— The Seduction —

MzDominica was sitting at an outdoor table at one of Her favorite cafes, sipping a glass of Chablis and engaging in one of Her favorite pastimes — people watching. It was the transition from late afternoon to early evening, and the weather was warm and pleasant, with just a hint of a breeze. She wasn’t sure if She was on the prowl, or simply enjoying some quiet time, looking for ideas and inspiration.

Men and women walked past the cafe, alone, in pairs and in small groups. Customers sitting at other tables enjoyed their drinks, perhaps a snack. Dominica’s gaze wandered from individual to individual, taking in the dynamics between people, the way they looked at each other, touched each other — or nearly touched each other — the way they dressed, what they revealed — or hid.

A slim young man sitting alone at a nearby table caught Her eye. Dressed simply, but neatly, with a sport coat, he was sipping a glass of deep, red wine — probably a cabernet or a merlot — also watching the crowd, and idly playing with a rubber band about the size of a charm bracelet. Dominica watched him a minute or two, curious. Then She decided — She was definitely on the prowl. She stood up, picked up Her wine glass, and walked over to his table.

“Mind if I join you?” She asked. The young man’s focus had been… somewhere else, and he looked up, startled to find a beautiful woman with a pair of exquisite green eyes, so arresting he could not look away.

“Um, sure,” he said. “I mean, okay.”

She seemed to float down into the chair opposite him, Her eyes never wavering. “My name is Dominica. What’s yours?”

“Dan.” He couldn’t seem to come up with more to say.

“Well, Dan,” Dominica said, “I couldn’t help noticing you from over there.” She set Her wineglass down, and began opening Her purse, still holding his gaze. “I was watching you.”

“Watching me,” he replied. Not quite a question.

“Yes, how you were drinking your wine.” She slowly pulled a pair of elbow-length latex gloves out of Her purse. Dan’s gaze caught a flash of light off the slick, black rubber. “How you would take a sip out of the glass.” She began pulling one glove over the beautifully manicured fingers of Her left hand. “Then swirl the wine around in the glass…” Dan’s focus began wandering back and forth between Dominica’s green eyes and the shiny black gloves. “Then take a long slow sniff of the aroma from the wine glass…” Hand raised, She slowly pulled the glove down, down, down Her forearm. “All the while playing with the rubber band…” She began pulling the other black glove onto the fingers of Her right hand. “Twirling it in your fingers… digging your nails into it…” Dan’s eyes went back and forth, uncertain where to focus. “Feeling the sponginess of the rubber…” Again, hand raised, She slowly pulled the glove down, down, down. “Then raising it to your nose, and inhaling the fragrance…” The second glove all the way to Her elbow, Dominica held both gloved hands in front of Her, just below Her face. “You like rubber, don’t you Dan?”

Dan’s voice seemed to come from somewhere far away. “Yes,” he replied, tonelessly.

“Dan, when you address me, it should be as Mistress. Say ‘Yes, Mistress.'” Dominica swayed Her hands, just a little, back and forth, catching the light from the cafe lamps and the street lights.

“Yes, Mistress,” Dan replied, eyes not quite focused, still wandering back and forth from Dominica’s gloves to Her eyes, and back again.

“I have something I’d like to show you, Dan. Would you like to see?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I will show you. But you must follow me. Follow me, Dan.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Dominica rose from Her chair, and began to walk slowly from the cafe, not looking behind to see if Dan was following. She was sure he was. Arriving at Her car, She unlocked it and opened the passenger side door, and turned to Dan, who was just behind Her as She expected. “Get in,” She said. Dan sat down in the seat.

— The Surprise —

The drive to Dominica’s mansion was a blur of impressions to Dan. He couldn’t quite recall Her closing the door, getting into the driver’s seat, starting the car. They seemed to be floating through the traffic. He couldn’t take his eyes off Her. He couldn’t think of anything to say, anything to do.

He didn’t even remember walking into the mansion.

Yet here he was.

Gazing into the shiny crystal pendant Dominica held in Her latex-covered fingers.

She had been saying something to him. But he couldn’t quite recall what it was. He found his mouth automatically saying, “I must obey Dominica,” but the words seemed to come without any conscious thought.

“Dan, remove your clothes,” Dominica said. Her voice was gentle, but commanding — She clearly expected to be obeyed. “Start with your shoes and socks.”

Dan hesitated a moment, then realized he was already sitting in a chair. He hesitated a bit more.

“Dan, you must obey.”

“I must obey Dominica.” Again, the words, automatically, from his lips. His mind seemed to cloud over a bit more. Dan began untying his shoes. He untied both, then removed the shoes, one at a time. Then the socks.

Dominica noticed a glint of shiny material on Dan’s feet. She thought, “Hmmm, more surprises. Dan, you’ve been holding out on me.” Aloud, She said, “Now the coat and shirt.”

Feeling like he was under water, Dan stood up and languidly removed the sport coat, laid it on the back of the chair, then undid the buttons of his shirt. He pulled it off, and laid it on top of the sport coat.

“Very good, Dan. Now the pants. You must obey.”

Again, Dan automatically replied, “I must obey Dominica.” Feeling even deeper under water, Dan undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled them down. He stepped out of them, and laid them neatly on top of the shirt. He stood next to the chair, eyes focused on nowhere, awaiting further instructions.

“Panties, Dan? And panty hose?” Dominica said. “There’s more to you than meets they eye, isn’t there my little rubber slave?”

Dan seemed to lose his balance, just a little bit.

“Are you wearing them just because they feel good, rubber slave? Or because they make you feel sexy and feminine?” Dominica walked close to Dan, and stroked a latex-covered finger over his left cheek. “Confess. What should I call you, rubber slave? Dan? Or do you have another name? Tell Dominica. You must obey.”

“I must obey Dominica,” came immediately from Dan’s lips, even before he could answer Her question. He looked down at the floor, a little afraid of what the reaction to his response would be. “Daniela, Mistress.”

“Daniela,” MzDominica replied. “A little exotic.” She admired Her new slave’s slight build. “It suits you.” She ran a finger down Dan’s chest. He shivered. His cock, which had become flaccid during his fearful confession, began to enlarge again. “And I think we’re both going to have some fun. For now, remove the panties and panty hose.”

Dan removed the panties, set them on the chair, then carefully rolled the panty hose off his legs, and set them next to the panties.

“Follow,” Dominica said. She turned, and began walking into the next room.

— Rubber Training —

On top of the shiny metal table was a loose suit, all of thick, black latex. There were long seams on the arms, legs, and torso, open — like a scuba diving suit waiting for someone to put it on.

Dominica strode to the table, and pointed to the suit. “Put it on,” She commanded.

Dan walked to the table, no hesitation this time, and picked up the black rubber suit. It felt lighter than a wet suit. He had been in many a sporting goods store, surreptitiously fondling the rubber suits, when the clerks’ attention was elsewhere. This felt different, more pliable, somehow.

The seams made it easy to pull on the suit quickly. It seemed to go on in a few moments, with no trouble at all. Dan pushed a finger along the seams. They sealed, like the seams on a food storage bag, but with less effort. Still, the suit felt kind of loose, almost baggy. His hands and feet were covered, and a hood covered his head, leaving only his face exposed. He could still hear, but all sounds were muffled.

Dan couldn’t keep his eyes off MzDominica as She walked to a computer keyboard, sat down at a chair, and typed a few letters. Suddenly, Dan felt the black rubber suit tighten all around him. The seams appeared to melt into the rubber, as if the openings had never existed. All sounds disappeared, as the hood tightened around his head. He felt completely covered, except for one “strategic” area. He could tell from the sensation of a slight draft that his cock, balls, and ass were exposed.

“Can you hear Me, Dan?” Dominica’s voice seemed to come from nowhere, and everywhere, all at once. “There are tiny speakers in the hood. You should be able to hear Me — and only Me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Dan replied. He could barely hear the sound of his own voice. There was also a… humming? A buzzing? He wasn’t sure he actually heard it, or it was just his imagination. But in a few seconds his head began feeling strangely fuzzy. There was a pressure, like his skull had been stuffed with cotton.

“Good, rubber slave,” Dominica said. Dan could see that She wore a little head set with a microphone.

She pressed a few more keys, and Dan began to feel caresses all over his body. Random. Exciting. Arousing. Up his thighs. Across his shoulders. Under his arms. Across his belly. His cock, already stiff, was beginning to throb painfully.

Dominica stood up, and walked toward Dan. “Now, rubber slave,” She began. Dan’s cock did a little jump of added excitement. “I’m going to show you the thing I promised.”

Dan’s eyes went a little wider. He almost spoke, but couldn’t think of what to say.

“Oh, did you think this was it? No, my little rubber pervert, this is only the preparation.” She ran a latex-covered finger along the underside of his cock, from base to tip. Just once. The only touch his sex had felt all evening. Dominica leaned forward, gazing into Dan’s face. He felt like he was falling into Her mesmerizing green eyes. “Follow,” She said. Then She stood, turned, and walked to a green door in the corner of the room. Dan followed, moving slowly in the tight rubber suit, and stood behind Dominica, waiting for Her next command.

“Down on your knees,” She commanded. Dan dropped to the floor, on hands and knees, not sure where to look. The green door was in front of him, past his Mistress’ booted feet. From his lowly position, he couldn’t even see the door knob.

In his hood, Dan could not even hear the click, as Dominica turned the knob and opened the door. But he could smell the aroma that issued from the room. Rubber. Dense, smoky, acrid, and just the tiniest bit sweet — all at once. Like the inside of a tire store. The caresses all over Dan’s body were making him shake with lust — but that rush of fragrance caused his arms to go limp, and his chin nearly hit the floor.

“Crawl inside,” Dominica ordered him. All thinking completely paralyzed, all resistance and all hesitation forgotten, Dan did as he was told. He crawled past Dominica’s legs and entered the room.

There was no lamp inside, but light spilling in through the door illuminated it well enough that Dan could tell it was a large, walk-in closet. Filled with rubber. Rubber hoses. Rubber aprons. Rubber boots. Rubber gloves. Rubber bands. And, yes, rubber tires. Car tires, bike tires… all sizes. All fresh, all firm but squishy, all highly scented with the dark, heady aroma that turned Dan’s brain soft and his cock hard.

“Put your arms behind you,” Dominica said. “Cross them, just like crossing your arms in front, but do it behind your back.” Dan had to lean backward a little, since his hands were no longer supporting him, so he was almost sitting on his heels. He put his hands behind his back, a little confused how to do this, and got his forearms parallel to each other, so his hands were kind of grabbing his elbows.

MzDominica spoke something into the headset that Dan couldn’t quite catch — numbers, or a code phrase, maybe? Suddenly, his arms felt different. They couldn’t move, as if the suit had changed again and glued his arms together.

“Now turn around.” Still on his knees, Dan shuffled his legs around, turning toward his Mistress. She reached down and placed a pair of goggles over his eyes. Lights began to flash — red, yellow, blue — sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, in no pattern he could identify. “You must obey,” Dominica said. And Dan saw the words scroll past him, flashing, in front of his eyes. Automatically, he replied, “I must obey Dominica.”

Dominica stepped backward, out of the closet, and shut the door.

Dan was in darkness. Only the flashing lights, that strange humming, the caresses of the suit, and the smell of rubber everywhere.

Then, a one-word command from Mistress — both sound and scrolling across Dan’s vision.


— Transformation —

Although Dan was unable to see anything in the dark closet but the flashing lights and Mistress’ words, he had no trouble finding rubber to lick. Rubber was everywhere. Under him. Around him. Large pieces, small ones. Slick, slippery gloves and hoses. Rough, spongy tires.

“Every lick of your tongue on rubber is a lick on my beautiful pussy.” Dominica’s voice. Dominica’s words. “Lick, my little rubber slave. Lick. Make your tongue serve Dominica.”

Dan began to drool uncontrollably, and his tongue, in the dark, spread saliva all over every piece of rubber he could find.

“Licking rubber makes you want to cum. Licking my pussy makes you want to cum. You know you want to cum, don’t you?” Oh, yes, Dan wanted to cum. “But you know you cannot cum without permission.” Dan ached. “And you do not have permission yet, my rubber slave. Now lick!”

Under Dominica’s continued programming, Dan’s mind began to merge rubber and Mistress’ pussy, so the two ideas became linked in his mind.

Rubber. Dominica’s pussy. Please Dominica. Lick. Please rubber. Lick. Lick. Lick. All thought disappeared. All other ideas vanished. Lick. Pussy. Rubber. Lick.

“Daniela!” Dominica’s voice echoed in Dan’s head. “Lick, Daniela! You must obey!”

Thickly, with his swollen tongue, Dan automatically replied, “I must obey Dominica.”

“I am changing your body, Daniela! You are becoming the female you wanted to be. Lick, Daniela! Lick my pussy. Lick my rubber.”

There was a change in the pattern of caresses in the black leather suit, though Dan was barely aware of it. More of the strokes were concentrated on his breasts and nipples, which began to feel larger and fuller, and to press harder against the inside of the suit.

“Your breasts are growing, Daniela. Your nipples are becoming large, larger, perkier. Can you feel it, Daniela? Lick. Rubber. Pussy. Lick, Daniela!”

All conscious thought gone, the rubber slave continued to lick rubber in the dark, thinking of MzDominica’s beautiful pussy. To the slave, the fingers of rubber gloves were like Her labia, tongue probing between them in hopes of giving pleasure. Little rubber nodules on the tires must be Her clit, and the slave’s tongue circled round and round.

“Daniela. Danielaaaa!! Your breasts are larger… larger… even larger. Can you feel them, Daniela? Feel them jiggling every time you move. So huge, nipples so sensitive!”

The rubber slave continued to lick, hoping to please Mistress.

“Daniela… Can you feel your pussy, Daniela? I am changing your breasts, and I am changing your sex. Your cock is shrinking… changing shape… becoming a pussy. A beautiful pussy, just like you always wanted. Can you feel it? Your little clitty, so hard. Your labia swollen, your vagina wet and dripping with lust.”

Something was changing. The stiff, almost painful erection was still there, but different somehow. If felt… drippy, like a huge pool of fluid was there between the slave’s legs, sloshing with every movement, ready to spill all over the floor.

“Lick the rubber, Daniela. Every lick changes you just a little more. Your pussy drippier, your breasts so sensitive.” The black rubber suit began to squeeze the slave’s nipples in little pinches, little sharp sensations like bites. Lights flashing, brain synchronization sounds humming, Dominica’s words in front of the slave’s eyes. Daniela’s eyes.

Rubber, rubber, rubber, everywhere. Lick, lick, lick. Daniela’s hips began a continuous bucking, humping the empty air, aching for release, desperate for even the tiniest touch.

“Daniela, you are a female. And females have a different kind of orgasm, don’t they? From deep, deep inside, spreading like a wave, from the womb all throughout the body. Lick, Daniela. Lick. Make me cum. Let me show you.”

Daniela fell face first into the pile of rubber, licking everything in reach, inhaling the thick, sweet aroma. Rubber. Pussy. Dominica.

“You know you want to cum. You want ME to cum. Make me cum, Daniela. Lick. Make me cum!”

Daniela began to lick a rubber tire bump/clit earnestly, insistently, teasing with little taps of the tip of her tongue. Rolling around in circles. Rapidly flicking back and forth, then up and down.

“I can feel it, Daniela! Yes, yes, yes! Aaaaahhh!” Dominica moaned into Daniela’s ears, the lights flashing wildly, rapidly, as the rubber slave continued to lick.

“Stop, Daniela. You have pleased Mistress.”

The rubber slave stopped licking. His tongue… her tongue… felt numb, rough.

“Daniela, you want to cum, don’t you?”

Ohhhh, yesssss.

“You want to cum. Mistress is going to let you cum — as Daniela. As a female. When I give the command, you will have a deep, shattering female orgasm that will make you scream with pleasure. You want to cum. You need to cum.”

The rubber slave… Daniela… wanted to cum so very much.

“You have permission, Daniela. Cum, cum now. Cum, Daniela, cum! Cum, rubber slave, cum!”

In the dark closet, the rubber slave curled into a tight little ball, sex clenching, almost cramping, as the waves of pleasure spread from her center to the tips of her toes and the ends of her fingers. From her throat issued a low moan that kept going, kept building, getting louder as her lips opened wide, changing first to a squeak, then to a full-throated scream. She inhaled deeply and screamed again, tears running down her cheeks from the sheer pleasure of the orgasm that shook her body like an earthquake. She screamed a third time, spent, unable to move. The continued assault of caresses inside the suit quietly vanished, as Mistress changed the control settings.

“Good girl,” Dominica’s voice soothed Daniela’s ears. “Good girl.”

— Boot Training —


Daniela… came into awareness, like she had been daydreaming and someone had called her name. Someone HAD called her name — Mistress Dominica. Looking around through the goggles, Daniela discovered she was kneeling on the floor in front of her Mistress, who was sitting in a big leather chair — gloriously naked, except for a pair of calf-high leather boots.

“Lick my boots, Daniela. First the right one… No, little slut, MY right.” Daniela scooted forward on the floor. She discovered her hands were still locked behind her — or locked behind her again. She couldn’t quite remember. It didn’t seem important, with her Mistress’ beautiful, shiny boot so close in front of her face. Her tongue began to trace long, wet caresses from the toe to the ankle, then started up Mistress’ shin.

“The bottom, too, Daniela. Lick the sole. Get it nice and wet with your tongue.”

Wet. Yes, Daniela felt wet. So achy and drippy. Wanting to cum. Her tongue spread her saliva all over the sole of Dominica’s right boot, then she licked all around the four-inch heel. Then back to the arch…

“The left boot, now, Daniela. Get it nice and wet.”

Dominica’s legs were wide apart. Daniela ached to gaze upward at her Mistress’ pussy. But she was supposed to lick Mistress’ other boot. She wanted to lick Mistress’ other boot. She craved to lick Mistress’ other boot. Daniela shuffled on her knees to her right, so she could reach. Her tongue trailed from the tip of Dominica’s left boot upward.

“Good girl.” Dominica’s words made Daniela shiver with pleasure. After the top of Mistress’ boot, she continued with the sole, the heel, the arch. “You can feel your pussy wanting to be touched, can’t you? Can’t you, my little rubber slave?”

The black rubber suit had resumed stroking Daniela’s breasts, her thighs, that little spot at the back of her neck, where she seemed to lose consciousness… Her hips began pumping again, even with her kneeling, hunched over on the floor, eyes unfocused, tongue licking, licking…

“Stop now, rubber slave,” Dominica commanded. “Stop. Remain on your knees and look up. Look up at me, slave.”

Daniela raised her head as high as she dared without seeming to fully sit up. Hands behind her, crouched low, she gazed at her Mistress, too fuzzy minded to wonder what would happen next.

What did happen made her feel even fuzzier.

MzDominica reached next to Her, where a can sat on a table beside Her chair. She picked it up and opened the top. She held it up and stared deeply into Her slave’s eyes, and said, “Watch.” Dominica tilted the can, and began to pour black liquid latex all over Her body. Over Her breasts, Her arms, Her belly. Daniela watched, beginning to pant, as little droplets trailed down to Mistress’ smooth, beautiful pussy. The scent of the rubber emptied her mind. Dominica poured some more on Her hands, set the can down, and began to spread the black rubber with Her fingers, smoothing it evenly all over Her body. Soon, She was covered in a black rubber suit of Her own — shiny, smooth, and tight.

Daniela’s conditioning pushed out all other thoughts. Rubber. Pussy. Dominica.

“Look at my boots, rubber slave.” Daniela struggled to keep looking at her Mistress’ gloriously rubber-covered body, but she could not resist the command. “All slick and shiny, covered with your saliva.” She slowly waved Her right boot back and forth, back and forth, the highlights glinting off the toes. “You want this against your pussy, don’t you, Daniela? You want to feel the toe of my boot sliding up between your wet pussy lips.” Daniela’s breath was becoming ragged. Each time she exhaled, she made a little sound, somewhere between a squeak and a whimper. “Come closer, baby. Bring your face up to your Mistress’ pussy, and lick Me.”

Daniela couldn’t stop whimpering as she shuffled forward between Dominica’s booted legs, toward Her beautiful pussy all coated in smooth, black, shiny rubber. Her tongue jutted out, and she had to push hard to split the fresh layer of latex, to gain access to the glorious treasure inside. The scents of Dominica’s cunt and of fresh rubber overwhelmed Daniela’s senses as she ran her tongue up and down between the rubber-coated labia, up to Mistress’ clit, around, around, around, then down again, slurping to drink down Her juices.

“That a good girl,” Dominica whispered. “Around, and around, and around. Drink it, slut. Suck it. Drink it all. Rubber. Pussy. Dominica. Make your Mistress cum. Make Me cum.”

Daniela continued running her tongue all over Dominica’s pussy, at the same time nuzzling Her with her nose, stroking Her thighs with her cheeks. Her face was slick with juices. Her eyes were so defocused, she didn’t even notice the continual flashing lights and the display that kept scrolling “Obey… Dominica… Lick… Pussy… Rubber…” over and over across her vision.

As Dominica got closer and closer to cumming, She grabbed Her slave’s rubber covered head and pushed it, hard, against Her pussy. Daniela’s licking concentrated more and more on her Mistress’ clit, around, across, up and down, around, flicking, pushing, licking, flicking…

“Aaaaaahhhhh!” Dominica cried, and bucked Her hips as the first orgasm crested. She grabbed Daniela’s head harder. “Keep licking,” She shouted. Daniela kept licking, continually changing the direction, the tempo, the pressure — but with each of her Mistress’ multiple orgasms, lightening the touch just a little, then just a little more. After several minutes, Daniela just kneeled there, unmoving except for her pumping hips, her face deep in her Mistress’ pussy, as Dominica drifted, basking in the afterglow.

— All Kinds of Rubber Appliances –

“Hmmmm, you have pleased Mistress, my little rubber slut,” Dominica said. “Sit up, babi girl. I have a special treat for you.”

Deep in an erotic trance, Daniela could no longer originate any thoughts. What did pass through her fuzzy, cottony head were simple words, basic ideas. Rubber. Pussy. Dominica. Cum. Want to cum. Ache. Please Mistress. Obey. Or was that the words that scrolled across the screen? Daniela couldn’t tell any more. Maybe it didn’t make any difference.

Dominica stood up, stretched a little, then spoke quietly into Her headset. Suddenly, Daniela’s arms were free. There was hardly any feeling in them, having been held in the same position for so long. But the reason Daniela still held them in the same position, crossed behind her back, was that she couldn’t think what to do next.

“Put your arms down, Daniela. Stand up,” MzDominica ordered. The rubber slave wiggled her shoulders a little, to get her arms to move. They helped a little, though too weak to do much, in helping her to stand. “Good girl,” Mistress said. She pulled Daniela’s hands out in front of her body, arms close together, and put a set of leather cuffs on her wrists. They were linked together by a short, thick chain. “Raise your hands above your head, babi girl.” The slave did so, and MzDominica slipped the chain over a hook that Daniela hadn’t noticed. It hung from a long chain that disappeared upwards into a hole in the ceiling.

Dominica stared into Her slave’s eyes, still visible behind the goggles. Daniela gazed into her Mistress’ beautiful green eyes and felt lost, tiny, captured.

“You want to cum, don’t you?” Dominica taunted. “You need to cum. Your cunt is so wet, so drippy. Trails of pussy juice are just running down your legs.” Daniela began to shake. Her knees wouldn’t support her. She hung from the chain, unable to stand.

“Good, little rubber girl, go limp. Let yourself sink down to the floor. Dominica has another surprise for you.” The chain from the ceiling began to move, and Daniela felt herself being lowered to the floor. “Pull your knees up a bit, my pet,” Dominica said. Daniela obeyed, and soon found herself almost in a sitting position — without a chair.

Dominica walked over to the table, picked something up, and returned, again staring directly into Daniela’s eyes. “All the rubber we’ve been playing with today, there’s still one rubber toy we haven’t tried yet. Actually… two!” MzDominica held up two long, black rubber dildos, one noticeably thicker than the other. She waved them slowly in front of Daniela’s face, the shiny rubber catching the light, the reflections flashing into the slave’s increasingly sleepy eyes. “If you want to cum, you need these. You need to feel them in you. Look closely, rubber slave. One for your pussy, and one for your ass.”

Daniela couldn’t stop shaking. The rubber dongs looked so pretty. She needed to cum, so bad. Obey. Rubber. Pussy. Dominica. Cum. You want to cum. She watched as Dominica set one dildo down on the table, then picked up a tube of medical jelly, squeezed out a big glob onto the tip of the other one, and began spreading it up and down the shaft. Mistress smiled as She saw Her slave stare vacantly at the glistening dildo, jaw slack, torso wiggling, hips pumping.

Dominica set the first dildo down on the floor, then picked up the other dildo and repeated the process, taking Her time, enjoying Her slave’s reaction. Both dildos had suction cups, and the floor was smooth, so when She pushed them into place, they stayed exactly where She left them. And Dominica knew exactly where they needed to be.

“Let yourself drop, rubber slave, Daniela, little bimbo. Get those nice, big rubber dildos into your ass and pussy, and I’ll give you permission to cum!”

Daniela could see that Dominica was holding some kind of little box — a remote control? Yes. She pushed a button, and the ceiling chain started to move again, slowly lowering the rubber slave toward the floor. Aching to cum, Daniela let herself drop, anticipating the moment when the big rubber dildos would enter her. Her knees bent further, further, so they were almost up to her chin. It was taking so long! Soon, soon, soon, if she could only get them into her!

Then Daniela felt the chain stop!

Fuzzy as her mind was, Daniela’s eyes popped open. She couldn’t look down far enough to see the dildos. Looking up only showed her what the chain looked like, her manacled hands dangling from the hook. She looked around, and found Dominica again seated in Her chair, watching the desperate rubber slut, a half smile on Her face.

“You’re almost there, little slut. Can’t you feel them?” Daniela couldn’t. Dominica KNEW she couldn’t. “Just a little further. Maybe if you sag down, you can reach the dildos. Try it, slut!” Daniela tried to go even more limp, hanging from the manacles. Could she feel one of the dildos? Maybe the one for her ass? Just the tip? She couldn’t be sure.

“Aww, the little rubber slut can’t reach? Keep trying! You want to cum, don’t you?”

Again, Daniela sagged, pulled, lifted her feet off the floor, wiggled — trying, trying, trying to get the dildos into her ass and cunt. Nothing she did got her low enough. Then she felt the chain moving again. Something probed against her ass, just the tiniest bit. She wiggled her ass, and whimpered in frustration. Then she felt the chain move again — upward!

“Noooooo!” Daniela cried. The first word she’d been able to say for what must have been hours.

“You want it, don’t you slut? Don’t you?” Dominica’s voice was more a command than a question.

“Yes, Mistress!” And Daniela’s voice was more a plea than a statement.

“Then you must beg for it, slave!” commanded Mistress.

“Please, Mistress!” Daniela whined.

“Please what? What is it you want, slave? Beg for it. Tell me!”

“Please, let me down on the dildos, put them in me, let me cum. Please, Mistress Dominica, please!?!” Tears ran down Daniela’s cheeks, leaking under the goggles, which still continued to scroll commands she no longer consciously noticed. Cum. Obey. Beg. Cum. Obey. Beg.

Dominica pressed the control. And the chain began to move again — upward!

“Noooo! Please, Mistress, fuck me, fuck me, let me cum, please!!”

Another click, and the chain moved suddenly downward. Quickly. Daniela hardly realized it had happened when she found her ass impaled by the rear dildo, and the other dildo firmly pressed against her sex.

“You have permission, slut. Cum! Cum now! Cum, rubber slave, cum!”

Daniela bucked and shook, the dildos rubbing in her, against her, hands still held high on the hook, keeping her from tipping over. The orgasm was strange — a mixture of the intense female orgasm she had been trained to feel, combined with the sheer physical release of her body. Instead of screaming this time, she just grunted, loudly, over and over, as wave after wave of pleasure and release cascaded through her body and mind.

As the slave’s spasms subsided, Dominica slowly shut off the suit and the goggles. She spoke one word into the headset, “Sleep.”

— Nightcap —

Dan felt like he had been daydreaming again. He’d been thinking of… something. Then someone had called his name. Dominica. The beautiful woman sitting across from him at the cafe table. Her name was Dominica. Mistress Dominica. Now, how did he know that, about the “Mistress”? When had it gotten so dark? It was almost closing time for the cafe! Both of them had coffee cups in front of them, nearly empty. A carafe at his elbow held a little more, but it also was nearly empty. They must have been drinking a lot of coffee.

But he’d been inattentive, rude. He tried to look like he’d been listening. (Though he’d heard women are never fooled by that trick, it was at least worth a try.) What had She been talking about?

“You’re looking very relaxed,” She said, circling one finger around the top of Her coffee cup, “like you’ve had a wonderful evening.”

“Well, talking with you has made it wonderful,” he replied, hoping it made sense in whatever the context had been.

“Hmmm.” Dominica looked at him, Her penetrating green eyes still visible in the half-light of the cafe. Her lips curled in a strange smile. “Maybe we’ll meet again, sometime.”

“I would like that, very much,” Dan said. He meant it, but he felt so confused.

“And you can tell me more about your troubles,” She said. Troubles? What had he been talking about? “I’d love to hear more… and help you solve your problem.”

The sudden warm trickle of fluid told Dan he had just wet his pants!

What to do now?

“Goodnight, Dan! See you later!” Dominica gracefully stood up, waved Her fingers goodbye, and walked unhurriedly away.

What had happened? Dan was only sure of two things. He was glad it was dark, now, so the wet stain on his pants wouldn’t be so visible, as he went home. And somehow, whatever it took, he was going to find a way to see Mistress Dominica again!

* * * * *

– The End –