I just finished high school last June and just moved into my first apartment. My family thinks that I am able to afford it despite not having a high paying job because my grandparents left me a sizable trust fund. Its true, they did, but they don’t know about my other major source of money. The trust provides me with enough money to pay rent and utilities on modest apartment and go to school. In addition, I have two outside jobs which I’ll describe in a minute. I’m looking forward to graduating from college in a few years because that will earn me access to over $500,000 in additional trust money.

My parents and brothers had offered to help me get moved, but I decided that they have done so much for me all of my life that I wanted the first time they saw my apartment to be when I invited them to dinner. I decided to call in a lot of favors from friends. As you can tell, I’m close to my family, but I’m also independently minded. I’ve gone through the typical teenage rebellious stages that drove my parents nuts. They had to put up with weird hair colors, a pierced tongue, my coming home drunk, and getting arrested for skinny dipping with my friends when I was 15.

Now about my jobs. I work at a grocery store part time. That’s the job my family knows about. I also dance at a nude club a couple times a week. I love to be an exhibitionist and dancing lets me do what I love while I also make some good money. The fact is that the money is very good. I became one of the top money earners at the club where I dance and my nightly take home tips often pass $250.

I’m a really pretty brunette with big brown eyes and olive skin. I think I look like a young Marissa Tomei, and my body is just a hot as hers. If you want to know what I mean go rent the “Slums of Beverly Hills. She doesn’t do full frontal nudity, but there are nearly nude shots of her from behind that show off her gorgeous figure. What get’s me the most attention are my ultra firm 36D tits. They are perfectly shaped with no sag and light brown, 2 inch circles around my perky pencil eraser sized nipples. Guys who watch me dance can’t believe that they are all natural but they are. If I do have a flaw its my legs. They aren’t as long as I would like them to be, and my thighs are over developed. I ran track in high school and kick boxed, so I have firm but big thighs. But the customers all focus on my ample boobs.

Anyway, I was wearing cutoffs and a tight T-shirt on moving day. I had 2 of my girl friends and 5 guy friends help me move. It didn’t take long to move everything in and unpack the essentials. The two girls had to take off to go to their respective jobs, but the 5 guys were able to stick around for pizza. None of us were old enough to buy beer, but one of the guys said he could get his brother to pick a couple cases as long as I paid for a case or two for him. Big brother showed up with 4 cases, and with 3 of his friends tagging along. I know big bro and one of his friends, but I hadn’t met the other two. One looked vaguely familiar. He seemed to be giving me a strange look like he recognized me too, but he didn’t say anything. They were only going to drop off the beer and get reimbursed, but I had lots of pizza and I invited them to stay.

Now all my friends know that I dance, but none of them had ever come into the club. I’m not sure how I would have reacted if they did. I have had sex with three of the guys who had helped me move, but the other two guys had only seen me naked during our skinny dipping sessions. Its one thing to make love with a friend, or be naked in a crowd of skinny dippers, but having them see me acting just plain raunchy would have been hard.

After a few minutes, it dawned on me where I had seen the familiar looking friend. He had been one of my customers at the dance club. I remember I gave him a private dance because he won a group bet guessing my bust size, and the prize was a pool of money for a private show. I didn’t remember much about the show itself because I perform for so many guys each night.

I went into the kitchen so nobody would see me blushing. A few seconds later I heard him say “anybody need another beer?” and he came into the kitchen. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe” he said quietly. I smiled and told him that I thought he looked familiar when he walked in. “I was there for my cousin’s bachelor party” he said “I paid an extra $50 a private show and another $30 for some extras”. The club where I work has private rooms where girls do the private shows. Touching is forbidden, but I know some girls turn tricks. I never turned a trick or even engaged in touching a guy’s cock while dancing, but I’ve seen plenty of guys masturbate to ejaculation during my dances. I just sort of take it all in stride. I have let guys feel and kiss my breasts for extra tips. I also will spread my pussy and insert a dildo for additional tips. I told him it wasn’t really a secret that I danced, but the idea that he had gotten a lap dance and watched me fuck a dildo was a little overwhelming. As I said, I really didn’t remember much about the show I gave him. I probabaly do 30 lap dances in the open room a night and 6 or 7 private shows on top of that. The customers just sort of blend together in my mind.

We grabbed more cold beers and rejoined to the crowd in my living room. As we drank more and more, the talk started to get raunchy. Somehow the topic of my dancing job came up, and one of the guys said they were all going to come watch me some time. I was just drunk enough to give them a smart ass answer by saying “bring lots of money if you want a real show”. They wanted to know what I meant so I told them about the private rooms. The one guy who had seen me dance confessed that he had not only been to the club, but had gotten a private show.

“So did you jack off?” one of the guys asked him. He answered “look at her, how could I not?” That made me blush and I said “I really don’t remember.”

“You don’t remember?” the the other guy asked “He’s famous in these parts for his giant dick.” Suddenly I did remember, this guy was at least 10 inches long, and I did admire it as he was getting his show.

Now I love big dicks, but 10 inches is way bigger than anything I had ever tried. I’ve been sexually active since 8th grade, and I’ve had over 40 partners, but the biggest I ever tried to take inside of me was about 8 inches. I had seen several gigantic ones at the club, in fact one guy told me he was 13 inches, and even though I didn’t measure it, I believed him. But the idea of taking 10 inches was a little intimidating.

One of the guys suggested that I give them a little look at my dance style right then and there so they would know if it was worth coming to the club. I had been drinking so my barriers were down, so I turned on my boom box and started to dance. I slipped my top off over my head and gave the guys all a good look at my pride and joys. I was hesitant about dropping my shorts and panties in front of all these guys, but Mr. Big said “if you haven’t seen her pussy you’re in for a treat” Now I know I have a very pretty vagina. It’s small, with delicate, even sized lips, and I do get a certain satisfaction from showing it off. I figured 4 guys in this room have already seen it, might as well let them all.

I was soon naked and very horney. My nipples were hard as can be, and my pussy was wet.

I was going to experience my first gang bang. I have had sex with two guys at one time so I know I don’t like the distraction of being gropped or having a dick shoved into my mouth when I’m fucking. So I told the guys one at a time. They agreed, and I laid back on my couch with my legs spread, applied a few drops of KY liquid just inside my aleady wet vagina, and told the guys they should each do the same before they entered me. One by one they fucked me. They drew cards to see who went first, and luckily, two guys with average sized penises got the high cards. I don’t think I could have handled Mr. Big right off the bat.

My friend’s big brother went first, and he gave me a long gentle fuck. I came a couple of times before he injected me with a huge load of hot cum. I love the feel of jizz being pumped into me. One of my long time friends went next, and since he had been in me a few times, he knew just how I liked him to move. It wasn’t long before we were into a mutually enjoyable rhythm. I came a couple more times before I felt him draining his balls in me. Then Mr Big got his turn. He took his position, rubbed some KY over the huge head, and approached my pussy with it. I really felt my lips stretch as he forced his huge dick head into me. I gasped as the head disappeared in me. “Are you OK?” he asked. “Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll let you know if I need you to stop”. He pulled out anyway and gave my pussy opening a good dousing of KY liquid, then spread more over his shaft. Unbelievably, he worked the entire monster into me. I hurt a bit, but the pleasure was enough to make up for any discomfort. He was definately bumping my cervix and I couldn’t even fuck him back. I just let him do all the work. His srokes were long and gentle, and he gave me the deepest cum blast I have ever had. I didn’t orgasm with him, but I liked it. The rest of the guys followed, and they each had a good time, but I was too spent to pay much attention to how they performed.

After resting for a half hour, the guys were ready for round two, and I had recovered enough to agree to it. We fucked in every position we could think of. As I was riding one guy in a reverse cow girl so that all the guys could watch the penetration, another guy gently pushed me back and began to stick his dick into my pussy. It was my first time I ever had my vagina stuffed by two cocks at once. I did it several more times before the night was over.

Needless to say, I was sore at the end of the gang bang. I’m not sure I want to try it again, but I wouldn’t mind hooking up with Mr. Big again. Maybe I will be able to cum with him next time.

– The End –