The cab driver’s name was Randy as Barbara found out as they sped off into the city talking to each other while driving through the downtown area. Randy knew exactly where to go to get Barbara more of what she wanted. There weren’t many women like Barbara in the world. She was one in a million seeking the wild times and kinky adventures. Randy’s friends were in for a real treat tonight.

It was almost midnight now as Randy parked the cab in a narrow alley off a deserted street next to what looked like a bar or pool hall. This area of the city wasn’t the best, most people wouldn’t be caught near it, much less a young white woman, especially at night. But Barbara wasn’t afraid, this was what she wanted, what she craved. It was exciting, a strange place, strange men, and the unknown of what would lie in store for her in this building.

It was a pool hall and bar patronized mainly by the locals in the area of the city. It wasn’t a real big place, it had the bar along one wall with ten stools, seven or eight tables with chairs and an area off the back with a pool table. As Randy and Barbara entered Barbara looked around. Even at midnight the place was crowded, there had to be thirty people in the smoke filled hall. Some were seated at the bar, some at tables and some playing pool. There were a couple young black girls apparently with their boyfriends sitting at a table, a couple young unshaven scruffy looking white men at the bar and the rest were middle aged black men spread throughout the room, all of them were eyeing up her delectable body. Everyone of them was undressing Barbara with their eyes and wishing they could reach out to grab her firm thirty eight inch breasts that jiggled as she walked toward the bar. How they would love to rip her halter top off exposing those lucious tits and get a chance to see her hard nipples that protruded through the material. Then to run a hand up her thighs feeling those long, long legs that went on forever disappearing under the shortest of tight skirts, that would be like heaven. They all were thinking the same, rip her fuckin’ clothes off and let’s see this hot bitch naked. Then fuck her, fuck her hard, give this white cunt a royal fuckin’.

As Randy and Barbara approached the bar while all eyes remained fixed on her. Barbara went to the closest open bar stool and sat down while Randy spoke to one of the two bartenders. He was a big black man of about forty years old maybe six foot five tall. His body had a tremendous build, he was big framed and very muscular. As Randy whispered to the bartender a big smile grew on his face as he glanced toward Barbara. Then they walked over to her where she sat.

“Hi there, honey.” “I’m Mike, but my friends call me “Bull.” “Randy tells me your hot stuff, looking for some fun.” Barbara nodded her head giving Bull a soft “yes, that’s right.”

“Aren’t you afraid being here, or what we might do to such a gorgeous young thing like yourself?” Bull asked.

“No, I’m not afraid” Barbara replied brazenly. “I’m not afraid at all.” “What I want is for you to fuck me, fuck my whole body with your black cock.”

Bull was a bit surprised to say the least, he never heard of a white girl begging for a black cock. He remembered a year ago, a couple white girls wandered into the bar when they were lost, and wound up with two of his black brothers forcing themselves on the girls. It was nearly rape until the girls started getting into it and enjoyed the black fucking. But this was unheard of, especially with such a gorgeous blonde like Barbara. She could have any man just for the asking. But instead she was going to get herself gangbanged by everyone in this place. Bull hoped she knew that.

“Do you realize once I start with you, every man in here will right behind me waiting for his turn?”

“I’m ready for them,” Barbara replied.

“You asked for, honey.” Bull answered back to her. He led her to the center of the floor out away from the bar. Then he pointed to her halter top and skirt. Barbara pulled it up over her head letting her thirty eight inch tits fall free. “Fuckin’ nice tits,” Bull exclaimed as did a number of others. Then Barbara slipped her short skirt down her legs and she was naked in front of a room full of horny men. Bull reached out, at first gently caressing her lovely white breasts, then began squeezing them enjoying how nice and firm they were, yet still so soft. Her nipples responded growing hard. Bull pinched them and pulled on them, then he took them one at a time to his mouth sucking on her beautiful breasts.

Bull quickly ripped off his shirt, then dropped his trousers and underwear. Barbara’s eyes lit up. Now she knew why the nickname “Bull.” He had a monster cock. It was thirteen inches long, about five inches thick around, very smooth and shiny and best of all, already hard. It was a gorgeous black cock in Barbara’s eyes. And she knew black cocks. She dropped to her knees, grabbed it jerking it a couple times working the skin of his shaft, then brought it to her mouth. She took the head and started sucking it, then taking more and more until she had to begin swallowing the hot meat. Barbara was wasting no time. The smooth cock glided down her throat so easy, how she loved it. Barbara took all of it, deep throating Bull as he watched in amazement how this blonde honey could so easily do what his girlfriends couldn’t.

Barbara backed off Bull leaving his cock glistening with saliva. She asked, “want to fuck my ass?” “Hell, yeah, sweetheart,” Bull answered. He let Barbara kneel on all fours. Then he stooped behind her rubbing his cock between her legs. He slipped his black shaft in Barbara’s cunt first, collecting some juices from her moist slit. Then he went to her asshole. He pushed on her anus and she let him push in. Her little anal pucker sucked the black head of his cock inside. Barbara let a deep sigh out, signaling her approval of how nice Bull’s big cock felt. “You like it in the ass, don’t you honey?” He asked. “Oh, God yes, yes,” she replied in a loving it voice. Then Bull squatted down impaling her ass, driving his hard tool deeper and deeper until he had penetrated her asshole completely and was buried inside. “Oh, yesssss,” Barbara cried out. “Fuck my asshole.” And Bull did. He started pumping her, fucking her asshole with his thirteen inch cockmeat. Barbara thoroughly loved his huge black meat pistoning her white ass.

After a couple minutes he pulled out and quickly returned in front of Barbara’s face. He was so excited from fucking this blonde piece of ass his cock was ready to burst. Barbara wrapped her hands around his engorged black prick and immediately the cum started pouring from his cock. Barbara was ready for it. Her mouth was opened and ready to take Bull’s sperm as it gushed in torrents from his stiff throbbing meat. He had a massive load that sprayed nearly out of control. Thick heavy streams of cum shot in Barbara’s mouth and lined along her cheeks and forehead. A couple spasms generated big globs of sperm that dropped onto her tongue and slid to the back of her throat. It was a great load to start the evening off. The jism on her face felt warm and slimy and the mouthful she swallowed she savored, enjoying the taste of the big man’s love juice. Then she cleaned his cock with her lips sucking out what little he had left.

Meanwhile another black man was at Barbara’s back door. In he went and started fucking her asshole, wasting no time in pumping her back chute. Then another cock replaced Bull in front of her face, a white one this time. Everyone was getting into it now. Even across the room Barbara could see the two girls that were at the table with their boyfriends earlier, now were naked and getting fucked too. Then the cock in her ass exploded, filling her ass with sperm and another took its’ place squeezing through her tight sphincter. Then her mouth fill again with cum, she had to swallow, and another cock spasmed in her ass. She looked around seeing a line of men waiting their turn for a chance at her beautiful ass and another line waiting to give her blonde face a mouthful. It was going to be an all night anal and oral fuckfest.

About a half hour into her gangbang she looked up seeing one of the young black girls standing in front of her with her boyfriend. She seemed a little hesitant as she approached Barbara, her boyfriend was coaxing her on. “Go ahead, sweetheart,” he coached her. “Let me see her do it to you.” Barbara wondered what he meant. Then the boyfriend pushed his girl moving her closer until she was standing right over Barbara’s face. The girl reluctantly reached between her legs spreading her pussy. Barbara could see the cum starting to seep from her cunt. They obviously had just got done fucking and he had pumped his girl full of his seed. Now he wanted to see the white slut Barbara suck it out of his girl.

Barbara pulled the girl down to her face by placing her hands on the girl’s waist as a guide. Then Barbara made contact with the black girl’s fucked cunt. She licked through her slit collecting a little of the sperm that was seeping out. The black girl moaned from the soft feel of Barbara’s wet tongue searching her pussy. Barbara probed the black cunt deeper, sticking her tongue inside, feeling the slimy load her boyfriend pumped in her. She sucked on the cunthole pressing her lips to the black girls wet gash. She sucked again, harder, and the sperm passed into Barbara’s mouth. The black girl went wild, never having felt the pleasure of another woman eating her slit before. She orgasmed, shaking while Barbara ate the cum from her hole. The black girl’s love juices flowed into Barbara’s mouth too, as she sucked and sucked on the young black cunt.

Finished sucking out the sperm, Barbara looked up at the girl, her boyfriend holding his girl’s shuddering body, and asked. “Do you suck your man’s cock?” “Nnnnn….ooo,” she shyly answered almost in shame. “You don’t know what you’re missing,” Barbara replied back.

Barbara grabbed for her boyfriends semi erect cock putting her mouth over it while his girl watched. Barbara sucked him, lick him, suck more until he grew hard. She sucked him deep in her throat showing the girl how to give her man a good blowjob. His cock grew stiffer and he moaned his pleasure as his girl watched the enjoyment in his face. Then he cried out, “oh fuck me,” and he came. His sperm filled Barbara’s mouth. Then Barbara pulled his shaft out momentarily, showing the girl her man’s sperm before she gulped it down. Then Barbara cleaned up his cock, lifted his shrinking shaft to lick his balls and give them a quick suck into her mouth, then she twisted his body around and gave him a fast lick up his asscrack pausing a second or two just to be sure he felt her tongue tickle his asshole. Barbara looked back at the girl standing there in astonishment. “You got a tasty boyfriend, honey. Better try him before you lose him.” Then barely able to walk both the young black girl and her boyfriend returned to their table.

At least an hour went by, Barbara’s face had taken many loads, some was in her hair, allot she swallowed. Her ass was pretty juicy too, she knew her rectum must be full of sperm, it was running down her crack and down the insides of her thighs. The next black man up complained, “this bitch is gettin’ damn messy, can’t we clean her ass up?”

Bull thought for minute and sure enough had the solution. He came out from behind the bar carrying what look like some sort of pump. Actually it was some sort of penis enlarger. It was a pump that had a clear tube to insert your cock and a plunger that when pulled would suck on your cock in an attempt to stretch it longer. It even worked good as a masturbating device, like getting a blow job. Bull had doctored it up some covering the open end of the pump with a tapered cap that had a hole in the end. Well, Bull brought it to Barbara placing the end of it on her asshole. He pushed the tapered end of the pump in, then once the clear tube portion entered her ass, he forced a couple more inches in making sure it was well planted in Barbara’s rectum. Then Bull pulled on the plunger. He was siphoning the jizz from Barbara’s ass. The clear tube began filling with a whitish brown sludge as Bull extracted the plunger. It was all the sperm that had been deposited inside Barbara’s ass, only tinted from mixing with traces of her own excrement. Slowly Bull kept pulling until he filled the tube and pulled the pump out. There must have been at least a pint of the cum swill in the tube.

“Okay,” Bull exclaimed. “She’s ready for more.” Another black cock went up Barbara’s asshole, driving into her, reaming her hard. Bull walked in front of Barbara showing her the pump full of sperm. Bull just wanted to show her how much cum she he had taken out of her. But Barbara looked up at him and even while being assfucked looked for more. She opened her mouth in a begging fashion to Bull. She wanted the cum sludge in the pump. She wanted to drink it. She wanted Bull to pump it into her mouth and down her throat.

“Oh, fuck,” was all Bull could say. He couldn’t believe Barbara wanted the shit-cum mixture he just extracted from her ass. It was hard to believe a woman would degrade herself to such a level – eating the cum from her own ass after it had soaked up the smell and dirt from deep within her rectum. This wasn’t any ordinary whore. You couldn’t pay any whore to do this. No, Barbara was special. She was a lustfilled slut driven by her own desires for nasty dirty sex and the need to be a willing partner in her own humiliation. Bull knew now she would do anything and let him do anything to her.

Bull put the pump just over her open mouth so all could see. He pushed the plunger down halfway and the slimy cooze spilled out the opening into Barbara’s mouth. It was the most disgusting thing any of them had ever seen. Barbara’s mouth filled with the infested cumsludge. Bull stopped and Barbara closed her mouth to swallow. And swallow she did, eating the filthy sperm. Her mouth opened again, it was empty, and Bull pushed on the plunger one more time. The rest of the sludge dumped into her mouth with some dribbling down her chin. Then another swallow, a gulp, she drank it all, ate all the slimy nasty dirty sperm that had been collected in her ass for the past hour.

“You’re one fuckin’ nasty little white bitch, honey.” Bull exclaimed to her as she continued getting plugged from behind and tasted the remains of the dark cum that lingered in her mouth.

Another hour passed, with cock after cock fucking her ass. Some gave her asshole a rest, giving a turn to her cunt. Some came back for seconds letting her suck them hard before giving Barbara a mouthful or a sperm facial. Even Randy the cab driver took another turn with Barbara, this time shooting his load in her ass. Barbara was every man’s dream, at least she was tonight in this bar. Over thirty men drained their seed in or on her. Some of them twice.

But for Barbara the night was only beginning. Bull wanted to see just how much this blonde slut could take, how much humiliation could she stand, how nasty and dirty could she be. He knew she was capable of doing more dirty deeds, performing filthier acts, and become more downright degrading as a fuck machine. And that’s what she was, a machine taking on cock after cock in any hole they wanted. She was their cum depository and loved being it. She couldn’t get enough, in her cunt, in her ass, or in her mouth. She was their queen of all sluts.

-To be continued…-