My sister and I love your story site and we’ve both decided to write about our own experiences. We’re both a little wild so we have our share of stories to tell. She’s in her room pounding out a story right now. I’m not sure what she’s writing about, but I’m going to write about my first gangbang.

It was about 3 years ago. My sister and I were 19 and 18 respectively when our parents took us on a winter break ski trip to Whistler. On our 2nd day, our parents bumped into some college friends they hadn’t seen in years. They decided to have dinner together, so for at least one evening, my sister and I were on our own. Not that we minded.

We were having dinner in the resort’s cafe when my sister noticed a cute guy checking her out. She smiled at him, and before we knew it he had come over to say hello. Now I don’t blame the guy for being attracted to her, she’s a beautiful blonde with a very open, gregarious personality, and a magnetic smile. She’s witty and funny and really sweet. I love her but sometimes I’m a little envious of her. She has a terrific body, beautiful legs and a healthy pair of 35D breasts. I’ve got a pretty face and a hot body too, but I didn’t get the same genes that gave her the big tits. Mine are only B sized. It’s not that the guy ignored me, but he was clearly interested in my sister. I soon felt like a third wheel as they flirted and laughed.

I told them they should sit and get to know each other, and I left. I was sure big sister would be getting laid that night.

I decided to go to the gym for a workout and a soak in the hot tub. I used the stair climber and Life cycle, then changed into a bikini and headed for the hot tub. The room was empty when I walked in, and I decided that I was the only lonesome loser in the place. I had settled in to the tub and closed my eyes when I heard some male voices. I looked up and saw three young cute guys coming toward me. They spotted me and one said “see, I told you there is great scenery up here”. It was a cheesey line but I liked the compliment anyway.

They introduced themselves as Russ, Len and Vince. They were college students at Simon Frasier University which is near Whistler.

They asked if I went to school and I told them I was a junior from Seattle. I didn’t mention I meant I was a high school junior. We flirted and exchanged small talk and I found myself attracted to Russ. I was wondering how to get some private time with him. I mean, if big sis was getting laid, I wanted some action too. Then I started to think it wouldn’t be bad to have sex with all three of them. Even though I had been having sex since I was 14, I had never had more than one guy at a time, and it was sort of a fantasy of mine to do it.

I casually eased myself out of the tub and sat on the edge, making sure the guys got a good look at my bikini clad body. I’m a blue eyed, brunette with a great body. I’m petite, just 5-3 and 103 lbs, and even though I don’t have my sister’s generous tits, I still have a great bikini figure – I’m 34B on top, 23 at the waist, and 32 at the hips. My legs are long relative to my height, and they are shapely and athletic. My ass was made to be shown off in a thong.

The guys were all admiring me, and I sort of laughed and said something like “so what is there to do around here at night?”.

They suggested going back to their suite and ordering some Irish coffee. I told them I don’t drink but we could go back to their suite anyway. I went to the locker room to grab my stuff, and went to their room wrapped in a towel.

The suite was big with a main living room, a dining area, three bathrooms, and at least 5 bedrooms. I asked why the three of them needed such a big suite and they said they were actually up there with several other friends who had decided to get in some night skiing.

I dropped my towel and wandered around their room in my bikini giving them all a good chance to admire me. Vince came up behind me and wrapped his arm around me right below my breasts. “So do you wanna dance?” he asked.

“What kind of dancing?” I asked “Vertical or horizontal?”

They took the hint and next thing I knew my bikini was on the floor and I was sucking on one cock after another.

I’m not sure how they decided who was going to fuck me first, but Russ was the first to enter me. I felt so good. We were in doggie style position, my second favorite after missionary. I came quickly, then asked him to let me turn over onto my back so I could watch his dick moving in and out of me. I wasn’t long before I felt him shooting a hot, hot load of cum into me. I love that sensation, and I had another orgasm.

Vince went next, and he seemed to know exactly which angle to use to give me the most pleasure. I came again and he did soon after. Len then entered me, and gave me a slow gentle fuck which brought me to another two quick orgasms.

Then something happened that I never knew was possible. Len was a big muscular guy, so he picked me up with his dick still in me and turned both of us over so I was on top. Then Russ got behind me and pushed his penis into my pussy while Len was still inside of me. I couldn’t believe it, I had two guys in my cunt at the same time.

They both moved up in and out of me, with Len going in as Russ moved out and vice versa. I don’t think either of them came as they double fucked me, but I sure did.

Russ pulled out and gave Len a chance to come in me again. Then Vince fucked me again cowgirl style. I had just rolled on my back again so that Russ could get his rocks off in me again when we heard people coming in. Their ski buddies had returned. There were 4 more guys in the room watching me get fucked.

I wound up letting each of them fuck me too. I don’t remember all their names, but one guy – Miles I do remember because he had a gigantic dick. It was at least 9 inches long and really thick. He was the last guy to take his turn fucking me that night which was good because I don’t know if I could have taken any more when he was done with me. I had sex prior to that night with guys who were as long as 8 inches, but a 9 inch cock was something entirely new to me. I ignored the minor pain and focused on working my muscles to milk him. He really flooded my pussy when he came.

I was getting sore and finally told them I couldn’t take anymore. I went to one of the bathrooms to clean up, gave them each a good night kiss, and asked Russ to walk me back to my room.

As I turned down the outdoor walkway that led to my room, I noticed the cute guy my sister had met earlier was walking away from us. He obviously had been spending time in the room with big sis. I knew she had gotten laid that night too. Russ gave me a goodbye hug and kiss, and I went into the room to exhange details with big sis. Of course my story topped hers.

– The End –