She had just started taking her shower so he knew he had at least fifteen minutes to get ready. He took his pants and shirt off. He went to the full-length mirror on the closed door and admired himself. He had a long sleeve black leotard on over black tights. Looking in the mirror just turned him on more than the feel of the tights and leotards against his body. She was still going to be in the shower another ten minutes so he opened the top drawer of her dresser and picked a red thong leotard and red tights for her. Putting them on the bed, where she could see them when she came out of the bathroom, he waited for her behind the closet door.

She came out of the bathroom, skin glistening with water, and started drying herself off with her fluffy towel. He could barely keep still. When she had dried off she turned around and looked at the clothes, he had laid on the bed. As she started walking to the bed he made his move. He came up behind her and grabbed the towel out of her hand and gently wrapped it around her head so she couldn’t see anything. He pushed her down on the bed, removed the towel and blindfolded her with a pair of pantyhose wrapped around her eyes. He didn’t say anything to her because he was afraid she might recognize his voice. Even without being told what to do it seemed as if she sensed what she was supposed to do and just lay there and not struggle. He started rubbing her butt and then kissed it, she didn’t move.

He turned her over and started putting the tights on her, which was hard to do to someone else. He finally managed to get them on her. Then he lay down on top of her and started kissing her breast and rubbing his legs against her legs. The feel of her tights rubbing against his tights was almost too much for him to control, but he did. He knew he was far from being through with her. He pulled the leotard on her and snapped the crotch closed and stood back to admire her. One more thing he thought he still had not tied her hands behind her back. After finishing that little chore he started licking her toes, planning to go all the way and unsnap the crotch of the leotard with his teeth. He couldn’t believe it; everything was going as he had hoped it would. Right down to the back door being left unlocked, just as he had imagined. Just then the phone rang. He knew as soon as he answered it would be the end, because he would have to wake up from his favorite dream to answer it. He forced his eyes open and immediately became depressed because he never seemed to be able to sleep long enough to finish his dream as he was beginning to think of it.

He picked up the phone and said hello. It was his wife that really turned the lights out on his dream. She wanted to know if he wanted to go over to their friend’s house Saturday afternoon. Terri was going to barbecue and thought they might like to come over. He told Sarah, his wife, sure he would be glad to go over. As he was talking about Terri he started to become excited again. She was the girl in his dream. Of course he would go just try to stop him. Bob said goodbye to his wife and hung the phone up. He got out of bed and walked to the kitchen to get something to drink. As he passed the mirror on the dresser he caught a glimpse of himself. Well at least that part of his dream was real; he did look good in tights and a leotard. He had the same black long sleeve leotard and black tights on now that he had on in his fantasy. He admired his flat stomach and the way his butt looked when he was dressed like that.

Sarah would kill him, he thought, if she ever saw him dressed like he was. She just couldn’t or wouldn’t understand. He thought she knew he was doing it but she never pushed the subject anymore. Hell, he didn’t understand what made him dress like this, either. He just knew it felt good and he looked good and besides he didn’t think it was hurting anyone, anyway. Bob had even asked Sarah to wear tights around the house and especially when they had sex. She had done it for awhile but then she started thinking it was stupid and too much trouble, so she had stopped. That had started his fetish back, full force.

Sarah and Bob had known Terri since high school, which means they had been friends for close to twenty years. She had moved to the same town they lived in after her divorce. They usually got to see each other at least once a week. When Terri fist moved to their city she had lived within a mile of them. She and Sarah had started to exercise at Bob’s house everyday. Seeing both of them dressed in their workout clothes made it difficult to be there with them when they were exercising. Bob had even tried to exercise with them a few times, but it was just to hard for him to handle. All he could think about was to get both of them in bed together. Bob worked at home so that just gave him more time for his mind to go overboard thinking about all this.

Bob had liked wearing tights and leotards since he was in the third grade. He can remember being attracted to girls that always wore tights. He remembers sneaking tights out of his sisters drawers all the time and sleep in them. He never thought of himself as gay or of even being weird. There was just something in him that liked wearing those items of clothing. As far as he thought he wasn’t hurting anyone so no big deal. As he grew older his fetish grew, also. He just didn’t have enough time to do anything about it. However, that didn’t stop his fantasies from becoming more vivid.

They went over to Terri’s house Saturday afternoon. It was a cold day so Bob decided he wear a pair of tights under his jeans that day. He did that once in a while when he knew Sarah would be drinking and not paying much attention to what he was doing. When they walked in Terri’s house the first thing he always noticed was what she was wearing. Today she was wearing, as luck would have it, a long football jersey over tights. He knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his mind off her. Sometimes he thought that maybe Sarah had told her about his fetish and that she would dress like that just to get to him. Whatever the reason it worked.

Bob got stuck with having to barbecue. As cold as it was outside, he sure didn’t want to have to do it, but at least the cold air kept his mind off anything else except staying warm. The girls were drinking heavy and fast. Bob really didn’t mind though. When Sarah had been drinking a lot that usually meant that Bob would have a good time that night when they got back to their house. Sometimes she didn’t even mind dressing the way he wanted her to. The best thing was that Sarah hardly ever remembered what had happened the nights they were drinking and made love, so Bob could take some chances on those nights.

Bob finished barbecuing and they sat down to eat. Sarah and Terri were getting close to being drunk, by now. They all ate like they hadn’t eaten in for a few days so it didn’t take long to finish. There weren’t many dishes so they were ready to watch a movie on TV before long. It was getting colder in the house so Terri started the logs in the fireplace and brought some blankets out for her and Sarah from the closet. Sarah complained of her jeans being to tight so she took them off before she got underneath the blanket. To Bob’s surprise he saw that his wife had on a pair of tights on underneath her jeans. Boy, he thought, wouldn’t it be nice to get under those blankets with the two of them.

When the movie started he went in Terri’s bedroom to watch a basketball game on her TV. He could hear them out in the living room laughing and still popping those tabs on the beer cans. About an hour after the movie started Sarah yelled at him to come talk to them for a minute. He walked out to the living room. They were both lying on the couch with their legs touching to keep warm. Terri told him that he and Sarah were going to spend the night and for him not to argue. He didn’t argue he was disappointed because he had wanted to have sex. However, you never know, he thought, anything could still happen. He took one more look at them and went back to the bedroom to watch the ball game.

He hadn’t heard any noise coming from where the girls were for half an hour, so he decided to go see if they were sleeping yet. They were, both of them sleeping so close together, Bob just wanted to get right in the middle of them. He didn’t, though. He just went back in the bedroom, took off his pants and found one of Sarah’s leotards hanging in her closet. He turned out all the lights, before he put the leotard on, in case one of them walked in to use the bathroom they wouldn’t be able to see him standing there dressed like he was. He walked in the living room, where they were still sleeping, turned off the TV and gave his wife and Terri a kiss on their butts to make sure they were sleeping. They didn’t stir when he kissed them so he figured they were out for awhile.

He went back to the bedroom and crawled in the bed and fell asleep. Bob woke up later and had to use the bathroom. He hadn’t turned on any lights so he couldn’t see when he came out of the bedroom. When he got close to the bed he thought he heard something in the living room and started walking to the bedroom door to close it in case they came to the bathroom he, at least, would hear the bedroom door open. As he turned around to get back in bed, someone pushed him from behind. He couldn’t get his balance and fell face first down on the bed. He laid there for a second trying to figure out if he had just tripped or if someone else was in there with him. He started to get up when somebody jumped on his back pinning his arms with their knees. Before he could do anything else his arms were being tied together.

Whoever was on him shifted their weight just enough so he could roll over on his back. It was too dark in the room to see who was on top of him. He started to say something but couldn’t because whoever was there put a piece of tape over his mouth. He felt them leaning over his head and was surprised to hear Terri’s voice whisper in his ear not to be worried it was only her. She told him that Sarah had told her that he had a fetish about being dressed like he was and that he like her to dress like that, too. Terri told him that she also had her fantasies and that one of them was what was happening now. She told him to just lay there and enjoy it. Bob’s head was working so fast, he thought he was dreaming again. Nevertheless, she was sitting so close to his face that he could feel her legs rubbing against his cheeks. He knew this wasn’t any dream.

Sarah moved down to his feet and started kissing and sucking his toes. Bob didn’t know how long he would be able to stand the pleasure he was feeling. She sensed him getting too excited and quit playing with his feet. She rolled him over on his stomach and let him calm down before she did anything else. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. To have someone touching him when he had his tights and leotards on and for them to be dressed the same. It was almost too good to be true. Nevertheless, it was true. She started rubbing the back of his legs and worked her way up to his butt. When she got there she started kissing his butt the way he had kissed hers early. Then she reached her hand down between his legs and started rubbing his crotch. He thought he would lose it anytime, now.

She was getting excited, herself, by now. Terri rolled Bob over on his back again. She noticed he was breathing pretty hard now, so she decided to go ahead and finish him off. She spread his legs and started rubbing and kissing his crotch through the leotard. He had rubbed himself before but it had never felt as good as it did now. Especially being tied up and not having any control of what was happening to him. He knew he couldn’t hold it much longer so he arched his hips up so her face would be hard up against his crotch.

Terri knew he was going to have an orgasm so she started biting him gently through what he had on. That’s all it took for Bob, he came all over himself under his tights and leotard. As soon as Terri knew what was happening she started sucking through the fabric. It seemed, to him, that it lasted forever. He had never experienced anything that felt as good as what had just happened. Bob knew that Terri must have had an orgasm, she started rubbing her body all over his after he had finished jumping around. She finally settled down and just moved beside him, breathing heavy. He had thought that Terri would remove the tape and untie his hands after that but she didn’t. He tried to talk through the tape but she told him to relax and enjoy it she wasn’t through with him yet.

They both must have fallen to sleep for a few minutes. They both jumped when Sarah came in the room and turned the light on. She saw them both lying there on the bed and walked back out of the room and slammed the door. Neither of them dared move. Of course Bob couldn’t have moved anyway since he was still tied up. As soon as the door had slammed shut it opened again. Sarah stood in the door looking at them. She suddenly reached up and turned the light off. Terri and Bob didn’t know what to do next when they both felt Sarah slide into the bed.

Sarah lay down next to her husband on the opposite side that Terri was laying on. She started rubbing Bob’s legs until she reached his crotch, which was still wet from his orgasm. She pulled her hand back, quickly before she realized why he was wet. When she had first starting to rub his legs he couldn’t believe he was getting another erection. He had never responded this fast before, or at least he couldn’t remember if he had. Sarah started rubbing him again. She moved her head down between his legs and started sucking his crotch through the tights just as Terri had. She kept sucking until her tongue got sore. She reached for Terri’s hand and moved it onto her own breast. Terri didn’t know what to do. She hadn’t ever done anything with another woman before. As far as she knew either had Sarah. However, she was so turned on by now she started rubbing her hands all over Sarah’s breast.

Terri felt Sarah’s body start to move in rhythm with her hands massaging Sarah’s breast. Sarah moved off of Bob and slid in next to Terri. That’s all it took. Their hands and mouths were all over each other. Their hands found each other’s crotch. They rubbed and probed each other’s bodies until they both climaxed at the same time. Neither of them moved when they were through. They hadn’t felt that good, even with a man, before they didn’t want the feeling to go away.

During the love making session Bob lay there and took it all in. He was just as excited as his wife and Terri were. His eyes had adjusted to the dark enough to be able to make out the two figures as they had made love to each other. He was ready to go again, he just hoped they hadn’t worn themselves out. After a couple of minutes of lying in each other’s arms the girls began to move. This time Sarah rolled over on top of her husband and began kissing his face and working her way down. She slowly reached the point that she could tell that Bob was more than ready for his turn.

She began massaging the area between his legs that was still wet from Terri’s last session with Bob. She found the snaps on the leotard that was bulging so much she thought that it would unsnap itself. She played around for a minute to see if he would unsnap it by himself. But she ended up unsnapping the leotard herself. Seeing Bob as big as he was just excited her more. She didn’t wait to pull the tights down she started kissing him through them. The more she kissed and sucked the more excited he became. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Sarah must have known he was going to explode, also, because she pulled down his tights and began to have the best oral sex he ever had. After he had finished unloading in her mouth she pulled his tights back up and snapped the leotard together. She reached up and removed the tape from his mouth and gave him the biggest and wettest kiss she could. He could taste himself in her mouth and loved it.

Terri whispered to Sarah to leave Bob tied up and for them to go take a shower together. Sarah thought to herself that she had done everything else tonight that she swore she would never do, so why not take a shower. Terri put a new piece of tape over Bob’s mouth so he couldn’t say anything to spoil the mood. He wanted to take a shower too, but having a wet crotch, especially from the way his was wet, was strangely erotic. He just laid there thinking of what they might do next.

Sarah and Terri took a long hot shower together. Sarah didn’t know what had come over her but she liked the change. When they got out of the shower Terri found both of them black tights and leotards to put on. Sarah had told Terri that black was Bob’s favorite color. He couldn’t see what they were doing which made him nervous but it also excited him. Terri turned the light on in the bedroom to let him see what they were dressed in. They couldn’t see the grin on his mouth because of the tape but they both saw the gleam in his eyes and knew he was ready. Sarah told him to roll over and untied his hands then told him to roll back on his back again. Both of the women knelt on the bed next to his head. He could smell how fresh and clean they were. However, he still didn’t know what they had in mind for him. Before he could move Sarah and Terri pulled a piece of rope and tied each wrist to a bedpost. Then they turned around and put their heads down by his feet.

Before he knew what was going on they had pulled his legs apart and tied his feet to a bedpost. Terri moved her body around until she was right on top of his face where he could almost not breathe through his nose. She reached down and pulled the tape of his mouth and then completely covered his face with her crotch as she reached over to the nightstand and turned the light off. It didn’t take him long to start kissing her crotch. She hadn’t planned to stay in that position but the pleasure was so intense that she didn’t move. Bob didn’t know if the lights were on or off, nor did he care, all he knew was that everything had faded to black. His favorite color.