The day finally arrived. Today was the day Barbara would be in her first porno movie. She was up early to dress and put on make-up and had to be at the studio by nine AM. She was excited at the thought of having sex in front of a camera. How great this was she thought, fucking and getting paid to do it. She left early, anxious to get there and arrived early at the studio.

After a short wait she met the director, John, and he described how the scenes would take place and what Barbara would be expected to do. She was in a scene with two other porn stars, Mark and Lisa. Mark was a very handsome tall man of maybe twenty five. He had slender build, yet still somewhat muscular. Barbara was looking forward to getting some of his cock. Lisa was extremely attractive with a great figure of 36-22-34. She had beautiful curly brown hair down to her shoulders. Barbara admired how firm Lisa’s breasts were, although not quite as large as Barbara’s. And Lisa had a real nice rounded ass. She wondered how many times Lisa had been fucked there.

Barbara was to play the part of the newly hired maid who walks in on her new employers in bed making love. Barbara understood exactly what to do as the director instructed her. But first she was off to the dressing room for make-up and her costume. She received a skimpy little black maid outfit that showed off Barbara’s gorgeous legs. Of she got a tight fitting pair of panties to wear that exposed most of her cute ass. The black lacey top was nearly see through and with no bra to wear under it her nipples were easily visible. The girl fixing her face put plenty of lipstick on Barbara’s lips and arranged her hair flowing nicely across her face and shoulders. Barbara was gorgeous, just what any man would want in a maid. The kind of maid that you didn’t care if she knew how to make the bed, only that she knew what to do on it, that being to fuck.

Well, Barbara was ready. Everyone was in their place and ready to go to film this scene. Barbara started doing her dusting and cleaning thing through the upstairs hallway. She opened the door to the bedroom and there was Mark and Lisa on the bed in a sixty-nine position with Lisa furiously sucking Mark’s eight inch cock. Barbara watched awhile eventually starting to stroke her fingers in her own crotch. Then she slipped one of her tits out of her skimpy outfit exposing an already hard nipple to the camera. She began playing with it, squeezing it making it obvious she was turned on by the activity in the bedroom. Then she removed her top completely freeing her 38 inch breasts while she continued watching and massaging her chest. Then her bottom fell away showing off her shapely legs and she pulled panties down stepping out of them. Barbara watched Lisa nearly deep throating Mark’s cock now. Her hand worked harder in her crotch, her fingers penetrating her now wet slit.

Quietly she walked into the bedroom and crawled onto the end of the bed between Mark’s legs. Lisa looked up quickly, a little startled, but continued her cocksucking. Barbara moved in closer caressing Mark’s legs moving up to his inner thighs. Barbara followed with her tongue up Mark’s thighs ultimately reaching his groin area. She extended her tongue licking Mark’s balls while Lisa kept sucking her lover’s cock. Barbara then moved her head closer carefully sucking his balls one at a time into her mouth, then gently letting them pop out for the camera to see them wet with her saliva. She repeated the process, not just sucking his balls in and out for the sake of the movie, but giving Mark an incredible lustful ballsucking. On camera it was an incredible scene seeing Barbara eating Mark’s nut sack getting a good taste of his scrotum.

Then she went down lower underneath Mark’s sack letting her tongue wander across the skin under his balls. She worked her tongue teasingly lower and lower until she entered Mark’s asscrack. She playfully licked around his crack before giving him a tonguing on his asshole. Mark didn’t expect that, an anal lick wasn’t in the scene script. But he wasn’t about to object to a beautiful blonde licking on his asshole. If that’s what Barbara wanted to do, then it was fine by him. After tasting his ass, Barbara got up and Lisa turned around to mount herself on Mark’s stiff erect cock.

Lisa impaled herself on Mark’s cock and began fucking herself with his shaft. Then Barbara turned her attentions on Lisa’s exposed rear end. Barbara never had any relations with another female. This was going to her first lesbian experience. Barbara looked at Lisa’s asshole just above Mark’s pistoning cock penetrating Lisa’s slit. It was so nice and tight. Her puckered anus was staring Barbara in the face begging to be eaten. Barbara placed her hands on Lisa’s asscheeks spreading her apart slightly while watching Mark’s cock sliding in and out of Lisa’s cunt.

Barbara first starting licking Lisa’s cute asscheeks gradually moving closer to her crack. Then she moved inside her crack running her tongue through Lisa’s back crevice. Finally, she gave a long lick, deep through Lisa’s asscrack going across her asshole. Lisa moaned out loud from the incredible sensation as she neared an orgasm. Feeling Mark’s cock deep in her cunt and her asshole getting tongued by Barbara was going to make her cum very soon. Barbara buried her face in Lisa’s crack as she continued her anal licking. Barbara was getting excited too. How sweet and soft Lisa’s ass was compared the many men she had done. The skin was so soft on her cheeks and Lisa’s asshole was so warm and tender to touch with her tongue. Barbara couldn’t help herself but to bury her face deep and get a real good taste of her female lover.

Her tongue worked hard on Lisa’s puckered asshole pushing against it, licking it, tasting it. She pulled harder on Lisa’s asscheeks spreading her wider. Then taking her fingers, Barbara pushed them in to Lisa’s anal hole and with both hands began pulling her hole open. Barbara pulled on Lisa’s anus until it stretched open to her. Now Barbara had Lisa’s asshole exposed, opened, gaping wide for her inspection. But inspecting and admiring wasn’t what Barbara had in mind. Down she went again inserting her tongue inside Lisa’s ass. Barbara licked her open hole tasting the musky slim on the inside of Lisa’s rectum. Lisa went wild in an orgasm tightening and clenching her cheeks. Barbara kept buried in her hole letting Lisa experience an anal tongue fuck while her body shook from the orgasm. Then Mark began to explode inside Lisa’s cunt. Lisa was delirious in an unending orgasm. All her body felt was a tongue probing her asshole, licking inside her rectum and a cock throbbing in her cunt, dumping hot sperm deep in her womb.

When her orgasm finally subsided Barbara backed off and Lisa dismounted Mark. Barbara sat there licking her lips for the camera showing how much she enjoyed licking and eating another female’s asshole. Lisa still lay there trying to calm herself and become relaxed after shuddering so much from the incredible orgasm that just rocked her body. It was a movie, but what she just experienced was real. Never had she experienced such a sensation. Who was this new uninhibited girl Barbara. This wasn’t how the movie was supposed to go. What other wild nasty things does she do? This was no longer just a movie. What was being filmed was now real. Barbara wasn’t acting, she liked what she was doing and wanted to do it.

Barbara laid back on the bed and Lisa began returning the favor licking Barbara’s cunt. Meanwhile Mark kneeled over Barbara’s face letting her suck his cock making it hard again. Then Mark replaced Lisa between Barbara’s legs burying his cock in her cunt. Mark fucked her hard and deep pumping her wet slit until he came inside Barbara filling her hole with his second load of sperm for the day. Mark pulled out and little cum starting trickling from Barbara cunt.

Lisa, having left the bedroom while Mark fucked Barbara, returned back between Barbara’s legs only now she had gotten a banana from the kitchen. Lisa was going to show Barbara that she could improvise and get into some kinky sex too. Lisa knelt on the bed showing Barbara the banana as she slowly peeled it. When she finished, Lisa took the peeled banana and placed it on Barbara’s slit. It was cool on Barbara’s hot moist cunt entrance. Lisa twisted it and turned it around collecting some of Mark’s fresh cum on the end of the banana. Then Lisa pushed lightly penetrating Barbara’s cunt with the fruit. Barbara relaxed taking a deep breath as she felt the banana enter her hole. Lisa pushed more inside. It slipped in easily from the cum coating inside Barbara’s cunt. Lisa pushed even more until half the banana was inside. Barbara was squirming with the pleasure of feeling the cold banana being inserted in her hot cunt.

Lisa continued fucking Barbara with the banana. She pushed more inside going deeper into Barbara’s wet hole. Now only the tip of the banana was left showing from Barbara’s slit. Then with her fingers Lisa pushed the last remaining exposed piece of banana into Barbara’s fuckhole. It was gone, buried deep inside Barbara. Barbara moaned how great it felt. “Oh God, it feels so good, it feels so good.” Lisa then found Barbara’s clit with her fingers and massaged it bringing Barbara to a new heightened sense of pleasure. Lisa kept fingering her, feeling her clit grow harder. She grabbed Barbara’s clit between her fingers massaging it harder, squeezing it, pinching it, making Barbara squirm uncontrollably on the bed. Lisa maintained her masturbation of Barbara’s hard clit knowing soon an orgasm would begin. Lisa then put her other hand on Barbara cunt and pushing on it, making the banana go deeper hitting the bottom most part of her cunt. That caused Barbara finally to loose control, tense and tighten her body, clamping her legs together in a violent orgasm with the banana still deep up her hole. It seemed like Barbara would orgasm all day. Her body kept shaking and shuddering as the orgasm rippled through her. Just when it seemed like she was coming out of it another wave rocked her through her body. Barbara was cumming over and over in multiple orgasms one after another.

When Barbara’s orgasms eventually subsided, Lisa went back to Barbara’s slit. She spread her cunt lips pulling them apart wide until she could see the tip of the banana. Barbara’s hole was dripping wet from the her own fresh cunt juices that were mixed with Mark’s sperm. Lisa’s went down on Barbara sucking on her hole. After licking up the overflow of juices Lisa sucked hard on Barbara cunt. The banana began coming out. It glistened with sperm and cunt cream. Lisa bite off the end of the banana eating the creamy coated piece of fruit. Then she sucked some more out while Barbara wiggled her hips from the sensation of the banana slipping out of her hole. Lisa ate the cum and the cunt cream coated banana piece by piece as it passed out of Barbara’s hole until it was all gone. Barbara lay on the bed rubbing her banana fucked hole and tasting her fingers of what remained of the flavored cum and cunt juice. Lisa licked her lips thoroughly having enjoyed her creamed banana. Mark just watched enjoying the show.

The three lay back on the bed in each others arms. Barbara the maid has found some new duties to add to her daily list. The scene was over. Barbara had finished her first movie. Once Barbara dressed she stopped to see John, the director, in his office to see how she did. She knocked on his door and went in. He was alone in the office.

“I was just curious what you thought of me,” she asked.

“You were great,” John replied. “I’ve never seen anyone suck on balls like you did.” “And you really enjoyed licking Lisa’s asshole, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did,” Barbara responded smiling.

Barbara glanced down and saw John’s bulge in his pants. “Am I doing that to you,” she asked. John just smiled back at Barbara. Barbara put her hand to John’s crotch feeling his hard shaft. “Would you like me to take care of that for you?” Barbara asked. She didn’t wait for an answer, she just dropped to her knees and unbuckled and unzipped him. His cock sprang free standing at full attention. She sucked him into her mouth giving John the best head he’s had in a long time. Then she licked his balls like she did with Mark only a hour earlier. John just moaned his delight to Barbara. “You’re fuckin’ incredible, Barbara.” “What a good cocksucker you are.”

Once Barbara finished bathing his balls, she returned to sucking his hard tool. She took it deeper and deeper until she stuffed all of his ten inch prick down her throat. Barbara sucked knowing she wanted to feel his sperm running, gushing down her throat. John could tell she wasn’t going to stop until he unloaded in her mouth. He knew he didn’t have to ask if she wanted it in her mouth either. It was obvious to him that Barbara was an experienced cocksucker and cum eater. John looked down at Barbara’s beautiful face swallowing his cock and relished in the thought of his cumming in her beautiful mouth, cumming deep in her throat, cumming deep down making her swallow all of his load.

Barbara was an expert on making a man cum. She swallowed John’s cock again and again, and deep, until his balls rested on her chin. She held him down there and looked up at John. She gave a little smile and with her face impaled with cock, she began tightening her throat on it. That was enough for John. Feeling Barbara tightening her throat muscles clutching his shaft was all it took. The sperm started flowing down Barbara’s throat. His cock throbbed spurting into Barbara’s mouth and down her throat. He held Barbara’s blonde head to his groin while he unloaded the contents of his balls directly into Barbara. When he finished, Barbara pulled off licking the head of John’s cock cleaning up what little sperm was left.

“Thanks,” Barbara said. “I needed that. I love a hot load of cum in my mouth.” John was spent from the fantastic suck Barbara just gave him. Barbara stood up and walked out heading home.

– The End –