It had been a few months since Lorraine had educated me on her desire for fisting her cunt and our love making had been more passionate since, in a way it had made our relationship closer. This coming weekend I had plans to treat her to a day in town shopping, but I had also booked a top hairdresser and manicure in the morning and a matinee show at the theatre as additional treats. In the late evening I had a hotel arranged and a meal reserved as a surprise.

As the day unfolded and Lorraine enjoyed her new haircut, groomed nails and the high of watching the show, I told her about the hotel and meal. We decided that we should book into the hotel so that Lorraine could change into the new outfit she had purchased that day. As we walked to the hotel, she stopped at a high class underwear shop. Looking through the window at a white basque with matching stockings, she smiled at me and said, “That would be nice to wear with my dress.” “OK with me as long as you model it first for my approval.” I said as a joke.

Lorraine entered the shop with me following. She pointed out the garment to the assistant for purchase and headed to the back of the shop to the changing rooms. I slowly walked to the back of the shop to wait for her to return from the changing room. After a while I sat down opposite the curtain my wife was behind and the assistant left to attend another customer.

The curtains to the cubical moved back and Lorraine to my surprise was standing in front of me still in the basque, which I must say covered her like a second skin. She looked wonderful from head to toe with her short blond hair, which had been cut to perfection that day and her blue eyes shining with excitement. Her 38DD boobs were pushed up just in the correct manner and her waist looked so small. She had left her knickers off so her cunt was on display. This was unusual for Lorraine. I had never seen her so brave in a public area, but looking up to her eyes I could see she was totally taken in by her new outfit and enjoying what she could see and felt very sexy.

“I need to give this a trim.” pointing to her pubic hair “What do you think of the outfit, darling and shut your mouth. You’re gaping.” I closed my mouth and said, “I will go and pay for the items”. She turned opening her legs displaying her cunt to me and winked telling me she just wanted it to be difficult for me to walk. The shop assistant looks straight at my erection and advised me of the cost while hiding her smile.

The hotel room was everything I had hoped for with a very large four-poster bed and the biggest bath and shower cubical I had ever seen. We had a few hours before we had to go for our meal so I lay back on the bed to relax after the day’s events. Lorraine decided to have a bath. I must have dozed off for about half hour. When I awoke I could hear Lorraine splashing around in the bath, I decided it was time I got showered myself. As I approached the door Lorraine called out for me to stop and wait a few minutes. I smiled and said, “I hope you are not having fun without me”. “Oh no just finishing my wash please come in now.”

The bathroom was hot and steamy with Lorraine laying in the bath, bubbles covering her body. Her face did look flushed showing sexual excitement. “What have you been up to?” I asked. “Nothing just jump in the shower while I go and get ready,”

Twenty minutes later I re-entered the bedroom in a hotel bath robe. I stopped in shock having looked up to see Lorraine. She was in front of me on the bed with her new basque and white stocking on. Lorraine looked at me, straight in the eyes and said,

“I think this looks so much better now”

The outfit looked wonderful displaying her body to every advantage, but with one difference from the last time she modelled it in the shop. Lorraine was now spread eagle across the bed holding her legs wide apart like she does when we make love.

This displayed the bare flesh between her stocking clad legs wonderfully but it was what I could see in between her thighs which was demanding all my attention, her completely shaven cunt all smooth and moist.

“I can see by the look on your face that you approve of my new hair style,”

Lorraine then moved across to the side table and picked up a bottle of lubrication

“Could you please rub some cream in to smooth my shaven area”?

We exchanged smiles as I when down on my knees in front of her legs, with shaking hands from excitement I took the bottle from her. She laid back holding her legs wide-open and displaying her cunt to me. I squeezed a small amount of cream just above her opening and gently spread my fingers across her now smooth mount feeling the shape of her shaven cunt for the very first time in my life. Taking the bottle across to the tops of both legs I poured more cream to each leg and placed the bottle next to Lorraine on the bed.

I ran my hand slowly up and down her thighs from stocking tops to the entrance of her cunt stopping just short of touching her moist opening. I could feel the urgency for attention to her cunt building up in Lorraine. Her breathing was getting deep and she kept lifting her bottom off the bed arching her back as my hands approached her opening. I changed my movement to a gentler feather like movement by running my fingertips around edges of cunt lips increasing the pressure and pulling them apart.

She was very wet now and ready for anything I wished to do to her. Inserting my thumbs on each side of her cunt I rotated my palms across her connecting thighs smoothing in the remainder of the cream, while opening up her cunt lips with my thumbs. Keeping the action going I moved up each side of her opening until my thumbs met at the top and rotated on to her clitoris. This action must have hit the spot as Lorraine’s legs started to shake. She picked up the bottle and emptied the contents on to her cunt and demanded I rub it all in.

I kept my thumbs rotating on her clitoris keeping a steady rhythm stimulating her, then I placed two fingers from each hand deep into her cunt pulling rubbing her cunt lips and stretching them apart. As the stimulation took effect her muscles relaxed even more and I placed the next pair of fingers in pushing all eight up to knuckle. Lorraine rocked and bucked as I pushed my hands in, she was moaning loudly. I slowly inter locked my finger in her cunt opening and pushed while lowering my thumbs both just enter her with ease. Lorraine could now relax her cunt muscles more easily since we had started fisting and I just looked on in amazement, seeing cunt stretched to these new dimensions.

I twisted my hands around in the opening her cunt stretching and stretching her lips apart. Lowering my head I placed my tongue on her clitoris. This sent Lorraine over the edge. Her orgasm hit with such force my hands just fell into her gaping cunt as it opened up I pushed both hands in deeper and moved them around feeling her cunt wall inviting me in. My arms and face were then sprayed with her juice as she ejaculated streams of hot jets from her cunt with her screams of wonderment.

I slowed my movements down to a stop and rested my arms, while holding both hands in place looking at her cunt encasing my hands. Lorraine was shaking and whimpering while fighting for air. I can see her mind racing from one pleasure moment to the next, slowly returning from the orgasmic zone she had just reached.

Lorraine looks me in the face and down at my hands encased in her body. She tells me the feeling is like no other she has felt. Her cunt is so completely full and that she is totally addicted to this feeling. Together we removed my hands. I waited while for her to relax and then she pushed just them out with her cunt muscles. I looked down as I moved my hands came away and took in every detail of her gaping cunt hole, I could see right inside her for few moment as her opening slowly return to its ever day size.

Lorraine looked wishful and said “I wish I could have that feeling of complete fullness all the time.”

She was still spread across the bed with no thought of closing her legs. I start to realize the power this new feeling had taken over he, she needed it like a drug addiction. In one movement I sat on the bed and pushed my fist in to her cunt went straight in no effort at all and Lorraine just raised her hips to me pushing her self down on my arm. I pumped my hand into her with more force than normal, more like a mans action of using his penis. Lorraine responded by pushing back and saying “Oh god yes just pump me fill me up I am yours to fill.”

I moved over body to kiss her stomach. This angled my arm so that friction was increased on to the top of her gaping cunt, she was off again one orgasm then another. She grabbed my head with both her hands shook from head to toe as the pleasure ripped through her body. Its then I knew of my new power over her, she was my cunt slave.

Sitting next to Lorraine with my hand still deep inside her I waited for her to calm down and relax. I could tease her by spreading my fingers or rotating my fist. I told Lorraine that we should go shopping again for some new sex toys, which could fill her cunt, she just nodded in agreement. While I spoke I remembered a sex story I had read where the guy got his wife to sign a contact giving him total rights for access to her cunt.

Not really thinking my words just came out. “Now that you are my cunt slave you need to draw up our contract giving me all rights to your cunt.” Lorraine just smiled and replied at once “Of cause I will.” I leaned across kissing fully on lips and removed my hand from her cunt. She moaned and made complaints of the removal of my hand through our kiss. I was beginning to wonder what I had awakened in my wife now and how far she would go to satisfy this new hunger for her cunt to be stretched.

We cuddled and slept for an hour and then when for our meal a little later than planned. On the way we did stop off at sex toyshop.

The shop did not really have anything of real size, which would meet the requirements of my wife’s newly found abilities and just as we were about to give up I spotted them. On a low shelf was a package containing two large balls connected with a chain about the size of tennis balls. The shop assistant advised how these were requested by a customer but not purchased due to the size on arrival. The balls to be placed in a woman’s cunt and we were sure we wanted something of this size while smiling at my wife. Lorraine just lowered head in a submissive manner. I explained that this is exactly what I was looking for and purchased them.

While checking in for our meal Lorraine left for the toilet as usual, she always does before every meal and I gave it no thought. We had chatted for some time on many subjects on the way to the meal and I had in that moment forgotten about our purchase earlier but Lorraine I was to realize had not.

I sat at our table awaiting Lorraine’s return from the toilet wondering what could be keeping her. It is then that I remembered our purchase surely not in a public place. Looking across the restaurant I could now see Lorraine returning from the Ladies slowly walking back to our table. Surely not, has she really placed those large balls in her cunt and was now trying to walk back to our table.

We made eye contact across the room and I moved my head to inquire, she was walking a lot slower that normally. Lorraine smiled back and nodded wording the with her lips “It’s wonderful.”

The excitement of watching her control every step as she returned was amazing. The smile and red glow on her face told the story of pleasure she was having. Lorraine sat down next to me on the leather U shape seat around our table. She was breathing heavily and took some time before she spoke.

“Sorry I was so long but I could not wait to see if I could make them fit.” She then whispered to me in the restaurant how she had sat in the cubical stroking her cunt until it was moist enough for her to insert the balls. She was almost showing a kind of proudness on the fact they had fitted them in with almost little effort. She explained the feeling of being full was great and the excitement of walking around in public place. She had pleasure signals running up down her body and no one else has any idea of her enjoyment. I said, “I think some people might be wondering by the smile on your face darling.”

We sat and enjoy the rest of the evening eating a wonderful meal. Lorraine went to the toilet many times and moved with more freedom each time. On one visit she returned and sat down quickly and I am sure she was desperately trying to hide an orgasm, some heads turned in our direction as Lorraine’s legs shook under the table.

When it came time to leave I noticed a large stain of cunt juice on the seat where Lorraine had just got up, looking across to the back of her short dress I could see the matching half of the stain. I quickly stood behind her covering the stain on her dress until we had our coats. My wife was slowly becoming my cunt slut but I was sure she did not wish to be so public about her condition. On return to the hotel room she was relieved to hear of my actions and gave me a passionate kiss as reward.

The sun was shining through our bedroom window. It was the following weekend from our little adventure in town and Lorraine had used the balls every other day that week. This morning was to be another turning point in our sex life; Lorraine had drafted her contract for my approval. She was giving me total access rights to her cunt. She was taking on slut status to me only. Her definition of slut was of her decision for her cunt to be used in any way by her husband.

We both signed the contract and placed it in her side cabinet drawer. This was the start of my new adventure, it was just up to me now to dream up as many things I could do with my wife’s pussy as worded in the contract. I now totally owned a cunt. My only condition was that I had the fill it, on a regular basis and I mean totally fill it.

– The End –