Barbara had cum just about everywhere on her. Her cunt was seeping with sperm, her asshole was flooded with jizz and her face and hair were sticky and slimy from all of it. She knelt there in the middle of the floor. She was like a human condom, her body had received and contained nearly all of the sperm in the room. The two young black girls had taken care of their boyfriends, but everyone else’s cock cream was somewhere on or inside Barbara.

A few moments passed while Barbara rested. She caressed her own body feeling the slippery substance on her. Her breasts glistened as she smeared the sperm into the soft skin of her tits. She played with her nipples trying to squeeze them, but the slimy cum made them slip from her fingertips. Even after so many cocks, still she aroused herself, playing with her cunt, fingering her bottom and tasting the mixture of love fluids dripping from her body.

Bull came up to her carrying two empty one liter whiskey bottles. Barbara couldn’t imagine what he was doing with them, or for that matter what he planned to do with them. He gazed down at Barbara’s sperm drenched body and she looked up like at him in wonderment of what was next for her.

“Lie down, my dear slut,” he ordered.

Barbara obeyed lying down on her back while a couple of Bull’s friends walked up joining Bull at her side. Bull pulled Barbara’s legs up in the air spreading them apart at the same time. Each of Bull’s friends held one of her legs keeping her spread open. Bull also had a big tube of KY jelly. He squeezed it laying a long line of the lubricant along Barbara’s slit. Then he smeared it all over between her legs and through her pussy. He stuffed a big glob up inside her cunt with two fingers making sure the folds of her slit and the inside of her hole was well oiled up. Bull wiped the residue of the jelly left on his hand onto the bottom of one of the whiskey bottles.

“All right my slutty little sweetheart, I’ll bet this is going to be the biggest thing you’ve ever had in there.” Barbara watched as Bull positioned the bottom part of the bottle at her cunt entrance. He was going to fuck her with the bottle, and with the big end of it.

Only a slight hint of fright went through Barbara as she looked between her legs at Bull. But then she thought, “what the fuck, go for it, shove it in me.” She laid back submitting her body to Bull’s whim. Bull wiped the bottom of the bottle up and down her slit letting her feel the largeness of what was about to enter her hole. “Open her up boys,” he asked of the other two men. Each man holding her legs then reached down sticking two fingers in her slit and proceeded to spread her cunt lips apart. They pulled on her cunthole exposing the delicate pink flesh inside her. They stretched her wide, holding her open while Bull placed the bottle against her exposed inner cunt. Bull twisted the bottle and rocked it slightly back and forth. The lubrication made it easy moving the bottle around. Bull pushed the bottle and Barbara’s cunt stretched wider. “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Barbara groaned, the pressure on her soft cunt tissue was becoming tremendous.

Bull pushed and twisted again, and her hole gave way sucking in the bottom portion of the bottle. “Ahhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhhh!!” Barbara groaned twisting in discomfort, but she let him continue. Bull pushed some more and the bottle started passing into his submissive blonde slut. Barbara felt her cunthole stretched apart like she’s never experienced before. She actually could feel the bottle scraping along her pelvic bones as Bull penetrated her body, violated her precious love box with the whiskey bottle.

Bull pushed deeper with the bottle. “Ahhhhhh!!!” Barbara moaned out loud as her hole filled with the inserted bottle. Deeper, deeper it went, Bull pushed it more, Barbara moaned, screamed louder, the bottle was going deeper, “AHHHHHHH!!!…….., AHHHHHHH!!!…….her moans echoed through the room.

The bottle was gone,…… except for the neck sticking from her hole. Bull had shoved the whole thing up inside her gash. Barbara’s cunt lips were wrapped around the neck of the bottle sticking out. It was lodged in there, buried inside her body and would remain in there until Bull or someone extracted it from her hole.

“There we go, my dear. How’s that?” Bull asked. Barbara just laid there moaning slowly, deeply, “Ahhhh!!! fuck… Ah..h…h…h!!!!!!!!!! Ah..h..h..h..h!!!!!!” Barbara was in a dream land. It didn’t hurt, at least not any more. It just felt so big in her cunt, so full, it was nasty. Oh, God she thought, “I love it.”

“Well, we’re half way there,” Bull announced. “Now for the other one up your ass.” “Turn her over boys on her knees.” The two men rolled Barbara over positioning her on hands and knees.

Barbara said and did nothing, her body belonged to Bull. He was controlling her now and she allowed it, rather she wanted it. No matter how bizarre, she was ready and willing.

“This slut’s unreal, think she can take one up the ass too,” Bull’s friend asked. “Sure she can,” Bull replied. “This white bitch can handle anything, I just know it. And when I get it in, then we’ll bottle fuck her both holes at once. Get her ready.”

Again they squirted KY jelly all over her, this time in her asscrack. They smeared it around liberally working it in the soft crease of her buttocks and shoving some well inside her asshole. Then with the first bottle sticking from her cunt the three blacks started on her brown hole.

The two inserted their fingers in Barbara’s back door. They probed her puckered little opening working their fingers in her. This was going to be a little tougher getting the bottle in back here. Their fingers began pulling her tiny little anus open. Gradually her tight anal orifice started to spread creating a tiny little dark opening that gradually grew bigger. They pulled harder and the opening grew larger, but it was not nearly enough to get that huge bottle in there. “A little more,” Bull commanded. They pulled on her asshole more stretching her anus wider, and it yielded to them. What was once a tiny little cute pucker was now a tautly stretched ring with a gaping hole in the center. Barbara’s asshole became enlarged becoming an open cave ready for Bull’s whiskey bottle. “AHHHHH,” Barbara yelped, her asshole hurt, her anal ring was overstretched. The two pairs of black hands were a little rough spreading apart Barbara’s soft round ass and forcing her anus open, wide open for all to see, preparing her ass for the ultimate insertion. It felt like they would split her apart. Bull placed the bottle at the opened anal hole, twisted it, and pushed it part way in. The two men let go and Barbara’s asshole gripped the large end of the bottle. It was in her. Now to see how deep Bull could push it in, how much could she take.

Bull pushed and twisted, occasionally feeling contact with the other bottle in her cunt. “Ahhhhhhh!!!!, Ahhhhhhhh!!!!, fuckkkkkk……,”Barbara moaned deeply as the bottle journeyed deeper in her rectum. Barbara’s breathing rapidly increased. She was experiencing a panic and pleasure simultaneously as Bull stuffed her second fuckhole. Her anal ring scraped inch by inch up the bottle, as it went deeper and deeper inside. There was only a little left when Bull felt the resistance. He bottomed out in her rectum. He was so close and he was so crazed, he had to get it in. Slowly he pushed again maintaining his pressure and the bottle slowly disappeared. Barbara was gone again, in her dream fuckworld, moaning non-stop as her inside rectum walls were stretched as much as her anal opening. But he did it, fucked Barbara completely with the whiskey bottle up the ass, only the neck stuck out. What an incredible sight. Barbara knelt with her head on the floor with the two bottles stuffed up her cunt and asshole, only the necks exposed.

“Ready cunt,” Bull yelled down to Barbara. She didn’t even hear him. He rolled her over on to her back again pulling her legs up high. Bull grabbed the necks of the bottles one in each hand. Then standing over her he pulled on them. They started pulling from her holes both at once. They were tight inside her, but her holes started pulling open as the bottles came into sight again. When Bull got both bottles partially out, he sunk them back in with a quick push. Barbara let out a loud cry as the each bottle hit bottom deep in her holes. Then again Bull pulled them partly out and buried them back in. Each time Barbara whimpered and cried out with some of the pain she felt, but also of the pure pleasure knowing she was getting the fucking of her life. Again Bull pulled them about halfway out and then he fucked her, pushing and pulling, pushing and pulling the bottles. Barbara screamed in a frenzy as the cunt bottle rubbed hard back and forth against her clit. She was going to cum. And she did, violently, like an explosion went off inside her.

When Bull saw her body tighten, slipping into her orgasmic state, he shoved the bottles back up her burying them deep in her body again. Barbara’s body convulsed, it shook, it shattered her as she came over and over. Bull became overwhelmed with excitement with what he was doing to this lovely creature, his cock was ready to explode again. He moved up straddling Barbara’s face jerking his thirteen inches of black cock. Barbara was still out of it, deep in her body wrenching orgasm when Bull’s cock spewed on her face. Barbara felt the hot slimy stuff hit her, making her open her eyes and instinctively her mouth. She gobbled at Bull’s pulsating meat trying to suck up his fresh sperm as it drained from him. She grabbed his tool milking it with both hands, sucking at it, swallowing as much of his load as she could get in her mouth. She was an out of control hot cum slut slurping up every thing Bull had.

Then her orgasm died down, she lay there cum covered, totally drained, still impaled with two whiskey bottles.

While Barbara lay recovering and a break in the action, it looked like a rest room stop for most of the room. Actually a line formed out the men’s room door. One of the black men had to go pretty bad from all the drinking he had done. He walked over to where Barbara was lying asking Bull. “Can I piss on her?” “She’s only a slut whore, right, she won’t mind.” Bull pulled Barbara’s legs up again and spread them, “Piss in the bottle,” Bull said pointing to the whiskey bottle sticking from her cunt. Instantly the man whipped his cock out and started urinating between Barbara’s legs. At first his piss hit Barbara’s thighs splashing all over. But then he brought his aim up hitting in her crotch, then up to the opening of the bottle. Everyone could hear the sound of the bottle filling as his piss poured into the bottle up Barbara’s cunt. When he finished another black man took his place, first hitting Barbara with a stream of hot piss on her belly before directing it in the bottle. Then the whiskey bottle was full and the foam and excess piss overflowed it running down to her cunt and between her legs. Barbara actually felt the bottle get warm inside her cunt as it filled up with their hot urine. He finished, the bottle was full and Bull placed the cap on the bottle.

Bull then pulled her legs back over her head touching her toes to the floor behind her. “Who’s next,” Bull asked. We got another bottle to fill. It didn’t take long to get another urinating black cock emptying itself on Barbara. Piss splashed on her ass while a couple men succeeded in filling the other bottle stuck in her ass. Bull capped that one off too and let go of Barbara’s legs.

Barbara got up, she could barely walk with her holes filled the way they were. She managed to get to the bar. She was some sight,.. a whore, a tramp, a cum covered, piss covered slut. Her hair was straggly, sticky with sperm, her face was loaded with cum most of which was already drying. Her chest and breasts were spotted with jizz and urine and her legs were wet with fresh piss.

“Wanna sit, honey?” Bull asked.

“Yes,” Barbara answered in an exhausted tone.

Bull went to Barbara running his hands up her beautiful white legs eventually getting to her rounded ass. The neck of the whiskey bottle protruded from her rear end and Bull grabbed hold of it. He held Barbara around the waist bracing her against his own body knowing that pulling the bottle from her ass would require a steady strong pull. He didn’t want to just rip it from her ass. Barbara had given them all a great time and he didn’t want to deliberately hurt her. Bull tugged on the bottle. Barbara’s asscheeks began to spread as the bottle expanded her asshole again. Barbara’s eyes closed, her face grew distraught, it was a grin and bear time. Her asshole hurt as Bull slowly extracted the huge insertion. The bottle appeared inching its’ way from within Barbara’s rectum. Then a quick little pull and it was out. A sigh of relief escaped Barbara’s lips as now only the bottle in her cunt was left. But that wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as the one that had been in her ass.

Bull set the bottle on the bar. Barbara slid her sore butt up on the edge of the bar stool with the other bottle sticking down out of her slit.

“You’re an amazing girl, honey.” Bull commented. “You’re definitely the hottest thing I’ve ever seen or had.” Barbara smiled, too tired to say anything, but she knew how much she enjoyed the fucking, her own orgasms were the strongest she’s ever experienced.

Bull set a glass in front of Barbara next to the bottle of piss he just extracted from her ass. Bull stared at her wondering what she might do. Barbara knew what he wanted and what he expected to see her do. This was the ultimate test of how much of a slut she would be for him. And Barbara was going to show him how disgusting she really could be. She unscrewed the cap on the bottle and poured some in the glass. She looked around, saw all eyes on her, then clutched the glass in her hand bringing it to her lips. She swallowed it down, all of it, gulping the glassful of piss. “Fuck, honey,” Bull remarked shocked, “you’re a piss drinker too?”

Barbara poured another glass. Before she picked it up though, one of the blackmen that was fucking his girlfriend strolled up to Barbara at the bar. He dumped something in the glass splashing some of the urine onto the bar. There were two condoms floating in Barbara’s glass. “Watching you made me and my girl pretty horny. I fucked her twice, once in the cunt and once in her ass. First time, too, she let me in her ass.” Barbara stared at her glass and the used condoms floating around in it. They still had this guy’s sperm in them. She could see the sack at the end of them with the creamy jizz. “Thought you might want to flavor it up some,” he commented and walked away.

Barbara lifted the glass and began pouring the second glass of piss in her mouth swallowing, gulping it down. Then as she neared finishing the condoms flowed through her lips. She set the glass back down. She sloshed the condoms around in her mouth trying to extract the cum from them. She mashed them with her tongue against her teeth and she felt the jism ooze out onto her tongue. She let a little dribble out over her bottom lip so the men could see she succeeded in emptying the cum sacks. Barbara pulled the rubbers from her mouth sucking on them, swallowing the jizz. She was enjoying her little snack. She sucked the condoms clean inside and out, even the one that was up another girl’s asshole, eating every drop of sperm and slime that coated them. Then she poured the remaining urine from the bottle to wash it all down.

Bull returned from around the bar to remove the other bottle out of her cunt. Barbara swung her legs around on the stool opening them for Bull. He grabbed hold of the bottle and started pulling. Barbara held tight to the bar as her cunt expanded letting Bull extract the bottle from her hole. He placed that bottle on the bar too. Bull then got a bottle of beer for himself, opened it, and told Barbara, “chug-a-lug time.” Bull tipped his beer pouring it in his mouth, not stopping till the he consumed it all. “Your turn, honey.” Barbara’s belly was already pretty full. She had swallowed a whole bottle of urine already, not the healthiest thing to do, but she loved the way the men reacted to such a foul deed. Barbara grabbed the bottle anyway, uncapped it, and tipped it to her lips. She began gulping. The men began cheering her. The piss disappeared from the bottle with each gulp, each swallow. She continued until she drank the entire whiskey bottle of piss. She replaced the bottle on the bar, wiped her lips and gave a little cough.

“Fuckin’ cunt, honey.” “What a fuckin’ cunt you are.” “A piss drinkin’ cunt.” “No…., a piss and cum drinkin’ slut cunt.” “Fuck.” “I love this white blonde bitch.” “You can be my whore anytime, honey.”

Barbara finally had enough for the night. It was five thirty in the morning. Where did the time go. Barbara put her skirt and top back on her cum and piss infested body. Randy was still there, watching her amazing performance. He drove her back to her car in his cab. Then Barbara drove the rest of the way home. She stunk and reeked from the cum and urine all over her. Barbara couldn’t remember how many cocks unloaded on her and in her. Nor could she remember how times she was fucked in her ass. But the orgasm when she was bottle fucked lingered in her mind. It was a brutal fuck, and painful one, but it drove to a new height, it was fantastic. She loved fucking, she loved cum. The sun was coming up now, time to rest. Tonight would begin another adventure.

– The End –