Barbara took a leisurely drive towards home, daydreaming about how much fun she had doing her first movie. But still, she wasn’t satisfied, at least not sexually. Over the past few weeks her appetite for the bizarre sexual gratification had grown to where normal fucking and sucking weren’t sufficiently stimulating to her. Yes the movie was exciting and fun to do, but she needed more to satisfy her. She didn’t know exactly what it was she needed, but her body lusted for more cock, more sperm, more excitement.

She saw an adult book shop on the side of the road and thought about buying a large dildo. How nice a big cock would feel once she got home, even if it wasn’t real. Barbara pulled over into the parking lot and went inside the shop. It was 2:00 o’clock and only a few cars were in the lot. She felt a little awkward going into the sex shop dressed the way she was. Her short tight skirt that showed off her long legs and the halter top that exposed allot of her breasts made her look rather whorish. But she thought it would be a quick in and out just to buy a toy to play with.

Once she got inside there were two men at the counter by the register. One was a somewhat heavy black man, rather scruffy looking, unshaven, and wearing dirty old clothes. The other man was black too, only he was tall and much younger more of a clean cut teenager. There was a third man in the room adjacent where the movie booths were, but Barbara couldn’t see him because it was so dimly lit.

Barbara walked into the store where the books were sold and hanging on the wall was an assortment of sex toys including various sizes and shapes of dildos. After a few minutes deciding what to buy and feeling the eyes behind the counter fixed on her, Barbara chose a long twelve inch black rubber dick. She brought it up to the counter to pay.

“Hey, baby,” the big burly black man said. “I’m George.” “Why does a beautiful lady like you have to buy a rubber dick?” “Wouldn’t you rather have a real one?” Barbara didn’t say a word. There was a moment of silence. “I see you like a black one too, huh?” Again Barbara said nothing. “Hey Ray, George called to his helper.” “Look at this, the young lady likes black dicks.” Ray stood there waiting to see what Barbara was going to do next as George keep teasing her. “Listen honey,” George replied. “Mine is a big as that, and looking at you is making it grow.” George walked around in front of the counter while Barbara finally spoke up to him. “Can’t I just pay for this?” Barbara asked. Now George stood right next to Barbara. “You know,…… I think you want a nice hard, hot, black cock, don’t you?” Barbara remain dead silent again.

George placed his rough hands on Barbara’s shoulders staring directing into her eyes. Still Barbara didn’t say a word. She was getting excited though. She knew he was going to force himself on her. And she was going to let him. She was even getting wet between her legs thinking about his cock and Ray’s too. Was this the excitement she was looking for, being treated like a common street whore. George pushed on her shoulders forcing her down and she allowed him to do so. She went to her knees in front of him. She could see the bulge in his pants and knew he had a lot to offer her. George pulled her face to his crotch and she could feel his hard shaft on the other side of his trousers. She backed away, looked up at him, then reached to unzip him. Barbara pulled out his eleven inches of black meat already hard and ready for her. She gave the black head a quick kiss and suck, then stood up beginning to remove her clothes. While she undressed she stared at George saying, “I hope you’re good at using that thing.” George smiled, “don’t you worry honey, there’s plenty here to take care of you.”

Barbara finished undressing while George stripped too. Then he grabbed hold of Barbara’s delicate 38″ breasts with both of his rough hands. He squeezed them feeling Barbara up. She closed her eyes letting him manhandle her prize possessions. He was rough with her, squeezing, pinching and pulling on her tits. It hurt a little, but she let him have his way. Her nipples began to grow hard, so he grabbed them between his fingers. Barbara became more excited as he played with her erect nipples. Then suddenly, “”pain”” screamed through her body. George pinched her nipples between his fingers hard, real hard. He squeezed with all his might keeping Barbara wincing with the pain as it continued traveling through her. She cried out to him to stop trying to pull away, but that only made it worse. His grip was firm on her hardened nipples. Her tits were filled with excruciating pain. Barbara looked at George. He had a smile on his face enjoying Barbara’s pain. Then he let go and bent to suck her breasts and nipples. They were hard as rocks protruding from her tits.

Barbara then resumed her position kneeling, sucking George. By this time, Ray wanted in too, so he began peeling his clothes off. When Ray finished undressing, Barbara was already taking most of George’s cock down her throat. George was holding her head and fucking her face, his cock sliding in and out of Barbara’s mouth. Then Barbara would open her throat letting him push down and she would help by grabbing his buttocks pulling him towards her taking his big black tool deeper and deeper until she swallowed the whole thing. Ray couldn’t believe what he was seeing and George was moaning how great it felt. “God, this bitch is hot.” “What a sweet deep throat you got, baby.” George kept cramming his cock down Barbara’s throat until finally he let loose and starting cumming. Barbara forced his cock deep so she could feel his spasming cock in her throat as it throbbed filling her belly with his hot black jizz.

Once George finished and pulled out, Ray took his turn with Barbara. He pushed her down on hands and knees and planted his ten inches up her cunt. He rode Barbara for awhile until she begged for it in the ass. “I got to have it in the ass.” “Fuck me in the ass, please.” Ray was more than happy to stick his aching cock up Barbara’s asshole. Once he placed his cock on her anal entrance, he easily penetrated her fully, planting his black cock all the way up her back chute. Then he fucked her hard, ramming himself over and over up her asshole. Barbara starting panting from the fast assfucking she was getting and she was getting close to cumming herself. She begged Ray for it harder. “Fuck me harder.” “Ram me harder.” “That’s it, that’s it, fuck my asshole.” “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” Barbara started cumming and Ray began pumping sperm in her ass. In her splendor she could feel the jets of jism striking the inside of her ass. His cock felt so hot, his creamy sperm felt so wonderfully warm and his balls were like fire as they rested on the skin of her soft buttocks. Finally Ray finished filling her rectum and pulled out leaving Barbara resting on the floor.

George was not about let Barbara go, he wasn’t finished with her yet. She was the hottest thing that ever walked into his store. As she lay on the floor, he attached a collar and chain to her neck. She was now his slave awaiting his orders, awaiting his commands, ready to perform any whim he may think.

Once Barbara sat up she realized that she was bound by the neck and on a least like a dog. George saw she recovered from the assfucking and told Barbara what he had in mind. “Can’t let you go yet, my love.” “You’re what I’ve always dream of, my own personal slut.” “You’ll be with us for the rest of the day.”

Barbara just sat there, not in any sort of position to do anything about her predicament. “So what were you going to do with this big twelve inch dildo?” George asked. Then he opened up the package and held the rubber cock in front of Barbara’s face. He pushed the end of it in her mouth letting her get it wet with her saliva. Then George rolled Barbara over on her stomach. He put the big black rubber cock in her asscrack and started rubbing up and down her back crevice. “Kneel up,” he ordered. Barbara got up on hands and knees. George took the massive fake cock and twisted it around her anal hole until the head pushed in. Barbara let out a deep groan. He pushed inward maintaining a force driving it deeper up her asshole. He continued on determined to fully inserted the rubber cock in her rectum. He pushed it in until all twelve inches had penetrated her anal hole. Only a tiny portion remained sticking out of her ass. “You like it up the ass don’t you?” George asked Barbara. Barbara just kept moaning. But George was right, she did like up her asshole. It was big and hard and made her feel so aroused. “Now you keep it in there until I say you can take it out.” George commanded.

George then took the leash and began leading Barbara toward the backroom. “Crawl, bitch,” he told her not letting her stand. Barbara crawled on hands and knees behind him. Once they entered the back room Barbara saw the third man that she had seen when she entered the store. He was an older black man, apparently working there cleaning up the booths from all the men that watched the xxx rated films and masturbated. “Her Jasper, lookie here.” Jasper didn’t talk, he just turned around, looked at Barbara and began undoing his zipper. Barbara then realized that Jasper was mentally retarded, but he knew a good looking white woman when he saw one. “C’mon cunt,” George said leading Barbara by the leash, “looks like Jasper likes you.” He led Barbara up to Jasper as he took out his black cock and stroked it. He was beating his meat pretty fast aimed right at Barbara face. Jasper had been working in the back room and was pretty sweaty. As Barbara got closer she could smell his body odor. His hygiene obviously was very poor for he smelled like he hadn’t seen a shower in months.

As Barbara crawled closer his pants dropped to the floor. Jasper’s cock was maybe nine inches long but his balls were immense. He continued jerking his meat toward Barbara as she got closer. The dildo in Barbara’s ass was beginning to work its’ way out as she crawled. George reached down pushing it swiftly back up her asshole. He hit the rubber cock hard jamming it in Barbara’s ass. The force of it hitting deep in her rectum made her lunge forward right into Jasper’s crotch. His crotch reeked making Barbara turn her head. “Looks like Jasper wants to give you a face full,” George remarked. George pushed Barbara face to Jasper’s cock and it hit her lips. The stench was incredible. “C’mon cunt, open up. Jasper’s never been sucked off before.” “You’ll get used to his smell.” Barbara took Jasper’s black smelly cock in her mouth. She sucked it and tongued it. It tasted unbelievably foul. Barbara thought she might heave her guts up. “Clean them big balls too.” George added. Barbara just kept the cock in her mouth. George yanked on the leash, “let’s go you filthy fuckin whore, suck them balls too.” Barbara spit out Jasper’s cock and started licking his sweaty dirty balls. George pushed her face against Jasper making Barbara suck his big balls into her mouth. Then she released them and licked his crotch of all the sweaty smelly scum that was encrusted between his legs. George didn’t let Barbara go until he saw that Jasper was ready to blow his load. Suddenly sperm erupted from his cock splashing into Barbara’s face. Jasper’s load of cum was huge, covering her face with spurt after spurt of hot thick gunk. Then he rubbed his black tool over Barbara smearing his load around making certain every inch of her face had a coating of his hot cream.

“C’mon bitch, let’s see what else we can find for you.” George led Barbara around the movie room looking in the various movie booths. “Hey, look what we have here.” George had opened one of the booths and the floor was covered in sticky sperm. Jasper hadn’t yet cleaned this one. The floor was an ocean of cum from the previous viewers jerking off while they watched the porno movies. “Get in there and crawl around in that jizz,” George ordered. Barbara did as she was told. She crawled into the movie booth. She could feel the sticky gooey substance on the floor as it stuck to her hands and knees. “Lay down in it, slut.” George was making Barbara act out and feel what it was really like to be a cum hungry slut. What woman would obey orders to crawl and wallow around in a dirty cum infested adult shop. Barbara laid down on the floor feeling the slimy sperm on her gorgeous legs and soft buttocks. It was slippery and she kept sliding around on the cum covered floor.

“Look at that,” my dear, “a snack.” George pointed under the bench in the booth to a condom on the floor. “Go ahead, eat it.” Barbara looked at him. She had done allot of disgusting things, but this was the ultimate. Was he really expecting her eat the slimy old cum from a used condom of an unknown man. Was it a white man or a black man’s sperm. How long had it been laying there? She reached for the used condom picking it up from the floor. It was still warm and full of sperm. Actually, there was allot of cum in it. Whoever filled this condom had released a pretty big load. “Drink it down.” George ordered. ” I know you want it, so eat it.” “We both know you’re a cum eating whore, so go ahead.” Barbara took the rubber and brought it to her mouth. Then looking up at George and still sitting in a pool of sperm, she sucked the condom inside out inhaling the cum of a man whom she never met. The slimy dirty condom hung from her mouth as she attempted to clean the sack of its contents. She swallowed it and licked the rubber condom clean getting every last drop of jizz that was spent in it. George, Ray and Jasper watched as Barbara did the dirtiest thing they’d ever seen.

Suddenly, it didn’t matter anymore to Barbara. She needed cum no matter whose it was or where it was. She ate it and swallowed it all like it was her favorite food. And it was. Whose cum was it running down her throat? It was still somewhat warm and still had a thick consistency inside the rubber. She kept slurping it, sucking the old condom in her mouth determined to thoroughly suck out every bit of jizz. It was then Barbara finally came to the realization that she would eat cum, eat sperm, jism, eat jizz from anyone or anything. She truly was a cum hungry whore. A beautiful cum eating slut. And she liked it, especially the way George and Ray and Jasper watched in utter amazement as she performed her dirty disgusting acts.

“What a fuckin slut,” George commented. “Suck that stuff down, whore.” “Show me your mouth.” Barbara opened up showing the men the sticky gooey stuff on her tongue. Then she closed her lips to slowly and deliberately swallow the old jizz. “Fuck, man.” “What a disgusting cunt you are.”

When Barbara finished her cum meal George made her crawl back to the other room. As she crawled back he reached down extracting the big dildo from her asshole. When Barbara entered the other room she sat on the floor. George held the dildo out to her showing how slimy the rubber cock was from being in her ass so long. “Okay, you fuckin’ slut, open up.” Barbara opened her mouth to him. George put the cock on her tongue pushing some of the sticky shaft in her mouth. Barbara opened her mouth wider to accommodate the huge black scummy dildo. George pushed more in. Barbara didn’t resist, she took it. George pushed more making Barbara tilt her head up as it hit the back of her throat. Then George forced it deeper making her swallow the big black rubber cock. It entered her throat and George pushed it down, all the way down, forcing into her throat until all twelve inches of the slimy stick was lodged in her gullet. Then Barbara wrapped her lips tight around the cock while George slowly extracted it. All of the slime covering that coated the shaft, the scum from deep within her ass, Barbara cleaned off with her mouth and lips. Then in one gulp, she swallowed her own dirty asshole gunk down. George took the dildo and shoved it back up her ass telling her it was his present to her for such a great time.

“I ain’t never seen any white woman so down right dirty and disgusting like you, honey.” George remarked. “You can come back here anytime, you hear.”

George told her to dress and she began putting he clothes back on her sticky, sperm covered body. Her white silky panties clung to her thighs and rear end as they became saturated with slimy cum. Her legs glistened from the stickiness and her face and hair were crusted with jism. And she had the taste of her own asshole still in her mouth.

Barbara left that way, still covered in the black men’s sperm and still with a twelve in rubber cock in her ass. It wasn’t until she got home that she cleaned up with a shower and laid down for a nap. Barbara had enjoyed another day of exhausting nasty dirty sex. But now she was satisfied. Her sexual lust lay dormant, at least for now.

– The End –