I take off all of my clothes and place them neatly folded on the metal chair in the corner of the room. I climb up on the padded table and drape the tissue paper blanket over my body. I lay back feeling a little tense. I try to take my mind off of the moment by thinking of something else, but it was useless.

Finally after several minutes the door opens and a man in a white coat walks in. He comes over to the side of the bed and introduces himself, “Hi, I am Dr. Stevens.” He takes my offer of a handshake, “Nice to meet you. Where is the doctor I usually see?” I ask. “Oh Dr. Benjamin had to go out of town on a family emergency. I am covering all of his patients until he gets back.” With all of that explained I relax a little as he sits down next to me and asks me questions about my medical history.

As we are talking I give him a quick look over. He is not a bad looking guy. He had a full head of wavy light brown hair and light green eyes. His skin was nicely golden tan and a small nicely shaped goatee. He started off the exam by checking my eyes with the light, looking in my ears and looking down my throat. Then he took hold my wrist and led my arm up over my head placing it by my head. He carefully pulled back the sheet exposing my left breast, to my own embarrassment, with the nipple fully erect.

I avoided eye contact trying to hide the blush that crept up on my face. He placed both hands over my breasts. Touching and squeezing; circling my breast looking for anything out of the ordinary. My nipple was hard as a rock when he reached down and gently squeezed the tip of it between his fingertips. My whole body tingled and again to my embarrassment I realized that I was slightly turned on by this. He moved around the table to the right side of me. He reached down and pulled aside the rest of the tissue blanket. He says to me quietly “I am going to take the rest of this sheet off if you don’t mind so that I can examine the rest of your body.”

Without waiting for an answer from me he takes the sheet off of me, folds it neatly and places it on the counter behind him. I lay on the table now with my whole body naked before him. He begins to examine my right breast using the same skill as the left breast. Both my nipples are hard and throbbing now. He grasps the right nipple in between his fingertips and squeezes gently. I bite down on my bottom lip to keep from gasping. He runs his hand over my stomach, pressing gently and continues down to the beginning of my pubic hair. He stops suddenly and walks to the end of the table. He pulls up his chair and pushes a button to pull out the stirrups for the rest of my examination. He takes one ankle at a time and places them in the stirrups.

Then he asks me to scoot down to the edge of the table. When in position I am spread eagle in front of him, I can feel how wet my vagina is and I know he will feel it too. I hear a slight slap of latex and think he is putting on new gloves but when I feel him touching the top of my public hair I can sense the warmth of his skin and know that he has taken off his gloves. He roams through my hair pressing and gently squeezing the lips.

When he takes both fingertips and spreads my lips open I think I could cum right there. He runs his fingertip on the inside of my vagina. I feel my own wetness and I look up to see he has noticed it too. “When is the last time you had sex?” he asked me. I told him that it had been about a month because of a recent break up. He said, “I can tell because your vagina is tight.” as he slid a finger inside of me. This time I couldn’t help but moan quietly. I tried to hide it with a cough but he didn’t buy it. Suddenly the intercom came alive and the woman on the other side said, “Doctor, we are leaving for the night if you don’t need anything else.”

He got up and went to the intercom. “No, go on and have a good night. I am just going to finish up with this last patient.” He reached over to the door next to him and turned the lock. I felt my heart quicken and I became nervous and extremely excited both at the same time. He walked back over to his seat and sat down.

“From the wetness in your vagina I would say you were very turned on right now.” he said to me. I am again embarrassed and quickly deny the remark. He smiles a big smile with my denial and slid 3 fingers into my vagina. My body arches up and I can’t hide the moan that escapes my lips. “What do you have to say now?” he asks me. I agree with him shyly that he is right. He comes over to the side of the bed and looks into my eyes. “What do you think about us taking this a bit farther than the normal examination?” I smile, suddenly not feeling shy anymore, I reach down and run my hand over his erection sitting like a rock in his pants. With my other hand I grab the neck of his shirt and pull him down to me. I kiss him hungrily on the lips, plunging my tongue into his mouth. I squeeze my hand around his penis and feel him shudder, not for the last time that night hearing him moan into my mouth.

He breaks the embrace to lick my nipples. I moan with the relief of them finally getting the attention they have been begging for since the first touch of his fingertips. He reaches his hand down between my legs still spread open on stirrups and massages my lips. He stops everything and goes back to his chair. He strokes my lips again, kissing the inside of my thighs, tracing his tongue along the inside of my legs very gently to create shivers and moans of pleasure from me. He runs the tip of his tongue along the opening of my lips. I grasp the sides of the bed and raise my pelvis to meet him. He spreads my lips and starts to eat me out. He is tonguing my lit faster than I ever thought possible, it is driving me mad. While he is tonguing my clit, he puts 3 fingers inside of me again. Moving them in and out with the same force as his tongue, I can no longer hold it in. My hips start buck with him and I am moaning louder and losing control with each passing moment. I feel something inside of me explode and I know that I have just had the best orgasm of my life.

He stops after a few moments to tell me that I have the sweetest tasting pussy he has ever eaten. Those words alone have me turned on again. I sit up and pull him towards me. I kiss him on the lips again, tasting my own sweet juices in his mouth. I let my tongue explore his whole mouth and over his lips, sucking up all of my juices from him. I reach down between us and unbutton his pants. I let them drop to the floor and look at his cock sticking out between us. I look into his eyes,”I want you to fuck me up the ass.” I push him away and I get up off the table to reposition. I get on the table again and place my knees into the stirrups. My ass is spread out before him waiting for his penetration. I hear him open up a drawer behind me and a moment later he comes close to me. I place his right hand on my lower back and his left hand in the hole of my pussy. I feel his tongues gently probing the ass, tonguing my asshole while he finger fucks me below. He slaps my ass firmly as he slides his tongue into me again, I start moaning, feeling sensations I have never felt before.

I feel his penis entering my ass, slowly at first until I push myself back into him allowing all of him inside of me. I feel the slippery wetness of the lubrication he put on his penis. He hold his fingers inside of my pussy moving them very slightly while he fucks me up the ass. The motion is driving me crazy and I cry out again, “Fuck my ass harder!” He takes his hand from my back and places it on my hip. The table begins to shake with the force that he is fucking me with. I squeeze my ass muscles around his hard penis and feel the pulse of his orgasm coming on. I hear him moan behind me and know that he has just cum in my ass. He slides his penis out of me and stops finger fucking me. He goes over to the sink and washes in penis off with soap.

I get off of the table and start to get dressed. He asks me where I am going. I tell him that now that we have both had orgasms we are even so I am going home. “You are going to get your ass over here and suck my cock bitch.” is his reply to me. Shocked, I looked at him. “Excuse me?” I asked him in surprise. “You fucking heard me. Get your ass over here, get on your knees and suck my cock.” he said again, “NOW BITCH.” I looked into his eyes and I saw that he was serious but not dangerous. If I walked out of this room right now there would be no repercussion but instead I went over to him. I pushed him up against the wall and I said “You don’t talk to me like that ever. You want me to suck your cock, all you have to do is ask nicely.” He smiled and said, “I would love to have your beautiful lips wrapped around my cock, would you please suck my cock?” “Are you begging me” I ask with a small smile on my lips. I take his left hand and bring his fingers to my mouth. I slowly, gently give his forefinger a blow job. “I am definitely begging you! Please Please suck my cock.” he said anxiously. So I had then made up my mind. “I will suck your cock if you will let me do anything else that I want to do to you, with no restrictions.” He agrees without even thinking. I tell him to get up on the exam table and put his feet in the stirrups. His cock is standing straight up in the air waiting for my love. I lick the tip of his cock with my hot tongue, sliding it up and down the base. I grab a hold of his balls with my other hand and massage them gently.

I open my mouth and enter his entire length into me. I close my lips tight around him and begin sucking him off slow and hard. He rises his hips up to meet each blow, trying to encourage me to go faster. I continue my very slow, very tight blow job. I glide slowly from the very tip of his cock all the way down to the very bottom. I let go of his balls and I run my fingers down between his ass cheeks. I let go of his cock and slide away from the table for a minute. “What are you doing?” he asks. “I am getting some lube.” I reply. “I want to finger your asshole while I suck your cock.” No reply from him. I slide the chair back and insert my lubed finger into his ass cheeks, I don’t enter his asshole just yet though. I take his cock in my mouth again and I start sucking it fast.

Bobbing my head up and down as fast as I can go. I let my finger start slowly and very gently circling his asshole. I very gently insert the very tip of my finger inside of him. He reaches down and pushed my head down into him faster, grinding his hips along with my sucking. I feel his asshole relax around my finger and I insert my finger inside him. I finger his asshole while I suck his cock. He is moaning loudly now, and I insert my finger deeper into his ass. I feel around for his G spot. He grabs the side of the table and fucks my mouth as fast as I will let him. I stop sucking him and I keep fucking his ass. “Do you like your ass fucked?” I asked. “I have never done anything like this before but whatever you are doing feels really good and weird at the same time.” He pants back to me.

I start using different speeds with my finger listening for a different reaction as I start to suck his cock again. I go in really deep into his asshole and move my finger in a circle as I have his cock tight in my mouth. I feel his cock throb and I feel his cum shoot into my mouth. I tighten my hold on his cock as the cum slides down my throat.

When he is done I slowly slide his cock out of my mouth and I slide my finger out of his ass. I go to the sink and wash my hands. He still lays there on the table breathing hard, body glistening with sweat. I walk over to the chair and grab my clothes. I get dressed and go to the table where he is still laying. “See you next year doc.” I lick his lips gently and I leave the room. I leave the room closing the door behind me.

– The End –