In the months since Michael had moved in, Defor had grown from an adolescent puppy into a fully-grown tub of lard. His liking for doing nothing at all and then sleeping like he had run a marathon after, was taking a toll on his weight. Labrador’s are not noted for there boundless energy, being more like a mobile fur rug most of the time, but Defor was a prize couch potato.

The weight gain was beginning to cause some concern. Breathing for the dog had become laboured where fat restricted the ability to expand his ability to expand his chest properly and so, put pressure on his lungs. The Vet was adamant that Defor had to go on a diet, but not only that, an exercise regime to get some of the excess fat off of his frame and perhaps, prolong his life.

It fell to Mary to take the pooch out in the evenings. His food changed from the usual tinned processed fatty mush, to dry protein and fibre mix, tripe and cereal foodstuffs. At first, he turned his nose away and refused to eat the stuff, but when hunger eventually over rode his distaste, he managed to woof it down and try to boost some more. Mary’s resolve didn’t waver one bit. She measured out the correct amount and not an ounce more.

At first, their walks just took in the local park, just a gentle stroll around the grassed area. It took less than twenty minutes, but as his weight dropped, so his energy levels increased and they went further, wondering over into the wooded section at the back of the park.

Defor must have privately liked his owners girlfriend, even though she was half starving him and dragging him around this insane track. He must have liked her because he nearly chewed a would be attacker to death one day. The scruffily dressed guy jumped out of the bushes and grabbed Mary. She screamed and started to struggle and flail at him. Defor, who was quite some distance off, heard the commotion and came running to investigate. The scene that he saw as he rounded a tree was of his mistress struggling with a stranger who was trying his best to rip her fur off. She was alpha female as far as he was concerned and, in a primeval regression towards instinct and the pack creed, he attacked the stranger. Clothing and the guy’s blood flew before he ran away screaming blue murder. He would be nursing several deep cuts to his arms and legs. At least one was serious enough to need medical attention.

Mary hugged Defor in relief and thankfulness for his timely intervention. She sat on the damp grass, holding the dog, crying while her adrenalin leached away and the shivers stopped. In those moments together, alone in the park, Defor and Mary formed a bond that, up to now had only been a casual acceptance of each other.

Gradually, Mary calmed down and gathered her wits together, giving Defor a final hug, before returning to their home. Mary told Michael what had happened and how Defor had come to her rescue. The police found nothing and it lapsed into history, but the bond between Mary and the dog deepened until one crucial day. Mary was recovering from a bout of flu, which had kept her at home for a week, she had overcome the effects a few days earlier.

Feeling much better and very horny, Mary was reviewing some of the old videos they had made of sessions with Michael, Eileen and herself. She hadn’t looked at them for some time and was really getting into the scenes running before her on the screen. Almost absent mindedly, she had pulled her panties to one side and had a finger rubbing her clit. She was hot and extremely wet, but an orgasm was some way off. Her mind was completely intent on the erotic scenes. She didn’t notice that Defor had come into the room and was watching her with his head cocked to one side.

The video came to an end with a scene, where Michael pulled out of her pussy having shot a load inside her. It was a close up of his semen, leaking out between her swollen lips, to run over her hooded clit and drip, drop by drop into Eileen’s mouth and then into her throat. Mary believed it to be one of the hottest closing scenes they had ever made. It was enough to tip her over the edge and, in a determined effort, she manipulated her clit with one hand, tweaking the throbbing bud, while pushing three fingers of her other hand into her soaked pussy. Her orgasm was building fast and breath became a ragged gasp in an effort to increase the oxygen in her blood stream. Suddenly, a cold nose had joined her fingers and then, a hot tongue lashed across her lips and clit in a long single swipe.

Shock registered in Mary’s already enhanced and heightened senses. Her immediate reaction was to clamp her legs shut and jump backwards into the settee. Defor remained exactly where he stood, wagging his tail and licking his muzzle. His dark eyebrows where raised in a comically quizzical expression as if he was thinking, damn! That tasted good, what was it?

His expression had Mary laughing when she realised what had joined her fingers. She grasped his ears in a playful wrestle and told him he was a naughty dog. Defor’s eyebrows only raised slightly more, further exasperating Mary. In fits of giggles, she collapsed in a heap on the floor while Defor stood over her perplexed by her actions.

He did what any subservient dog would do and licked Mary’s cheek. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him in a tight embrace. He licked her again and then licked her open mouth, his tongue passing between her lips and teeth in an act of complete trust and devotion.

Mary however, was instantly galvanised into a bout of elevated sexual tension and eroticism. She imagined what it would look like, her on her back with her clothing in disarray and a dogs tongue stuck down her throat. She gently sucked his broad tongue and returned the gesture, running her tongue of his canine teeth and flicking the side of his tongue. His breath smelled sweet and was hot. Breathless, she had to stop, needing cool air for a moment to revive a little and pulled away from his mouth.

“Did you like the taste of Mary, Defor?” His ears perked up at the sound of his name and he wagged his tail a little. “Want to have another go?” Mary had overcome the initial shock and in the millisecond it takes to recognise and assess a situation, Mary had decided that she enjoyed the memory of Defor’s tongue on her exposed cunt and very much wanted it there again for an extended period.

She raised her hips and pulled her skirt up over her stomach, revealing her panty covered, but otherwise shaved mons. Her fingers pulled the wet, delicate fabric to one side so that the thin gusset rested in the fold of her inner thigh and pussy lip. She patted her soaking lips, encouraging the dog to approach and use his tongue again. Defor didn’t respond at first, just stood over her, wagging his tail. Then, as if teasing her, he lowered his nose slowly and sniffed her excretions before flicking out his tongue in an experimental taste.

Mary’s legs flew apart as if thrown by an unseen assailant. Her lips parted, exposing her sex to the dogs questing tongue. Defor stepped over her out stretched leg so that he was between her raised knees. The change of position allowed him access to her sweet smelling inner self and the centre of her pheromone producing attraction. He crouched a little and rewarded her with a long, languid rasp of his tongue that started at her anus and finished past her exposed clit.

The effect was surprising to both of them. To Mary, it was like a bolt of electricity, which caused her to scream suddenly. Defor jumped back in a fluid motion, skittish from her outburst and frightened he was about to be hit.

“Again Lover.” Mary patted her sex again and resolved to control her reactions. It took a few minutes before the dog plucked up the courage to return to her. His olfactory senses picking up her pheromone charged scent and overcoming his reluctance. He licked her again, this time Mary managed to only gasp as his magic worked almost instantaneously.

Defor settled into a comfortable crouch and applied his tongue and nose, enjoying the heat and taste of his mistress. Mary was by now, thrashing her head from side to side with her hands drawn into fists that pounded the floor while orgasm, after mounting orgasm, rippled through her nervous system and adding to her mounting ejaculation.

Her cum hit Defor squarely in his nose, making him sneeze. It gave Mary a brief respite and time to collect her scrambled wits. She sat, leaning back on straight arms, her palms flat on the carpeted floor. The woman and the dog regarded each other in a long stare, neither able to read the others thoughts, but both sharing an excitement, neither had experienced before. It was a moment in which so much is promised; information passes between the partners and a moment when, an unspoken understanding is forged. A frozen tableau in time of complete unification and realisation of each other’s intent.

“Oh Defor, that was fantastic.” Mary’s words were unintelligible to the dog, but he picked up the cadence of her voice and knew he had pleased her. Being a dog, he thought to please her some more, but Mary pushed him away, waiting to get her self under control and her heart to return to a more normal level. She petted him and stoked the shivering dog.

“What’s the matter?” She asked him, noticing his state of excitement. She ran her hands over his shoulders in a soothing massage without much effect. Then the notion to give him some of what he had her struck Mary. Carefully, so that she didn’t spook him, her hands travelled towards his cock in circular rubbing motions. He seemed to enjoy the sensation and even accepted her light grasp of his sheathed penis when she eventually reached it.

Mary gently stroked his cock through the sheath and was rewarded with the sight of his tip poking out, soon to be followed by the whole purple veined organ. His size came as a bit of a surprise to Mary. She had never really looked at him before. Something like eight inches was now protruding from the furry sheath, much thicker than Michael and finishing in a chisel shaped point. Mary spat saliva onto her fingers and slowly stroked his throbbing tool. In a short space of time, Defor was bucking his hips as if fucking a bitch. Precum seeped from the sharp tip and lubricated Mary’s fingers, helping him to slide easily through her encircling fingers.

The urge to taste him crashed into her mind in an explosion of possibilities and ideas. With little forethought, She sucked his tip between her lips and then as much of him as she could into her mouth. Defor thrust suddenly from the warmth of her mouth and nearly choked her as the pointed end forced its way into her throat. She controlled his wild stabs by grasping him in her hand and preventing him from going too deep.

His higher temperature felt like it was burning her tongue and then a stream of precum almost scalded her tender taste buds. This was going to take some practice she reasoned and took him out of her mouth. Her mind worked frantically, visualising possibilities and scenarios. They all led to one final conclusion and Mary thought to herself, Why not? She turned over and crouched with her elbows on the floor while kneeling in the classic doggie position. It seemed that Defor didn’t know quite what to do with this new situation until she patted her cheeks and called to him, encouraging him to mount her. He eventually got the gist of her motions and jumped on her back. His raging cock quested for an opening and his thrust made him miss her cunt by some margin, passing between the cleft of her arse. It took Mary a few attempts to grasp him and then guide his cock to its intended target.

There was nothing gentle about his entry into her body. His forepaws grasped her waist and he buried his cock into her in a single thrust, banging against her cervix and forcing the neck of her womb open. Her juices helped his forced entry, but could hardly prepare her for the depth of his thrust. She gasped and almost fell forward from the force and sudden pain. They had passed the point of no return though and Defor began the mating dance with his bitch.

He fucked her in a rapid blur of movement, each pelvic thrust merging with the next in a continuous assault of her body and in an effort to impregnate her. His cock expanded inside her, making contact and friction with the walls of her cunt until she felt a new sensation in the amalgam of sensory overload. His knot had grown and was banging against her lips, forcing its way into her body. Defor gave a huge shove while grasping her even tighter in his embrace. Their combined lubricants eased his passage into her and his already engorged knot found its target, passing her outer muscles and becoming embedded inside. Defor’s stroke became less frantic and shorter in length while his knot grew and expanded, locking them together.

Mary was now past the point of caring, her shattering orgasms had wracked her body into accepting him with ease. She had cum, splashing her amber nectar on the floor and over the dog’s genitals, soaking both. She was ready to be mated and was getting desperate to feel him spray her with his seed.

Defor’s feet left the floor as they finalised the act of locking and tying with her. They scrabbled for purchase until, in a white-hot stream of dog cum; he shot his load deep inside her, filling her womb with puppy making seed. She felt every blast as it hit the walls of her insides. At last, she had what her body craved and the realisation blew her away. They were still locked arse to arse and tied when Michael came home from work. Mary was kneeling on the floor, her head hanging, hair limp and dank from sweat, covering her face and a look of triumph in her eyes.

“Fucking hell Mary, that looks so fucking sexy.” Was all that Michael said. He sat and watched as the dog’s cum, leaked from her around his knot. Eventually, they separated and Mary collapsed into a boneless heap. She took a day or two to get over the soreness, but when she did, Michael fucked her all over the flat until she cried for clemency. Punished enough, he suggested that she do it again with Defor, but this time with him watching through a viewfinder on the camcorder.

It was a few days later, after her second session with Defor that Mary entered the confessional. “Bless me Father for I have sinned.” She said aloud and told the priest of her adventure and emancipation, thinking as she told her tale, and I fucking loved every minute and cannot wait to see what happens next.

She left the dusty confessional booth and the Priest to the echoes of her story, triumphant in her extraordinary transition to the woman she had become.

– The End –