One wet day last spring when my Mistress was out shopping, I decided to quit surfing the net for Porn and go for a walk in the rain. As was my usual habit, I undressed and then pulled on my black rubber hip boots, donned my long black rubber coat over my bare skin, put on my sou’wester hat and went out, buckling the front of my coat securely as I went. After a bit, I stuck my hands in my coat pockets and fondled my cock and balls ’till I got an erection, then turned around and went back to my computer, sat down in my leather chair, unsnapped the front of my coat and turned on my favorite fetish site which showed a pair of dominatrixes whipping their slave with riding crops. Being thoroughly aroused by then, I got out my favorite tube of erection cream and started to stroke my engorged cock, being sure my wanking towel was handy to clean up the mess.

Just as I was about to come, the door burst open and my Mistress strode in clad in a bright new red rain slicker and shiny black rubber boots.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, you fucking rubber slut?” she demanded.

“I, I… I thought you were out shopping,” I mumbled, lowering my eyes to her boots.

“Well, slave, I was but decided to get back early to check on you. I smelled your spunk on that wanking towel the other day, and suspected you were coming out here to jerk off. Now you will be punished. Stand up, unbutton your coat, put your hands behind your back and spread your legs while I get out my new cock whip.”

While I complied with her demands, she took off her shoulder bag off and retrieved a black leather whip which looked to be about 2 or 3 ft. long with a short braided leather handle with three strips of leather lashes on the business end and a wrist loop on the other.

“Maintain that position till I tell you to move,” she said as she started to whack my engorged prick with the cock whip…WHACK..SPLAT SLAP, it went while my cock twitched and I felt a strong urge to ejaculate. With the very next blow, she hit my balls with an upstroke of her whip and I just couldn’t take it any more, and spurted my jiz out all over her whip, hand, slicker and even some drops on her black shiny boots.

“Now se what you’ve done!. she admonished. “You have dirtied up my new whip with your lousy cum. Here, suck on this while I whip your ass,” she ordered shoving the cock whip into my mouth.

Then she reached into her bag again and brought a heavy black rubber flogger with 3 ft long tresses, which she drew through her fingers lovingly.

“Bend over the back of your fucking chair and grab the arms” she ordered as she stood behind me, pulled up the skirts of my long black rubber coat and started to beat my ass.

“Naughty boy!,” Whack; “Fetish slut” whack. “Bad, Bad boy” whack whack whack. “I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget,” she said, whipping my back, buttocks and upper thighs again and again.

I was secretly glad I had on my hip boots so her lashes on my thighs didn’t hurt so much, but the rest of my back was really taking a beating.

“Keep your head and watch that fucking smut film, you slut,” she said grabbing my hair and pulling my head up so I stared straight at the screen.

“There, that’s better, slave,” she said as she continued to flog my butt and backsides. WHACK WHACK WHACK. Between the whipping I was getting and sex show I was watching, I began to get another erection, which amazed me since I had so recently shot my load. I don’t know whether she noticed my predicament or not, but she stopped lashing me and told me to turn around and face her. As I did so, she instantly noted my new erection and exclaimed. “Ha! I thought so, you rubber fetish slut. I’ll soon fix that.”

Then she reached into her bag again and brought out a black leather cock cage. It had 3 metal rings on it, joined together with a short leather strap. Another strap went around my balls and a third one went behind my scrotum and locked. When she finished buckling it on, she snapped the lock closed and put the key in her purse.

“There, now,” she said, “That will keep you from masturbating, you fucking, cock sucking rubber fetishist.”

“But, but.. Mistress, Please, I can’t even piss with this thing on.” “Oh , yes, you can,” she replied. “You can pee but you can’t wank!” “Now , take that cock whip out of your mouth, get down on your knees and lick your fucking jism off my new slicker and boots while I whip your ass.”

As I got down on my knees and started licking my cum off her new red slicker and, finally, her shiny black boots, she continued to flog me with her flogger.

“Faster!, faster!,” she ordered increasing both the intensity and velocity of her whip strokes.

Finally, after making a close inspection of her coat and boots, she told me to use my wankiing towel to dry them off. When I finished wiping them, she told me to “Stick that fucking wanking towel in your mouth and keep it there.”

With final swat, she put her whips back in her shoulder bag, gave me a swift kick in the nuts and went out, slamming the door behind her , leaving me to my fate as I gazed down at the cock cage she had locked around my cock and balls and wondered how I could masturbate with it in place.

– The End –