One day, I was taking the bus to school. This was unusual because my school is somewhat isolated and bus service isn’t that good. I was late and there were only 3 others on the bus. I was sitting near the back on a seat which was facing the opposite side of the bus. There was a guy sleeping on the bench seat and I was catching up on my reading.

It was a nice autumn day and I was dressed in a short skirt and blouse set with knee socks. Very school-girlish. I was reaching over to get a book out of my knapsack when I noticed that the guy on the other seat was awake. My skirt had ridden up my legs a little. He was pretending to find a comfortable position, but he was really trying to look up my skirt. I love to flirt. I love to tease guys, so I pretended to not notice that he was looking at me. I opened my legs a bit to give him a better look.

It was very funny watching him try to peek without being obvious about it. I slowly wiggled my leg from side to side and then took a pencil out of my bag. I thought he would fall off the bench when I scratched my thigh with the pencil and absently placed it against my lip. I gently dabbed the eraser with my tongue. I saw that my “friend” was getting flushed. I shifted my legs around and dropped a book on the floor. He reached down between my feet and SLOWLY picked it up for me. I mean, he was right between my knees and he wasn’t about to hurry.

Instead of handing it back to me, he sat beside my on the bench. He looked at the binding, Erica Jong. “Jong always makes me hot,” he said. “That and staring at my crotch,” I replied, with a trace of a smile. He apologized and said that he couldn’t help it. I asked him if he liked what he saw and he smiled and said yes, very much. Without a word, I took his hand and placed it on my bare thigh. By keeping my hand on top of his, I was able to maneuver his palm up and down my thigh, occasionally letting him cup my mound. I spread my legs wide to make it easy for him. When I felt that he was doing it the way I wanted it, I released his hand and squeezed his cock through his pants. He wasn’t very big but he was very hard.

He forgot all about my legs and concentrated solely on my pussy. Men have no imagination! He rubbed his finger along my now wet slit and rubbed hard (too hard) at my clit. It wasn’t long before I had a mild and somewhat quiet orgasm. I must have had a death grip on his penis, because he pushed my hand away and unzipped his pants, pulling his cock out. He wanted me to suck it for him but there was no way I was going to blow this guy on a city bus, so I kept stroking him and squeezing him until he got that funny look on his face. You know the one. Just before they come. I tilted his cock back and he came all over his stomach and some got on his shirt. Yuck. A few minutes later, I went to the front of the bus and sat behind the driver until I got to my stop.

That night, my boyfriend came over to my house. He was barely in the door when I was all over him. He said, “What’s gotten into you?” “Nothing, yet” was my honest reply.

– The End –