“You’re not mad are you Dave?” Angie looked concerned, “But we’d all noticed the way you were looking at her”

“Mad? No bloody hell I feel great Angie and I’m glad you did it, I wanted to but didn’t quite no how to approach her”

We were sitting on the edge of the pool watching the others splashing around, the light was beginning to fade so we dropped into the water for a last dip before continuing the part inside.

“You ok Dave?” Cherie swam to my side and grinned when I nodded, “Yes that was amazing”

“Anytime” she laughed and went off at a lazy crawl, her curvy buttocks glistening just under the surface.

“Do you think you could fuck her?”

“Yes probably but I’d need some more drinks”

“I’d love to see that Dave” she grinned as we pulled ourselves out,

“Well don’t hold your breath” I laughed.

Once in the house we began drinking in earnest and Gina suggested playing spin the bottle,

“If it points at you, you have to do whatever the previous player says, everyone agree?”

A chorus of approval followed her words so she span a bottle and it pointed at Toni, Linda leaned over and whispered something to Gina who nodded and announced that she had to put Linda’s panties in her own pussy,

“They’ll get wet” she giggled and Linda blushed as she said softly “That’s the idea”

We were all quite drunk now, drunk and horny, Toni span the bottle and it stopped at Mickey, “Go and French kiss your brother” she said and my sister squealed with pleasure,

She sat in my lap and wrapped her legs round my waist so that I could feel the wet heat of her pussy against my growing erection,

“Hi” she said and kissed me open mouthed and wetly, her tongue snaked into my mouth and I groaned as I felt the hard points of her nipples against my chest,

“God I love you Mickey” I whispered and slipped a hand down between us, two fingers opened her cunt and she jerked as I masturbated her slowly, but the others were having none of it,

“Hey times up, come on, leave some for everyone else” and sheepishly she went back to her seat, they all laughed as I licked my fingers and Mickey span the bottle, it pointed at Cherie and there was a roar of approval as Mickey said,

“Go and sit in front of Dave but with your back to him”

More cheers greeted her as she stood up with her hairless cock jutting out obscenely from her groin, Goddammit why was she so fucking gorgeous?

Somewhat embarrassed, she sat in between my legs after raising her eyebrows at my own erection,

“Nice one Dave” she laughed and I caused more laughter by cupping her naked breasts and rolling the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers,

She span the bottle and it pointed again at Toni who blushed furiously,

“Take the panties out Toni and kiss Linda through them”

“I’d rather Linda took them out” she whispered and Linda reached forward between her lover’s legs for the little scrap of lace still visible,

“They’re not wet at all!” she protested but Toni took hold of her hand and held the sexy little garment next to her pussy,

“Oh fucking sweet” I heard Cherie whisper as Toni’s urine spurted out onto the panties and I dropped my hands into her lap,

“They are now” said Toni softly and held them up so we could all see them dripping as she held them over her mouth, all eyes were on them as they kissed tenderly through the urine soaked panties and almost without thinking I took hold of Cherie’s penis and began to masturbate it as I watched the kinky scene in front of us.

Gina and Mickey reached for each other as did Sandy and Angie, Toni and Linda had abandoned the panties now and gone into the sixty nine position side by side, I kissed the back of Cherie’s neck and she shuddered as I ran my tongue round to her ear,

“I couldn’t fuck you Cherie” I whispered, “But I could do that”

Gently she pushed me down until I was lying on the floor and then got down beside me her head in my groin, I still held her penis in my hand masturbating it gently still unsure.

Angie took her face out from between Sandy’s legs and whispered, “If it feels right Dave do it”

Slowly I moved my face towards it, sll my instincts told me it was wrong, it was a homosexual act, the like of which I’d never imagined I’d even be

Contemplating, but then I felt her mouth on my cock and I saw her magnificent breasts and I took her penis into my mouth,

She moaned softly and licked the shaft of my own penis, “God yes Dave” she sighed and took a testicle into her mouth, opposite us I saw my sister with her tongue between Gina’s cheeks, Gina was coming and had abandoned her own ministrations of Mickey’s cunt while she surrendered to her orgasm.

Cherie’s cock in my mouth felt smooth and tasted slightly of urine, I sucked eagerly and kneaded her balls, I heard her whimpering and felt her hands on my own balls,

“Dave” her mouth left my cock and she gasped, “Dave I’m coming”

It never occurred to me to take her out of my mouth, I pushed her back down to my own cock just as we both erupted, her spunk tasted just like mine had when I’d shared it with Mickey after she’d given me a blow job and to be honest she shot it so hard into my mouth that it went straight down my throat!

It was daylight when I awoke and had a brief moment of panic when I felt the soft breasts of a woman pressing into my back,

“Oh thank Christ for that” I gasped as Angie opened her eyes and pulled me down into her embrace, she giggled and asked if I regretted the previous evening,

“Oh no” I replied, “Not one little bit, but I don’t think I’ll be in a hurry to repeat it”

Thankfully they’d all gone home earlier, I really didn’t feel up to facing them, especially Cherie, the previous night seemed like a dream and I’d rather it had been,

Mickey was soaking up the sun on a lounger in the garden, naked as usual and she looked round as me and Angie came out of the kitchen each of us clutching a cup of strong coffee,

“Well hello sailor” she laughed and placed a hand on her hip,

“Oh shit Mickey, please don’t sweetheart, not just at the moment anyway”

“I’ve been thinking Dave” Angie said as we lowered ourselves down onto the grass,

“Everybody in the village at home” she stopped to take a sip of her coffee,

“Go on then”

“Well it’s just that they’ve been really good to us haven’t they?”

“I’m with you Angie” Mickey said and stuck her tongue out at me, “And I think so too”

“Think what for Christ’s sake?”

“I think we should get married in the village”

“OK, whatever you want babes”

Turning to Mickey, I asked who she shared her bed with last night as she hadn’t been with us and she giggled,


“Somehow I knew you were going to say that”

“She was bloody incredible” she laughed, “Come here and look at this”

She opened her legs and I couldn’t believe how puffy and swollen her pussy looked,

“Wow is that as sore as it looks?”

“Not really” she opened herself up, “It’s just a little bit tender, but my God, she knows how to please a girl”

“And a boy” added Angie with a giggle, “Sorry” she added when she saw the sour look I gave her.

“I need some nice sexy licking” Mickey said and pulled Angie down gently between her thighs,

Angie needed no second bidding, tenderly she kissed the inside of my sister’s thighs,

“Oh my poor baby” she crooned, “Baby’s got a sore pussy”

“Mmm yes, it needs a lot of TLC Angie”

“You’ve got it sweetheart” she said softly and turning to me she said, “My bottom needs some attention too Dave”

“Come here Dave” Mickey moved her cunt sensuously against Angie’s mouth, “Let me get you hard for her”

She cupped my balls as she took my cock into her mouth and I groaned as I felt her tongue smoothly caressing the sensitive dome and within seconds of her ministrations, I was fully erect.

“Ooh God yes Dave” Angie sighed as I eased it into her tight little rectum and began to move in and out slowly just as she liked it.

“Fuck her Dave” hissed Mickey as Angie tongued her slit, “Come in her tight little hole|”

Pulling away from her lover, she joined me behind her and Angie squealed as she felt my sister inserting two fingers into her cunt, then three and then four, Angie was whimpering and squealing as Mickey matched her thrusts to mine.

“All of them Mickey” she gasped, “All of them baby, fist me, oh fucking hell yes you slut shove your whole fucking fist up me”

Angie and I came together, me gasping for breath and Angie jerking as the spasms of her climax wracked her body, she was still coming as Mickey, leaving her whole fist still inside her, span round and replaced my cock with her tongue, I watched as Mickey scooped my cum out of her lover’s anus, probing and prodding between her cheeks until Angie came twice more and we all lay together in a tangle of bodies in the grass!

Being another gloriously hot day, we strolled down to the beach and found ourselves a little spot where we slept and swam for the rest of the day, it was Mickey who suggested it and the three of us looked at each other,

“Yeah” I said,

“Yes I think so” came from Angie and hand in hand, the three of us went back to the villa where we packed for our departure the following morning, we’d had our holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

“Who’s going to be the landlady?” Angie laughed.

– The End –