On Saturday night Kelly arrived at the dance. She had on a beautiful summer dress and she looked just stunning. Everyone was having a great time and the comments on how nice the hall looked made Kelly feel good about the job she had done. After a couple hours it was about that time for a visit to the ladies room. The rest rooms were located outside of the main room and down the hall.

On the way out she saw George standing there in the hall next to the janitors storage room. George motioned to Kelly, so she figured he wanted to say something to her, probably about last night. She was still embarrassed about her behavior. The way she acted at the end was not particularly lady-like for her. George went into the storage room and Kelly followed him in. It wasn’t a very large room, Kelly had been in there before. It was mostly a room for cleaning supplies and to store extra tables and chairs. “I sure have been thinking about you a lot.” George commented, turning around looking at her. Kelly was a little confused and wondering what he wanted.

After a moment staring at the Kelly all dressed up and so pretty, George reached under Kelly’s dress and just ripped down her panty hose. “You don’t need these,” he snapped as he then lifted her up onto the edge of a table and pulled them completely off. Then he pushed her dress up around her waist and yanked her dainty little panties down. She was shocked at the sudden unexpected assault, but Kelly didn’t say a word or utter a sound. She let George do as he wished. An excitement was building again in her anticipating his black cock. She knew now he was going to fuck her again. Part of her was scared yet she wanted to feel that big cock again. George stepped out of his trousers and off came the underwear. She looked at his massive cock already hard and ready for her. He spread Kelly’s legs as she sat there on the edge of the desk, placed his cock right on her entrance and shoved it up Kelly’s cunt. Immediately he began fucking her, burying his cock deep with each stroke. Kelly closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of each thrust inside her body. “Oh it’s so good. It’s so good.” She whispered through her breath to herself. He went on for several minutes stuffing that big black cock in Kelly as she moaned to herself “Ohhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhh.” She had lost all sense of reason as to what she was doing. She didn’t care either that George was just using her for a quick fuck. All that mattered is how good this big cock felt. It didn’t matter it was black. It didn’t matter they were in a janitors back room. And it didn’t matter there was a party going on either. She just sat with her legs spread letting this stranger of a black man fuck her.

It wasn’t really that long when George buried his cock deep in Kelly’s cunt, held it there and started cumming. Kelly could feel his hard cock way up inside her body throbbing and throbbing. She felt his thick black juice spurting in her cunt and filling her. She loved that feeling so deep inside her as she thought, “Oh it feels so good. Oh it’s so good.” Her excitement set off her own orgasm and for the next couple minutes she held George around the waist keeping him inside her. Then he withdrew from her and dressed.

“You’re really one hot fuckin’ slut.” George commented as he walked out of the room.

Kelly slipped her panties back on, then her dress and in a daze wandered back to her table. She sat down exhausted, still recovering from that orgasm. She just rested there for awhile. Then as reality returned she began thinking about what just happened. Why did I do that? I just let him fuck me. He fucked my pussy and filled me with his sperm. Suddenly as her thoughts raced through her mind she realized, What if I get pregnant? Kelly went flush with a cold uneasy feeling. Oh no, no. Pregnant with a black baby. And… she remembered his last words… slut… he called me a slut. Is that what I’m becoming? Is that what I am? What would I ever say to my husband? What would he think of me fucking a black cock. She just sat there thinking about what she did, yet remembering how exciting it was and how good it felt. But oh that big black cock feels so good.

Kelly just sat there at the table. Some of her friends who were there with their husbands were having a great time. Everybody was dancing. A few times she was asked by one of the guys to dance but she refused. Her mind was just too busy contemplating what was happening to her. Why was it she was cheating on her husband and with a black man no less? The fact that she was enjoying it was really bothering her.

After about an hour went by she was still sitting there feeling so used. Then Kelly felt a dampness between her legs that she hadn’t noticed earlier. She put her hand under her dress to feel her panties and they were soaked. She rubbed the wetness and the feeling was slimy and sticky. It was George’s cum seeping from her. He came so much inside her that his black cum was saturating her underwear.

Kelly had to get herself cleaned up. She hurried back to the ladies room to at least clean up her panties the best she could. Then she would just go home. This night had not turned out like she had planned. On the way down the hall she ran into George again. “What’s the hurry sweet thing?” Kelly answered, “I’m… I’m a little messy from… well… you know.” George kind of smiled, chuckled a bit and took her by the hand back to the storage room. “So what’s the problem?” George inquired as if he didn’t already figure it out. “My… my… I just have go to the ladies room.”

Kelly was too embarrassed to say her panties were soaked with his cum. She was thinking about how his black sperm was still inside her. Would she have a black baby? What would her husband think? What if he found out what she was doing? Almost in a half cry she blurted out, “I have to get cleaned up… my underwear.” She started to cry and walk away. George grabbed her by the arm to hold her in front of him. “Here let me help.” George lifted her up to sit on the table where earlier he had fucked her and caused this present problem. He bunched her dress up again and gently removed her panties. “Yeah, I guess you really do have a mess here. Looks like I filled you up pretty good.” George showed Kelly her panties. She couldn’t believe what she saw. In the crotch of her silky petite panties there was a mass of white slimy goo.

“Oh my God,” she said softly, “that was all in me?” “Yup,” George replied boldly, feeling rather good about what he did. “Look at all that cum.” She was mesmerized looking at it, staring at her panties. She could hear George saying something like it was off in a distance, like it wasn’t real, but then she heard George’s words as they registered in her mind, “Eat it.” She looked up. “Swallow it.” He moved her panties right in front of her face. She looked at the thick creamy stuff in her panties. She stared at it. She thought about last night. She remembered the taste. This is so disgusting she thought. He can’t want me to do this. She couldn’t even speak but her mind was saying, “No. No. No. What am I doing?” Then George pushed them to her. She could feel the sliminess as it touched her lips. Her body and being were crying out inside saying, “No, this so dirty, it’s a dirty vile thing to do.” Then the feel on her lips, the smell, the odor, oh the aroma of his sex. It overwhelmed her and she forgot everything she was saying to herself. She began licking and eating the cum, the thick sperm that coated her panties. “Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm.” George almost couldn’t believe she was doing this. “Girl, you sure are a nasty little thing. Yeah… you’re really becoming quite a dirty slut.” He smeared her panties across her lips as she scooped the thick stuff with her tongue. Then she swallowed it. She licked again for another taste. Finally George just took the cum stained soaked garment and wiped them over her face smearing her with a residue of his sex, his black seed. Kelly sat there taking this humiliation, or was it, was she enjoying this defilement?

Seeing Kelly being so obedient and nasty, George was really aroused again. “Bitch, you sure are a nasty fuckin’ whore. You like this don’t you?” He pulled his cock out and jerked it hard as he had Kelly kneel down in front of him. “Tell me to cum in your face. C’mon, show me how much of a whore you are and ask for it. Tell me you want my black cock to shoot all over you.” Kelly looked up at him like an obedient little schoolgirl. “Cum on me, on my face.” As if Kelly wasn’t humiliated enough, George masturbated until he shot another load of his spunk all over her face. When he was done her cute face glistened with a film of his seed from her panties and now some fresh cum speckled all over her. “Don’t wash your face tonight. I want you in bed thinking of my cock and my sperm that’s all over you,” he ordered. Then he dressed, stuffed her panties in his pocket and told her to go. “Go ahead home. What a slut.”

Kelly got home and lay down in her bed naked. She never went to bed naked. But tonight was different. She lay there rubbing herself, feeling her cunt and the remains of cum still coating her insides. Her face was sticky from all that cum. She wanted to wash up so she didn’t feel so dirty, so cheap, but something made her obey and she didn’t wash. As she rubbed her herself and touched her face she recalled what happened tonight. He called me a slut. A SLUT… and a WHORE. The words rang through her mind.

Slut. Slut. Whore. Whore. Whore. She started getting tears in her eyes. She tried telling herself what a faithful wife she had been. But that was a lie now. Two days in a row she enjoyed a black man’s cock. I sucked it. He fucked my ass. He fucked me and came inside me. I let him treat me like a… a slut. She broke down sobbing until she drifted off to sleep.

-To be continued…-