John led Barbara into the bedroom where he tied her arms over her head to the headboard and legs to the kickboards of the bed. She was spread-eagled flat on her back. Kelly and Tyronne followed to see what John had in store for Barbara. Barbara now lay helpless looking up at John.

“I’ve been thinking, I know just the right thing for you.” John began speaking to her. “I want my whore to look and feel more like a cheap tramp. You should wear some jewelry. Such a beautiful body should be decorated with some fine gold or silver, especially those fine looking breasts of your’s. Don’t you think a nice ring hanging from such lovely nipples would just enhance your beauty?” John asked looking at Barbara, then to Tyronne, Kelly and then to Barbara again. John held up two gold rings about an inch in diameter. They looked like large earrings with a little heavier post where the ring would penetrate through the earlobe, only John had plans of hanging them on Barbara tits.

Barbara squirmed on the bed begging, “oh no!! please don’t do that, please, it’ll hurt, besides I don’t want them in me there.”

“Don’t worry,” John replied. “When you leave tomorrow morning I’ll remove them and in a day or two you won’t even know they were there. The hole will heal up by itself. And it’ll only hurt for a second or two when I first penetrate your nipples. I’m going to enjoy watching your body twitch with pain when I puncture those cute tits to make a hole for these nipple rings.

Hearing John just say it sent chills through Barbara. The thought of him piercing her nipples really scared her and he knew he was lying “only a little pain.” It was going to hurt and allot.

John jumped up on the bed straddling Barbara’s body positioning himself in front of her chest. “Okay, my sweet darling slut, ready? Ready to be treated like a cheap whore? For the rest of the night your body is for my pleasure only,… got that you scum eating slut?”

John motioned to Kelly, “why don’t you get her mind off what I’m doing. Play with her cunt.” Kelly obeyed crawling between Barbara’s spread open legs and began fingering Barbara to get her aroused. Barbara was rather tensed up in anticipation of what was to come. But Kelly did her best even to the point of pushing her tiny little hand partially inside Barbara’s wet hole.

John laid the first ring on Barbara’s belly. He grabbed Barbara’s left breast squeezing it making the nipple protrude out. Then he pinched the nipple, then pulled on it making Barbara’s breast extend from her body. He pinched it again and again until Barbara’s nipple was rock hard. Then he took her hard nipple between two fingers pulled it gently to extend it taut. He picked up a large needle that almost looked like a crocheting needle. It was nearly seven or eight inches long and it was very thick. A cold sweat came across Barbara as she realized that soon that needle would be passing through her tender sensitive nipples. She closed her eyes and seconds later she felt the sharp tip touch her taut nipple. She twitched on the bed, but John hadn’t begun penetrating yet, he only touched it to her tit. Then he pushed and the large sharp needle punctured her left nipple. Barbara cried out in pain, “AAAWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” and twisted, twitching her helpless body on the bed. The scream just echoed through the room non-stop. The bed squeaked and rocked back and forth from her fighting against the restraints. Barbara was a prisoner, unable to break free of her bonds. Her body movements only made the pain worse as the needle shifted around in her nipple flesh. The pain was already unbearable in her breast and yet she knew John had only begun his torturing and sodomizing of her body.

John pushed the sharp tool further into her delicate tender tit. Barbara’s nipple tissue was hard and difficult to penetrate making John twist the needle in an attempt to gouge it through her hardened, now bleeding nipple. John was enjoying seeing Barbara’s body twitching and convulsing in pain as he poked around in her tender nipple meat. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to finish the penetration either, instead, he just calmly kept twisting, pushing, and digging slowly, forcing the long needle millimeter by millimeter through her tender hard nipple. Then it finally broke through the skin on the other side. Barbara knew John was enjoying her pain when instead of pulling it back out, he shoved it all the way through her bleeding nipple letting her feel all eight inches of steel pass through her. Once the needle passed all the way through, the hole closed up leaving a pool of blood trickling down her breast. Then John quickly took the ring and forced it into and through the tiny puncture hole in her pierced nipple. Again Barbara wailed in pain shaking violently on the bed as John finished his decorating of her tit with the gold ring.

Barbara’s screaming stopped for the moment, but her breathing was deep and uncontrolled, quite normal for someone feeling like her tit had just been ripped off. She opened her eyes to see John dabbing her breast with a tissue sopping up the blood. Her nipple was red and swollen, covered in blood. She could see the gold ring attached to her breast, pierced through her nipple. She saw Kelly between her legs and felt her fist stuffed up inside her cunt. During the whole ordeal Barbara never even realized that the teenage girl had stuffed her, fisted her fuckhole. She also noticed John’s cock was rock hard. “Oh God,” she thought, “this guy is getting off on giving his victim pain.

“Ready for the next one, he asked?”

“You know, you scream an awful lot for whore.” “I thought you could take a little pain.”

“A little pain,” Barbara thought, “who’s he kidding.”

“Well I don’t want anymore screams and I’ll help you with that.” Before Barbara even realized what was happening, John repositioned himself in the other direction squatting over her face. Then down he went stuffing his hard cock into Barbara’s mouth. He lowered himself all the way down making Barbara swallow his hard meat. He just sat there on her face with his cock impaled down her throat. He looked up at Kelly. “Shove your other hand up the whore’s ass.” “Make her cum.” Kelly was afraid not to do as he ordered. The last thing she wanted was to have the same thing done to her.

Carefully, Kelly stuck a finger in Barbara’s asshole, then another and another. Then she pushed hard, hoping she wasn’t hurting Barbara, until her whole tiny hand passed through Barbara’s anal hole. Barbara squirmed on the bed. Kelly didn’t know if she was causing her discomfort or if it was John’s cock down Barbara’s throat or even the brutality John caused to her nipple. Kelly was in an awkward position now with both her hands inside Barbara’s cunt and asshole. But her head was right between Barbara’s legs for a perfect view of John with his cock totally down Barbara’s throat and ready to proceed with the next nipple ring. Kelly leaned down to lick at Barbara’s clit hoping to arouse her and take her mind off the pain. Kelly licked hard while twisting her hand inside Barbara’s cunt. Barbara started to respond moving her bound body in enjoyment of the feeling Kelly was giving her. Kelly played inside Barbara’s ass too, wiggling her fingers allowing Barbara to feel the probing of the walls inside her ass. Then she did more fist fucking in her cunt and harder clit licking. Barbara was nearing an orgasm despite the pain in her breast.

John quickly withdrew his cock from Barbara’s throat giving her a chance to breathe, then plunged his cock back down burying it again deep in her throat. Barbara orgasmed, tightening her body, clutching Kelly’s fists inside her with her cunt and asshole. It felt so good, her body enjoyed the waves and waves of orgasmic energy rippling through her. The pain was all gone now, it pure pleasure.

In her mind she thought, “Oh God, yes.” “that’s sooo… good.” “ooooooooh!!!!”

Kelly fucked her fist a couple times in and out of Barbara’s slit making her delirious with the pleasurable feeling. John pulled from Barbara’s throat again to let her breathe. Barbara barely could get the words out as her orgasm ripped through her body. But in a half panting and half moaning voice she managed to beg her request.

“I…www…ant …..Ty…ronne’s……



Barbara drifted off again into her continuing orgasm, and Tyronne immediately untied her legs and crawled between Barbara’s legs. Kelly pulled her fist from Barbara’s ass letting Tyronne push her legs up high. Tyronne plowed right into Barbara’s ass stuffing his tremendous tool all the way inside Barbara’s rectum in one motion. She whimpered and moaned her enjoyment even though Tyronne jammed her hole so hard. But that’s exactly what she wanted. She wanted his big black cock in her ass. She wanted his fat piece of hot cockmeat to assfuck her hard, and make her cum again and again. Then he started pumping her ass like a jackhammer, reaming Barbara’s anal fuckhole. Kelly could feel his massive black cock through Barbara’s soft tissue separating her ass and cunt, pistoning in and out. She almost felt like she could grab hold of the monster piece of fuckmeat as it kept passing by her hand on it’s way deep into Barbara’s bowels. She couldn’t believe how Barbara could enjoy such a brutal ass fuck with such a big cock, and while a fist was up her cunthole.

Barbara’s assfuck continued, John sunk his cock back down her throat and Kelly continued to play in her cunt. John grabbed the needle, took Barbara’s right breast, pulled the nipple tight and proceeded to puncture Barbara’s other tender piece of flesh. He pushed and twisted working the needle slowly again as the blood trickled from her nipple. Barbara’s pleasurable orgasm immediately merged with pain, but her body craved the conclusion of her orgasm. Pleasure and pain rippled back and forth through her, as Kelly licked Barbara’s throbbing clit and Tyronne fucked her ass and John throat fucked her while he continued torturing her nipple. He was deliberately taking his time on this one making sure Barbara endued as much pain as he could possibly inflict. He slowly wiggled the needle back and forth digging his way through Barbara’s sensitive nipple flesh. It seemed crazy, but the pain and torture actually heightened the deep rooted orgasmic feeling. Her orgasm was building, growing stronger. As John dug into the meat of her nipple and Kelly fisted her cunt hard and licking her clit, Barbara’s orgasm reached a new height. John applied more pressure, forcing the needle a little further through her delicate flesh. The additional jolt of pain set off explosions within Barbara’s body causing bursts of pleasure and pain as her whole body shook and convulsed into another more intense orgasm. She bounced on the bed against her bonds for what seem like minutes, enjoying the most amazing orgasm ever. Deep grunts came out of Barbara, muffled by John’s cock, expressing the overwhelming lust that was being flushed from her body. Barbara wildly tried to free her hands. Kelly now was fucking her dripping cunt rapidly with her fist. John was digging in her nipple with the needle, not trying to push it through, just deliberately gouging, jabbing, picking at her tender flesh, inflicting pain. Tyronne reamed through her asshole harder and harder implanting his meat far up inside her body. And Barbara orgasmed over and over and over, cumming endlessly, her body feeling like it would explode from the sheer pleasure.

The wonderful feeling seemed to last forever. The incredible orgasm rocked through Barbara even with the growing waves of pain as John continued his nipple mutilation. Barbara’s moans and screams continued, only muffled by John’s cock lodged in her throat. You couldn’t tell if it was screams of pain or moans of passion trying to escape from deep within her. At one point John stopped with the needle lodged in her nipple, tipped his head back to remark, “oh God that feels good, Oh God yes, yes… yes……” Barbara’s moans from deep within her were vibrating on his hard cock buried deep in her throat. He was going to cum. For about fifteen seconds Barbara’s moaning stopped. She was contending with an ocean of sperm flooding her throat. She had to let him finish emptying his balls out first, even though the orgasm continued and the pain still lingered with the needle stuck in her tit. Once she felt the cum stop spurting from his cock, the pain intensified again, he was pushing on the needle once more and finally broke through.

Barbara was nearly out of air. All the pain, struggling, and orgasmic energy she released, required more oxygen and she needed it soon. And her orgasm was coming to and end. John once again pushed the needle all the way through her nipple, and the pain just repeated through her body. He put in the ring and then got up pulling his cock out of her face. Barbara gasped for a breath sucking in air as soon as his cock dislodged from her windpipe. She coughed up some of his sperm, choking on it, then looked down at her breasts now with two big gold rings hanging from them. There were still drops of blood oozing out from around the rings where they punctured her nipples.

“What do you think of my whore now, he asked Tyronne?”

“I think the cunt’s hurtin’ a bit.” Barbara had tears running down her cheeks, half from the pain and half from cumming so violently. “But, you know what I’d like?” Tyronne added. “I’d like the bitch to lick my ass.” “You know, a good rimming.”

“Go right ahead,” John replied.

Tyronne pulled from her ass, climbed over Barbara’s face and lowered his black ass onto her mouth. “Okay, you fuckin’ whore, let’s feel that hot tongue.” Tyronne grabbed one of the rings giving a tug on it pulling Barbara’s nipple and sending a shock wave of pain through her breast. Barbara whimpered and immediately buried her tongue between Tyronne’s asscheeks probing right into his anus. She licked his crack and anal hole hard, probing at his asshole making sure he derived as much pleasure as possible to keep him from touching the nipple rings again. She kept licking his sweaty black ass hole and all through his crack. Tyronne reached to spread his butt cheeks apart so Barbara had better access to his anus. And she obliged him by giving Tyronne’s asshole a first class rimming. She licked every inch of his black puckered anal hole and even stuffed her tongue inside when he sat harder on her face. Even Tyronne’s best sluts didn’t give an anal cleaning like he was getting from Barbara. Then he finally got off dismounting her face. “Damn, what a hot slut.”

“Kelly are you learning how to be a good whore for me,” he asked? “Here, clean my cock up.” Tyronne had just fucked Barbara deep in the ass for quite some time. It still glistened with a slimy coating from inside Barbara’s rectum. Now he wanted his young teen slut to eat it off. Reluctantly, Kelly took the head in her mouth. It was so nasty doing this. Only moments earlier this hot black cock was inside Barbara’s ass. Now Kelly was getting a taste of it. She sucked it deeper and deeper. She licked every inch of his cock down to his balls cleaning his black shaft of all the smelly scum.

Tyronne stood up and remained standing over Barbara’s body and watching Kelly with her fist still inside her. Then Tyronne did the unthinkable. He began urinating on Barbara aiming at her breasts. The hot piss struck her open puncture wounds on her nipples and sent Barbara into a wild frenzy. The salty hot piss burned through her tits nearly making Barbara pass out. Then Tyronne brought the urine stream up higher pissing into Kelly’s face. “Open your mouth you filthy slut,” he yelled at Kelly. Kelly instantly obeyed scared to death of Tyronne, yet afraid of taking the disgusting hot pee in her mouth. But she did. Tyronne pissed in her mouth filling it before he finished. Kelly couldn’t move with her arms impaled up Barbara’s holes, so she remain half lying there between Barbara’s legs with her mouth full of Tyronne’s hot piss.

Tyronne squatted down to her level, “swallow you whore,” he demanded. Tears started from Kelly’s eyes. Tyronne grabbed hold of Barbara’s nipple rings tugging on them. Barbara jumped uncontrollably. Her breasts hurt from being penetrated and even more from the salty urine. Tyronne’s pulling on them only worsened the pain. “Listen you filthy little slut,” he swore at Kelly, “swallow it or I’ll rip her tits right off.” Tyronne tugged on the rings again making Barbara twitch in pain. Kelly had no choice. She couldn’t let Tyronne mutilate Barbara’s beautiful breasts. Kelly closed her mouth,……..”gulp!!!” Tyronne heard the sound of his piss gushing down his teen slut’s throat. He stood back up holding his cock to Kelly’s face wiping it across her lips. He milked his cock extracting the last few drops of urine and made Kelly lick them off as they formed on the end of his cock.

“That’ my girl.” “You’re really gettin’ the hang of it now, honey.” Tyronne relished in the fact that Kelly was so obedient to do his bidding without question.

Once Tyronne finished his humiliation of Kelly and turning her into his obedient piss drinking slave, he let Kelly remove her hand from Barbara’s cunt. Barbara lay there totally drained, her body aching with pain. For the remainder of the night John and Tyronne turned their attentions to Kelly to finalize her transformation from a sixteen year sweetheart to a sixteen year old obedient whore. Through the course of the night she got fucked three more times including another time in her ass by Tyronne. Each time they finished, Kelly had to squat over Barbara’s face so Barbara could suck out the sperm from her holes. And just insure Barbara got it all, they both yanked and played with the nipple rings making Barbara bounce on the bed in pain as she sucked on Kelly’s cunt and asshole removing the jizz pumped into the young teenager.

Then to finish the night, John wanted a turn pissing into Kelly’s mouth. John knew Kelly wouldn’t like that idea, so Tyronne stood directly over her holding her head while John inserted his cock into her mouth. Kelly nearly got sick from the last mouthful a few hours ago. Now John was about to empty his full bladder in her mouth expecting her to swallow it all. At first Kelly thought John just wanted a blow job, but when he stood there relaxed with his semi hard cock resting on her tongue, she knew what he was up to. She couldn’t back off, Tyronne held her head firmly. Then she felt the warm yellow fluid gush from John’s cock hitting her tongue. Her mouth filled up in a matter of seconds. Kelly let it dribble out around his cock which got Tyronne mad. “Drink you son of a bitch.” Tyronne pushed Kelly’s head hard into John’s groin. The force caught her by surprise making her swallow and now John’s cock was pushed into the back of her mouth. His piss was gushing into her throat and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She had no choice but drink it down or drowned in his urine. Kelly’s stomach was already turning, she was going to get sick from it. John’s hot piss seemed to stream endlessly from his cock as Kelly swallowed six maybe seven times taking his hot fluid into her belly.

When John finally finished relieving himself he pulled from Kelly’s mouth and began jerking himself off while he watched the teenage girl get that flushed sick look on her face. Defiling her sweet young mouth this way really got John horny again.

“What’s the matter honey, bad taste in your mouth?” John chuckled.

“You’d better get use to it.”

“You’ve got such a nice sweet mouth, it’s just made for cock.” “And you’re gonna be drinkin’ allot of piss and cum working for Tyronne.”

John’s cock was growing again as he stroked it in front of Kelly’s pretty face.

“Let me give you some of my sweet cream. That should help you out.” Kelly thought he was going to jerk off in her face and make her eat his load. But John had other plans.

“I’ll bet your throat is even tighter than your ass.” “Let’s give it a try.”

He stuck his erect hard tool back into Kelly’s mouth. The fright of swallowing John’s cock swept through Kelly and mixed with the sick feeling in her belly. Kelly wasn’t in the mood for anything right now. Her gut was churning with the hot acidity piss she just swallowed. But John was insistent to have his way with her. John grabbed her head and began pulling her towards his groin. He was going to force his cock down her throat. Kelly never did any deep throating before. Now she was going to learn the hard way, by force. John’s cock hit her throat entrance and he squeezed it down. Her first instinct was to gag, and she did. But his cock was already going down her tight throat passage. Had it not been for his hard meat pushing down her, Kelly surely would have thrown up everything. However, her gagging reflex in her throat merely tightened on John’s cock giving him a rather enjoyable sensation while Kelly knelt there in total discomfort, gagging from the inpaling of her throat. John managed to stuff himself all the way down into Kelly. Then while holding her head tight, he fucked her mouth up and down trying to make himself cum one more time. Kelly gave up the fight, her desire to gag was gone despite the sick feeling in her stomach, it was useless. She became almost like a rag doll in his hands becoming nearly limp, accepting his cock down her throat over and over. She became his willing slut, his willing piss drinking, cum eating whore.

John went wild with Kelly’s throat fucking, ramming his cock in and out of her young teen throat.

“C’mon cunt, suck my cum out.”

“Oh, yes, yes…. eat it!!!…eat it!!… it cunt!!…”

His pistoning in and out continued faster and faster.

“C’mon you fuckin’ little whore, take it deeper,… deeper.”

“Swallow it bitch,…. swallow it.”

Only gurgling came from Kelly’s mouth as John’s cock entered and re-entered her throat. She only had a split second to get a breath each time before John’s cock lodged itself all the down her again and again.

“Take it cunt,”……..”Take it.”……..”Take it….”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!! suck the cum out of me, you fuckin’ whore.”

“That’s it…that’s it….I’m gonna cum right down your piss drinkin’ throat, you fuckin little slut.”…

“Whore”…….”Fuckin Whore…”

“You nasty filthy fuckin’ whore.”

John screamed obscenities at Kelly while he violently raped her tight throat. Then John achieved his climax. He rammed deep down into Kelly letting go a thick hot stream of sperm into her young virgin throat. There was no need for her to swallow, his cock was buried, jammed as deep as it could go. Kelly felt his cock pulsating deep within her, throbbing in her throat, pumping thick jizz into her piss filled belly. She couldn’t take much more. Surely she would lose consciousness soon. Then he pulled out letting Kelly go. She just leaned over clutching her stomach and prayed she would either pass out or throw up. Meanwhile John and Tyronne laughed at her. “That young bitch has got some tight throat, Tyronne.” John remarked. Then she laid down falling asleep exhausted, with her belly full of piss and cum.

Finally morning arrived. John climbed onto the bed with Barbara to remove the nipple rings. Carefully he removed them, poured some antiseptic over her tits and gave them each a little kiss. “You were worth every penny,” John remarked as he handed Barbara her payment for using her body. Tyronne and Kelly were already gone. Barbara dressed and off she went towards home too. Amazing as it seemed, Barbara realized she had only cum once through everything that happened. Her body hurt, still in pain, yet she still had the urge, wanting to orgasm again. She wanted another one like last night. As she walked to her car the feeling intensified. She wondered why she felt this way even with the pain and torture she endured. When she got home, she thought, she would take a nice hot shower and masturbate to orgasm.

As she approached her car, she heard her name called. Barbara looked back, it was Kelly. When she caught up to Barbara she explained how she left Tyronne. She wasn’t quite ready to work for him. At the moment Kelly had no place to stay. Barbara offered to let her come stay are her place and she accepted.

– The End –