Within minutes of making love to her Ralph as usual had fallen asleep, his smooth even breathing broken now and then by a snore that in truth sounded more like the grunting of a pig. Rolling onto her side she turned her back to him ignoring his presence as unbidden memories that she had thought long repressed once more began to worm their way into her consciousness. It hadn’t always been like this, but ever since the birth of their daughter more then a year ago he seemed to have changed even more and she wondered why in hell she stayed married to him because other then a five minute quickie once, sometimes twice a week he paid little attention to her anymore.

Oh sure there was still the peck on the cheek and maybe a playful fondling of her buttocks every now and then, but things just weren’t the same. The old spark was gone. For a moment the memories that had begun to engulf her faded as she thought back on her three years of marriage. What had it been, six months, maybe a little longer when after graduating from high school her father had been transferred. The uprooting hadn’t been easy but it had allowed her to escape her past life, so in truth she had welcomed the change.

She had gotten a job with a little help from her father, but that wasn’t the only thing he’d done. With a little meddling on his part along with encouragement from her mother she had started dating a young executive who was also new to the company and fresh from college. She just eighteen, and he going on twenty two seemed to be made for each other, and after barely eight months of going together they were married.

Life at first had been good, Ralph couldn’t seem to do enough for her and he spoiled her terribly, just as her father had. As time went on though his attention span shortened until now after the birth of their daughter his love making was more like an obligation, a duty he had to perform, almost as if, how did that old saying go? Bim, bam thank you ma’am. A shiver racked her still slim body as the memories of her youthful life before the tumultuous move topped off by her meeting and marrying of Ralph engulfed her.

Oh yes, she was very familiar with that old phrase because in her last year of high school, more boys then she could remember or wished to recall had climbed between her legs. Boys that with but a knowing smile or sometimes just a nod of their head had been able to use her however and whenever they wished. They cared little about her needs or desires, she was their slut, their cum bucket, and her only purpose as far as they were concerned was to appease their sexual hunger and desire in whatever manner they choose. Most of them, after rutting like sex crazed animals left her wanting, taking perverse pleasure in making her beg for yet another boy, another hard cock to quell her needs. Such thoughts as this hadn’t always been tickling at her mind, in fact she had sought hard to forget them. But now because of the events that had taken place over the last week along with her increasingly growing dissatisfaction with her husband and married life in general the memories lingered on.

Unbidden her thoughts spiraled inward to a time three years ago when she was but seventeen and in her senior year of high school, and as the vivid memories of that time washed over her it seemed as if it had only been yesterday. Unconsciously her hand slipped between her legs, her fingers slowly and softly fluttering over her just fucked moist pussy lips as the vivid memories of her wanton behavior washed over her. She recalled the first boy she’d really had anything to do with,

Henry. Yes, Henry had been the first boy, well not just the first boy but the first negro she had kissed, and the first negro whose dick she had sucked, but after him there had been others, dozens of others. After Henry, but before all the others though there had been Treat and Lester. As the memory of the two boys swam before her closed eyes her fingers glided down over her flat smooth stomach and between her legs to slip between her moist pussy lips. Slowly at first and then faster her fingers began to rhythmically saw in and out as she recalled how with the apprehensive but yet willing surrender of her body to them she had become the slut of every black boy in school.

Her breathing quickened and her fingers moved even quicker, harder and she rolled onto her back letting her legs fall open while at the same time drawing her feet up almost to her slowly but increasingly faster gyrating buttocks. That she might wake her husband, the father of her child, never entered her mind as that fateful night all those years ago blossomed anew, making it seem as if it had happened only yesterday.

Her buttocks began to bounce lightly from the bed in time to her rapidly moving fingers as the glorious feelings that had overwhelmed her that night as first Treat then Lester, then both of them together. Soft moans of arousal slipped from her lips but then were just as quickly muffled as she shifted hands, slipping two cum smeared fingers of the hand that she had been masturbating with between her lips and lovingly sucking on them.

As her tongue licked and twirled over and around her fingers she fantasized that it was not her fingers she was sucking but one of the dozens of hard throbbing cocks of the multitude of black boys that she had so often and so willingly performed such an act for. Faster her fingers moved, both in her mouth and in her pussy, her ass bouncing higher from the bed as her pelvis humped and rotated in time to her heightened arousal.

Her mind raced as she remembered how through a weird chain of events it had been Treat and Lester and not Henry who had been the first to fuck her, and in the processes show her the pleasures of joy a hard black cock could give. She remembered how later that same night, after Treat and Lester had satisfied themselves in many and various ways and after telling her she was their whore the two had invited several of their friends into her home, into her very bedroom so they too could sample the pleasures her sweet young white body could give.

In her frame of mind, along with her unquestioning desire to please the two black youths that had given her so much pleasure, she had willingly, no, eagerly, accepted her fate without thinking of the consequences. Without hesitation she had allowed herself to be used in whichever way Treat and Lester’s friends choose, accepting each dark sweaty body without question or reservation as one after another, then later two and three at a time simultaneously thrust their hard throbbing black cocks deep into her orifices and flooded her with sperm. That night her future as a black cock slut for every negro boy in the school was a given as there in her own bedroom she willingly took on over a dozen negros.

Soft whimpering moans escaped from around the fingers in her mouth and where before she’d only had two of her fingers sawing into her pussy she now had four pushing and twisting as she recalled how after that night her life had changed. A kaleidoscope of her wearing the skimpiest of skirts, of publicly being kissed and fondled by her black classmates tingled her nerve endings. Her legs opened wider and her pelvis rose to met her fingers as they pushed faster, harder, deeper into her awakened and aroused cunt.

Memories of all the hard thick black cocks that had fucked her filled her mind as her fingers worked feverishly to bring her the release she so badly needed. Drawing her fingers together while at the same time pressing her thumb into her palm she pushed until the knuckles of her hand slipped into her cunt as with imagination ran rampant she saw all the dark cocks she’d been fucked by dance about her head like a giant mobile. Harder, faster her fingers pushed as her pelvis twisted and bounced from the bed as she moaned lustfully in her effort to achieve the same fullness, the same pleasure she had felt in her school days. She recalled vividly how with but a smile and a slight nod of some boys head she would let herself be led into some out of the way empty recess of the school. More often then not though several other boys tagged along. After all it was common knowledge that just one cock wasn’t enough for Natalie.

Again her husband stirred, mumbling as if in response to her jostling of their bed as the memory of the time when Henry had snuck her into the boy’s locker room after the homecoming football game flashed before her. As plain as if it were taking place that instant she saw herself laying face down across one of the many benches while behind and before her stood a partially clothed, grimy and very sweaty black football player, each of them using a different opening of her small white body as a receptacle for their lust and nothing more. Behind each, eagerly but noisily awaiting their turn stood no less then ten others as she like the whore she’d become took first one and then the other deep into her body. She could still hear the astonished and disbelieving mumbling of the white members of the team as they looked on but were not allowed to participate as their black team mates along with all the black coach’s used her slim white body in whichever manner suited them.

Beside her, her husband stirred restlessly, almost waking but she paid not the slightest attention as the release she sought overwhelmed her like a tidal wave. A quivering tremor burst from her lips as she writhed in ecstasy, her whole body spasmed as if from an epileptic fit. Slowly her body relaxed, her buttocks falling to the damp rumpled sheets as she lay drawing gulps of air into her depleted lungs. For several moments she lay with her hand between her stretched pussy lips and then her hand like so many of the thick black cocks that in the past had used her slide from her cunt leaving her with a feeling of emptiness that only another cock, another sweaty dark body atop her could fill.

Slipping from the bed, she walked from the room and through her darkened quite home not really knowing where she was going as her mind raced with what had brought back the memories that had been slumbering deep in her subconscious.

It had been a little fender bender almost two weeks ago. Nothing serious but the man whose car she’d hit had tried to make a big deal out of it, so to shut him up and because she was in a hurry and didn’t want to wait around for the police she had given him her name and phone number telling him to let her know how much the damage was.

She hadn’t told her husband about the accident, not because she didn’t want to worry him, or because she was afraid he would start ranting like he sometimes did, but because she thought the whole thing just a minor inconvenience. Besides, if and when the man called she’d simply pay him a little money and be done with it. But when he’d called three days later she had been shocked at the figure he’d given her. She had argued with him and then without thinking she had asked for his address while pleading that they might possibly work out a deal.

Intimidated a little by his blustering but not really frightened and with the thought that she would be able to get the price down or at worse pay him over a period of months she had dressed appealingly yet conservatively, but it hadn’t worked out as she expected. Upon arriving at the address she was informed by a rather pretty black woman that answered Natalie’s nervous knock that the man in question lived in the garage apartment in the back. Then with a sly smile along with a wink she had told Natalie that her brother Scholm was waiting for her.

Lightly tapping on the door she had almost jumped out of her skin when the door flew open to reveal a very dark, very naked negro. She had stepped back, her hand covering her mouth to stifle the surprised and shocked gasp that welled up in her throat, and then scrunching her eyes shut she’d made a move as if to turn but his words had stopped her in her tracks. ” Well, well lookie here, if it ain’t the stupid white cunt that done gone and fucked up my car. You done got the money bitch, cause if you don’t, you damn well better come up with a good way to pay my ass or there’s going to be hell to pay.”

Timidly she had turned back to him, opening her eyes as she did so, and though she had tried to keep eye contact with him, her eyes had wandered slowly down over his hairy chest, over the middle age, beer guzzling paunch of his stomach to the object hanging semi limp between his legs. A soft moan had escaped from her lips and her eyes had widened, her legs had felt weak but no matter how she tried she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his cock. It looked at least two maybe three inches longer and half again as big around then her husbands, and it wasn’t even hard. And ohhhh God it seemed to be growing, hardening, and it was soooo dark.

She could feel her panties getting wet and not even his mirthful laughter or his boastful remark that he knew how she expected to pay could tear her eyes from his dark cock or prevent her from unconsciously licking her lips until he unexpectedly turned and walked to the bed which seemed to fill the small studio apartment. Tearing her eyes from his retreating buttocks she glanced about the room, noticing that other than the king size bed upon which Scholm now lay, the rather large room contained nothing but a small kitchenette off to the side. But what drew her attention, and at the same time caused her some confusion were the array of lamps placed about the bed. ” Why you don’t shuck that fucking old lady housewife dress cunt, let ol’ Scholm get a look at the body of the white bitch that thinks her pussy is worth the damage to my car.” For a moment she stood frozen, wanting to run, wanting to flee from this man who seemed so sure of himself but she couldn’t move she was too addled. “Come on bitch I ain’t gots’ all day. Get your skinny ass in gear, and while youse at it close the fucking door. Unless of course you so fucking horny for nigger cock you wants a few of my nosey ass neighbors joining the party.” Without realizing she was moving she stepped into the room obediently closing the door softly behind her.

The blood rushing through her veins was like a raging river, causing her ears to ring and blotting out everything else as long repressed memories washed over her. Because of it, not that it would have made a bit of difference even if she had of heard, his scornful remark about her getting off fucking a bunch of bros didn’t register. Mesmerized by the ever hardening dark cock that continued to hold her eyes she took three steps further into the room, drawing ever closer to the bed and the negro who lazed upon it.

Without conscience thought she dropped her purse, then as earlier instructed she began to loosen her dress. Seductively she let the dress slip from her shoulders slowly sliding it down her small curvaceous body until finely she stood before him in but her bra and panties as he, with legs widely apart sat propped atop his huge bed stroking his cock and smiling mirthlessly. She saw his cock jerk, saw it grow slightly harder, longer as his eyes feasted on her small tight girlish figure. Cloudy, indistinct, and long thought forgotten remembrances of servitude and obedience fluttered like the wings of a butterfly on the edges of her memory as she tore her eyes from his cock and looked into his smiling, expectant face.

Without a word leaving his thick lips she instinctively knew what was expected, and with a willingness born from an ingrained hungry desire to please, and yes pleasure a man of another race, she first removed her bra to proudly reveal her small but firm breasts, before slowly, enticingly slipping her panties from her hips and down her unbelievably long legs. As she watched him jerk off a noticeable shiver raced up her spine, and her nipples, already beginning to swell as her own arousal grew, became like two hard, aching nubs while her silver dollar size aureole darkened slightly. Mesmerized, she watched as his stubby fingers tightened around his dark cock, pumping, stroking his growing hardness at first slowly and then faster and faster.

Unconsciously she stepped forward, her tongue licking over her dry lips as she listened for, prayed for, the expected command to suck his dick but then she remembered her place and stopped. With difficulty she tore her eyes from his cock and looked again into his broadly smiling face, her mind awash with past memories. “You likes what you see don’t you whitie. I’ll bet that pussy of your’n is leaking like a faucet, so why don’t you carry your ass over here and show this nigger just how much you likes and wants his licorice stick.”

As if in a dream she moved, not remembering doing so until she was beside the bed, where, quicker then she had thought possible his hand snaked out to first squeeze then pinch her breast before slowly sliding down her body and between her legs. Her legs parted slightly to accommodate his crude efforts as he unceremoniously pushed two of his fingers into her cunt and though she tried vainly to stand still it was hopeless and she finally had to brace herself with a hand upon his broad shoulder.

Distant repressed memories washed over her and goose bumps prickled her flesh at his jovial remark that she probably couldn’t wait to get a taste of his black snake. A heart beat later and with her cheeks flushed and her breathing coming in shallow quick gasp she obediently crawled between his dark hairy legs, reaching for and grasping the dark cock swaying before her eyes. She paid no attention to his chuckling as her small white fingers began to slowly, lovingly stroke up and down his hardness before finely rolling over the head of his cock and pulling back the skin covering his thick knob. “You done had a taste of nigger cock before ain’t you white girl, yea. I’ll just bet you have. Well don’t you worry your pretty little head cause ol’ Scholm’s going to see to it that you gets all the dark meat you wants and then some. Yes sir, Scholm’s going to see to it you never wants for it again.

In answer to his chuckling remark and with her face flushed with arousal she moaned softly as she lowered her face, flicking her tongue out licking down one side and up the other before opening her mouth and taking his tangerine size knob between her soft red lips. Her nose wrinkled slightly from the sweaty stale odor wafting from between his legs, but instead of being repulsed the smell was like an aphrodisiac and again she moaned, only louder as her lips closed and then tightly clung to his torrid member while her small delicate hand continued to slowly pump and lightly squeeze his now burgeoning dick. Her tongue swirled over and around his cock head savoring its taste, her mind giddy with desire as her nostrils inhaled deeply of the all too familiar musky odor of a body washed but infrequently, a wonderful glorious smell that for the past three years she had all but forgotten.

Faster her head moved, further down his torrid length her lips traveled before again raising back up to the crown where her tongue like that of a snake darted against and about its very tip before pursing her lips and kissing it. Saliva dribbled from her mouth and trickled down the shimmering length of his cock pooling around her fingers before she again took him deep into her mouth. Soft whimpering moans came from her cock stuffed mouth in answer to his words telling her she would never want for black cock again and in response and with a hungry desire to show him how much she indeed loved black cock her throat muscles relaxed allowing the thick knob of his cock to enter her throat.

Natalie was again a teenager doing what she had learned and loved to do so well to so many young black boys, and as she had so often done in the past she hummed softly as her throat muscles hugged and massaged the hard black hunk of meat sliding back and forth between her lips.

Memories of servitude and lust washed over her and her small tight rump rose higher into the air wiggling about invitingly as if subconsciously expecting one of the multitude of cocks that had so often thrust into her while she had sucked a black class mates cock. But the reaction that she expected, even hoped for, never happened so in desperation and in a mad desire to please this middle age negro and at the same time quell her sexual hunger she pushed her face downward taking ever inch of his manhood into her mouth and throat, stopping only when her lips pressed into the kinky hairs surrounding his stiff rod.

A deep soulful moan filled her ears letting her know that she was indeed pleasuring this black man that she had only just met but then she was pushed backwards and the cock she had been so hungrily sucking pulled from the tight confines of her throat. “Enough bitch, it be time to see if you’s fuck half as good as you suck.” Falling onto her back she spread her legs while reaching for and guiding his thick dark member to her snatch, almost screaming in joy as he pushed his hips forward burying himself deeply.

For the next half hour or so he pumped his hard thick dark cock into her, at times so hard and fast that her head would spin, while at other times his actions were agonizingly slow and once or twice he even paused before again thrusting back into her with quick rapid strokes. His constant changing of pace almost drove her crazy and she began pleading and whimpering for him to fuck her, to shove his black cock into her and fill her with cum. In response he hissed she was his bitch, that her mouth and cunt were his to pleasure himself with whenever he wanted. As she moaned repeatedly that she was his he gripped her tight giggling ass cheeks tightly literally lifting her lower body from the bad while rapidly and forcefully thrusting into her, then with a satisfied groan and with a force like an erupting volcano his cum blasted into her filling her to over flowing.

As he rested she curled up between his hairy muscular legs obediently sucking and licking his cock and scrotum clean of all traces of their juices and when finely his cock again hardened, and in obedience to his command she eagerly knelt before him pushing her small tight buttocks into the air wiggling it about in expectation of what was to come. It had been years since anyone had fucked her ass and though she knew it had hurt like hell at first she yearned to again feel the pleasures such an act had so often given her and she humped back against him whimpering and pleading with him to shove his cock into her ass and fuck her like the slut she was.

As his cock wormed into her ass hole filling her, stretching her, it felt as if a thick lead pipe were being shoved into her but despite her discomfort the pleasures she’d once felt whenever she’d been ass fucked again surfaced, and she began forcefully pushing back against him, wiggling and gyrating her ass in a tight circular motion. At first his thrusts were long, deep and slow, but this time unlike earlier his pumping grinding movements only increased in quickness and savagery.

As his fingers dug into her jostling hips rocking her forwards and backwards in time to his deep hurtful, but never the less pleasurable animalistic thrust, she whimpered soulfully she was his to fuck whenever he desired. In between grunts and with hissing breaths he belittled her, calling her a whore and a white trash slut who got off fucking black men. In response Natalie’s whole body quivered, and repeatedly whimpered sobs of agreement spilled from her lips as she savagely and animalisticly impaled herself on his bone hard pumping rod.

With mirth in his voice as he watched his thick black cock spear between her jostling grinding ass checks he told her she was his bitch, his white slut whore to fuck whenever he wanted and then his testicles exploded, sending his cum rushing like a tidal wave upward through his cock into her clinging rectum and flooding her bowels with hot thick spunk. After once again using her mouth and tongue to clean his cock of all traces of their sexual activity she lightly caressed and massaged his cock waiting expectedly for him to once again grow hard and use her, but instead he surprised her by pushing her away. “You done had enough dark meat for today bitch, but don’t you fret none about getting more cause you mine now, and I’s see you get all you wants.”

Now as she walked through the darkened house her thoughts of Scholm intensified even more then they had over the last week for the summons that she’d been expecting had finally arrived. Not in the form of the expected phone call but in the form of a package, a package that until this very moment while everyone slept she had been reluctant to open and look upon. Reaching into a drawer of her daughters dresser she retrieved the padded envelope from beneath a pile of baby clothes, a slight shiver touching her shoulders as a feeling of excitement coursed through her in anticipation of opening the package that she had received that very evening only minutes before her husband had arrived home.

Clutching it to her breast she made her way through the darkened house to the living room, where with the aid of the dim light from the street light coming through the window she opened it to find a video tape and a note. Turning on the TV and VCR she inserted the tape making sure as she did so to turn down the volume. As the tape began to play she saw herself slowly closing a door and begin removing her clothes, and then in shock and through disbelieving eyes she watched the events of that day a week ago again unfold, almost exactly as she remembered them except for something she couldn’t quite put a handle on.

Mesmerized she watched as not once but three times she willingly and eagerly fucked the overweight grotesque negro, and in the silence of the darkened house her repeated whimperings for him to fuck her, to make her his slut and give her a nigger baby sounded unnaturally loud. In addition to the, for want of a better word, normal fuck scenes of a negro fucking a white woman, there were several close ups not only of his hard thick black cock slithering rapidly and forcefully into her cunt and ass but also between her lips. There was even a closeup of her smiling broadly into the camera while swirling his thick creamery spunk around in her mouth before slowly swallowing it.

Even the scene where as he was fucking her in the ass and she had lunged back to met his thrust, grinding her buttocks against his groin like a nymphomaniac possessed while telling him how much she loved his big black cock and how much better it felt then her husbands skinny little white dick was there, and then she almost screamed aloud as she realized what was missing, his voice. Scholm’s voice was missing, no where on the tape was his voice to be heard, only hers. There was no indication that the words she spoke had been prompted by or were in response to anything the negro said. It was made to appear that she had instigated the whole sordid thing instead of what had really happened.

As the screen went blank her eyes fell to her lap and the note clutched tightly in her hand, a note that she had only just started to read before the video tape had begun to play. Bringing the note up so that with the help of the light coming from the TV screen she could read what he had written, she mouthed each word silently and then her eyes widened as she read and then re-read the part that Scholm was having several friends over the next day. The note went on to say that he expected her at his home no later then 5:00pm and that she was to wear something sexy because she would not only be entertaining him but all his friends as well.

As she sat dumbstruck starring at the note she didn’t hear her husband approach, didn’t even realize that he was awake, until he put his arms around her hugging her tightly. As his lips pressed into her neck and his teeth nibbled playfully against her flesh she shuddered, and despite her best effort she groaned mournfully, in response he pulled back asking if there was something wrong. She didn’t answer, she couldn’t. There was no way that she could think of to tell him that instead of being at home waiting faithfully for him with his supper on the table when he got off work she was going to be across town entertaining Scholm and God only knew how many other black men and that more then likely it would be like that for many an evenings to come.

– The End –