Sucking harder and biting, has me pushing it into your face, moaning and groaning with desire. Rubbing and grinding my cunt in your face as you take it and bite down hard. OHHHHH, I start to groan again, begging you over and over (you love hearing me beg). Please put that awesome rocket into my cunt, let me fuck you, please, please. I get my answer.

Untying my hands, you put my legs up on your chest as you drive your thick hard johnson deep into my cunt, I sigh with pleasure. I clamp my cunt muscles around you, as you continue to thrust it, banging it into me over and over. I scream fuck me, fuck me, ohhh god, fuck me now!!!!! As I tighten and pull your cock as you go in and out, Have to hold back, I am cum-ing I scream. Quickly you pull out, flip me over, I instantly get into position and take your cock soooo deep. Pushing my ass up to your groin, I take you, moving forward and back, faster and faster. You keep hitting that spot, sending lighting bolts of desire shrieking through my soul. I feel you almost ready to shoot your load deep inside me. My climax is ready to send me into orgasmic heaven. I start to feel my cum release. Over and over I am screaming I am cum-ing, cum-ing, god please come with me please, please. Just as I am shooting my cum on your magnificent cock , you pull out and slip your cock into my ass, just as you release your semen. I feel your very essence shooting deep into my ass, as my cum spews from my cunt onto your balls, as they slap against my cunt. With joint explosions of our juices, we collapse. A deep sigh of gratifying satisfaction escapes our lips. We are exhausted but OHHHH SO FULFILLED.

– The End –