“Hey there little red riding hood, you sure are looking good, you’re everything a big bad wolf could want.” -Sam Sham and the Pharaohs

Reds’ mother packed the basket silently, unable to look at her daughter, who was gathering things for the days journey, chattering happily, not seeming to notice that her mother wasn’t talking. Tears stood in the older womans eyes as she watched her daughter flit about gathering things up. Red was the spitting image of the older woman, Griselda, same strong features, same willowy figure, same tall, erect form but the most striking thing on both of them was their long, fiery red hair.

One the basket was packed with provisions and a nice lunch Griselda stood up and watched her daughter, biting her bottom lip to keep the tears from coming. Poor Red had no inkling of what was coming or that this was going to be the last time she saw her mother. The dear had deal had been made when Red was still and infant in her mothers arms. The war between the rival clans had decimated Griselda’s’ clan. When the deal was struck all that was left were a handful of women, including Griselda ad her new born girl. Deathica, her mother-in-law and the clan leaders mate, had made the best deal she could to spare what remained of her clan, the DarkHearts, so perhaps some day they could again flourish. Once the deal was struck Griselda and Deathica had retreated deep within the dense Siberian forest, in accordance with the treaty, to raise Red. Their cabins were within several miles of each other and this was the only world Red had even known. She had grown from a chubby toddler to a gangly adolescent and finally to the beauty she now was in the forest without ever being around beings other than her mother and grandmother. An occasional glimpse of a hunter was all she ever saw of other beings. If she was curious or wanted for other company she had never mentioned it.

Her education was from her two matriarchs and was of the old ways passed down from mother to daughter for centuries. The history of her clan was taught to her but the war, its outcome and exactly what they were was never mentioned. If Red had ever wondered about any gaps in the history she had never once mentioned them.

She had been a contented child, always able to entertain herself with her handmade toys. As she grew older the deep woods had become a source of endless fascination to her. She wandered in them for hours, looking for things for her mother or grandmother. Even alone she wandered their quiet solitude singing songs she had been taught. It seemed to her that for some reason she was more at home in the cool quiet of the forest than in her mothers’ comfortable cabin. Forest animals never bothered or menaced her, sensing what she was they kept their distance. At nights, while sitting in front of the roaring fire she could look through the windows of the cabin and see the woods and feel a strong pull to them. The noises of the forest seemed to call her, inviting her to come to them.

Griselda watched her daughter, her heart breaking. She could have explained everything to Red but had put if off and now it was too late. She hoped what she had taught her would serve her well because time was now up. Today was Reds’ birthday and she was now considered to be an adult, her childhood was over.

It was a tradition with them that she always spent the day of her birthday with her grandmother. Red had always looked forward to these visits. She found her grandmother fascinating and the old womans’ tales had always enraptured her and held her spellbound. In the last year frequent trips to the old womans’ cabin had become a necessity, for she had grown old and could no longer find her own provisions so Red delivered them to her.

Before sunrise her mother had gotten up and laid out new clothes for her that had been made just for this occasion. Red squealed in delight when she saw them and quickly dressed, not understanding the tears in her mothers’ eyes.

Now, everything was packed and Red was ready for her trip through the woods. She checked all the parcels to make sure everything was there then announced she was ready to leave.

“Wait a minute dear; I have one more thing for you.” Griselda said. She lifted an ancient wooden box onto the table. After opening it she withdrew a long hooded, cloak the color of fresh blood. She held it out to astounded daughter, “This cloak has been in my family for generations, passed down from mother to daughter on the day they became a woman. So today it’s yours.” She walked over and put it on her daughters, eyes sparking with tears.

Red looked at the magnificent cloak, speechless. Her fingers ran over the thick, plush fabric. “Oh Momma! It’s beautiful!”

Griselda gave a small smile, “Guard it well child for within it is your heritage.” When Red looked at her quizzically she just shook her head, “Some day you will understand.” Then she pulled her into one last hug before shoving her out the door.

When she got to the gate that opened o the forest path Red stopped and waved to her mother as she always did then disappeared into the forest.

Griselda waved back then watched her daughter until she could no longer see her. She was able to get inside and sit down at the table before she broke down.

Red made her way lazily through the woods, stopping here and there to pick flowers to brighten her grandmothers’ cabin or to gather some herbs and roots she knew the old woman needed, unaware she was being watched.

From the time she walked out of the gate a great black wolf had followed her on her meandering path through the forest, watching her every move with rap attention, licking his chops.

When she got about a mile from her grandmothers dooryard he dashed ahead of her to get there before she did, as was the plan.

As he passed her his scent hit Red. She stopped cold and sniffed the air. There was something very familiar about that woodsy feral smell but she couldn’t place it. She shut her eyes and continued to smell the air until it was gone in the breeze. There was something in it that had made her stomach clench and had seemed to have given birth to a longing in her that she had never felt before. It seemed that the woods called to her to come be part of them and to run free in them as an animal. It seemed as if she would never be the same as she was. Areas of her body she had never used for anything other than their bodily functions suddenly came to life and tingled, setting fire to her blood. The unfamiliar feeling made her gasp and blush then confused her. She tried to push it all out of her mind but as she walked on she thought about it, confusing her even more.

When her grandmothers’ simple cabin came into view her face lit up with a smile, making it even more beautiful than it was before. She dashed through the dooryard and let herself in, crying, “Nanna, I’m here!” But she was only met with silence. The house was dark and it appeared there was no one home. Worry lines appeared on her forehead. Never before had she come and her grandmother had not met her as she had come in. She put her parcels down and wandered through the house, looking. The kitchen that was always filled with wonderful smells and warmth from the time she was a child was empty and cold. Even the great stove that burned hot 24 hours a day, filling the house with its warmth was cold and unlit. The parlor, bedrooms, and living room were all empty and dark, the windows shut and the shudders drawn. When she walked into the den there was a figure sitting in her grandmothers’ ancient rocker. She let out a sigh of relief and walked forward. “Nanna, I was so worried!? When she touched the back of the chair the figure rose from it and turned to face her. It wasn’t her beloved grandmother but a huge man, tall, tan, heavily muscled, deep chested, and long of legs with sleek black, longish, shaggy hair and yellow eyes. The smell she had encounted in the woods seemed to envelope him causing her breath to catch in her throat and that unfamiliar tingling to start once again.

He smiled down at her, a smile that seemed both pleasant and dangerous at the same time. “Well, hello Red. You are indeed as beautiful as you have been described to me.” His deep, resounding voice seemed to boom and echo off the walls of the quiet little house and fill it with his masculine presence.

She had never before seen a man clue up, having caught only fleeting glances of them in the woods and seen pictures and drawings of them that her mother and grandmother had shown her, so him standing there so close to her was un-nerving. She stepped back and licked her lips nervously, “Who are you and where is my Nanna?”

Cocking his head to one side he smiled at her, “Where are my manners? Your beauty had befuddled my senses a bit. I am Sabre Deathmist, my fair one. As for your grandmother, she is spending the day in the woods so you and I can become better acquainted and not be disturbed.”

Reds brow furrowed, “I don’t understand. Nanna has grown too old to wander the woods anymore. And why would she want you and I to become better acquainted?”

He stepped closer to the fiery haired beauty, who immediately backed away from him, and smiled at her. “Don’t you know fair one? The time has come for me to take possession of you.”

Red looked at him, eyes wide, mouth hanging agape, “What?”

He looked at her puzzled, “Did you not know that the day you became a woman you would come into my possession to become my mate?”

A flush started on her chest then crept up her neck to her face where it lit florid blossoms in her cheeks. “You lie! You need to leave so I can go find Nanna.”

A small smile turned up the corners of his mouth, “Sabre Deathmist, son of Malfecia, leader of the SoulStalker clan does not lie fair one.”

“I wouldn’t know that since I don’t even know what the SoulStalker clan is!” She huffed.

He laughed heartily, eyes twinkling. “Never heard of them? My fair one, what do you think you are, human?”

Glaring at him she felt the unfamiliar emotion of anger swell within her. “I am Red Silverblood of the DarkHearts, that is who I am!”

“But what are you? DO you know that?”

She looked at him, confused, not understanding the question.

“This is rich!” He laughed. The heir to the clan leadership knows not what she is!”

Red stomped her foot in frustration. “You need to leave my grandmothers house now!”

He had stopped laughing but his eyes still danced with mirth. “Forgive me fair one. I was not wanting to offend you.” Looking at her carefully he thought out loud, “Perhaps it was I who was the foolish one for saying that. You have led a sheltered existence in these woods and would never have encountered another race of beings, so you would naturally not understand the question. Coupled with the fact that you are just now coming of age and would not yet have had your first shift. Please, accept my apologies for my unwarranted rudeness.”

“Apology accepted. “She wimpered. “Now leave.”

He shook his shaggy head. “Not without you fair one. As I said before, I have come to take you with me. That was arranged when we were both babes in swaddling clothes to end the war between our clans. Neither of us have a choice in the matter. Accept our fate Red and come with me. I will do my best to make your life happy and content.”

She shook her head. TO see the world was an intriguing idea that held some allure to her. But it also frightened her as well. All she had ever known in her life was this patch of woods and the sheltered existence with her mother and grandmother. “I can’t, this is my home and I can’t just up and leave it or my mother and Nanna. Besides, how do I know that you are telling me the truth about this mating thing?”

Nodding, he answered, “I would be suspicious if I were you too. So, to ensure that you would believe me I brought the contract your grandmother signed as proof.” He reached into his dark, thick overcoat and pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to her.

She sat down in a chair and opened the letter then read it. With each line her face became more crestfallen. By the time she reached the bottom, shining tears were falling from her eyes onto the paper. She looked up at him, “I don’t believe this. My Nanna would never force me to become your mate, never!”

He knelt before her and looked into her eyes, “She did what she had to do at the time to stop the war between our clans before the DarkHearts were totally annihilated. This was the only way.” He put his hand on hers to try and assure her. “You will be treated as it befits your station, the rightful heir to a clan leadership, by me and my people. You will want for nothing ever. You are a powerful werewolf. Your mother was a shaman as was hers on down the line until the time before the moon. A power such as that carries respect. Come with me Red, come with me and be my mate.”

She looked at him, a confused look on her face, “What is a werewolf?”

He gave her a bemused smile, “Alas, I keep forgetting you know no distinction between races of beings. You and I are werewolves. The most powerful race of creatures to walk the face of the earth, to keepers of the earth, the keepers and protectors of Gaia.” He squeezed her hand reassuringly then stood up and backed away from her. Removing his coat then tossing it on a chair, he smiled at her, “My fair one, this is a werewolf.” Shutting his eyes he concentrated and began to slowly shift. Growling loudly, he grew to about nine feet in height, hair sprout all over his body until it covered him in a thick shiny pelt the same color as the hair on his head. The muscles on his body thickened and bunched up, becoming heavily muscled. Claws grew thick and long from the ends of his fingers. His ears elongated and became the ears of an animal with fur covering them. A long muzzle with sharp, jagged teeth grew and his brow thickened. Only his eyes seemed to stay the same, they were still human and the look in them still soft. “This, my fair one, is a werewolf.”

She let out a blood curdling shriek of pure terror, stood and backed up against the nearest wall, panting, eyes wide with fear.

He advanced slowly towards her, talking softly and calmly, “Red, you have nothing to fear from me and never will. I would not harm a hair on your pretty head, ever.” His voice was deeper and much more gruff, like a growl of an animal, but his tone remained soft and caring. He stopped about two feet in front of her and knelt down, taking her hand in his and holding it gently. “It is still I, Sabre, and I assure you no harm will come to you. Why would I hurt the beautiful woman that I wish to have as my mate?”

Looking at him, eyes still wide with terror, she said, through a throat dry as dust, “You’re a wolf! Did you eat my Nanna? Please tell me you didn’t kill her. She is old and defenseless!”

“Ahh, Red, I am not like the big bad wolf. I have big eyes, a big nose and even bigger teeth but I would not harm an old woman. Let alone take on your grandmother. Deathica Silverblood was one of the fierce Black Fury warriors before she married into the DarkHearts. Now, she may be old but she is far from defenseless and I would not dare take her on. I assure you and swear in the name of Gaia your beloved grandmother is safe.” He stood back up and shifted back to human and smiled at her.

Looking up into his yellow eyes she felt that tingle again and her stomach fluttered like butterflies were loose in it. Her palms were damp and she was shivering a bit.

He smiled at her, “Let me build a fire and we will sit down and eat the wonderful lunch your mother packed for us then I will answer any questions you may have for me. How does that sound my fair one?”

She nodded a bit, “I think that would be OK.”

He stepped closer to her and put one of his massive hands on her cheek then kissed her other cheek, making her blush, then stepped away, smiling. “I will start the fire now.” He smiled at her again then went over to the fireplace and went to work.

When he leaned in close to her his wild musky scent seemed to envelope her and send her blood racing through her veins and her heart to pound. It took her several minutes to pull herself together before she could move to unpack the lunch. While she laid everything out on the table by the window her eyes kept being drawn to him. She had never been around a man so he was very exotic and intoxicating to her. A pull of attraction was there as well. The way his muscles pulled and bunched as he moved under his shirt was mesmerizing. Her loins had a hot, wet feeling she had never known before along with a tingle that was like a maddening itch. There was a longing for him that she couldn’t explain to herself. When he moved closer to her her skin prickled as if she were close to a lightning strike.

They sat on the large soft bear skin rug in front of the fireplace and ate. She asked him question after question about his clan, what he did, what the world beyond the forest was like, etc.. He answered them each as best he could, telling her about his clan enclave, humans and other beings, what his parents were like, so forth and so on. His patience with her ceaseless barrage of questions seemed never ending.

When she ran out of questions about him, she lowered her eyes and asked the question that had troubled her most, “Am I really like you? Am I really a werewolf? I have never been able to do what you did, so how can I be?”

He picked up their plates and such and put them on the table then sat back down in front of her. “You are just as much of a werewolf as I am. You have just not found the wild that is in your heart and soul that will allow you to do your first shift but it is there I assure you; I can see it and smell it. One day soon you will find it and you will see.”

He moved closer to her and looked deep in her eyes. The deep green pools seemed to catch the color of the fire and made them shimmer. He gazed into them as he spoke to her, “I have never met anyone like you Red. You are an innocent in the ways of the world yet you have a strength in you beyond measure. As frightened as you were of me you still found it in you to challenge me about your grandmother. That took true courage, something so few people have.”

He reached out and took her delicate hand in his, “Be my mate Red. Not because that piece of paper says you have to be but because I ask you to be. IF you do not wish to I will throw that paper in the fire and we will part ways. But if you do I will give you everything you wish for if it is in my power to give. I will love you beyond measure. You will be sage, protected and cared for for the rest of your life. Just say you will Red.”

Looking into his yellow eyes her heart seemed to burst with joy that spilled into her veins and coursed through her body as a delicious warmth. She was unable to pull her eyes away from his or to speak through a throat that seemed to be constricted shut. Tears prickled the corners of her eyes, threatening to spill down her cheeks. Not tears of sadness and pain but tears of joy.

He leaned closer to her and stroked one rough, calloused finger down her high cheekbone and whispered but one word, “Please.”

The shimmering tears spilled down her cheeks as she nodded and said a soft, “Yes.” Through a clogged throat.

An electricity seemed to pass through them at that moment making their hair stand on end and their skin tingle, sealing their mating.

He smiled brightly at her, tears bright in his yellow eyes. He cupped her cheek in his palm and looked into her eyes. “Red, I don’t think I could explain or express how happy you have made me at this moment. There are no words any where sufficient to tell you what I am feeling or how truly and utterly happy I am. I will not even try. But what I will say to you is this, thank you. Thank you for giving me the privilege of being in your life and allowing me to share mine with you. Thank you for taking a chance with me, I promise you you will never regret it. But most of all thank you for giving me the chance to make you happy.” He leaned closer to her to kiss her but before his lips touched hers he murmured a soft, “Thank you.”

That soft, sweet, tender kiss quickly deepened into something more passionate, fervent and needy. He wrapped her in his strong arms and pulled her into his lap, her legs straddling his muscular thighs. He wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and pulled her tightly to his broad chest, holding her, feeling her heartbeat meld with his own.

It was so strange, what she was feeling, but not unpleasant or scary. His firm lips pressed to hers, his slight scruff of hair growth on his face rough against her tender skin. She could feel his coarse, crinkly chest hair through his shirt. A fire seemed to erupt in her loins causing her to shake all over and a fiery lava to course throughout her body. Her skin flushed a bright pink.

He clutched her tightly to him, his mouth devouring hers hungrily and insistently. But he kept a tight reign on his passions, keeping in mind that she was a virgin and had no experience of any kind with men. He let it go only so far when he stopped it, looking at her, panting, “Ahh, my fair one how you inflame me!”

She looked at him quizzically, panting, licking her swollen lips, “Did I do something wrong, is that why you stopped?” Her whole body was shaking as if she had a fever and lightning seemed to dance across her skin.

Giving her a reassuring smile he stroked a rough finger down her flushed cheek. “No, no, no! You have done nothing wrong at all. As a matter of fact it is just the opposite! You inflame me to the point I want to lose control of myself. That is a very good thing my pretty one! But I must keep control otherwise I may hurt you, something I cannot abide doing. You are unversed in the ways of passion, desire and the flesh so I must proceed slowly and gently.” He ran his fingers through her thick auburn hair and smiled at her. “Let me ask this my mate, how much do you know of the mating ritual between men and women.”

She blushed brightly and lowered her eyes, “Nanna and Momma told me about what duties are expected of me.” Indeed, after she got her first monthly cycle they had sat down with her and explained all about sexual relations and babies.

He put a finger under her chin and tilted it up so she was looking at him once again. “There is nothing to be ashamed of when talking about relations between mated couples. By far, it is one of the most pleasurable and wonderful experiences one can ever have! I just wanted to know if you had any knowledge so I may tailor my actions.” Putting a hand on the back of her head he drew her back into a deeply passionate kiss, parting her lips gently and letting his tongue dance with hers. He let one large hand wander down the neck of her dress to her breasts, tightly encased in the deep green dress she wore. Running a calloused palm over them eh could feel her nipples poking proudly through the fabric, as if straining to get free. He let his hands wander around to her back where, after stroking up and down it a couple times, he started to unbutton the back slowly.

She started to protest but it was muffled by his mouth.

He got all the buttons undone then slowly skinned it down her body and let it rest in a pool around her waist. His hands stroked up and down the smooth, unblemished skin of her back then he pulled away and undid his own shirt and tossed it aside, looking into her eyes as he did.

She crossed her arms over her bare breasts and blushed but sat, staring at his naked chest, unable to tear her eyes away from it.

He reached out and gently took her wrists and pulled her arms away from her chest. “There is no need to be embarrassed around me my shy one. Why hide your beauty from me when we will both know the other intimately very soon,” He put her palms flat on his chest and stroked her hair softy. “Touch me innocent one, get to know my body.”

She blushed harder but felt her fingers trail through the thick pelt of his chest, feeling the wiry hairs against her fingertips. Letting them trail over his flat nipples, feeling them stiffen under her light touch. Then drug down over his rock hard stomach, feeling the muscles work underneath the skin. She could hear his breath quicken and him quiver under her touch. She looked up into his eyes, a puzzled look on her face, “Is there something wrong?”

He shook his shaggy head and smiled at her, “No, not at all. Your touch excites and inflames me all the more. That, my dear, is a good thing.” Leaning forward, he kissed her again, but more passionately this time, pulling her closer to him. Reaching down between them he unbuttoned his pants and let his throbbing manhood spring free. Gently, he grasped one of her hands and led it down so she could touch it.

When she felt the throbbing flesh beneath her touch she broke off the kiss and looked down then grasped. She tried to pull away but he held her hand firmly. “Hush pretty one, there’s nothing to fear from it. It won’t hurt you but will give you the most exquisite pleasure. IT is no different than the male organ you have seen on animals.” He kissed her tenderly again and wrapped his hand around hers, guiding it the way he liked to be touched.

Soon, he gently pushed her onto her back and proper himself above her and started to kiss down her neck to her chest. He then licked and sucked on her breasts and nipples unto she was emitting soft cries of pleasure and squirming around under him. He took the opportunity, while she was distracted, to ease her dress and undergarments off as well as divulge himself of his remaining clothes. He then started to kiss and lick his way down her slightly concave stomach. She seemed to have lost some of her shyness, holding onto his head and moaning his name over and over softly. Never in her life had she ever felt anything so good. It was as if there was a fire in her loins that raced along every nerve in her body, jangling them. It seemed to her that her skin had become so sensitive that his slightest touch caused her to quiver and shake uncontrollably from the overload of pleasurable sensations. Every nerve ending in her body seemed to be alive and dancing just under her skin. All she could do was lay there, gasping and whimpering, asking him not to stop.

When she felt the rough scruff of his beard brush lightly against the inside of one of his thighs she squealed loudly and shook harder all over. She didn’t understand the feelings her body was producing, it was as if it was no longer her own, but she knew she didn’t want him to stop and she wanted more.

Slowly he kissed up her inner thighs, first one then the other until he reached her red furred sex. Her excitement was very evident. It was slightly spread open and the delicate interior was visible to his gaze. The lips had darkened in color and thickened. A small trickle of her clear juice was leaking out and running down her perineum. Her delicate pearl of her clit had poked it’s self out of its hood and was throbbing. He shut his eyes and inhaled deeply, taking in the musky perfume of her sex, making his shaft throb more. Leaning forward he flattened out his tongue and lightly licked from the bottom of her pussy upwards, covering it all, eliciting a loud shriek of pure pleasure from her. Her juice was sweet and tangy on his tongue. He licked his lips then parted her lips with two fingers and wiggled his tongue against her virgin hole, eliciting a gasp from her. He plunged it in and out a couple times before flicking the tip of it across her protruding clit. Her reaction was instantaneous. She arched up and crushed her throbbing pussy down onto his face, shaking.

He wrapped his arms under her thighs and pulled her crotch closer to him and took her clit in his mouth and started to suck gently on it, rubbing his tongue up and down the underside of it. He could feel it quivering against his tongue. She was gasping and moaning, shaking all over, her legs involuntarily trying to close around his head.

He held them open with his elbows then unwrapped one arm from around her thigh and tickled her tight hole with one finger to get it wet then eased it into her. He flicked the tip of his tongue across the ultra sensitive tip of her clit again to distract her from any pain she might feel from the intrusion. She didn’t even seem to notice, moaning loudly and twisting around.

He kept up the work on her clit and slid first one finger then two in and out of her pussy until her nails were dug into his scalp and she was unable to hold still, squirming all over underneath him. He knew she was very close to cumming. Quickly, he pulled his tongue off and replaced it with his finger without missing a beat. She was dazed by the overwhelming unfamiliar sensations her body was producing to notice, squirming all over, eyes rolled back in her head. His finer never leaving off its ministrations on her clit, he got up on his knees between her legs and grasped his throbbing cock and rubbed it up and down between her spread lips, his pre-cum mingling with the fluids flowing freely out of her pussy. He, himself was having problems maintaining control because of the fact that he was as turned on as she was but managed to keep a tight reign on everything.

When he felt her clit throb hard and she arched up, letting out a long, loud scream as her very first orgasm overtook her. He eased his throbbing cock into the tight sleeve of her virgin hole, breaking her intact maidenhead just as she hit her peak.

She didn’t even notice the intrusion as wave after wave of pure ecstasy washed over her, making her shake uncontrollably, gasp for air and tighten up all over. Never before in her life had she felt anything like it. It was a pure pleasure she had nothing to compare to. It was as if every nerve in her body wad alive and singing. When it finally ended she collapsed on the rug, panting, limp as a rag, trying to catch her breath and come back to her senses.

Sabre left himself deep inside her wet walls and leaned over her, taking her in his arms, stroking her sopping wet hair. He waited patiently for her to come back down.

She clung tightly to him until she regained her senses then looked up into his eyes, wrapping her arms around his waist, “That was… indescribable.”

He smiled at her then leaned down and kissed her softly, yet passionately. Within a minute there mouths were devouring each others. His finger went back to work on her still ultra sensitive and throbbing clit then he started to slide himself in and out of her tight, silken pussy.

He was as excited as she was and longed for a rough, animalistic fucking but knew that wasn’t appropriate for her first time. He maintained a slow, steady pace, working her clit the whole time. Her slick tight sheath gripped his throbbing cock, seeming to milk it, wanting him to spill his seed in her. He knew as turned on and sensitive as she was it wouldn’t take her long to climax again. He gritted his teeth and fought against the urge to cum.

Underneath him she writhed around, squealing and moaning uncontrollably, saying his name over and over, her nails digging into his back where she held onto him tightly.

The fire flickered low, shimmering off their damp, sweaty skin, making it glisten in the low light. The room filled with the scent of their combined passion. The only sounds that were heard were the slap of flesh on flesh and her loud moans and his name being said over and over.

Gradually his thrusting became rougher and more animalistic, his breath coming in pants, sweat pouring off him and bounced down his ribs and back. His hair was saturated and plastered to his skull. His fingers worked harder and faster on her clit. He leaned over and kissed her deeply and passionately.

She clung to him tightly, her eyes screwed tightly shut, panting rapidly. Without any prelude a mind shattering, earth moving multiple orgasm washed over her like ocean waves crashing onto a beach. She slammed up on him and screamed at the top of her lungs, stiffening up.

Quickly, her screams turned into howls as her first shift overtook her.

When he felt her orgasm start he threw his head back and howled, letting himself release. When he was done he collapsed on top of her, panting and shaking.

She came forever, it seemed, growling and snarling until she went limp on the floor under him, gasping for air.

He rolled off the top of her and pulled her into his arms, stroking her now furry back. Smiling he said, “See, all you needed to do was find your wild heart.”

She rested her head on his chest over his heart and dozed off, with the thunder of his heartbeat in her ear.

They dozed for a couple hours then got up and cleaned up then prepared to leave. He packed the parcels her mother had sent her onto his horse and waited for her.

She grabbed the cloak her mother had given her around her shoulders and took one last look at the cottage that had been like a second home to her all her life then went out to her mate. Both sadness and a thrill filled her as she shut the door to the cabin one last time

He smiled at her as she approached him. He buttoned her cloak and put the hood over her head to guard her against the chill of the coming night. “Bundle up Iittle Red riding hood, the night air is cold. I don’t want you getting sick.” He helped her onto the horse and got her comfortable. Before he mounted himself he kissed her once again then smiled, “Little Red riding hood you’re everything this big bad wolf could want.” He then mounted the horse and they rode off through the woods.

Stranding in the small garden of her mothers house, Griselda and Deathica got their final glimpse of Red as she and Sabre passed over a bluff just on the other side of the forest on their way to the great sea.

Thus started the legend of Little Red Riding Hood. It’s not the fable you thought it was is it? Although Red and Sabre lived long, long ago the fable of the innocent young girl and the big bad wolf lives on, in more ways than one. If you see a werewolf with hair the color of the fire of the setting sun, they are also the legacy of Sabre and Red, who are known to werewolves for more than a legend. They are the couple that brought together two warring clans and created one whose strength is unsurpassed to this day. They are known as the ones who lead using knowledge and compassion rather than brut strength. But most of all they live on in songs still sung by werewolf children about two beings whose love for each other and their kind knew no bounds.

Well, they live on in that silly fable too, but that is for you humans.

– The End –

by Princess Dany