It was Friday night and Kelly was just finishing up the last table decorations for tomorrow’s dinner dance. Kelly was always willing to help out at the local town hall to set up tables and decorate for the many festivities that took place. Tomorrow was the annual Valentine dance and everything had to be perfect. Kelly always was the last to leave to make certain nothing was missed. Tonight was no different. It was already 10pm and only Kelly and George remained. George was the new maintenance man who did all the odd jobs of fixing, repairing and did all the janitor type work. He was a pretty muscular black man about six feet tall. Kelly met him a few times before and he seemed like a pretty nice man.

Kelly is the perfect pretty housewife, rather tall at 5’10”, 125 pounds, short blonde hair, cute pert breasts, long slender legs, and a great ass. At 28 years old she’s been married for five years. Her husband works a lot and is always away on business trips. To keep busy when he is away Kelly got involved with many local social groups. She never ever would think of straying from her husband and vowed she would always be faithful to him. Sometimes she did wish he weren’t away so much and paid more attention to her. But after five years she was accustomed to his being away so much.

Tonight Kelly looked as attractive as ever. She wore a nice blouse, the kind that have a couple buttons near the bottom and two long thin sashes that tie in the middle and hang down. The way it tied around her chest really accented her cute breasts. She wore slacks that were fairly loose fitting. She never wore anything that was real tight and revealing. Yet she still had that incredible figure showing through.

George was working in the backroom most of the night, except for a few occasional visits in the hall to see what was going on. Kelly was about ready to go when George walked by her and commented. “You know you sure are pretty tonight. A shame your husband is away so much.” Kelly kind of froze where she stood feeling a bit uncomfortable all of a sudden, especially now that she was all alone with George. She wasn’t really sure why he said that. George turned around and just stared at Kelly. “How long has your hubby been away this time?” Kelly swallowed hard feeling even more uneasy and managed to respond in a quivering voice, “Two…weeks.” “That’s a long time,” George replied. “Two weeks with no man around.” There was a long long pause. George moved closer, right up in front of Kelly. Then out of the silence George asked, “Did you ever have a black man?” Kelly felt like she wanted to die right there. She was frozen in that spot and speechless, afraid to say anything. George leaned forward and Kelly took a step back. Unfortunately, she was near the wall and nowhere else to go. George inched forward again. Kelly’s back was right against the wall. Now George stood right in front of her just inches from her face. “A pretty thing like you can’t go two weeks without any lovin’.” George brushed his fingers across her soft white cheeks making Kelly turn her head away. “What you need is a big black dick, baby.” Tears swelled up in Kelly’s eyes instantly with that remark. “Yeah… a pretty white thing like you needs to try a black cock.” A little soft whimper came from Kelly, “No, no please.”

George leaned forward and kissed Kelly full on the lips. Kelly being so weak in the knees from fright she just let him kiss her. His lips mashed against hers and she tried resisting but he kept kissing and running his tongue over her lips. She felt such disgust at what he was doing. She could feel his hands roaming across her body. “Wait till you feel my ten inch cock inside you.” Kelly’s insides were churning. She was feeling weaker. She felt unable to do anything to help herself as his hands felt up her precious body. He untied the bow on the front of her blouse and undid the buttons. Now it hung loosely exposing her pretty pink bra. “Oh, please don’t,” she begged. George just ignored her and pushed the blouse off her shoulders and unsnapped her bra. He touched and felt both of Kelly’s cute pert breasts giving a little extra attention to her hard nipples. Then he leaned down and sucked each one into his mouth. “Mmm… Mmm… you sure are fucking nice.” Kelly felt like she wanted to run and hide somewhere. She was so humiliated that she was being fondled by this black man. “Real nice tits,” he commented as he gave them a little pinch. “Oh please stop, please!! Please!!” She begged and begged. George responded by running his hands down Kelly’s legs feeling her through her slacks. He pushed his hand between her legs feeling up her most protected spot. “No please,” she cried. She felt so violated. “Just relax honey, you’re gonna enjoy this.” Then George just grabbed her slacks at the waist and yanked them and her panties right down to the floor. She was naked in front of him. Kelly felt like she was going to pass out and almost wished she would.

George put his hands on Kelly’s bare shoulders and slowly pushed her down until she was keeling right in front of him. He unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor. Kelly was frightened, scared, petrified, and didn’t know what to do. She was feeling like his slave kneeling there naked before him. She knew what would be next. She looked and saw this gigantic bulge in his underwear. “Take it out,” he commanded. Kelly couldn’t believe this was happening and what he was asking her to do. She reluctantly pulled his underwear down and this huge black cock stared her in the face. She looked at it in disbelief thinking to herself. “It’s huge. My husband’s cock is six inches long. This looks about twice that size. He said it was ten inches and it’s at least that. It’s so long and thick and it’s so shiny and… and… black.”

Kelly looked up at George, “Please don’t make me do this.” Tears formed in her eyes again. George was not about to listen to her, “C’mon, you know what to do. Suck it.” In almost a state of panic and afraid of what he might do if she didn’t listen, she took hold of this massive piece of black meat in both hands. She moved closer and very daintily put it to her lips. George placed his hands on her head, “Open… open your mouth.” Kelly reluctantly parted her lips and George pushed the head of his black cock into her mouth. She had to open pretty wide in order to accommodate his thickness. Tears streamed down her face as she thought of the disgusting thing she was doing. She was sucking a black cock, a big, black cock.

George began to move back and forth through Kelly’s sweet lips sliding his dick in and out of her mouth. Each time he pushed in a little further. After a few times he hit the back of her throat making her gag, but he continued until Kelly got the rhythm and was sucking his cock on her own. “There you go, honey. Now you got it. You suck cock pretty good.” “Keep going like that and I’ll give you mouthful to swallow.” Kelly backed off after hearing that. There was no way she wanted his cum in her mouth. She didn’t even do that for her husband. Actually she really didn’t like taking a cock in her mouth at all.

George then grabbed Kelly firmly by the arm pulling her to one of the round tables they set up earlier for the dance. He picked Kelly up then laid her down on the table with her legs over the edge. Then pushing her legs up all the way back, George was ready to fuck this beauty. He moved up between Kelly’s legs, positioned his giant tool toward her inviting pussy and shoved it right in all the way. Kelly let out a long whimper, “Nooooooooooooooooooo! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!” George began fucking her right there on the table. He always dreamed of having a white woman some day but never believed he would have anyone as lovely and incredibly beautiful as Kelly. George kept driving his cock in her and Kelly pleaded, “Please stop!!!! Please… Ple… Ohhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhhh. Noooo… ohhhhhhhhhh!” Kelly was begging him to stop yet she was beginning to feel her body respond. She tried fighting that feeling. But it became more intense as George’s cock drove deep inside her. How could this be? This is a black man fucking me. I’m not supposed to enjoy this. “Nooo! Noooo! I can’t… ohhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Pleaseeeeee!” Still the feeling grew stronger. Kelly could feel his hard rigid cock way up inside her body. He’s so deep in me, she thought. “Ohhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Kelly was almost enjoying this big cock when George pulled from her cunt. He pushed her legs to one side so that Kelly was positioned on her side. With her back arched and legs bent her ass was right at the edge of the table. “What a beautiful ass,” he remarked. With one hand George slightly opened up her ass cheeks and placed the head of his huge cock right on her asshole. “Noooo!” she screamed. Quickly he pushed. Kelly tightened up making a feeble attempt to resist this unexpected intrusion to her ass. Kelly had heard about women who do this kind of thing, but never did she think she would ever let any man put his cock in her asshole. Now here was a black man shoving his huge cock up her virgin asshole.

George pushed and Kelly could feel his giant cock go deeper and deeper into her ass. Then he pulled part way out only to sharply drive it back up her rectum. As George continued back and forth up her ass faster and faster, Kelly repeatedly cried out. “No! No! Please stop. Ohhhh!!!! Ohhh my God. No! No! Please… Please… “Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! It feels so… Yessss Yesssss,” Kelly couldn’t understand the feelings she was having. One moment she felt so humiliated and a second later a thought of how good this feels. What’s wrong with me, she thought. It feels so good when he pushes it deep in my ass. I’ve never felt anything like this. But… “no, no… I can’t. Ohh, it’s so good. Please… Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Yessssss… yesssssss. Ohhhh… Ohhhhhh, yes, just fuck me. Oh, harder… harder. Oh, my ass. My ass. Deeper. Fuck my ass, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… God!” Kelly’s body went into an intense orgasm as George continued reaming her asshole with his big ten inch cock. And now Kelly was loving this. She was consumed with the feeling of having this huge warm piece of meat in her ass.

George pulled from the depths of Kelly’s ass and quickly helped her kneel in front of him again. Her orgasm was so strong she could barely stay kneeling. He pulled her face toward him until his dirty cock touched Kelly’s sweet lips. Willingly she parted her lips taking his rigid black cock in her mouth. As she looked up at George she realized he was almost ready to cum. Kelly sucked gently on his hard black cock tasting the slimy coating that came from her ass. She wondered why she was doing this. Why was she sucking a dirty black cock that just fucked her ass? But she was. And liked it. She sucked more into her mouth, deeper until it hit the back of her throat. She gagged. George grabbed her head and pushed forward. His cock hit the back of her throat again. She gagged again only George kept pushing and forced his huge black cock down Kelly’s throat. Her lips were up in his groin and she feel herself choking on this monster prick. Kelly could feel her entire throat bulging from this massive cock lodged in her. And he held it there, in her, down her throat, while he enjoyed the feeling of her throat muscles constricting around his hard shaft. Then George backed off out of her throat and suddenly a burst of warmth hit the roof of her mouth. George was cumming. Kelly was taking a black man’s cum in her mouth. Then another burst splattered inside her mouth. She could feel her mouth filling up as his cock spasmed again and again. Finally he pulled back letting his cock slip free. Kelly realized her mouth was full… full of cum… and there was so much of it. It felt so warm and slimy as she moved her tongue around in it. George knelt down next to her. “Swallow it.” Kelly looked at him not sure what to do. “Do it! Eat my cum. You know you want to, so do it.” Kelly just stared at George knowing he was right. For some reason she did want to swallow it. “Swallow…” Kelly’s throat muscles contracted and George watched this gorgeous white woman gulp his black cum down. “Good girl. Good girl.” Kelly could feel his warm thick cream sliding down her throat into her belly. She knew she should have been totally grossed out by this, but she felt so satisfied. Her orgasm was the most intense she’d ever had. She felt good. Swallowing his cum was actually exciting.

They both got dressed. Kelly left and drove home to her empty house. As she lay in bed trying to sleep all she could think of was his big black cock. How good it felt deep in her cunt. How much she enjoyed feeling it going up her ass. How he put his cock down her throat and made her swallow his cum. Kelly fell asleep thinking of black cock.

-To be continued…-