The battle was pitched and heavy, blood being spilled all around. The Bloodsheads were holding their own but the sheer numbers of the Deathwalkers meant soon they were going to need some kind of re-enforcements if they were going to come out victorious. At the start of the conflict the clan leader of the Bloodsheads, Lord Kyber, sent an emissary to the Dreadmore whose clan enclave wasn’t far away. They had been allies for ages; Kyber just hoped they would get there in time.

Just when Kyber thought the tide was going to turn against them he heard a warbling war cry rent the air. The voice was obviously a werewolf but it sounded more Native American in nature. He turned to look just as a tall, lithe female figure flew passed him and threw herself into the battle, holding aloft a large double bladed axe that she immediately started to use on any Deathwalker within her reach. Quickly, several of the other Dreadmore warriors followed her into the thick of the battle. Kyber sighed in relief, his re-enforcements had arrived.

Brodus, the sub clan leader of the Dreadmore joined Kyber to watch the battle on a small hill. Like Kyber he longed to join but couldn’t, generals directed battles, they didn’t fight them.

Kyber stuck his hand out to Brodus who immediately took it and gave it a vigorous shake. “My old friend, I am very glad to see you. Wooky not coming?”

“It is good to see you as well Kyber. But we need to quit meeting under these circumstances.” He said with a chuckle. “No, Wooky stayed at the clan enclave. He has grown too old to fight battles but what he can do better than anyone else is use his connections to call up reserves. That he is doing right at this moment, incase we need them.” His blue eyes scanned the battle field, “But I don’t think we will.”

The battle lasted most of the afternoon but by dusk the Deathwalkers had been scattered to the four winds.

Afterwards, they all went to the Dreadmore enclave to tend to the wounded and to have a victory celebration. Everyone gathered in the great hall for the wounded to be seen. Kyber walked through to see him own warriors and to thank those from the Dreadmore who were hurt. He spent a great deal of time talking to the men and the healers that were working on them. As he was ready to leave he saw the woman who had flown past him sitting on a bench by the door. A healer had stopped to stitch her up but she waved him off, telling him there were people far more hurt than her that needed his attention. When he walked off she threaded a needle and proceeded to start to stitch up the long gashes on her stomach and legs, not even flitching as she did. Now Kyber adored women of all kinds and didn’t like to see them hurt in any manner. Stepping closer her asked, “Would you like me to help you with that?”

She raised her dark, onyx eyes and looked at him, gaze unwavering, as if she didn’t know who he was, then grinned, “I have it, no problem.” She then grinned a bit bigger, “Your men need you more than I do Lord Kyber.”

He grinned a bit, that roguish grin that the women all seemed to love so much. “O can see that you have it well in hand but a little assistance never hurt anyone.” He sat down by her and propped her leg on his lap, holding it still so she could stitch up the long gash that ran from mid-thigh down to her ankle.

She nodded a thank you then went back to work on the slash with a practiced ease, not flinching or acting like it hurt in the least.

He watched her stitch it up then let his eyes wander up and down her body, appreciating the view. She was tall, about 6’2″ or 6’3″ but not as thin as he thought when he first saw her. She was just tall and willowy which gave the illusion of being thin, in all actuality she was quite muscular and toned, built like what she was, a warrior. She had long, stick straight, jet black hair. Her facial features were just the right size for her. Her skin was deeply tanned but she also seemed to have a darker coloring. All told she was very exotic looking. Her scent was a mixture of the individual musk every female werewolf has and sweat combined with blood. He stroked her calf softly, “Thank you for helping today, it was very much appreciated.”

She looked up at him and grinned, revealing her white even teeth, “No problem. I always like being involved when there is playtime.” Her grin widened a bit making it slightly maniacal.

He was used to the bravado of his men when it came to battle but when he looked into her eyes he saw none of that, she was quite serious about it. “What you did will not go unnoticed nor will your injuries go unrewarded.

“Blah, they are just scratches. I’ve been hurt worse goofing around while training.”

He arched an eyebrow slightly but said nothing about it. He looked over at her axe lying beside her. It was a double bladed battle axe made out of solid adamantine edged in silver and diamond tipped. On the blade was etched an ornate carving of wolves hunting a stage in a forest setting. It was five foot tall and had to weigh at least 100lbs. Something about it was very familiar about it but he couldn’t place where he had seen it before. He looked at her again and smiled, “You are quite unusual do you know that?”

She looked up at him through a thin veil of hair that had fallen over her face, “Why is that? Because I am a warrior and fight like a man?”

He grinned a bit, “Well, that as well but what I was going to say was it’s unusual to see anyone, man or woman, sit here and stitch themselves up like you are doing.”

She chuckled, “Its mind over matter, if you don’t mind the pain and do what you have to do you won’t feel it.”

“You fight very well I must say. Whoever trained you did a very good job.”

“I learned like everyone did, by getting the crap knocked out of me. Plus I got a little special training from my Daddy and my Uncle Mainge.”

He was about to say something else when one of his lieutenants came up and told him Wooky wanted to see him. He nodded at him then turned back to her, “I’m sorry, I have to go but perhaps we can talk later at the celebration feast?”

She grinned at him, “Sure, I’ll be there.”

He smiled at her then stroked two fingers down her face, “Until later then beautiful one.” He gently moved her leg and sat it down on the bench then stood up and walked to the door. He stopped and looked at her, “Silly me, I was so befuddled by you that I forgot to ask you your name.”

She cocked her head to one side, looking at him, grinning, “My name is Sabre but everyone just calls me Dark Eyes.”

He smiled at her, “A very apt moniker I must say.” He bowed his head slightly, “Until tonight Dark Eyes.” Then walked out.

She grinned at the door and shook her head. His reputation with the ladies and what was called Kyber Sex had far preceded him, he loved women all, well maybe not ALL but as many of them as he could in his lifetime. It wasn’t done to demean or use them; he just loved women of all sizes, shapes and species. If he was a woman he would have been called a slut. She went back to stitching up her leg still grinning.

The celebration feast that night was held in the great hall with everyone who could attend attending. After everyone had eaten and the victory speeches were over the great tables were pushed back against the walls and the music started. Like most werewolf celebrations it was loud and raucous, the drinks flowing freely.

Kyber circulated among his men then the Dreadmore warriors, offering them his thanks before moving on to his favorite sport, talking and flirting with the women. While he circulated he kept a look out for Sabre.

She didn’t show up until after the dancing and drinking was well under way. Kyber first noticed her on Brodus’ arm, him having a protective arm around her like a favorite Uncle then later being doted on by Wooky and his mate.

He watched her for an hour or so until he ran into Brodus. They found a table in a corner and talked shop for a bit until Sabre passed close by. Kybers’ eyes followed her, until she disappeared into a crowd of people.

Brodus leaned back in his chair and chuckled, “I see you have noticed our Dark Eyes.”

Kyber looked at him and grinned, “How could one not notice a spitfire like her? She seems to be a very interesting lady.”

Brodus looked across the room tow here she was standing with a group of young women about her age, chatting. “Oh, interesting doesn’t even come close to describing our Dark Eyes.” He looked at Kyber and grinned. Kyber cocked his head slightly to the side and looked at him, “Oh? Tell me about her of you wouldn’t mind.”

Brodus let out a deep, booming laugh, eyes twinkling, “Where do I start when it comes to her? First, she will probably be the first female clan leader of the Dreadmore.”

Kybers brow furrowed, “Females don’t become clan leaders. Even as progressive as the Dreadmore are about letting in hybrids and lycanthropes, having a female clan leader would be all but unheard of and give you all manner of troubles with the other clans.”

Grinning, Brodus replied, “Maybe at first we will until someone tangles with her once. That will be all it takes. Dark Eyes is a very strong woman and she is nuts. Everyone around here just says she fell out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down. But she is smart and savvy which has always served her well. She is very her fathers daughter.”

“And who is…”

Brodus shook his shaggy head, “Her parentage is her business. You will have to take that up with her if you want to know about it.”

Werewolf bloodlines were very important to them and could be a very touchy subject at times, so if it wasn’t revealed who the parents were it was proper to leave the subject alone. Kyber nodded, “Advice taken. Thank you Brodus.” His eyes wandered back to where she was and he watched her quietly for a minute, before he asked, his eyes never leaving her, “Tell me old friend, is she spoken for or is she available?”

Grinning from ear to ear, Brodus replied, “She is free as bird. I don’t think any man in the clan has the guts to take her on full time. If you have your sites set that direction just watch out for her.”

Kyber tore his eyes away from the onyx eyed minx and looked at Brodus, “Oh? What is there about her that I should be warned about?”

Chuckling manically, Brodus replied, “She is the female version of you, she just doesn’t have as many notches on her bet as you do is all. Yet anyway.” She shrugged his broad shoulders, “It’s her nature.”

Arching an eyebrow Kyber looked at him, “Oh really? A female version of me would be a nymphomaniac. Is that what she is?”

“No, not at all. By definition a nymphomaniac is a woman who cannot be satisfied. She can be satisfied; she just likes sex is all.” He grinned widely, “From both sexes.”

Kyber grinned a bit, “Oh really now? Hmm….very interesting.”

Brodus grinned bigger, “I thought you would find it so.”

He looked back over towards her. She was in deep conversation with one of his men. Stroking his chin thoughtfully for a couple minutes, eyes never leaving the curves of her body, he thought.

Brodus leaned back in his chair, grinning, sipping his beer.

When he finished thinking he looked back at Brodus, smiling, “Going to be clan leader huh? Then it would behoove me to start good relations with her now wouldn’t it?” He swallowed the last of his beer then stuck out his large hand to Brodus who immediately stood up and took it, “Old friend, I will get with you before I leave the enclave. And on behalf of my men, thank you and your clan for their help and hospitality.”

“Anytime, anytime Kyber, you know that.”

Kyber then started weaving his way through the crowed room to where she was talking to some of his men, stopping here and there to talk to a few of the beautiful women that were milling around.

When he got near enough he heard they were engrossed in a discussion about swords vs. battle axes in battle situations. When he appeared among them his men took a step back and bowed slightly to show their respect. She turned her dark onyx eyes on him and nodded, “Lord Kyber.”

He nodded back to all of them then fixed his eyes on her. “At last I get to speak with you. All night long I have been looking to find you alone to thank you for your help but you have been pre-occupied or otherwise engaged.”

His men, knowing their leader and his desire for the ladies, vanished into the mingling crowd quickly, leaving them alone.

She looked up at him, leveling her gaze with his and gave him a quirky smile, “No thanks needed, I just did what I do best is all.” She leaned back against the wall and looked at him, head held slightly to the side, a small smile playing at the corners of her mouth, arms folded over her chest. “Is that all you wanted Lord Kyber?”

He grinned at her then stepped closer, lowering his voice a bit, “Just Kyber please. No, I admit that isn’t all. I thought perhaps you and I might talk for a while. To get to know one another a bit. I find you to be a very interesting woman Sabre, very unique.”

“Oh really?” She said, her grin getting a bit bigger.

“Is that a bit of skepticism I detect in your voice?” he said with a grin.

She giggled a little, “A bit of it, yes. Your reputation as a cocksman far precedes you Kyber.”

He gave her a roguish grin, “I freely admit women are my weakness. I love them all. It does get me into trouble from time to time, yes.” He looked deeply into her eyes, “But, I never trick, force or coerce them into anything they do not wish to do. I have far too much love and respect for them to do that. If all you wish to do is talk wit me, that is fine. I would enjoy your company no less for it.

“What ever it is that we may or may not do will be left up to you Sabre and I will respect your wishes on the matter.” He reached out and softly traced two fingers over her jaw line, his eyes never leaving hers.

Her gaze locked with his and held steady. “Talk eh? It’s a bit hard to do that in here with all the noise around.”

He moved a bit closer to her and trailed his fingers lightly down her neck, “Then perhaps you know of somewhere a bit more quiet and secluded we may go?”

She grinned, “Oh, I bet I can find us a place. Follow me.” Dodging groups clustered together she ducked out a side door with Kyber close behind her.

Wooky and Brodus watched them sneak out, grinning. Wooky leaned back in his chair and propped his feet on the table, resting his beer stein on his large stomach, “I’m not sure who’s going to get the worst end of that one, him or her.”

Brodus chuckled, “Kyber is. He has never in his life dealt with anyone like your granddaughter. I almost feel sorry for him.”

She led him through the night darkened compound to an out of the way cabin on the wooded edge of the enclave. Unlocking the front door she led him inside, switching on the lights.

He looked around a bit. It was a masculine home of dark wood and neutral colors. But the walls and furniture was decorated with brightly colored Native American blankets and tapestries. “This is very nice. Yours?”

She walked into the living room and beckoned him to sit on the sofa while she poured them both a brandy. “It is now. It was my Dads when he lived at the clan enclave. He gave it to me when I started staying here.”

He took the brandy she offered and sipped it then looked down at the glass startled. “This is good! I don’t think I’ve ever had any of such high quality before.”

She smiled and sipped hers, “My grandmother gives it to me. Authentic Napoleon brandy.”

She chuckled and smiled, “Your grandmother has excellent taste in liquor.”

She sat cross-legged on the coffee table in front of him and sipped from the snifter, looking at him.

He leaned back and draped one arm over the back of the sofa and looked more closely at her, smiling, “Tell me about Sabre. I would like to get to know you a bit better if you will allow it.”

She grinned and chuckled, “Sabre is a very boring subject actually. But I suppose you have heard a few things that are exaggerated, like that I am crazy.” Cocking her head to the side, she looked at him closely.

“That was mentioned to me, yes.” He replied with a grin.

She threw her head back and laughed heartily, “You had to be talking to Uncle Brodus.”

Kyber grinned, “That is who mentioned it, yes.”

“That figured.” She said, grinning from ear to ear. “He thinks my whole family is nuts, including dad even though they have been best friends for years.” She leaned forward and put her elbows on her knees then rested her chin on her hands and looked at him. “I’m not crazy; I just don’t conform to what werewolves think females should do is all. So everyone labels me as nutso.”

He leaned forward, resting his forearms on his thighs and looked at her, “And what is it you do that makes everyone think you are so crazy?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I was impressed upon from an early age that I could be whatever I wanted to be and that I shouldn’t care what anyone else said about it so I don’t follow the standard axiom of the way a werewolf woman should act or follow the rules of the way she should behave or aspire to. I’m college educated. Loved among humans and other creatures. I do what I like with whom I like. To hell with what anyone thinks about it or me.”

He nodded solemnly, “I agree with you, you should be able to do as you wish and not have to live by the archaic rules that are falling by the wayside.”

“It would be worse if I were pure garou so they just see it as my nature taking over.” She finished off her brandy and sat the snifter aside then looked at him, a grin playing at the corners of her mouth. “It also doesn’t help that I cat around like me do and haven’t found myself someone steady.”

“If you haven’t found anyone you feel that way about then why bother?” He scooted closer to the edge of the sofa and reached out and ran his fingers through the thick mass of her hair. “And why should you not be allowed to experience the pleasure of sex just because you are a woman and unattached? That is pure foolishness.”

Looking deep into his eyes she reached out and traced one finger down the side of his face and over his rugged jaw line.

Gently taking her hand he moved it away from his face and pulled her to him, letting her sit on his knees, facing him. Then he took her face in his hands and kissed her softly yet passionately.

Rather than melt to his body like most women did she devoured his mouth passionately, parting his lips with hers and thrusting her tongue into it, letting it dance with his. Her hands wandered down to his chest and unbuttoned his shirt then let her hands wander up and down his vast expanse of a chest, her fingers dragging through the hair.

He moaned into her mouth as her touch aroused and inflamed him. He put one hand behind her head and pulled her deeper into the kiss, his mouth becoming more insistent on hers.

Her hands wandered down his chest and stomach then stopped at the waistband of his jeans. Trailing her fingers lightly over the zipper she felt his stiffness through the fabric.

He moaned softly in her mouth, putting is hand over hers and rubbed it up and down over the growing bulge.

Pushing his hand away and pulling her mouth off his she slid off his lap and down between his legs, kneeling on the floor between them. Her nimble fingers quickly undid the button and zipper then tugged them down his heavily muscled thighs. Then, spreading his thighs further apart she ran her flattened tongue from the base of his stiff, swollen cock upwards to the tip of the bulbous, purplish head.

Shutting his eyes, he groaned loudly and shook slightly. Then he started to run his fingers through her soft, black tresses.

Flicking the point of her tongue up and down the slit in the head she could feel his flesh quiver under its touch and taste the salty tanginess of his pre-cum. She then let it swirl lightly around the ridge.

Shuddering violently, he held tightly to her head and hissed through clenched teeth. He opened his eyes and looked down at her, watching her slender pink tongue twirl softly around the sensitive ridge of his cock. When she flattened it out and ran the broad side of it up and down the join of the head and the shaft his whole body clenched tightly and quivered, sweat starting to sprout all over his body.

She felt his cock quivering under her tongue and his body tense up. Then she just put the swollen head of his cock in her mouth and just sucked on it, letting the tip of her tongue flick lightly over the tip of it.

Gripping her head tightly he jerked and quaked uncontrollably, hissing through his tightly clenched teeth.

She then took her mouth off and blew lightly on the wet flesh, eliciting a loud growl from him.

Then she put her mouth back on it and lowered it all the way down until every inch of it was down her throat an her nose was buried in the curly forest of his pubic hair. Her long silken hair was brushing against the sensitive flesh of his inner thighs, causing the skin to prickle.

She just held still for several minutes, sucking, not moving her head at all, eliciting loud moans and groans from him. Then slowly started to move her mouth up and down, taking it up to the tip to where it was almost falling out of her mouth then lowering it all the way down until her nose was once again buried in his pubic hair, twisting her head side to side as she did.

His head fell back and his eyes shut, his whole body quivering and shaking, panting heavily, moaning loudly. His fingers were tangled in her hair, holding tightly to her head.

She continued on until he was wriggling and squirming all over, his breath coming in short rasps, body bathed in a light coating of sweat. Then, puller her mouth off, she started licking his cock all over, covering every inch of the swollen, throbbing flesh with her flattened tongue, eliciting loud groans and moans from him. Reaching out, she gently massaged his swollen balls softly, feeling them throb against her palm.

After a bit she pulled her tongue away from his twitching member and wrapped her hand around it, moving it up and down. She moved her mouth down and started to bathe his swollen sacs with her tongue, feeling his flesh quiver under its touch.

Shuddering and shaking, he groaned loudly, pulling her head closer and letting his legs fall further apart. Rubbing her tongue up and down the back side of his balls she felt him shiver harder and his moans seemed to grow louder and longer. She then let her tongue drag heavily downwards until it reached his tight pucker. Then she flicked it against the tightly clenched hole and licked it. Her hand clenched tighter around his cock, further swelling it making it throb madly in her palm.

Licking and flicking her tongue against the opening she was causing him to squirm around on the sofa, his fingers digging into her scalp. His breath was coming in short sharp gasps and pants. He could feel himself building towards a huge climax so he grasped her head and pulled her mouth away with a loud groan.

She sat back on her heels and looked up at him, licking her lips. He was looking down at her, eyes squinted, growling, his breath coming in sharp pants. He licked his lips then grabbing a handful of her hair he yanked her to him roughly then ground his mouth onto hers, kissing her passionately. He wrapped his arms around her torso and pulled her to him then stood up, holing her tightly to his body. Kicking his boots off he was able to then step out of his pants. He held onto her and was able to make his way to her bedroom with little trouble, his still rock hard member seeming to point the way. When he got into the room he tossed her roughly on the bed then quickly ripped the rest of his clothes off.

Rather than wait for him to do it she quickly divested herself of her clothes and got up on all fours with her firm, round ass pointed towards him and her legs spread apart.

He stood there looking at her black furred sex and licked his lips. It was flowered open, the pinkish interior beaded with delicate droplets of moisture that seemed to glisten in the low light. Down her muscular torso her pink tipped breasts hung down, the nipples hard. Her hair was tossed over one shoulder and she was looking back at him, only her dark eyes and the bridge of her nose visible over her shoulder. He growled softly then crawled up on the bed behind her. Firmly grasping his cock in his hand he rubbed it up and down her fragrant slit, letting her slick juices mingle with his pre-cum, getting the head wet before placing it at the entrance of her hot hole and sliding it all the way into her moist, tight pussy, pulling her hips back as he slid forward.

She groaned loudly as all of his cock passed through her tight walls, stretching her out. Leaning over her back he started to slide in and out of her tight, wet sex. He wrapped one arm under her stomach and pulled her back up against his chest, putting his face next to hers, kissing her deeply and passionately. His other hand snaked down between her legs and rubbed the soft bud of her clit, causing her to moan in his mouth and start to squirm around. Not being very slow or gentle he thrust into her, his finger rubbing her clit in quick circles where it poked out of its hood, his fingers getting coated with her slick, fragrant juices. His mouth continuing to devour hers.

She moaned into his mouth and thrust back onto his cock, grinding herself onto his crotch. Her long fingers dug deeply into the mattress and she shook all over as his rough finger manipulated her clit. Every nerve in her body seemed to be alive and singing like the strings on a finely tuned violin. His practiced finger bringing her quickly to the edge. Her pussy tightened down on his thick member, feeling it throb deep within her very core.

He started thrusting harder and deeper within her, murmuring into her mouth, “Come on baby, cum for Kyber. Let me feel it.” His finger working faster on her throbbing nub, feeling it pulse under his touch.

She was bucking back onto him, emitting a long keening sound that soon turned into a loud wail as her orgasm cut lose and washed over her. She slammed back onto him and tightened her throbbing pussy onto his cock. When she was well into the multiple orgasm that had her thrusting and grinding on him he let himself do what his body had wanted to do since her practiced mouth had worked on him, he threw his head back and roared then let loose his thick cum deep into her wet tunnel.

When they both had finished they collapsed into a heap on the bed, two sweaty bodies clinging to one another. The next morning he awoke with a satisfied grin on his face, remembering their sexual gymnastics that went on until the early morning hours. He rolled over to tell her good morning but she wasn’t in bed. On her pillow was a note. He sat up and read it;

Kyber, What can I say but WOW and that it was delicious. You far surpass your legend. Sorry I am not there now but duty calls and I have a plane to catch. I have arranged for one of the ladies in the village to bring you breakfast. Her number is by the phone; just give her a call when you are ready. I hope that we can get together again sometime. Hugs, Sabre

He re-read it a couple times with a grin on his face then chuckled. “Have no fear Dark Eyes, we will indeed meet again. Probably when you least expect it.”

I want to give thanks to Lord Kyber Bloodshead Alpha for allowing me to use his character in this story.

– The End –