The party was arranged for the following Friday and all the couples had managed to get baby-sitters. It was to be held in a large Victorian house set back a little from the road. The guests started to arrive. One would never have dreamt that they were going to a party because their clothes were nothing out of the ordinary; no long satin skirts or crushed velvet gowns – not even a keyhole dress or a plunge-neckline.

Having been briefed before, with hardly a word to the hostess, the guests made their way to separate rooms – even husbands and wives and partners. The ‘rooms’ were mere cubicles, simply furnished with a shower, a stool, and a clothes rail. The only other things in evidence were towel, soap, and body oils. The presence a mirror would have been superfluous.

Once in their cubicle the occupant disrobed, hung up their suit, dress or casuals; took a warm shower, carefully dried their body and added a little oil to give their skin a silky feel. They then seated themselves in this warm anti-chamber to await the start of the game.

An almost unassuming ring of a bell was the signal to move to the other end of the room. The lights dimmed and with a gentle click a door opened. Together all twenty participants entered a pitch dark room through their individual doorways. Each carefully felt their way into a large room, which was obviously set out as the square into which each of the doors led.

The air was warm to the skin and the floor soft to their feet; the aroma of incense was just detectable as a fragrant accompaniment to the forthcoming proceedings. Before very long the people were feeling each other as they approached the center of the room. Not a word was spoken, indeed it had been decided that no word should be spoken, except perhaps the occasional encouragement as ardor slackened.

But to the present: I put out my hands to the front of me, gently searching. At first I let my hands brush across someone’s shoulder but they had already found a mark. Undeterred by this, because there would be enough to go round, I turned a little to one side and sensed someone very close; dropping my hands a little and enveloping the figure that must have stood there was a little eerie at first. It was very quiet apart from the excited breathing of all concerned and the sound of the air conditioning. What’s more it was pitch black, but this time I was in luck. I detected the natural fragrance of a woman.

As I brought my arms together I felt the warm, silky pulsating, shape of beautiful body, if my hands did not deceive me. Her hands now searching my body, sensing my height and build, now caressing my hips, now holding my ass. My turn to take the lead; I allowed my fingers to slide upwards over her slightly oiled stomach which was flat and smooth and quite obviously a young stomach. Up, up and cupping my hands I slowly took the weight of two of the most beautifully proportioned breasts; full, firm orbs. Gently squeezing the areola between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, I drew her to me. The nipples popped out like corks. I sank my head into her cleavage. I took a deep breath then slowly took her left nipple into my mouth as I massaged her ample ass with my right hand.

She was not idle during this time, for she must have licked her fingers at some point as one of them was pushing into my anus hole and wiggling about deliciously. I gently pulled her finger free and as I moved her backwards onto the floor, I released her trembling nipple and let my tongue follow the angle of her neck to the corner of her lips, which I now discovered were extremely full. As our bodies touched together on the floor, I sucked away on her bottom lip as she tongued the corners of my mouth. With a little gasp she opened her mouth to allow my tongue entry to the sweet cavern of her mouth. Sucking her tongue into my mouth I drew syrup from under it, as I drew breath she in turn maneuvered my tongue into her mouth.

This was almost too much for me, as I hadn’t had sex for nearly 3 days. Sensing my urgency she opened her legs and pulled her knees up to allow my throbbing member access to her other lips. These were as full as the ones at the edge of her mouth. I put my hand down to guide me and felt her hairless cunt simply oozing with anticipation; she had left a little bob of hair just above her clitoris. I heaved myself forwards lowering my meat into her waiting glory hole. As I dropped in, her legs moved back even more, allowing to my absolute joy her outer lips to almost suck around my balls. In fact she was so open that they nearly sunk inside her vagina too! I drew my body back and thrust in again, just like feeding a ram-rod down a barrel. She contorted her body beneath me adding to the pleasure. Before long I eclipsed and felt the hot semen rush down my penis and felt her shudder as it hit the walls of her vagina, drowning her velvet lined loin box to our mutual satisfaction.

Locked together like this for some time I was able to discover that she wore her hair in braids and had a tiny scar at the side of her right ear, an earring accident no doubt. But we were not here to form a lasting relationship. Who next would I meet, the game had only just begun. With a final kiss we finally rolled apart and were now lost from each other most likely forever.

Crawling forwards in the dark my now flaccid penis hanging lifelessly beneath me brushed over a part of a body. I had to stop as I was taken into their mouth. The tongue searched gently round my knob, and with this gentle sucking, “Cocky” rose to the occasion forcing himself into the small but hungry mouth. I was in ecstasy as I felt the teeth teasing around the glans – meanwhile my right hand was searching for the body that belonged to that wonderful mouth.

Not knowing how the mouth lay on the carpet, I closed my fingers together and with a slight shock on my part discovered I had my hand round a rod of enormous proportions. In fact I could not close my hand round it. I was not keen on homo activity when there was so much talent around me, so I gave him a quick wank and let go. This time I let my hand travel from the base of my cock around the mouth and down the body to discover this one to my relief had breasts!

I let my hand take a southerly direction as it almost became entangled in a soaking wet bushy undergrowth that surrounded a gaping cunt. This woman had definitely had a few children. I had no worry about inserting a few fingers to start. I simply held my fingers together and shoved my whole hand in! About turn I told myself and moved into the 69 position without her losing control of my dick. I positioned my head between her legs, the aroma seemed oddly familiar. But none the less I tongued her out and drunk in the cup of Eros, the mixture of cum and the juices of her cunt. I drank my fill but she had gotten tired of working my member and had started to cough as my penis swelled to its normal size once more. Slowly at first she started working the flabby outer skin up and down with her hands; she got me into an all fours position; doggy style. She slid herself back under and started licking my balls and slowly took them one at a time into her mouth. When I finally discharged the seminal fluid from between my legs, she caught it neatly in her hands. Then taking my hands in hers she massaged the cum all over her heaving tits. It was then that the truth struck me, the shape of her breasts, the inverted nipples, the appendix scar, the vaginal perfume. This was my wife!

The chances of this happening were remote among so many, but I never did have a very good sense of direction. But all in all I really enjoyed her every minute I was with her. I could’nt help wondering if she knew it was me. I think not because she has never given in with such abandonment to me before. I thought maybe the dark and the atmosphere had helped – or was it the man she had before me. I reckon he taught her a thing or two. I wondered what else he had taught her, maybe our sex will be more fun in the future! I could not resist giving her a quick kiss on the lips in our special way. She gave a little gasp of realization, but before she could speak or do anything, I had once more moved on.

I was by now very tired and all I really wanted was sleep. Of course this was not possible. The session had not finished. Amidst the hive of activity, the pulsating bodies, the groans of ecstasy, the shouts of encouragement and the gasps in time to the motion of being of being fucked, I crawled quietly away. As I lay there on my stomach protecting my shriveled manhood, I almost dropped off to sleep. When I was suddenly disturbed by a strange sensation down my back. I was being licked but by at least two tongues at once. They made their way down both sides of my body until they met as if by agreement, one on each of my ass cheeks. The one fell away as I felt my legs being gently massaged and moved into a more fetal position, massaged to relax the sphincter muscle of my anus. I then felt the free tongue again, somehow after a couple of fingers were inserted, darting in and out of my anus. She was a pro and it seemed trying to do her utmost to drive me crazy.

In this state of mind, it was as if I had no mind of my own and many hands now took my aching body forcing my penis into the massive arse of a woman right in front of me. There was no let up from behind. Feeling around the body ahead of me for support my hands and arms met up with the heaviest mammaries I had ever touched. This woman, this Amazon, must had a 50 inch bust. It was then that I must have passed out….

I came round in what I first thought was a hospital bed. The nurse said I had slept for over 12 hours. As for my body, it was just a mere shadow of its former self. “Just food and rest and in 2 weeks you will be free to go home!” she said. ‘Free’ that was a strange word I thought…and then I noticed the braids in her hair and a little scar on her ear! With relief I notice my wife’s face peering in at the door, then as she walked in I could see she wore a see-through blouse that unbuttoned to the waist and a tight black skirt cut at least 8 inches above the knee. She also had a pair of high heeled shoes and stockings. Because her skirt was so short I could see her suspenders. She definitely had the face and body of my wife but there the resemblance ended. My wife had always resisted wearing such a sluttish outfit whenever I had asked her. To complete the outfit she had a simple gold band round her left ankle. Her make-up was immaculate with her lips the color of fresh blood and fingernails painted to match. Her face had a hungry look about it. I did not have the energy to resist as she pulled the covers from my bed….

When I awoke my wife was holding the bed clothes up in the air with a look of amazement on her face. My prick was as hard as a broom handle and my wife was working on it with her leg. As we lay there together she said, “You must have had quite a dream Darling, be careful or else you will split me in two!” Then as she lowered herself down onto my erect cock she squirmed about with delight. Then I remembered the film we had watched last night. Ironically it was called, ‘The Game!’

– The End –