The change in Mary was remarkable and eminently noticeable. From being the shy diminutive figure, frightened of her own shadow and scared stiff of conflict and confrontation, she had become a confident and assertive woman. She faced the daily challenge of her limited education and overcame her painful lack of social graces. She had a voice and an opinion and was quite prepared to use them.

A bi-product of her newly attained persona was interest from the opposite sex. In her job at the Supermarket, she often came into contact with members of the public and, instead of shrinking and wilting before their questioning eyes; she looked up and faced them as an equal. Men, for some reason, find an assertive woman irresistible. Mary had the looks, which helped, but now, instead of hiding in a non-descript uniform, she openly advertised her body. Not in any overt way, but just by standing up and facing people with her chest and chin up.

Mary had also changed her hair style, allowing her luxuriant locks to flow and frame her face instead of being savagely pulled back and wound into a tight bun.

What had really changed in Mary though, beyond anything else, was her sense of self and an awareness of her sexuality. She exploited the situation mercilessly and was not beyond enticement to gain an advantage. Her Manager stood little chance when she asked for a raise. Somehow, inadvertently, a button or two had popped open just before she entered his office. Although she didn’t have large breasts, the well fitted wonder bra created a cleavage that he could hardly take his eyes from. It was her tits that scored the raise, and what’s more, she knew it.

She later told Michael and laughed as she described Mister Bingley’s eyes almost popping out of his head as she leaned forward and almost had a popping out of her own.

She and Michael were a very definite couple now. Three months had passed during which, he had moved in and brought all of his better quality furniture and his companion Defor. Defor, not an original thought process to come up with Defor dog, was an adolescent Labrador who liked nothing more than resting before embarking on a prolonged rest period, followed by sleep. Mary’s remark that he should have been called cushion had Michael laughing too hard, ending up in a fit of coughing.

In the three months, Mary had learned of just about every possible position in which to make love. Given the limitations of their middle-aged bodies, they managed a fair proportion of the Karma-Sutra and even invented their own adaptations of the graphics. Their lovemaking was sometimes frantic, tearing clothing off of bodies in desperation to get naked. Sometimes it was slow and careful, with caresses and tenderness. Other times, it was a more functional method of Mary learning techniques and what it was that got her engine running. They were not quite so choosey about location either. Whenever the fancy took, then the place seemed not to matter too much. Mary’s inhibitions had all evaporated after a few days of Michael’s passion.

Mary considered one of their sessions a little kinky though. He had visited her at work to share lunch. They ended up in the stock room with her sitting on a produce shelf while he fucked her into the Dexion racking. Afterward, she pulled her briefs back up and had his semen collecting and drying in the gusset for the rest of the day. By the time he got home from work, she was so rampant that he didn’t even get the chance to put his keys on the hook, before she had stripped him and was sucking his juices out through his cock.

They had settled into a comfortable, although sexually charged, partnership. Each had no doubt of the others feelings and had no qualms in telling each other, just how much they loved. The whole world could know as far as they were concerned and anyone who knew them was under no uncertainties.

They had been watching a mildly erotic television play. The plot was about an older professor who was wrecking his marriage and career over a liaison with a student. Some of the scenes were quite graphic and included a scene of two men and the young student. It sparked an interest in Mary, but she didn’t say anything until later, when Michael was still shuddering his orgasm between her legs.

“I want to watch a porn film.” She announced. “I want to watch a porn film with sex, in all its forms. I want to experience the pleasure, I know you get, from seeing films of sex.” She left the statement hanging in the heated air between them while Michael heaved his body off of her and lay panting from the recent exertion.

The air cooled as he laid next to her, thinking about what she had said. For once, he felt an uncertainty and wondered what kind of sleeping leviathan he had awoken. It was an exciting development, but he felt uncertain of her motives. It was a typical male ego trip, thinking pornography to be a singularly male trait. Mary telling him that she wanted to watch actors’ screw each other undermined his masculinity and also made him question whether he was enough for her.

Mary felt his trepidation, but allowed him to stew on it for a while as she enjoyed the feeling of his seed as it seeped from her body and pooled between her cheeks.

Their sex had been a revelation to Mary. For the first time in her life, she had discovered that it was a pleasurable experience and a wonderful way of expressing love. She gave her heart every time and was rewarded with his gratitude, consideration and love. Mary had found an outlet for pent up frustration, although she had no idea what it was she had missed until Michael turned up. Now, she positively anticipated his homecoming or the next chance they had to couple and mate.

There had to be more though. They had tried so many positions with varying amounts of success, but Michael was always the instigator of what they did and how. She loved the feeling of his tongue as it lapped her moistened sex and his sucking her clit into his mouth, drove her mad. But, it was always Michael giving her pleasure and her taking it. In a small way, it was a subjugation caused by her inexperience and naivety. She had had his cock in her mouth, but it was at his guidance and only as a prelude to sex. She wanted to taste him, wanted to feel his cock explode in her mouth. Mary knew that it was only his way of loving her and being gentle with her blossoming sexual repertoire.

One way to learn was to observe the professionals and the antics they got up to. Mary knew of pornography, although she had never seen any, but she knew of its existence and decided that it would be her passport to a sexual freedom and emancipation. “Michael.” She began softly. “I love you with all my heart. Surely you must know this? But, I want to be able to do more and in learning, broaden our horizons. Porn films are merely a method of learning through visual stimulation. You have nothing to fear my love, I will never do anything to spoil what we have.” She turned into his arms, and soon was sleeping the sleep of the satiated.

Several borrowed and rented films later, Mary had watched as many suck and fuck films, as she wanted. On many occasions, they experimented and learned even more about each other’s bodies. She found that she liked the taste of Michael in her mouth, but really got turned on when she sucked him until he was just about to cum, then take him from her mouth and rub him while she knelt facing him and frigged herself, until his seed spurted onto her waiting and willing tongue from as far away as possible without losing it. His reaction as she made a show of swallowing his fluids always tipped her over the edge. She also found that anal sex in limited amounts got her so hot that when he did eventually enter her vagina, her orgasm would flow over her in crashing waves and leave her almost bereft of will.

They had gone out and chosen a vibrator. A flesh coloured twisting cock that often joined Michael in her body. She especially liked it if he fucked her with it while she sucked his penis, imagining that she had two lovers. Once, they had tried it as a sandwich, the vibrator in her cunt while he fucked her arse. It was okay, but the pressure on the dividing membrane soon made it uncomfortable. She also used it on occasion when he was out at work and she was watching sex films on video.

The films fuelled her imagination. Instead of feeling revulsion as a woman sucked another in a lesbian clinch, she wondered what it would be like and felt what was becoming a familiar heat in her belly. She also wondered what it would be like to have two men at the same time. One fucking her cunt while the other fucked her face. The idea of being tied and mock forced also intrigued her. Mary almost ached to have these experiences, but couldn’t be sure that Michael would allow it. Somehow, she was going to have to engineer an opportunity to broach the subject.

It came one day, from an unexpected angle. They had gone away for the weekend to visit his parents, leaving the flat to Eileen and her boyfriend. The weather was foul as they drove around the motorway and then the car sputtered to a halt with steam pouring out from under the bonnet. The rescue services towed them back to Enniskillen and pronounced the car ready for the scrap heap. Michael was heart broken; he had had the car since college days, but admitted that it probably was beyond its useful life. Silently, they entered the flat and went to the kitchen to make tea. Mary heard Eileen sobbing in the front room and a motherly concern was immediately aroused. She left Michael to the kettle and went to find out what was wrong.

Eileen was sitting on one of the settees, a pile of tissues around her drawn up legs. It was obvious that something had gone wrong with the boyfriend and he had gone.

Mary comforted Eileen, taking her into her arms and rocking the grief stricken girl. She glanced at the silent television and was mildly surprised to see that a porn film was playing on the VCR. She took no notice for a moment and comforted Eileen who was beginning to settle down.

Michael brought in three mugs of tea on a tray and set it down on the coffee table. The gasped as he spotted the scenes on the video. Mary, who looked to see what he was looking at, noticed his sharp intake of breath. In full view was Eileen with her boyfriend buried into her shaven cunt. It was obvious from the scenes that it had been shot in the room they now occupied. Then the digital Eileen sucked the quite large cock and deep throated him to orgasm.

Neither Michael nor Mary said anything or moved. They were stunned into watching the scene as it unfolded before them until Eileen realised their stillness and silence. Then she realised what had so transfixed them and rushed up to switch it off. They had seen enough to have nothing left to imagination.

“Um, where did you get the camera?” It was Mary that broke the spell. “Was that Martin on the film?” Keep it natural and calm, she thought to herself. Eileen was going to be embarrassed enough and it didn’t need any histrionics from her to make it worse. Eileen told them how she had borrowed the camera from College. She and Martin had been dating for a few years and had been sexually active since her fifteenth year. At eighteen, she thought they would marry, but tonight’s revelation had destroyed that in a sword like cut. Martin had been selling copies of the film to his mates and had found someone else who was less of a slut to go out with. “Mum, I ain’t a slut; Martin is the only man I have ever had sex with or even wanted, but he has killed that in one swipe. Making this film was his idea, had I known he was going to let his mates see it, I would never have agreed.” She wailed again and collapsed into her mother’s arms while she sobbed. When she had settled sometime later, they talked about her life and how she figured in their life. “We love you baby and you belong here with us. Screw Martin.” The conversation drifted on until Mary said, in innocence. “I wish we had done that with a camera. You looked so hot Baby and seeing you swallow him so deeply, just about tipped me over.” “Really? You liked watching me on film?” “You bet.” Mary felt the familiar heat in her loins and tried to control it. Michael sat silently with his head twisting from side to side as the conversation passed from Mother to daughter. He looked like he was watching tennis and following the ball. “Well, let’s all watch it then. Fuck it, everyone else has seen it, so why not us.” Eileen savagely hit the rewind button and then play.

The scenes on the screen showed that Eileen was something of a sexual athlete, getting into almost contortionist bends as Martins cock pounded into her shaved cunt. “You keep it shaved?” Mary asked quietly “Mmm yes, see?” Mary looked at where her daughter had pulled up her skirt to reveal her naked mound. Without a second thought, Mary jumped up from beside her daughter on the settee and knelt on the floor between her slightly parted knees. Placing a hand on either leg, she pried open Eileen’s legs and clamped her mouth over the hairless clit, sucking it into her mouth as Michael did to her.

“Oh God!” Eileen gasped and shifted her self forward to allow a better access to her cunt. Mary’s tongue went to work, just as she had seen on the many films she had watched and how she like Michael to do to her. She pried open her daughters lips with two fingers and then pushed them inside, feeling the silken folds envelope her wriggling fingers in a hungry embrace. It didn’t take long before she shot her amber cum straight into Mary’s mouth and then the aftershocks caused her to twitch in lessening spasms. She looked up and saw her Mothers lover, spell bound and transfixed by the scene. Eileen smiled at him, and, as if it were her permission, he started to undress until he was naked with a raging hard on.

Mary shucked of her clothes and helped Eileen divest herself of her skirt, blouse and panties. The coffee table was shoved across the room to create space. Then, Mary lay on her back with her knees drawn up and parted. Her heart thumped as adrenalin coursed through her veins. At last, she would experience one of her fantasies, it mattered not one whit, that the other woman was her daughter. In fact, it was better to keep it in the family.

Michael knelt beside her and lifted her head, tilting it to one side so that she could get his raging cock in her mouth while Eileen nipped and suckled Mary’s Nipples.

A finger slapped wetly against Mary’s clit. Not painfully, but with enough force to make her jump from the sudden violation. In her involuntary jump, her mouth opened and Michael’s cock entered her throat, deeper than he had ever gone before. Then, a full slap hit her in the same place and sounded loudly in a wet resounding splat.

“I really like that. Do you?” Eileen was merciless in her slapping, each strike of her hand sending shock waves up to Mary’s neural receptors. Each strike forced Michael deeper into her, making breathing difficult until she regulated the filing of her throat and the desire to breath with the slap of Eileen’s hand. Her cunt was on fire, tingling and burning with desire and anticipation of the next blow.

Eileen shifted and planted a kiss on Mary’s fur covered mound. The touch of lips to her blood engorged and supersensitive lips was electric. She arched her back and then, in a reversal of movement, forced her hips upward to meet Eileen’s mouth. Lips found Mary’s raging clit and sucked it into her mouth, flicking an expert tongue over the hardened nub of desire. A massive orgasm crashed through Mary, only to be quickly quelled with several fingers pushed forcefully into her vagina. The fingers worked her, quickly finding her g spot and causing her to gasp around the base of Michael’s cock. She couldn’t keep him as deep and pulled her head back. He sensed her need for relief and gently laid her head to the carpeted floor.

Kneeling between her opened thighs, he pressed his cock head against her anal entrance while Eileen kissed her mothers mouth, forcing her tongue between the opened lips. He pressed forward and passed her sphincter and began to fuck her arse in a rocking motion. Eileen smacked her mother’s clit once more, which forced her hips up and Michael to delve deep into her tight passage. Their combined attentions had her cumming in waves of passion that seemed endless. She could take no more and began to collapse. Michael withdrew from her and would have been content to wank his orgasm and spill his seed over her tits, but Eileen had other ideas. Her engaging mouth closed around his soiled head and then, dived onto his cock, burying him to the hilt in her warm mouth. He could not control his reaction and shot his load to the back of Eileen’s throat. She swallowed and smiled at him.

They slept together, wrapped in a tangle of arms and legs, replete in their excesses and united in shared love. It was the first night of several over the next few months. They videoed one or two of their exploits for viewing when just relaxing.

-To be continued…-