Will had never really been interested in swinging. He dearly loved his wife, Jackie, and while he admired a nice set of breasts or a well turned ass on any woman, as much as any man he preferred only his own wife. His own wife, Jackie, was as beautiful as the day he married her and with her trim figure and beautiful features, she had turned the eyes of many men in the eleven years since they had married. Will had no doubt about his wife’s loyalty or fidelity – he trusted her completely.

Jackie, his wife, also loved her husband. He was a good man and a wonderful husband. He was surely the best lover she’d ever had. Will had thought that he was her first and Jackie preferred to keep the secret but in truth there had been a few before him. Jackie had been content with her husband until very recently when she began to think about the variety that some of her old loves had provided. She had begun to feel a need for the old excitement.

At first, it had been nothing more than an idle thought; then the concept of a different lover began to occupy her thoughts more and more. She began to lust after some new lover. . . Finally, Jackie had reached the point where she had to broach the subject to her husband.

Will had objected at first; then, listened as his wife spoke of her needs and her desires. He soon realized that he had little choice but to listen and seek a solution that he could live with. They talked and since Will could never accept a covert tryst without his knowledge, a swinger’s group seemed to offer the best alternative.

On getting tacit agreement from Will, Jackie began to plan in earnest! She checked out the swinging groups on the internet and sent a variety of e-mails. The response was immediate and a day later, she found herself presenting Will with a number of options.

Will, still reluctant to enter into a wife sharing event, listened and slowly rejected the big meetings; then, couple after couple and finally, sensing his wife’s growing annoyance, agreed to meeting a couple that appeared to be the most agreeable.

Jackie made the calls and the arrangements were made to are for their children and make the meet. They would travel the sixty miles to the town where Jason and Ginn lived on Friday night prepared to spend the weekend. On arrival, they would meet as a foursome and if all worked out well they would swap. Otherwise, they would simply return home.

The trip to Jay and Ginn’s was made in a tense silence as each contemplated their immediate future. Several times Jackie made reassuring gestures to Will as she caressed his arm and inner thigh. She said, “No matter what, I’ll always go home with you.”

As they arrived at the rather nice home where they were to meet Jay and Ginn, Will hesitated, reluctant to continue, and prodded to continue by Jackie’s words. The went to the door.

Once the door opened, Will was rather taken by the fact that Jay and Ginn were really quite beautiful and not the slutty type that he had expected. Jay welcomed Jacjkie and with his hand drew her into the entryway. As she moved in, Will felt Ginn’s hand on his arm, drawing him into the room in the same manner.

It was a cordial welcome with lots of pleasant, easy chatter. Jay brought out wine and cheese for their enjoyment as they talked. For Will it was a time of tension as he contemplated giving is wife to the man serving the wine.

Then, in accordance with the pre-arranged plan, they went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant and were soon seated in a booth where Will found himself seated next to his wife and looking into Ginn’s face. As Will looked into Ginn’s face he found her to be quite beautiful and yet something was lacking. Her eyes told of a sadness.

Then, Jay was the first to make an overt move. As they enjoyed an after-dinner brandy, he put his hand on Jackie’s in full view. Jackie offered no objection and soon they were caressing each other lightly. Then, dinner over, they left the restaurant and returned to their house. Jackie, in the front seat with Jay was obviously enjoying something that wasn’t visible from the back seat.

Back at the house, Jay and Jackie had advanced to kissing and fondling as they stroked their rising passions. Will, sensing that there was no alternative moved to caress Ginn. She responded quietly, really offering no resistance. They slowly embraced and followed the path of their spouses, albeit, with less enthusiasm.

After a time, Jay spoke, “Jackie and I are going to the guest bedroom for a little privacy. You guys be good..” Will’s reaction was one of horror. His wife was going off with another man to fuck him. He controlled his rage.

Then, he felt Ginn tugging him to follow her – to the master bedroom! He followed reluctantly and then, sensing the inevitable, determined to make the best of it. He followed and, once in the bedroom with the door shut, concentrated on the woman he was destined to screw.

As they met, seated on the edge of the bed, Will started to speak, “I’m sorry. I’m kinda’ new at all this so please don’t feel hurt if I don’t measure up.” As he spoke, he saw something in Ginn’s eyes – something that piqued his interest.

She said, “It seems like you’re not very interested in me. I’m sorry. It’s just that I don’t enjoy swinging as much as Jay does.” This brought forth a whole lot of conversation and Will began to feel real feelings for Ginn – feeling of sympathy and understanding!

From down the hall, the sound of Jackie crying out in the throws of passion echoed clearly to where Will and Ginn were talking and drove them together.

Will moved to kiss Ginn tenderly on the lips and the response was instant. Then the kisses became more urgent and Will said, “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Ginn replied, “This is what we came for.” Then, by silent agreement, the reluctant couple began to shed clothes and take the time to turn down the duvet. It was not a joyous occasion as the tension was thick in the air.

Will began to notice Ginn in detail for the first time. She was entirely beautiful and the trim figure that had been outlined in her clothing proved to be even more beautiful as she stood nearly nude in front of him. Her long, black hair hung loose to frame her creamy complection and blue eyes. Her eyes had changed. The sadness was gone, replaced with a passion.

As they prepared, Will made a decision; he would make this tryst as good for Ginn as he could. She obviously was as trapped in the situation as he was and deserved the very best. Meanwhile, down the hall, the sounds had diminished to an occasional moan or grunt! Will began to develop a slow, burning anger.

When Will moved tentatively to kiss her, Ginn did not object; rather, she accepted her situation and like Will, had decided to make it as good for him as she could. She knew his feelings.

Then, Ginn kissed him back and Will felt the warmth as they grew accustomed to each other. It was only moments before their nude bodies moved towards each other on the bed. Soon, they lay filled with lusty feelings as they caresses and fondled and talked. Time passed slowly for the man and woman, until recently strangers, laying together on the bed and really not inclined to be there.

When Will heard footsteps moving past the bedroom door he was reminded of his wife’s indiscretion and determined to make this a night that Ginn would remember. Then, he applied every fiber of his mind, body and spirit to the lady he intended to please.

Ginn had been reluctant to enter into the swapping arrangement and it was only her husbands insistence that had brought her there. He had insisted once before and she had been taken by a man who had been so repulsive that she’d become physically ill. When she’d seen Will, she was somewhat relieved as she was certain that he would not hurt her. Then, as the evening progressed, it had become apparent that she would fuck Will. She would do it because she wanted to please this man who was as trapped as she was.

When Will had toyed with her breasts, it had felt good if only she could relax. When he caressed her she wanted to enjoy the touch and when he spoke to her, she wanted to feel his aura – if only she could relax. So they lay together, Will and Ginn, each trying to please the other.

It was rather late when Will and Ginn heard the cries and violent sounds from the guest bedroom and they were acutely aware that they were being betrayed for the second time. Perhaps it was the common knowledge of what was happening in the next bedroom that seemed to inspire a lust in them that finally kindled the fires of passion. Their reluctance to meet each other abated as they now felt the urgency of impending coitus.

Now, each kiss carried with it a flame of passion. Each caress a touch of fire. They moved slowly and familiarized themselves with each other with a series of intimate moves, each designed to heighten the pleasure of the other. There was no hurry, only the compelling urgency in their passions.

Suddenly, Ginn let out a small cry of passion. She hadn’t meant to but her passions had risen to levels she hadn’t experienced before – ever! She felt the waves of sensual pleasure sweeping over her -enveloping her with warm sensual feelings! She marveled at the feeling. “Will was a genius in inspiring a woman!” she thought.

As for Will, he too was reaching new heights of passion. He worked at it and with each new move came a response from Ginn that impelled him to yet another height. Now, their anger and frustration at their spouses was forgotten as they sought only to pleasure each other.

Will’s lips on her nipples had elicited a quiet cry of passion and later when his hands moved across her belly and into her groin Ginn writhed in unleashed passion. His finger caressing as they went finally landing with a feather touch on her labia; then, he gently inserted them between her nether lips. Immediately, he felt another surge of lust as his fingers encountered the moist warmth of her inner folds.

Soon, his lips followed his hands, laving and suckling as they trailed across her belly and on to her pussy. There he kissed and licked and suckled at her intimate areas with special attention to her now exposed clit. Ginn lay in a state of euphoria, her body shaken by tremors of passion.

Then, her peak having subsided, as Will moved over her she resisted. “I’ve never done this before but you’ve done me so well.” she said as she moved and grasped Will’s hard member. Hr attempts at fellatio were awkward as Will felt the intensity of her action. She laved the crown and massaged his balls.

As Ginn toyed with the man-meat in front of her, her ardor cooled as she wasn’t comfortable with her unfamiliar situation but, unlike Ginn, Will was getting thrills that would soon push him over the brink. Sensing this, he didn’t want to waste his load in her mouth; preferring to have it deep in her innermost parts – he gently pushed her away.

Ginn sensed the move was in response to her poor performance and spoke, “I’m sorry. It was my first time.” and Will said simply, “It was the best but I didn’t want this to end too soon. I want it in you.”

More minutes passed as they cuddled and rekindled their passions to a state that they had previously enjoyed; then, Will had moved over her and Ginn had accepted him between her legs and face to face. Their eyes met in silent agreement.

As Will rubbed the crown of his tool on he moist folds of her pussy to acquire the proper lubrication, Ginn positioned herself. Will’s entry was slow and gentle. Then, after a series of small moves, She felt his balls against her bottom.

It had been a slow and sensuous entry as they kissed and reveled in each other. They moved slightly and for each move there was a response – a perfect union of two lovers!

Nothing was spoken as they played out their feelings in a thousand different ways and excited each other to still higher levels of passion. Time seemed to stand still as they played to each other. There was no urgency, only seemingly endless pleasure.

An hour passed and still they continued in their sexual intercourse. Then, Will feelt his inevitable conclusion approaching. He spoke a quiet warning to Ginn and drove himself deeper into her belly in preparation. Then, as the first spurt shot from his cock, he kissed her. The kiss grew in intensity with every spurt of semen until the lovers clung to each other in mutual support.

The afterglow was a time of cuddling, still joined at their sex, and words of affection. For Ginn it had been the most powerful sex she had ever enjoyed and she reveled in their continued coupling. For Will it had been powerful and exciting and he would never forget Ginn. They slept.

The sun had risen high in the sky when Jackie opened the door to the master bedroom and called, “Come on you guys. Ya’ wanna’ sleep forever.” She pulled open the blinds and continued to rouse Will and Ginn from their sleep. As she moved she noted with satisfaction that the ouple on the bed had obviously been intimate and she was comforted by the fact that her husband had participated in the swap – he had seemed reluctant and she harbored some doubts.

Then, as Jay and Jackie prepared breakfast, Will and Ginn showered and dressed before arriving, hand in hand in the kitchen. Jackie was quick to note her husband holding Ginn’s hand. She sensed the aura of closeness between them and her concern was immediate. This was a weekend swap – it wasn’t supposed to lead to any attachments.

After breakfast the foursome went for a walk by the lake and stopped at an outdoor restaurant for lunch. As they ate, Jackie’s concern manifested itself as she sensed a closeness between Will and Ginn. As the shopped and walked for the rest of the afternoon, Jackie’s concern intensified. She was acutely aware each time Ginn touched Will or lightly caressed his arm. She was equally aware of Will’s apparent appreciation of those caresses.

Then, back at the house, the four had a light dinner and opened a bottle of wine as Jackie announced, “I think it’s about time I boffed my ole man. Come on Will, Let’s go make some whoppee.” And she dragged her husband off to the guest bedroom.

As they moved towards that bedroom, Jackie thought she sensed a certain reluctance on Will’s part and again her concern manifested itself.

Then, having entered the guest room and divested themselves of their clothes, Jackie decided to make this night so hot that he’d forget whatever it was between her husband and Ginn. She moved slowly.

First, Jackie began by caressing Will all over with feather light touches and kisses. She poured adoration into her efforts and moved slowly so as to get maximum effect from her titillation. This had always been the act that had brought the strongest response. This night the whole feeling seemed to be muted and Will’s response, though, strong, seemed mechanical or maybe it was just her imagination.

She kissed him, lightly at first; then, a deep soul kiss where their tongues clashed in a wild duel. Again, Will returned the action but the result seemed mechanical and uninspired or was it simply her concern. Jackie wondered!.

Then, still concerned, she moved to seduce her husband in more direct ways. When she placed her hand on his cock it stiffened immediately and she felt his breathing quicken. She continued with her hands.

Then she felt Will’s hands on her. They moved with the dexterity and purpose that she knew so well and soon she felt the tremors of lust that would fuel her passions. She thought briefly of the way Jay had performed the night before and was thankful for Will’s skills as a lover. Jay had been fun for a fling but he had been crude, insensitive and inept at pleasing her.

When Will had moved down to the foot of the bed and proceeded to perform cunnilingus on her, Jackie’s thoughts turned to her more immediate needs which her rising passions were dictating. Will’s lips and tongue were skilled at the art of pleasing her and he was performing to perfection. She thought back to the previous night when Jay hadn’t offered to provide oral stimulation.

For Jackie, Will’s mouth was sufficient to prepare her for a good fucking but this night, she wanted to especially please her husband and remove any lingering concerns. She moved and turned on the bed to engage in a sixty-nine – something she rarely did.

The action moved slowly as Will devoured his wife’s pussy and Jackie attempted to deep-throat the man-meat her husband presented. As each worked to bring pleasure to the other their passions grew and their pleasure increased.

As muscles began to ache and the pleasure of their acts diminish, they moved and Will rolled into the classic missionary position; positioned his cock at the entrance to her vagina and rubbed his crown over the lips of her vagina to acquire lubrication and sank it into her. The coitus went well and they rose to their usual heights of passion, or were they quite to the usual heights, Jackie wondered.

As they lay in their usual position for the descent from their heights of passion, they embraced and kissed and soon Will was asleep.

For Jackie, sleep didn’t come easily. The nagging concern about Will’s feelings for Ginn would not go away. First, she was sure of the covert signs she had seen off and on between her husband and his swap partner. Or, maybe she wasn’t so sure – perhaps it was all her imagination.

By morning, Jackie was in a hurry to depart their weekend for home. She had to get Will away from Ginn as quickly as possible. If her assumptions were right, she wanted as much separation between them as possible. If they were wrong, well, no harm done!

It was shortly after eight-thirty when Will and Jackie departed for home. Jackie felt strangely relieved as they drove in silence. Then, Jackie asked, “Did you enjoy the weekend?” And Will after some thought replied, “Yes.”

There was no amplifying comment and they continued in silence; then, Jackie asked, “Was Ginn good in bed?” and Will replied, “Yes, very.”

Again, there was no amplifying comment and Jackie felt the cold fear in the pit of her stomach. She sat in silence considering the situation. She had to know. . .

“Was she as good as me in bed?” Jackie asked and Will hesitated before answering, “She was good in a different way.”

Now Jackie’s fear drove her to ask, “Would you like to do her again?” and Will responded, “Yes.” And after a few seconds of silence he continued, “. . but you and I are married. I took an oath of loyalty to you and I’ll not violate that oath again.”

Jackie continued, “but, you’d like to do her again? Right!” she spoke, barely concealing her fury. Will now spoke more firmly, “I never wanted to do her in the first place. I never wanted to swap. Nothing has changed.”

Jackie continued to ride in silence as the words sank in. The whole matter had been at her instigation. It was her that made all the arrangements and it was her that had gone looking for a cheap thrill. As the horror of the realization sank in her fury abated. She spoke, “Will, I’m sorry. I never wanted to hurt you or do anything to harm our marriage or our family.” They rode in silence.

At home, with the warmth of the kids and family, the whole matter of the swap soon faded and seemed to be something from the distant past, best forgotten. Jackie was his wife and he considered himself indeed fortunate. She was beautiful and sexy and sensitive and constantly continuing to prove her love for her husband. . .

– The End –