Nichol lay passed out on her side. Kenny looked at her and thought, “She could be really pretty if she wasn’t so fucking fat.” And he was right. Nichol Patterson had sparkling blue eyes, a pixie nose and a lovely smile. But at that moment, Nichol Patterson’s eyes were closed and her mouth hung open. Nichol Patterson was dead drunk.

Kenny walked to the side of the bed. He didn’t have much time. He shook her shoulder. No reaction.

“Nichol?” he said and shook her again. Still nothing. Kenny pushed her hard enough to roll her onto her back. Nichol groaned but did not wake up. Kenny Thompson skimmed out of his jeans and underwear and climbed onto the bed.

He deftly flipped her shapeless dress onto her belly, exposing Nichol’s panties to his gaze. She was not wearing pantyhose, that was a break, he thought. Kenny placed his hand on her crotch and rubbed her pussy through the material. He tugged the waistband of her panties down until the first dark curls of pubic hair came into view. Reaching under her ample buttocks, he was able to skim her panties down and off. “God, she’s fat.” he thought.

One leg at a time was draped over his shoulders. Kenny placed the tip of his penis at the opening of her vagina. He then pushed.

Nothing. She was too dry. Kenny licked his fingers, then stroked the folds of her cunt. Finding her clit, he rubbed her magic button until he felt her dampness. He slid his penis along the length of her crotch until his cock was slick with her juices. Once again he placed his prick at her entrance and slowly sank in to his balls. Kevin pulled back, then slowly pushed forward again, then a third time, then a fourth, until he could pump into her with ease. Nichol bit her lip and moaned as Kenny drove his fleshy pole into her crotch with wild abandon.

Nichol’s massive breasts heaved with the force of his thrusts. Kenny was sweating as he pounded his cock into Nichol. Leaning forward, he was able to change the angle, allowing himself to drive deeper into her belly. He could feel his balls tighten and knew he was going to cum. Pulling out, he held his cock against Nichols’ abdomen, cum trickled between her thighs.

Kenny got off the bed. Nichol lay with her legs spread apart, naked from the waist down, still asleep in a drunken stupor. Her pussy was wet and a small stain was clearly visible on the bedspread just under her ass.

As Kenny pulled his jeans on, he saw George, Anthony, Marco and Rachel crowded at the doorway of his bedroom. “Okay,” he said to Marco, “now I dare you to fuck her in the ass.”

– The End –