I am 47 years old and have three daughters and seven grandchildren. I adore my wonderful and kind husband and thru all of our marriage we have had a good sex life together. I take good care of myself, and have always had a good figure, even for an old broad. As I began metapause I noticed a strange thing happening to me. My wanting sex went from our usual one to two times a week to my wanting sex four or more times a day! Once, a few weeks ago, after my husband, Bill, came back from a week-long business trip, we had sex that evening before bed, sex the next morning, sex at noon (it was a Saturday), and sex just before a nice dinner. I wanted some more at bedtime, but poor old Bill couldn’t get it up even with my sucking him for a long time. Nothing more was said about our one outburst and we went back to twice a week.

But now I was constantly horny and wet between my legs. When I saw a good looking man, I immediately thought what it would be like to fuck him. I had almost never had those kind of thoughts before, unless Bill was on a long trip, and I certainly never did anything about them. Bill has a very good job that takes him away from home a lot and so, more to keep me busy than make money, I opened a small store that specializes in Italian goods; knick-knacks, pots, cooking utensils, etc. One very good thing about my business is that I go to Italy about twice a year.

One morning when I got to the shop to open it, a good-looking young man was waiting for me because his wife had just had their first child and she always wanted an expensive urn I had, and he wanted to buy it for her. I knew who his wife was because she often came to browse, as many women did. Anyway, her husband, Chuck, had been up all night and said that she was bed-ridden the last two months and couldn’t do anything. The way he said it, it was clear that he had not had any sex in all that time. I said that he must be as horny as I was. I was surprised that it came out, but I’m glad it did. He said that if I was as horny as he was, close the door and let’s fuck. I stood up, went to the door, locked it and turned the “open” sign to “not-open” and brought him into my tiny office. He was just wearing a T-shirt and shorts so I had his cock out and I was on my knees sucking him almost immediately. He worked on my dress as I loudly and lewdly slurped his nice thick prick until he shot a half-pint of sweet tasting cum into my mouth just about the time he had me almost naked. We both finished undressing and sat on the sofa in my office and soon he was hard again and on top of me pounding me into seven or eight huge orgasms, until he shot another large load, this time in my eager cunt. We both were surprised at our ferocity and found that neither of us had ever done anything like that before. I explained my newly acquired itch, and he volunteered to come by and help me scratch it. As we talked, he got hard again, (remember those late twenty to early thirty year old days when a man got hard easily), and I asked for a good, long doggie fucking. I got more than that! He rode me for a while and then stuck his big prick up my ass. I was so hot that he had no trouble entering me, even though Bill and I rarely do that. I had never cum that way but I sure did that morning. We both cleaned up, although I dripped cum out both bottom holes all day, and he went home. At about 4pm he called the store and asked for a repeat before he went back to the hospital. I told him I was very horny and he should hurry up. When he got there, I told him that he could put his cock anywhere he wanted, but when he came, I wanted it in my mouth. I didn’t like leaking from my crotch with women in the shop and he said he would sacrifice himself and cum in my mouth, (ha-ha).

I felt wonderful after that nice day of fucking but I realized that I was taking chances and I came up with a new plan. He would call me maybe five to ten minutes before he was coming, and if the coast was clear, he would come to my office door and lightly rap. I would open the door as if I were leaving, in case there was now someone in the hallway, and if not, let him in. Also, we could only do it from 8 to 9 am and from 5 to 6 pm, when I can close my shop and not have people wondering what is going on. I called him at home and told him the “rules” which he had no problem with, and he was back the next morning. We fucked eight to ten times a week while his wife was recovering and after a few weeks, it tapered down. He now visits about once a week, almost always in the am.

But now I knew how to have my sex and my wonderful husband too. Lots of men come into the store alone to buy something for their wives. If they are young, and look like they may be hung, I flirt with them and they usually take the bait. I’m the one who has to say “let’s fuck” to really get going, but they always go for it. Speaking of being hung, I have found that you cannot tell how long a man’s cock will be by outward appearances. The only way is to have it in your hands, (or mouth). But I only come-on to the young married men so that there will be no adverse hang-ups. I have a harem of about twenty men who come by the store in the morning or afternoon during the week for sex. I insist that they line up the day and time a few days before, so that I don’t have several men at the same time. I’m sure we would all enjoy twosomes or threesomes but that is a logistic problem I don’t want and I’m being well fucked as it is. I have a good business reason for my rules with my men, so they never get suspicious about others.

With all the cum that I’m swallowing, I have noticed that my boobs have gotten much larger and my nipples are so sensitive that I can have an orgasm by having them sucked on. Since all the men love to oblige me, my nipples are sucked a lot and they are now so long, I have to wear a thick bra around or they are so noticeable, I get embarrassed by the stares from women as well as men.

Bill has noticed my bigger boobs, and he loves them and sucks my nipples much more now than he did before. He will take the time to suck them until I cum. When he found that I was cumming from his sucking my nipples, he does it to me every night even when we don’t fuck. We get along wonderfully and I don’t know how long this will go on, but I love it and hope it never stops. I bet most of my girl friends would love to have my arrangement, but I won’t tell anyone.

One very hot day at about 6:30pm I was working extra long to do an inventory. The cleaning man came in, whom I had never seen, and told me he would go elsewhere until I was finished. I told him no, that I would work around him if he would quickly clean my office. Since he wasn’t expecting to see anyone, he had on very brief shorts and no underwear. I stood outside my office while he cleaned and when he leaned over my desk with his back to me, the largest cock I had ever seen dangled down his right leg. I went up to him and gently rubbed the head and the hole as he started to get hard. When I had rubbed for a minute or so, he had, (I measured it), fourteen and one-half inches of slender cock! I quickly stripped and lay across my desk so he could enter me. He was very slow and gentle, telling me most women couldn’t take him all the first time. He slowly got his monster in me while I came about four times and when he started to slam into me fast and hard, I went to continuous orgasms. He had my heels up near my ears and was in so deep it felt like I could suck him from the inside. When he was ready to cum I told him to put it in my mouth and he proceeded to pump the largest amount of cum a man has ever squirted in me. He is now a regular about once a week when I have to do inventory or make up some other excuse for staying late. He is only 27 years old and his wife, he says, won’t fuck him as much as he likes, so I will be getting his huge prick for a long time. I love this life and want to continue for as long as I can. It’s amazing how well you feel with a big cock in you and knowing that there are a whole lot more who will be in there soon!

– The End –