“Mr. and Mrs. Parks, please sit down and make yourselves comfortable. I am Aurora Gaines and this must be Chloe!”

“Thank you, Ms. Gaines,” Alice Parks replied evenly, “it’s so nice to meet you, I feel that I already know you, after all of the phone calls and letters.”

“I quite agree.” Aurora replied, “I think that you’ve made a very wise decision to enroll Chloe in our facility.

“It’s more like a prison!” Chloe snorted while sitting sullenly in her chair, and whined, “and I’m gonna ‘hate’ it here.”

“Chloe,” Mark chided, “that’s no way to talk, apologize this instant.” There was a tense silence while Chloe ignored her father’s reprisal.

Aurora Gaines got her off the hook by interjecting, “Don’t worry, folks, most of our students start out feeling exactly the way Chloe does, they eventually come around! As I understand it from your letters you adopted Chloe when she was seven.”

“I hope so.” Alice Parks snapped after giving Chloe a sharp look, and then her voice softened. “She was just left on a buss. I hope that you can do something with her, we certainly couldn’t! We think she graduated from High School either by luck or showing off. Her grades weren’t the highest. Even though she has been expelled from college we want her to feel like she has a home.”

“We thought Chloe would grow out of this; that it was just a phase, or a reaction to something from the past.” Mark chimed in and with a look of concern he added, “I’m afraid she will flash the totally wrong person and.I don’t want to speculate on the possible out comes.”

Aurora turned her attention directly to Chloe and asked, “So, your problem is exposing your private parts to anybody, and everybody, around. Right?”

“It’s not a problem,” she snapped as her face flashed beet red. She fidgeted in her seat and her face softened as she replied softly, “Y-yes it is, and I just don’t want to help myself! I love my pussy and I love flashing it. I want people to look and see how beautiful she is.”

“Let me ask you another question.” Aurora posed softly, “Do you have the urge to show me. your vagina at this moment?”

After a glance around the room Chloe answered in a hushed tone, “Yes, I just want to lift my dress and pull my panties to the side and let you have a nice long look at my beautiful smooth pussy!”

“Chloe!” her mother gasped in exasperation.

Aurora raised her hand to silence the outburst and went on, “That’s okay, honey, around here we almost always refer to the girls genitals as pussies, vaginas, or even home plate, what ever we feel like using at the time. We discourage using the derogatory terms such as cunt or gash. Of course with the boys we use cock, dick, penis, or bat even tool and rod. It seems that the negative terms are not as numerous for men. Again it’s what ever we feel comfortable with.”

“I like the sound of the word pussy.” Chloe said while triumphantly glancing over at Alice.

“Well, then that’s what we’ll call yours.” Aurora replied gently, “Now let me see your.pussy. Please!”

Chloe sat there immobile for a second or two before asking softly, “You-you really want me to show it to you?”

“Yes I do.” Aurora assured.

“You’ll really look?” Chloe blushingly said.

“Are you afraid? Just do it?” Aurora dared and prodded.

“Afraid! You’ve got to be kidding,” Alice replied testily recounting, “She flashed her vagina to the preacher for gosh sakes, afraid she is not! We want her to be sexually happy, and active and all, but discrete.”

“Yes we want her to play the field as it were, but be safe, and discrete.” Mark chimed in, adding “Not in the church or on the street or to every one on campus!”

“Well. Are you afraid?” Aurora repeated to Chloe.

“No, I’m not.” The young girl replied, “I just wanted to make sure that you weren’t tricking me or something, that’s all.”

“Well, I’m not, trust me.” She replied, “Now please, show me.”

“What about Mom?” Chloe asked hesitantly.

“Well Ms. Parks?” Aurora posed.

“Oh go ahead honey; it’s OK. Show Ms. Gains, expose your self” Alice eased.

Proudly the teenager stood up, and lifted her skirt and pulled her white panties aside to reveal smooth vagina with meaty lips dangling past her downy dark curly hair, and a long pointy pink bud of a clitoris, sticking straight out surrounded by a thick meaty clitoral hood.

“How does it feel exposing yourself to me?” Aurora asked softly adding, “Take your panties all the way off, I want a good look. That’s a good girl, come closer and hand them to me.”

“I-I I’m getting hot.” She stammered, and unsteadily stepped closer handing Aurora her white panties, fidgeting as she confessed, “I’m really turned on by this. I never thought of showing my pussy to a woman older than my Mom!”

“Chloe!” Alice barked.

“That is quite alright Alice. I ‘am’ older than you.” Aurora warmly agreed. Then Aurora turned her attention to Chloe noting, “You have a shinny wet spot right here.” As she opened the crotch of Chloe’s panties exposing a very shinny wet spot then took a healthy smell, smiled and asked, “What’s your biggest fantasy when you show your pussy?”

“That whoever I’m exposing my pussy to will want to suck it, and make me cum. I think about having fingers inside my pussy all the time.” she answered honestly.

“You mean you’d like that person to drop to their knees and tongue, or finger your little pussy until you cum on their face or hand?” she asked softly.

“Oh yes. Both I want them to do both.” Chloe gasped, in quickening breaths then she squatted and ordered, “J-just look at my lips, they’re bulging! I’m getting really wet! It’s dripping. See?”

“Yes I do. You want them to make you cum, and cum and cum right?” Aurora purred cajolingly.

“Yes-yes I really do. No one has done it long enough to get me off!” Chloe whined in disappointment.

“Have either of you ever taken the time to see how aroused your daughter can get? Look! You can actually see her labia puffing up. Do you see how red, swollen, and wet her privates have become?” Aurora asked Alice and Mark, “I think from just looking at her you can see that she has a very special problem and needs very special attentions, ministrations that can be given to her here.”

“We can see that now.” Alice replied, “we hope you can break her from being so indiscriminate, and channel that energy safely!”

“Yes we are very open-minded about sex, but private.” Mark admitted, “Does that sound inconsistent?”

“No not at all!” Aurora assured Mark.

“Can you help her to be safe, discrete, and still satisfy her needs at the same time?” asked Alice.

“Well we’re going to try.” Aurora replied gently, “In many cases all we can hope to do is help them learn to control their urges by directing their energy. We’ll cross all the bridges when we come to them. As for right now, come closer Chloe, you are about to have a dream realized!”

Both Alice and Mark sat there in stunned silence, while Aurora pulled their Chloe closer to her. She fondled Chloe’s wet, dilated vagina with the fingers of one hand, while caressing her sweet bottom with the other. Kissing her belly button, she cooed, “Oh you are already wet-wet-wet, and so ‘hot!'”

Young Chloe was barely able to stand her knees were so weak. She reached one hand to Aurora’s shoulder for support the other to her head and pushed Aurora’s mouth towards her wet vagina, gasping loudly, “Lick it! Lick it. suck it. God please I’m going to cum!”

“Alice, Mark look.” Aurora sweetly cooed, as she turned Chloe toward them parting the lips and hair with her fingers exposing Chloe’s erect clitoris, and shimmering beads of milky white juice coating her fingers “See how red it has become and how it dances as I flick it with my fingers.” She said warmly while she petted Chloe’s little buttocks, and tapping the tight bud.

Chloe let out a loud gasp as Aurora began suckling on her clitoris moving her fingers inside, and around, teasing her meaty labia. Chloe lifted her leg and placed it on the arm of the chair, giving Aurora’s mouth full access to her vagina. Aurora slid two fingers into Chloe’s anus and two into her vagina, and gripped her clitoris tightly with her lips, as she suckled letting it pop free just long enough to lick it, and suck it back into her mouth.

Chloe groaned loudly as Aurora sucked and licked her clitoris while slowly sliding her fingers in and out of her anus and pussy. A shudder swept across Chloe’s body, and with three loud gasps she pushed her blushing vulva into Aurora’s face hunching it. A Creamy white uncongealed juice formed on Aurora’s fingers and ran down her hand and dripped from her chin as Chloe ejaculated. Chloe now breathless dropped to the floor at Aurora’s feet head resting on her thigh.

“Now, how was that?” Aurora asked with a crooked smile on her glistening wet face.

“M-my god that was the hardest I’ve ever cum, and the first time someone else has made me cum.” She panted while plopping back down in the chair next to Aurora. Her skirt was still hiked up over her hips. “I want to do that again. That sure felt like you know what you’re doing.” She added while playfully fingering her wet pussy.

“Maybe.” Aurora laughed, “But now we have to get you settled in with the rest of your class. Then figure out how best to help you.” Aurora coolly said as she leaned back in her chair smiling and licking her lips and fingers.

After pausing for a moment she looked at the Parks’ and cooed, “Mr. Parks, ‘Mark’, that is one hard cock. You found your Chloe’s orgasm arousing.” she mused, “Mrs. Parks do you see that? I can see it throbbing from here.”

“Yes.it’s hard alright.” Alice answered smiling.

“And.did you find Chloe’s climax titillating. arousing.” Aurora coyly asked.

“Yes. I am envious of her youth, and at how easily she came.” Alice responded her face blushing voice deepened as she looked at Mark’s dick adding, “If we were alone I’d ‘mount.’ that di…”

“I want you to suck it, suck it off right now.” Aurora interrupted as she goaded, “I want Chloe to watch, and tell me what she sees and feels while you are going down on your ‘man.'”

Alice fidgeted about, turned redder and stalled, until Aurora asked, “You do. suck your husbands cock don’t you?”

“Y-Yes I-I do. I just never though to do it in front of Chloe” Alice said hesitantly.

Chloe chimed tauntingly, “Come on Mom. Come on Maaum. I want to waautcha, I won’t tellll anybody.” Chloe urged

Alice moved over to Mark and looked at both Chloe with her ear to ear grin and Aurora with her solemn yet warm smile reached over and opened his pants and pulled his hard cock out for everyone to see.

Chloe let out a gasp asking, “Jesus mom; Are all dicks that big? Its head is all wet like a pussy.”

Alice giggled while she stretched and rubbed it saying, “No some are bigger some are smaller.”

“How do you feel about that Chloe?” Aurora warmly quizzed.

“I’m getting hot again Aurora.” Chloe sighed.

“Alice milk it so Chloe can see the precum ooze out and drip.” Aurora coaxed as she wrapped an arm around Chloe’s shoulder.

“See Chloe a man has juices like a woman, and they flow when aroused. A woman makes a lot more juices during sex.” Her mom said softly as she massaged his now hard penis.

“His dick is getting redder, and the veins are getting bigger too.” Chloe said in amazement.

“Yes He’s getting closer to cumming. Go ahead start working it Alice. Chloe sit in my lap, lets be quiet and watch mum make Mark cum. See how deep down inside her throat she takes it? Can you take it in that far down?” Aurora purred as she asked.

“No. I can’t go that far down, cause I always gag.” Chloe said as she grimaced.

“Go ahead Alice, go all the way down, then tell Chloe why.” Aurora urged.

“There see she has it as far in as it will go. See? She has her nose stuffed into his curly hairs, she even licks his balls.” Aurora excitedly pointed out.

“I take it that far in; first because Mark really likes it, and cause the saliva is slicker in the back of my throat. It does a better job of lubricating his dick, when I use my hand to make him cum.” Alice said with lilt in her voice as she talked.

“Chloe has a male cum in your mouth yet?” Aurora teasingly asked.

“I’m not sure. One day I was sucking this boy’s dick and it started to taste different. I thought there was something coming out of it. We had to stop really fast and put it away cause we heard someone walking down the trail.” Chloe recounted.

“Have you made a girlfriend cum on your face yet?” Aurora pried as she watched Alice sliding up and down Marks shaft occasionally suckling the gland. “No I haven’t been alone with anybody long enough for them to cum and no one has really tried to make me cum. Aurora you were the first one. Did you. did it taste good?” Chloe hesitantly asked.

“Yes Chloe it tasted sweet and smelled very sweet. Chloe take my finger and put it inside your vagina.” Aurora softly whispered.

“Aurora! Look!” she said in surprise as Chloe slid Aurora’s two middle fingers into her. “Mark’s dick has gotten really-really big!”

“Yes. I see it has. He must be very close to cumming.” Aurora licentiously chimed.

“Oh Aurora I’m getting really-really hot too!” as she squirmed grinding her clitoris into Aurora’s palm.

“Save it Chloe.” She murmured quietly, close to Chloe’s ear as she pulled her fingers out. “I’ll help you later.” Louder so all in the room could here Aurora asked, “Alice is Mark close?”

“Umm Hum!” Alice hummed and then slid his dick deeper into her throat massaging Mark’s testicles with one hand and milking the base of his engorged cock with the other.

“Let Chloe see the first squirt, then you swallow the rest saving some for Chloe.”

“Om-Kay.” Alice sang as she pulled the dick from her mouth, massaging the soft skin behind the gland, “get ready. look. There it goes!” Alice gleefully sang as a thick rope sprang across her face and sighing, “Oh yum ‘Umm-umm…'” And into her mouth surged the rest of his sperm. Alice made gurgling noises as she swallowed.

“Good job. Now pinch it off. Let Chloe have some. Go ahead Chloe, put the head in your mouth and suck.” Aurora softly coaxed. “Come on over here honey, it tastes sweet you’ll see.” Alice seductively urged.

“‘Eeww.!’ It’s really thick. Do you swallow cum a lot Mommy?” Chloe asked as she wrinkled her nose.

“Yes dear. Sometimes I let squirt right into my throat, and then finish by sucking it dry.” Her mom smiled as she described swallowing Mark’s sperm.

“Come back, sit, and drink some of this water it will rinse your mouth. You did good for the first time Chloe.” Cajoled Aurora.

“Aurora that was strange watching Daddy cum. He didn’t squirm around as much as I did. Do men have more cum than women?”

“Alice do you want to answer that?” asked Aurora.

“Sure Aurora. No. Women make a lot more cum when they orgasm. A healthy woman can cum longer, and more often in the encounter. If she has a good lover.” Alice smiled warmly as she stroked Mark’s face and added, “Like your Dad.”

“I have to go pee-pee Aurora.” Chloe squirmed as she announced.

“I want you to hold it just a little while. I’ll show you the restroom as soon as we are done.” Aurora coaxed and asked, “How do you feel about boys, Chloe?”

“I like’em all right. I haven’t had one inside me yet. Why, does it matter?” Chloe answered asking her own question.

“Since there boys and girls, you’re going to be seeing a lot of hard dicks as well as wet pussies.” Aurora explained as a matter-of-fact. “Chloe they all have similar problems, as you do. They masturbate when ever and wherever. We don’t discourage indiscrete sexuality; we want to channel it. We will help you do a better job of fulfilling your desires. There will be many opportunities for you to have your pussy played with, and to play with other pussies as well as hard dicks.”

“Do you think that’s wise?” Alice asked, “Chloe has a very hard time resisting a boy when he exposes his erection to her. I don’t want her having sex to the exclusion of everything else.”

“I’m sure that won’t be a problem. You heard her your self she says she is still a virgin.” Aurora replied and then suggested, “That shows she does have some control.”

“I ‘have’ to go pee-pee Aurora ‘really.!'” Chloe whined as she crossed her legs.

“We’re almost done, you can hold it just a bit longer.” Aurora coaxed as she looked warmly at Chloe and then asked, “Alice? Mark? What do you think?”

“This is all so different from what we expected. We know Chloe has a special problem, and you ‘did’ come highly recommended.” Mark paused a moment looked at Alice, “Honey you sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yes Mark I think it will be the best in the long run. Chloe will get the help she needs and a college degree at the same time.” Alice said with an air of satisfaction in her voice.

“Well Chloe it’s up to you to choose. If you stay you have to play by a few simple rules.” Aurora assured softly.

“Okay.” Chloe agreed smiling broadly.

“That settles it. she stays.” Aurora affirmed.

“We’ll go get the rest of Chloe’s things.”

“That won’t be necessary. We want her to have only new and different things. So remember no calls until the forth week, and no visits until the sixth week. Say your good-byes. Chloe give them both a hug and kiss good-by. Claira would help Mr. and Mrs. Parks find their car?” Aurora directed as she watched Chloe kiss and hug her parents. “Thank you and good-by until the end of the first quarter.” Aurora said in a very business like manner.

“Good-by luv ya see you soon.” As Chloe danced, from foot to foot, straining to hold her urine in.

“Please hold the rest of my calls Janice. Chloe come on back and sit her in my lap please.” Aurora directed as she smiled broadly.

“‘Uh! Uh!’ I ha-hav-fa to peeee!” she whined standing with crossed legs and looking desperate.

“Chloe you can hold it just a little longer.” Aurora teased.

“Au-u-rroora!” she cried gripping her pussy.

“Sit down here and give me a kiss then you can go potty.” Aurora cajoled as she petted Chloe’s long silky raven black hair.

“Uh-uh-uh hmm,” Chloe walked toward Aurora stiff legged.

As she leaned over to kiss Aurora she pulled Chloe onto her waiting lap. “Aur-Aur-orahhh! Ahh! Aaahh.!” Chloe groaned and sighed, as a gushing stream of piss soaked them both and the settee they were lying on.

“Oh.! Good.! ‘Girl!’ Chloe. now scooch up, and turn over on your back, and let it all out, it is so warm.” Aurora purred warmly.

“Aah! God! Aaahh! That feels goood.” Chloe sighed with relief, “Aurora your stretching my lips.” Chloe sighed as Aurora plied her soft young vaginal lips with her fingers.

“Scooch up higher spread your legs more. Those are called labia. It feels good doesn’t it?” She purred into Chloe’s ear.

“Yes. I like it. Why did you make me wait so long and then go all over you?” Chloe asked with relief ringing in her voice.

“I like the feeling of warm pee-pee soaking my cloths and washing over me. It felt good to finely go, didn’t it?” Aurora quizzed as she started to thumb young Chloe’s clitoris.

“Yes it felt good, now we have it all over the us and the seat. We will half to shower now.” Chloe remarked as she squirmed from Aurora’s ministrations.

“My. My you did half to go, you’ve soaked, the couch, and me. That’s it let it ‘all’ out now.” Aurora coaxed, as she gently fingered Chloe’s vagina, splaying her labia with her first two fingers and peaking at the shrinking stream of urine.

“Yes it feels really good. I can feel you poking your other two fingers into my anus. There you go all done. Oops another squirt. And that’s what?” Chloe asked as she gasped from the pressure on her clitoris.

“Your clitoris, I call it the ‘hot’ button. This is called your vulva.” Aurora said as she wiped her whole hand across Chloe’s genitalia and excitedly remarking, “Chloe you ‘did!’ half to go pee-pee and you did a good job of holding it to. Do you like what I’m doing now?”

“Oh! Yes I do. I am getting close to cumming again.” Chloe sighed as Aurora’s long fingers found their way into her wet opening.

“I’m going to stop that, and show you something new. Let me know if this hurts and I’ll stop.” Aurora explained.

“Aurora you are squeezing it to tight with your fingers it almost hurts. ‘OH! Ouh! Not so hard. Yiiee!” Chloe groaned as she squeezed her eyes shut from the discomfort.

“Just a little longer, you’ll be surprised.” Aurora assured.

“Oouuhh! You said you’d ‘stop!’ It’s hur. ‘Oohh.!'” Chloe loudly gasped as Aurora released her grip.

“See? That was quite a gush.” Aurora saucily pointed out as Chloe’s urine splashed onto both of them.

“I didn’t know I could do that!” Chloe sang in amazement and watched her stream spray out onto their clothes.

“Did I make you feel good today?” Aurora asked as she whispered into Chloe’s ear.

“Yes Aurora that was my first orgasm, that I didn’t do myself and the fist time I went pee-pee on someone. I wish I could make you cum.” Chloe said as she looked into Aurora’s eyes.

“You can. Let me get on top and kiss you while you play with my nipples.” She directed.

“Okay. There. Oh you are heavy. Oh! You have huge hard nipples. Is this how you want me to play with them?” Chloe teasingly asked as she smiled at her mentor.

“Yes squeeze them, a little harder. That’s it. ‘Nice.!'” Aurora sighed and started to nuzzle Chloe’s face with hers, and cradled her head with her hands. She put her lips to Chloe’s cheek, slid them to her ear, and whispered, “I’m going to kiss you now.”

“Oh Aurora you can do what ever you Wa.” Chloe was silenced as Aurora’s lips closed over hers and Aurora’s tongue began to dance over her lips, parting them and snaking in. Aurora slid her tongue between Chloe’s lips coaxing her mouth open with her fingers, allowing her tongue to slither in deeper then she swished it side-to-side. Aurora pulled her tongue out and began nibbling at Chloe’s ear.

“Aurora I want you to cum so I can eat it like you did for me.” Chloe sighed as she continued to milk Aurora’s nipples.

“You sure it won’t gross you out?”

“Oh no you made me cum so good. I want to make you cum.” And then Chloe kissed Aurora’s hollow spot on her neck.

Before Chloe could finish Aurora placed her lips to Chloe’s and kissed passionately. Her tongue undulating inside Chloe’s mouth Aurora’s saliva flowing into Chloe. Aurora started nibbling her ear and cheek whispering between kisses, “I will help you learn how to play with my pussy.” Then slowly placing her mouth back on Chloe’s Aurora started sliding her tongue into the back of Chloe’s throat, and slowly it snaked from side to side. She fondled Chloe’s tongue with hers while Chloe fingered Aurora’s bristling nipples.

“I could do this all day long. You’re squeezing my nipples just right it’s a shame we have to stop.” Aurora warmly whispered.

“Why do we have to stop?” Chloe hissed somewhat puzzled and out of breath.

“Oh I need to go potty.” She whispered into and nibbled her ear.

“You do? Bad?” she whispered grinning impishly. ” I’m getting that way.” And started to get up when Chloe took hold.

“Prove it.” She hissed with a sly grin.

“Okay. Honey pull my dress up some.” Aurora urged.

“Slide up Aurora so I can suckle at your breast. How’s that?” Chloe directed.

“Perfect. Pheeeww.! You sucked my nipple right in. That feels goood. You are teething it just right.” Aurora gasped from Chloe’s suckling.

Aurora closed her eyes and started peeing. Just a trickle at first, then it turned into a full splashing flow. Aurora held her self partially upright cradling Chloe’s head. Aurora buried her face in Chloe’s long thick dark hair and whispered, “Stop. Hold still and wait for me to finish. I love the way you suckle Chloe.”

“Aurora I’m peeing too. We’re going at the same time.” Chloe enthusiastically remarked.

The scent of Chloe’s hair was deeply arousing to Aurora, as was the feeling of warm urine pooling between them as Aurora’s stream slowed to a trickle. She knew it was running between Chloe’s thighs, and over her sweet pussy. Chloe’s willingness to please whetted her hunger, as did Chloe’s youthfulness, and combined with the sweet aroma of Chloe’s hair and her suckling Aurora’s nipples she was becoming lascivious. Fantasizing about Chloe’s fingering of her vaginal folds, suckling her clitoris and cumming. yes cumming on Chloe’s face. Aurora’s wetness changed from urine to a thick esurient glaze coating her thick black curly hairs.

“‘Oh Chloe!’ You make that feel so good. Let us go into my bedroom, and get comfortable. Would you like to spend your first night here with me?” Aurora cajolingly asked as she tongued her ear.

Chloe squirmed as she eagerly replied, “Oh yes Aurora!”

“Claira would have the moving boys replace this settee. I am out of the office for the rest of the day.” Aurora called into the intercom. “Chloe I want you to undress me, and I’ll undress you if you want.”

“Oh yes I’ve never seen ‘ah’ an old woman’s pussy be.”

“Who you calling old?” Aurora butted in.

“I’m sorry. I meant a more mature adult woman. Mom’s is the only one, and not very close up either. Will you let me look at ‘you’res closely?” Chloe cooed.

“My dear you just made me shudder talking like that, and yes as close as you want. What do you think?” Aurora purred as she opened the door. “My God it’s heavenly. I’ve never seen so many beautiful houseplants.” Chloe gasped as she entered Aurora’s bedroom and asked, “Why are the windows so high?” “To discourage unwanted voyeurs.” Aurora sang as she spun around adding, “Oh! We are both soaked. Come let me undress you first, you must be chilled.”

“No. I’m definitely ‘not’ cold. I am hot.” She added alluringly as she watched Aurora remove her clothing.

“Chloe you are erotically tantalizing with your firm yet supple body. I’ve never seen such large nipples on such modest sized breasts.” Aurora cooed as she gazed at the youngster’s breasts and then directed, “Your turn to undress me, then we will go into the bathroom. It should be hot by now.”

Chloe unbuttoned Aurora’s soaking dress and let it fall to the floor. She gulped as she saw how much hair Aurora had around her navel, “Aurora I’ve never seen so much hair.” Erotically curious tone in her voice as she playfully pulled at the hair that spilled from under the wet panty legs. Chloe was tenderly sliding her hands up and down Aurora’s hairy inner thighs and noted, “I can see you don’t like to shave either. I find it very tantalizing ‘erotically’ tantalizing. Do you think I will grow that much hair?” Chloe’s mouth dropped gaping as she slid Aurora’s panties down exposing Aurora’s very thick long black pubic hairs.

“I think so. You have raven hair like me, and look your eyebrows are thick like mine. Do you want to be hairy like me?” Aurora asked cajolingly.

“Yes but mom says that if I want boys I have to shave it off.” Chloe pouted wrinkling her nose.

“You are right I don’t like shaving. And not all boys like a clean-shaven woman.” Aurora warmly assured then directed, “Let’s go into the bathroom.”

“Your hairs are so long.” Chloe sang in amazement as she playfully pulled them straight. She stood up and followed Aurora as she opened the door.

A blast of hot air hit them both as they walked in. Aurora softly closed the door and wrapped her arms around Chloe from behind. She nuzzled her ear and kissed her on the neck. With one hand she began squeezing her already hard nipple. Holding Chloe firmly against her with her free hand on her belly she asked, “Are you too hot you’re sweating?”

“I’m not sweating from the heat. Aurora I am really melting inside, it feels like a balloon is being blown up inside me. My pussy is so hot. Liquid is flowing out of her and I don’t think its pee-pee.”

Aurora moved her hand down and splayed Chloe’s inner lips enough to put her middle fingers into her pussy and felt a thick copious glaze coating the vaginal wall and Chloe’s thick labia. Aurora whispered, “You are right you are close to cumming again.”

Chloe squeezed her eyes shut and squirmed and clamped her legs shut as Aurora moved her fingers deeper, Chloe gasped, “Stop wait. I want to help you cum first.”

“Chloe you are sweet. Don’t worry you can cum and cum and cum again.” Aurora sang in a soft assuring voice, and worked a third finger into Chloe’s vaginal canal causing the muscles to convulse gripping tightly and then releasing Aurora’s fingers and then Aurora coaxed, “Come on Chloe. now open those legs. spread. That’s my good girl. Now breathe all the way in and all the way out; that’s a girl” Aurora softly cooed while subtly moving her fingers inside the youngster’s swollen vaginal opening.

There the two of them stood Aurora embracing Chloe from behind nibbling at her ear and Chloe clutching Aurora’s full head of hair with one hand and resting the other on Aurora’s hand as it fondled her cheek. Chloe shuttered as Aurora slithered her fingers inside her turning her palm from side to side working her fingers in a circular motion. Aurora moved her free arm from caressing Chloe’s face and hair onto her firm breasts. She pressed her forearm against one while twiddling the other nipple never relenting her kiss.

“Oh.Au. Ouh. Ou. Aurora. What are you doing?” Chloe dreamily asked.

“Does that hurt?” Aurora whispered.

“No.I think.Yiieeuh! Oh! Yes and no. Aah.! It hurts and it feels good at the same time. Au. Ouh. Ou.Wow. Aurora!” Chloe moaned as she danced pushing her self against Aurora.

“That is your special spot.” Aurora cooed and stopped moving her fingers she just held them right on the spot and rubbed Chloe’s clitoris with her thumb rolling it over her forefinger. Chloe started squirming and pushing up and down with her feet and moaning loudly, inside Aurora’s firm embrace as she began making a slow circular motion on Chloe’s special spot.

“Au. Ouh. Ou. Yiieeuh Aurora. what is happening?” Chloe moaned.

“Oh you’re going to cum again!” Aurora said softly. Chloe’s vaginal muscles started convulsing, dilating and contracting as Aurora sang into Chloe’s ear, “I can feel them squeezing my fingers.”

“Aurora my legs.Au. are getting weak.Ouh. the room is spinning. I feel.Oh. I am about to pee then I think I am going to explode.” Chloe rasped breathlessly her body almost turning limp and then rigid and thrusting into Aurora’s arms and then going completely limp. “Shhh.You are alright.I’ve got you.” Aurora soothed the deliriously impassioned Chloe. Her hips swaying, undulating to Aurora’s skilful ministrations, urine would flow out in short squirts as her muscles quaked. Chloe’s inner thighs and Aurora’s hand were covered lavishly, with a thick, shimmering, creamy white vaginal juice. Aurora eased into a sitting position Chloe held firmly to her bosom and cradled in her lap.

Chloe’s breathing quickened and deepened as Aurora continued her circular manipulations. Chloe moved one hand to Aurora’s and cupped Aurora’s cheek with the other. She lifted her legs and splayed them wide, pumping them first one then the other then stopped, holding them as wide and flat as she could.

Silently Chloe lay in Aurora’s arms her eyes closed; beads of sweat formed and rolled off. Little pimply patterns of goose bumps were covering her whole body.

Quietly pleadingly she cooed, “Aurora push your fingers in deeper Auhoo. yes just a little faster. Oh! Now. press my clitoris harder Ouh.Yea.Uh.stretch it.stretch it. Ouh. Ou. Yiiee. perfect. Her body rocked and pulsed to Aurora’s manipulations. Chloe shuddered and gasped out, “Go. God go.go go Go.!” as her legs fanned and toes splayed, her back arched her breath turned to raspy gasps. Aurora’s hand splashed against Chloe’s soaked red vulva in a staccato like rapid motion her fingers going in as far in as Aurora could push. Loud ‘breath-gusts’ rushed from Chloe’s mouth as she lay writhing from orgasm. Her stomach convulsed as Chloe ejaculated. A creamy white glaze spilled out around Aurora’s hand and onto her belly, coating it and Chloe’s vulva and fanny generously with the shimmering cream.

Aurora continued fingering Chloe while her orgasm passed. Chloe slowly rocked her head and pumped her legs while she softly cooed. “Ooo.Auh.Ummah.” and went limp and quiet. Aurora stopped moving her fingers, and kissing Chloe’s ear just held her quietly waiting for her to stir.

Chloe looked up at Aurora a soft smile beamed as she whispered, “I feel like I am dreaming, like I’m floating on a cloud. My muscles inside are still moving inside me almost like they are dancing.”

“Yes. Chloe you had a full body climax. It doesn’t happen every time, but if your lover is sensitive to you it can happen often.” Aurora spoke softly into Chloe’s ear.

“And you? Do you cu.Oohh! Uh! You took your fingers out.”

“Yes some times. I climaxed when you came this time and you ‘did.!’ you came all over me.” Aurora said as she firmly hugged Chloe.

“That’s never happened before. When I masturbate I get wet and my juice would coat my thighs and hand, a little but my god.! I thought my insides were squeezing out through my pussy!” Chloe said with excitement.

“Are you ready to get up?” Aurora asked.

“Oh yes if I can find my feet. I feel so weak, but it does. feel so very good.” The youngster cooed as her eyes became misty.

“There you go let’s move into the shower, and start the water.” Aurora coaxed as they stood. She pushed the door open showing a large brightly colored room. The walls covered with plush towels, and bath coats. Arm and arm they walked in.

“I’ve never seen a shower this big. It has a bench and three heads.” Chloe exclaimed her voice brimming with surprise.

“Yes we can lay, sit, or stand. Is this too hot?” as Aurora started to ajusted the hot water.

“You can make it hotter; I like a hot shower. Aurora I want you to straddle my face, I think it will be easier for me to make you cum, and you can watch while I play with your ‘very’ ‘hairy’ pussy.” Chloe purred as she coaxed Aurora into position adding, “I will drink your cum.” Chloe sang in an alluring licentiously eager voice, as she lay down on the bench eyes fixed on Aurora she added, “Now tell me how can I do it best for you?”

Aurora looked at Chloe a wet smile beamed from her face as she straddled her. Aurora squatted looking into Chloe’s eyes she said, “Just suck my clitoris into your mouth let it pop free and circle it with your tongue again and again just like I did with you’res.” and quietly warned, “I might gush pee-pee all over your face.”

“That’s okay, I’ll close my eyes. Any way we’re in the shower. Aurora your vagina is beautiful.” She giggled playfully running her fingers through her long thick black curly hairs, “Oh.! My God! Your clitoris is so big it almost fills my mouth.” Pronounced with amazement and gave it a exploratory suckling and adding, “It’s bigger than my big toe, and it ‘is’ har-ard and I can see it pulsing. Juice; thick juice is running out of your pussy it tastes sweet.” Chloe recounted with eager amazement.

“Drink it, suckle my clitoris, ‘Ho!’ ‘Aah!’ ‘Yes.’ like that.” She murmured contently head tilted back a bit, her eyes half open, and a soft smile glowing from her face.

The bench was high enough so Aurora only had to bend a little to press her open wet pussy onto Chloe’s face, and grind. With one arm touching the wall for support, she covetously slid her free hand into Chloe’s long black hair, and started rubbing her wet genitalia all over Chloe’s face, coating it with her succulent cream. Chloe rapaciously licked and nibbled at Aurora’s engorged labia, trying to swallow as much of her sweet nectar as she could. The creamy white juice dripped from Chloe’s face. The thick lather was glistening in the steamy light of the shower.

“Now suckle like I told. Oh.Yes.that’s it.yes.yes, rub it with your chin. Oh! Yesss! Now work my clitoris Auh. Yes.” Aurora passionately whispered, as she lifted Chloe’s free hand to her bosom, and Chloe fondled slowly rubbing each finger across the rock hard nipple.

Aurora placed her fingers to Chloe’s mouth, stood up, stepped back, and sat on Chloe’s belly. Aurora looked into Chloe’s eyes as she positioned her pussy right over Chloe’s bellybutton and gazed into Chloe’s eyes with a smile and started to pee.

“‘Auh!’ ‘Aurora!’ That feels mysteriously nice, all warm and tingly. It feels like I’m going. It’s running right over my pussy. I ‘am’ going pee now too, this feels incredibly arousing.” Chloe’s voice rang out in amazement.

Aurora leaned over and kissed Chloe warmly, tenderly sucking each lip (in turn) into her mouth biting and stretching it, then releasing it. As her stream turned to a trickle Aurora coaxed Chloe’s mouth open with her finger to a cheek, and slithered her tongue past her lips undulating along Chloe’s tongue. The taste of young Chloe’s mouth made Aurora salivate abundantly, filling Chloe’s mouth, esuriently she swallowed and cooing with it’s sweetness. Aurora squeezed Chloe’s nipples as her kiss lingered. Chloe swallowed all of Aurora’s sweet saliva. Chloe entwined her fingers covetously in Aurora’s hair, holding their mouths together. Quiet murmurs from them both rose above the splashing water from the showerheads.

Aurora sat up looking into Chloe’s eyes warmly smiling still titillating her nipples and asked, “Are you ready to go further for me?”

“Yes! Aurora I want to go as far as you want me to go. I’ll do anything to help you cum. Just tell me what you want, tell me how can I do it best for you. I don’t know what more to do.” Chloe’s youthful eagerness to please was ringing in her voice.

“Look.” beckoned Aurora, as she stood positioning one foot on the bench at Chloe’s underarm the other on the floor beside her head. The pose splayed Aurora’s genitalia for full view by Chloe.

“Aurora you are wet with thick creamy white dew. Are you cumming?” she bubbled eagerly.

“No. I ‘am’ very close.” She sighed warmly in a deepening voice. “Do you see how open I am, and puffy my labia have become?”

“‘Oh.!’ Yes and I can see more of your thick cream oozing out from inside your vagina. I am going to catch it and swallow it.” Chloe said as she laughed softly.

“Aah! Yes. Chloe put your three fingers into me, and rub my clitoris with your thumb.” Aurora purred as she directed.

“Aurora it’s so thick and tastes so sweet. ‘Auh.!’ so much is coming out! It’s coating my fingers, my tongue and I can feel it sliding down my throat.” Chloe enthusiastically remarked.

“Now put four in me and rotate your hand back and forth lightly stroking my clitoris with your thumb.” Her voice grew heavy and trembled as she neared climax; her breasts heaving to her panting breath and her stomach quaked to Chloe’s every little movement.

“Aurora your clitoris is pulsating like a penis. You have become so hot inside, and wet. Your so dilated I could put my whole hand into you.” Chloe liltly announced each new discovery.

“‘God.!’ Chloe do it! Please… Place your thumb, in your palm, and with short firm pushes work it into me. I’m so close; I’m going to burst. ‘Ouh! Auh! God!'” She gasped, a gush of urine sprayed and her knees quivered as Chloe’s hand slid into her. She squeezed her eyes shut, and moaning loudly, “It’s in me God’ it’s ‘in.!’ meee.ya!”

“I’m. Ooh.! It just popped in, like. your pussy opened and sucked it in, before I knew it was happening.” Chloe’s voice sounded almost panicky.

“‘Oh.!’ Chloe you did it ‘goood!’ honey real ‘good’. Now slide ‘all’ the way in. Ah. Auh.That’s it. ” Aurora sighed as the youngster’s forearm slipped in deeper causing her stomach to quake.

“‘Ah!’ Aurora your pee is spurting and mixing with your cream and running down my arm and your legs ‘Ooohh!’ Aurora your vagina opened and my arm went in almost to my elbow and then squeezed it. I can feel your juices oozing inside. ‘Ah!’ You are so hot I can feel your muscles gripping my arm!” Chloe recounted as her panic gave way to lustful enthusiasm.

“Chloe take short fast strokes, yes.yeeaass. that’s it ‘oh.’ yes it’s time, go. go. don’t stop goo.’Auh! Ah! God!’ ‘Aahh!’ ‘Wwaa!’ ‘Uahh!’ ‘Whew!’ ‘Whew’ Wheeew…” Aurora cried out until her gasps became voiceless as she was swept away by the rushes of orgasm. Aurora stayed still, breathing heavily with her eyes closed. She held Chloe’s arm; gently moving it in and out, her vaginal muscles were still spasming as Aurora’s orgasm passed. Chloe’s whole forearm was covered with a thick shimmering creamy white glaze. Her breathing eased and she gazed warmly into Chloe’s eyes.

In a relieved tone Aurora said, “Oh Chloe you did me really-really good. Now each time you feel my muscles relax pull your hand out just a little. That’s it. Yea just like that. Oh. that’s nice. Chloe make a fist, I want you to pull it out slowly and evenly when I say. Now close your eyes, cause I’m going to gush, ‘Now!’ ‘Yeasss.!’ ‘Waahh!’ Ah ye-as, that was wonderful.” Aurora moaned and her urine surged out splashing all over Chloe and the floor. She sat sliding between and lifting Chloe’s legs and wrapping them around her.

“Oh! ‘God!’ Aurora you’ve covered me with cum and pee-pee. I love it. I’ve been showered with cum and pee-pee.” Chloe shouted in youthful excitement enthusiastically adding, “I’ve never seen anyone’s cum before. I loved the way your muscles squeezed my arm and hand so tightly, then sucked it in, quivered, and flexed and Oh! My! God.! The way you sprayed and oozed and how hot your juices felt as they ran down my arm. I never thought any vagina could do that!”

“Chloe you’re still creaming. Let me suckle your clitoris again.” Aurora seductively cooed as she slid her thumb onto Chloe’s clitoris and parting her labia as her fingers slid in. She entwined her fingers into Aurora’s hair as Aurora started sliding her thumb across Chloe’s taut clitoris.

“‘Oh!’ ‘God!’ ‘Yeasss!’ ‘Aaahh!'” She moaned loudly as she squirmed lifting and splaying her legs wide. Aurora kept her thumb atop Chloe’s clitoris and her fingers buried in her vaginal well as she slid down the bench.

“Oh Chloe you’re not just hot, you’re. in ‘estrus!'” Aurora excitedly announced as she warmly suckled at Chloe’s earlobe.

“Aurora. I. don’t know what that means. Am I going to die because I came?” Chloe asked as panic seeped into her voice.

“Oh. No.It just means that you are at the highest point of your fertility cycle.” Aurora warmly explained as she tenderly cupped Chloe’s ear.

“I don’t understand.” Chloe chimed as she sighed.

“It means your body is ready to mate if a boy puts his sperm inside you, you ‘will’ become pregnant.” Aurora warmly explained with a broad grin beaming.

“I’m okay?” Chloe disbelievingly asked adding, “and you. I can’t get pregnant from you right?”

“Yes you are. And no I can’t” Aurora confirmed as she softly laughed at Chloe’s youthfulness.

“I don’t want to be pregnant.” She said defiantly, then her face turned soft and a smile began to beam as she sang, “but still it would be nice to see what it feels like to have a hard penis squirting inside; filling my well with his sperm. I just don’t want to get pregnant.”

“I’ll watch out for you.” Aurora consoled and began suckling on Chloe’s clitoris.

“Ah! Oh.squeeze it harder. Yes.” Chloe gasped and went silent as Aurora sucked her clitoris through her teeth, and sliding her tongue in and out and across it.

“Aurora I.eee! That is nice. I.I feel. like-like there is a lot of something just flowing out of me.”

“There is and it tastes sweet and smells sweet.” Aurora garbled as she kept suckling Chloe’s vaginal lips and drinking her nectar.

“Aurora I don’t ever want to stop. It feels like one long soft climax.” Chloe purred and as a soft frown appeared on her face she asked, “All men kiss and tell don’t they?”

“Yes most of them do. Chloe I think for the next three days I’m going to pay very close attention to you. I want you to stay here with me in my room.” Aurora smiled as she informed Chloe and holding her face between her breasts she seductively said, “After we eat I will introduce you to Max he has a very nice sized penis filled with lots of hot sperm to squirt inside you and he can’t get you pregnant, but best of all he never kisses and tells. So you do trust me?”

“Aurora.! I just met you and I trust you and will do anything you want me to.” Chloe assured then suckled at her nipple and then sang out excitedly, “That sounds good to me.”

“Good then let’s get dried off and get some food.” Aurora directed as she grabbed two towels.

“Yyeeeaaahhh.” Chloe excitedly exhaled.

End Chp. 1