I saw her as soon as she got out of the elevator. Tall, long brown hair. Nice legs, nice ass. No tits though. No matter, she looked pretty hot walking across the hallway in that short skirt she had on. I told her to be careful because the floor was wet and she smiled at me and said thanks. Too bad she had such small tits. She was a looker though.

She stopped in front of that online publishing place. I watched her fix her hair, then she opened the door and went inside.

It was about 10 minutes later that I passed the office. The door hadn’t closed properly and there was a gap of about 2 inches. Open wide enough that I caught a glimpse of a sight I won’t ever forget. There was that tall girl, on her knees, right in front of that Simon guy. You know the one. The young fella. Nice kid. Well, he’s sitting at his desk like the he’s the fucking King of Siam with his pants around his ankles and this pretty girl is on her knees, sucking his dick. Well, I’ve been waxing the floors in this office building for 27 years now and I thought I’d seen it all. Until then.

She had taken off her short skirt and had one of them thongs on. A lacy black one that showed every inch of her ass. She still had her top on and those really high heeled shoes the young girls like to wear.

She had his cock in her hand and was slowly taking about half of his length into her mouth. Like she was sucking on a popsicle. A big popsicle. That Simon kid is hung. I stood at the doorway peeking in at this incredible sight. She would take his penis into her mouth and hold him there, then very deliberately drag her lips all the way off. I watched her do that a number of times and it was pretty obvious that this Simon guy was enjoying every second of it. So was I. My cock was like a broom handle trapped inside my shorts. The guy had hands were on her shoulders but he was letting her have complete control of what she was doing. And why not? This girl was obviously an excellent cocksucker.

Soon the girl let go of his cock and placed her hands on his bare thighs. Then she started to pump on his dick in earnest. I’ll be damned if she didn’t take every bit of him down her throat and like I said, this kid was hung like a mule. I could see he was getting close because he had his hands wrapped in her hair, forcing her to take all of his dick in her throat. No problem for this girl. She kept sliding him in and out, lunging down onto his cock until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. I thought he would come in her mouth but instead of finishing him off, she got up and turned around. I watched her skim out of her little thong panties. Her cunt was shaved bare as a new born babe. She leaned across his desk, legs spread, with her ass towards him. I pulled back so they wouldn’t see me.

The guy got up and took his position behind her. I saw him gently slide his hands over the satiny skin of her backside. She closed her eyes for a moment as his finger stroked the length of her pussy. She moaned, “Oh, yeah,” when he stuck his finger inside her. He fucked her with his finger a couple times before she said, “Put your cock in me Simon. I want you to fuck me now.”

Simon did not need to be told twice. He probed her slit with his cockhead once or twice then sank in to the balls in one stroke. That did it. I drew the zipper of my pants down and pulled out my woody. That Simon kid had her by the hips and was pounding her cunt from behind with so much force that he actually moved the desk once. I stood at the doorway, stroking my cock, watching this unbelievable scene unfolding before my eyes. Then I got careless and bumped the door.

The guy didn’t hear it, he wouldn’t have heard cannon fire, but the girl did. She looked up at me…and smiled. I smiled back and continued to jerk off. She never took her eyes off me after that. She started to hump back against him. Reaching up with one hand, she yanked her top up, exposing her breasts to me. They were small as I said but her nipples were hard as diamonds. She put on a show for me. Wiggling her ass, pinching her nipple, licking her lips. I momentarily wondered how I was going to explain a pool of cum on the floor.

But all good things come to an end. Simon’s stroke became more erratic, his breath ragged. He lunged into her and tightly grabbed onto her bare tit with one hand, the other yanking her hair backwards. He brutally drove his tongue into her mouth as spurt after spurt coated her womb. Soon after, he sagged to his chair, his cock wet with his cum. The girl turned towards him. Kneeling down, she took his cock back into her mouth. I saw her gingerly stroke his balls while he gently stroked her hair. I had a clear view of her cunt. Her slit was wet, the lips puffy and red. She tried to suck him into a new erection but it was pretty clear he was done. I thought it best to leave at that point.

About 10 minutes later I saw her standing at the door. She was dressed as she was when she first came in. As she was leaving, I heard her tell him, “Now I’m going to go home and write about this.” She closed the door and walked to the elevator. As the door slid open, she turned and waved good-bye to me.

– The End –