The love of my life is my wife, 5’10 , brunette gorgeous suckable tits, a cunt that delivers enormous pleasure, a mouth that sucks slow and fast depending on my mood and an arse that is sooooo tight – well it was nice and tight until the wedding, after the wedding it gradually got out of my 9′ cock’s reach ! My wife’s girlfriend Karen is DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous), 5’2 , blonde and natural with a hint of red hair around her cunt as I found out later, 38, tits with enormous brown aureoles and a body that is ample. I like to leave my imprints on an ample body, teeth marks, and hand prints (I found out later in my life in enforced Institutional Therapy that I was into S&D).

So we are sitting in the fernery on a very HOT night sharing a joint and Tequila with salt and lemon. My wife is a prude when others are present so she’s in a bikini, her girlfriend Karen is topless and I ve got board shorts on, which are very handy if you’ve got a rampant cock. I decide it s time for a piss and amble down to the lemon tree. My wife decides to go inside and while I start releasing a torrent of piss and precum, Karen steps out for a look. I started apologising and she said that’s OK keep pissing. No fair you ve seen me piss what about you? She backed against the tree pulled aside her bikini pants spread those red lips and a stream of champagne yellow piss erupted. Her clit was enlarged, her fingers covered in urine manipulated that clitoris until she shuddered in ecstasy. My turn: my cock was now Eiffel Tower size, I pulled it out and said open your mouth and whitewashed her face tits and the lemon tree. FUCK what about my wife? My wife Karen (I know this is confusing both girls were birth named Karen but later I changed their names to slave names Marie is the slut slave and Suzette is the slut wife) came out of the house just as we lay back on the lounge chairs. “So what have you two been up to?”, “Oh just watering the Lemon Tree.” I looked across at Karen soon to be renamed slut slave Marie and whispered your place tonight at about midnight? “Yes Master.”

My only problem is that my wife has many girlfriends and can I train them all? With your help I might.

-To be continued…-