Ariana slipped into her dress to admit the waiter. He set up a buffet Lunch the big table in the main room. He put a couple of chafing dishes in the center, then set platter after platter of cold foods, vegetables, fruits, bread and desserts around them.

All the while the waiter was laying out the lunch, Milo was fucking Sharon’s brains out and she was wailing like an air raid siren. The big bed was banging rhythmically on the floor. From time to time Sue and Shannon would laugh or make some comment.

The waiter’s face turned brick red and he moved stiffly. Ariana watched him as he worked. He was no more than twenty, slim, with a pale, artistic look about him. He was very careful about his work, so careful that Ariana thought at first that he was compulsively preoccupied with perfection. Then Ariana understood that he just didn’t want to leave. Maybe he enjoyed being teased by the sounds from the bedroom. More likely, he faintly hoped to be invited to stay for a while.

Ariana considered asking him to stay. Milo, after all, was the only cock in the coop. That was all right because there was more than enough of him to go around – if there was plenty of time. What troubled her was that he was becoming important to her and the other women. He was becoming something more than a dildo that talked.

Ariana took a decision. She would test her objectivity. As the waiter was leaving, she went to her purse and took out a hundred dollar bill. She held it out just beyond his reach and said: “You can have this or this,” touching her lips. “Money or a blow job.”

The waiter only thought for a moment. “I’ll take the blow job, if you please.”

Ariana stuck the bill into her cleavage, knelt before the boy and lowered his trousers. He had a nice enough dick, not too long, not too thick, but pleasingly shaped overall. Ariana gave it a full length stroke by way of starters, then sucked the full length into her mouth. Someone had recently referred to her as a sword swallower and she took it as a compliment. She had discovered the knack when she was very young and had carefully cultivated it. One of her male friends suggested she could breath through her ears.

She enjoyed holding an entire cock motionless in her mouth while she suckled it like a popsicle. She loved the way men moaned and groaned. She loved the power and sense of control it gave her. Sometimes she wanted sex to be a service, to be a utility that she paid for and plugged into her orifices until she was fully charged – then fully discharged. Other times, though, she just wanted to run the show, to move a man around by the handle of his dick.

Men probably thought she was being subservient and docile when she spent the day sucking them dry. Men, she knew, were absolutely certain of many things that were totally untrue. A man whose come she had sucked until none remained was a man who had lost all of his strength. Delilah didn’t trim Samson’s hair to subdue him, Ariana thought, she blew him into submission. If nothing else, it was a great negotiating tool for business.

Ariana had fellated herself into wealth, position and power. In a sense, she had sucked these things from her three late husbands, rich men who had died with smiles on their faces after running a sexual race they never had a chance of winning. Perhaps, she thought, she was a vampire who drew her power from the thick, salty fluid that men prized only when they were giving it away.

The waiter was on the verge of a seizure, it seemed. Ariana had a good grip on him with her mouth, but she didn’t think she would be able to support his falling body by suction alone. Her skills were not that highly developed.

The waiter’s entire body quivered as though electrified. He touched his fingers lightly to the top of Ariana’s head as if to complete an electric circuit from the powerhouse and back again. He made little sounds that weren’t really of pleasure, but of an exquisite pain. There were little coughing noises interspersed with the mewling of a kitten. At the end, there were little gagging sounds before he threw his head back, opened his throat and howled like a wolf.

He was loud enough that he drew Sue and Shannon out of the bedroom to investigate. Ariana and the waiter were by the front door. Ariana knelt at this feet, her mouth holding his cock in a death grip, her cheeks and throat working rhythmically. The waiter really looked like he was suspended by his cock from Ariana’s mouth. His body was curved backward awkwardly into the shape of a drawn bow with his arrow deeply lodged in Ariana’s firm lips.

Ariana rolled her eyes to look appraisingly at Sue and Shannon. Sue was used to this. Along with a large salary, excellent benefits and flexible hours, she was Ariana’s welcome companion at the sexual feasts she put on from time to time. Sue had seen Ariana drink enough come to fertilize the Sahara. Her only problem was that Ariana seemed to always suck the men dry before Sue had a chance to dip their wicks.

Shannon was shocked. Until today, she had been reserved, prim and properly frustrated. What caused the frustration to burst out today she wasn’t sure, but it seemed likely that the mere sight of Milo’s shaft had loosed the bonds of her lust. Now she stood in the bedroom door, come dripping down her thighs and drying in salty white sheets while her hostess was eating a whole man dick first.

Part of Shannon’s shock was that she knew the man. He was Roger, one of the guys who worked on the room service team. She had caught his eye on her more than once, but she had caught every man’s eye on her at least once. He was shy and reticent. And now he was looking back across the room at her, standing naked and dripping in the bedroom door next to Sue, also naked but with her nipples drawn into little taps made hard by passion and long usage.

The waiter’s eyes opened wide when he saw Shannon, who was nominally his boss. He was desperately trying to decide what to do. Should he pull his winkie out of Ariana’s mouth? He was afraid she would give it a hickey if he did. Was his job in danger even if Shannon was perfectly naked with the look of a horse that had been ridden hard and put away wet. In the end, the waiter made his decision using the same criteria Shannon had used a little while ago: A dick in a mouth was worth two jobs in the hand, especially the mouth it was currently in.

Ariana also made a decision. She had drunk down the waiters’ little shot-glass-sized donation of come. It had a nice flavor but it was unsatisfying as a snack, let alone as a meal. She had, after all, been nearly drowned by Milo’s deluge. Milo was a meal, this boy was, like all the others, a canape.

She set him free with a cheery little popping sound and stood up, delicately wiping the corners of her mouth with her thumb and forefinger. “Thank you,” she said politely. “That will be all.”

The waiter didn’t say a thing. He pulled his pants up hastily and left.

“How is business progressing in the other room?” she asked with a smile.

“I think Sharon’s coming to the end of her coming, at least for a while,” Sue mused. “She keeps calling for more vitamin-e oil. I think Milo has worn her to a frazzle.”

Ariana looked to Shannon for confirmation. Shannon nodded, suddenly aware that, for some reason, she had become a member of the party.

“I’ve never seen Sharon fucked out before,” Ariana observed. “I remember that basketball team – who were they?”

“The Lakers,” Sue said briefly.

“Right. Tall men with long dicks, small brains and big egos. A load of dribblers. Took eleven of them to put paid to her then, and several of them didn’t look very healthy when they left.”

“She said she was just resting her eyes,” Sue said.

“Maybe. But she usually rests her eyes with a cock in her cunt for comfort.”

“The team had to catch a plane.”

Sharon was face down on the bed with her ass high in the air. Milo was behind her, fucking her with long power strokes that had caused the bed to creep across the floor and gave Sharon what looked to be a sort of rugburn on her face. At the top of every stroke there was a curious farting sound. It took a moment for Ariana to realize that Sharon’s cunt had been pumped full of air.

“Milo, have you come recently?” she demanded.

“No, ma’am, not too recently.”

“Well, you really must come every once in a while. A lady needs the lubrication, you know. Vitamin-e is all right, but it’s no substitute for a dollop of sperm.”

“OK, ma’am, I’ll make a point of it.”

“Now, Milo.”

His stroke increased a little and his body went rigid, his head flung back until he was looking at the ceiling. He emitted a low moan and started pounding Sharon like a jack hammer. Sharon was crying out too, although she sounded like she was in pain. Then Milo came and shortly afterward Sharon gave a sigh and smiled.

“Thank you, uh-uh-uh-uh, Ariana,” Sharon said. “Remind me, uh-uh-uh, to return the favor, uh-uh-uh-uh, one day.”

“Are you tired, Milo? Hungry?” Ariana asked.

“Not really tired, ma’am, but I sure could use something to eat.”

“Sharon, do you think you could bear to leave off for a little while?”

“Uh-uh-uh-uh, yes. Maybe for, uh-uh-uh, a little while.”

“Well, then, luncheon is served in the dining room,” she said in a formal voice and clapped her hands as if commanding servants.

Milo pulled out of Sharon (Shannon thought his dick would never stop emerging) and when he finally swung free, Sharon’s cunt gave out a protracted fart.

“Whew! That’s better. It felt like I’d used a watermelon as a dildo.” Sharon got shakily to her feet, her mouth drawn up into a tired, beatific smile.

“What’s a dildo?” Milo asked innocently. Shannon was leading him toward the bathroom by his dick. Shannon seemed to like pulling Milo around by his prick and Milo didn’t seem to object.

“A dildo is what the great mass of women the world over use as a Milo surrogate,” Sue laughed.

“We might want to come out with a house-brand line of dildos. We could call them ‘the Milo line’,” Ariana said and turned the thought over in her mind. She decided against it. “Bad idea. First of all, at that size we could never charge enough to recoup our manufacturing costs. Second, I don’t want to draw any attention to our boy. If word got out….”

Ariana didn’t need to say any more. Sue and Sharon had already considered that risk.

“Where is our boy?” Sue asked.

Ariana jerked her thumb toward the bath. “Shannon is giving him a wash, I think.”

“Taking her a while, isn’t it?” Sharon said.

The bathroom door was ajar and Sue quietly pulled it open. Shannon was on her knees with her back to Sue. Milo looked up and gave Sue a broad grin. He leaned forward rhythmically into Shannon’s mouth.

“Shannon is giving me a bath,” he said enthusiastically.

“When do you think she’ll get around to cleaning the rest of you? The part of you she’s working on has been pretty extensively buffed in the past few hours.”

Shannon released Milo. “I’m just trying to master Ariana’s sword swallower trick. You’re right, though. I should clean the rest of him.” Turning back, she began to lick his thigh, working her tongue against the grain of his hair.

“Shannon, we all appreciate your generosity, but Milo needs to have lunch to keep up his strength. You’re not the only one who needs him, you know. I, for one, haven’t had a really good piece of him yet.”

“Sorry, Sue,” she apologized. “I didn’t mean to be selfish.”

“Me, too, ma’am. I was thinking that you were getting the short end of the stick. I want to make sure everyone gets their share.”

“It’s all right, Milo. Shannon, grab his cock and take him in to lunch.”

“OK.” Shannon grinned at Milo and happily grabbed him like the handle of a golf cart.

Sue watched them go with a smile. Her reflection in the mirror caught her eye. The image was striking. She still had the stray traces of come on her, not just on the thighs, but on the belly and back as well. Her body was suffused with a rosy glow. Her hair looked wild and full – healthy. She wondered if Milo would give her a come hair wash. Surely the protein would be good for it.”

She thought about that for a moment. In her minds eye she saw Milo repeatedly squirting her in the face and hair, that boyish, happy look on his face. Then she realized that, in her reverie, Ariana was holding his cock and was laughingly guiding the spouts of jism. Even though it was Sue’s hair wash fantasy, Ariana still kept directing Milo’s hose at her mouth. Oh, well, Sue sighed. I bet it’s good for my complexion, too.

– The End (for now) –