As I sit looking down on the Hacienda, I think back to my young bride and our last night together. The story she told me would forever be burned into my memory. I write her words as best as I recall, as well as the events that followed, to the best of my recollection, in case something should happen so that someone, somewhere will know what happened to my wife and I…

“With Juan’s arm about my waist and his hand cupping my right buttocks, we entered the bar, surrounded by the others. As his fingers squeezed and playfully pinched my right buttocks, the memory of the ride and of how Juan and Joseph had kissed my lips and throat while running their calloused hands over my near-naked body was fresh. And now the thought that I was going to be the only white girl in a bar filled with horny Mexicans, along with the memory of how my legs had parted, as if in anticipation of this moment, allowing Joseph to finger my cunt while Juan tweaked my nipples, as his tongue tickled my tonsils, sent a shiver racing up my spine. My naked hips swayed seductively beneath the black spandex micro-mini I had chosen to wear, and my pussy lips felt wet with anticipation, yet fear at the prospect of being sold like a common tramp to an untold number of dark, swarthy men who would use me in ways I could only imagine.

The sound of my 4 inch heels as I entered made every head in the bar turn. Just beyond the doorway, I stopped. My thighs quivered and my nipples hardened, feeling for all the world as if they would poke through the thin material as I looked at the twenty-five or so men undressing me with their eyes. My heart fluttered and my throat became dry. What you and I had known would eventually happen was here, but instead of feeling panicky or frightened, as all properly raised teenage American females would have, instead I felt eagerness.

I tried desperately to understand my contradictory feeling. Then, as the farmers drew closer, their faces aglow with twinkling eyes and smiling lips, I knew. My eagerness was to show Padro and his compatriots that I now accepted my role as their whore, willingly taking these smelly dirt farmers into my young tender white body and giving them more pleasure in one night than their wives or families had given them in a lifetime. A flame ignited in my uterus, slowly spreading outward and upward until my breasts too felt as if they were aflame, and as it grew hotter and larger, I moaned in wanton lustful passion.

Turning my face from the farmers I looked into Juan’s twinkling eyes which seemed to say, “Show these dirt farmers that the pesos they give us to fuck you are well spent. Give these dark skinned peasants more pleasure and enjoyment than they ever dreamed possibly as you wrap your legs about them and they shove their cocks into your hot tight snatch.”

And then, with another squeeze of my right buttocks as if confirming what I had seen in his eyes, I felt almost dizzy with desire to do his bidding. Leading me to the bar, Juan turned me to face the questioning, yet eager, faces of the farmers, whose body odors, from working in the fields all day under the hot sun, assaulted my senses. Juan’s fingers slipped beneath the hem of my micro-mini, slowly pushing the tight clinging material of the skimpy skirt higher on my hips. Padro was talking to them, and without understanding their language I knew what he was saying.

As Juan’s fingers continued pushing the clinging material teasingly higher until it was about my waist, showing the farmers that beneath my skimpy skirt I was naked, and that for a few pesos they could get pleasure from the pussy of a young pretty gringo.

Then, lifting me to the bar, he placed his hand to my thigh, squeezing lightly, indicating I should spread my legs. Several of them came forward to touch my thighs before sliding their hands to my pussy, visibly making my body shudder each time one of them pushed a stubby, calloused finger into me. Others came forward and soon my halter top was removed and beard-stubbled faces pressed against my tender breasts as teeth nibbled and pulled on my nipples. Repeatedly their stubby calloused fingers twisted and probed deep into my cunt.

As I sat there, with widely splayed legs, unmoving except for quivers racking my body as their fingers and mouths played over my near-nakedness. I thought of you and the life we had planned. Then I saw myself for what I had become. A whore, a cheap slut that would willingly let her body be used for whatever degenerate or immoral purpose Padro or his compatriots could envision. No matter how depraved, the constant use of my mouth and pussy and finally my asshole to satisfy Padro’s and the others sexual fantasy of turning me, a seventeen year old blond American, into their personal whore to use whenever they wished, had come to full fruition. As I sat atop the bar, shivering from the touch of their fingers and with anticipation at the prospect of being fucked by over twenty smelly dirt farmers, I realized their fantasy had begun to bear fruit three days earlier, though maybe they hadn’t even thought of it the first time they had used me to satisfy their lust on that dusty road beside the gas station with you watching.

Again, with you watching, while tied to a tree, more blooms blossomed, as, in the flickering firelight, I serviced all eight of them eagerly with my mouth and cunt. Their hard muscular bodies and throbbing cocks had my mind screaming in rapture and I found myself praying they would never stop using me to satisfy their sexual hunger and cravings. More blossoms burst forth when I paraded before them in clothes that only a slut would wear, seeing in their eyes the knowledge that until that moment I had tried to deny. And then as I stared into their faces while sitting in the lap of man after man as each used my cunt I could see by their expressions that lust and cock-hunger were evident on my own face. But not until Petri and then Padro had pushed their hard dark cocks into my ass did I surrender completely.

The protecting wall I had built with our love for each other shattered into so much rubble as their hard throbbing cocks stretched my anus and rhythmically bored ever deeper as if searching for my soul as I screamed with a pleasure I had never known existed. With my mind soaring heavenward as their cocks used my rectum for their perverted pleasure I surrendered myself to them as with choked gasping breath I told them I was their whore to use as often and however they wished forever. I realized at that second that Padro and the others had indeed made me a whore, their whore, and that I would willingly let them drag me even deeper into whatever pit of depravity their minds could conjure. My mind wasn’t working properly, my thoughts and memories were mixing, flying apart and then blending together again only to fly about before shattering as I sat atop the bar with seemingly dozens of sweaty, calloused hands caressing and prodding every curve and swell of my petite young body.

I felt like a fish out of water as my heaving chest strained with the effort of my lungs to take in air. I was light headed and my vision dimmed as I began hearing strange choking sobs and a voice pleading for someone, anyone to fuck her. I thought it strange that another American could be in the bar, but yet at the same time a fresh thought over-rode the first one and I realized the voice I was hearing was my own. I felt hands pulling me from atop the bar and, as I sank to the sawdust-covered floor, I saw pesos being pushed into Padro’s hand. As my legs were pulled apart, and a man fell between them, sinking his cock in one swift hard lunge into my cunt, I thought I heard an English speaking voice say that the fucking whore had more than one hole. My mind raced with the thought of all those sweaty dirt farmers eager to use my body for sexual relief, eagerly giving Padro their hard earned money for a few short minutes atop my beautiful young body as I wallowed on the sawdust floor. The musky odor coming off the men surrounding me, as well as the one rutting between my widely splayed legs, was like an aphrodisiac and, as the first man shot cum into me and was replaced by another, I screamed joyously. I can’t tell you how many used me as I lay on my back with my legs pushed back until my knees touched my shoulders allowing them unhampered access to my cunt.

After what seemed likes minutes, but may have been hours, I was turned to my side and a leg lifted to a bar stool, as I was sandwiched between two men. As one of them pushed his cock into my cunt, the other pulled my ass cheeks apart and pushed his dick against my tight, crinkly anus ring. And as pleasurable sounds of lust and want issued from my throat, because of the wonderful feelings the duel penetration was giving me, a cock silenced my cries as it slipped between my slack lips. My petite body was in constant motion as cocks pounded into every orifice and, after what seemed only a second, began flooding me with cum, only to be replaced by another. Orgasms racked my body constantly and I unashamedly gloried in each one as I was used simultaneously by three cocks time and again. Padro and his compatriots had achieved their goal. I had become their whore, their slut, to use however they wished, even selling me for a few pesos to dirt farmers and anybody else willing to pay. Padro didn’t lie. He sold me to all twenty or thirty men who were in that bar.”

And then she fell silent, still holding me to her bosom while gently rocking. With tears misting my cheek, I whispered I loved her and that somehow, someway I would get her from them. But she never heard me. She closed her eyes and had drifted off to sleep with a smile creasing her lips. For the rest of that evening and the next day they left us alone except to bring us food. More than once, we lay in each others arms with me kissing every part of her body, as if trying to remember every detail of her petite form with my lips and then I would make love to her. Slowly and tenderly, as with all my will power, I tried to prolong our love making and to show her that she was not the whore that she had so willingly called herself, or let herself be used as.

But the self esteem I was trying to help her regain was nipped in the bud before it could begin to grow. After better than 24 hours together, they came and got her, with Padro winking at me, saying that shortly, I, along with other special guest he had invited, would be given a show by his little whore, and he hoped that it would please me. As the hours dragged by I worried about my wife and what this cruel fucker was going to make her endure. With still no knowledge of what my wife might be enduring, I fell into a restless sleep, thinking that I heard a faint cry of pain followed shortly by a scream of wanton joy. As the next day dawned, I heard voices from what sounded like a dozen or so Mexicans, along with several English speaking people coming from the court yard. An hour or so later the door opened and, to my surprise, my wife, instead of one of the men who held her in servitude, stood before me, and with a sultry voice told me to follow her.

She looked as radiant and beautiful as the day we were married. As I looked at her face, everything about it was perfect. It was as if she had just come from a beauty parlor, her pale flaxen hair hung in loose curls about her shoulders like she wore it the day we were married and her face had just the right amount of make-up, highlighting her beautiful lips that were glossed with the reddish shade she liked so much. She wore a wedding gown, but instead of the long ankle length one she was married in, this one fell only inches below her crotch. Beneath the shimmering translucent, frilly material it was evident that she only wore a garter belt, and the cinnamon colored stockings with the 4 or 5 inch heels combined to make her appear devastatingly sensual.

Following her from the room, I was surprised when, after only a short distance, she opened another door and entered. Once inside I was taken aback from the splendor. The room was like a fairy tale princess’ bedroom with a huge bed standing in it’s center. The mirrored walls made it seem as if the room was larger than it was, giving it a bright airy appearance and the lace covered canopy blended and matched the frilly coverings of the windows and my wife’s skimpy wedding gown. Two monstrous Great Danes lay at the foot of the bed and when we entered, they slowly rose, pushing their snouts to her hands, licking her fingers and then left the room. Without a word she led me to the bed and then, taking me into her arms, she kissed me passionately. Stunned both by the room we were in as well as the clothes she wore and her actions, I stood there stupidly unresponsive. But, as she pulled me to the bed, wrapping her leg about my own, while still probing my mouth with her tongue, any questions and befuddlement I had fled and I began to kiss her back; glad once more to have her in my arms.

My hands ran along her thighs and slim waist to her breast and, within seconds, my fingers were unfastening the bodice of her wedding dress, freeing her perfect 34 C’s to my grasping hands and hungry mouth. As my lips closed about her nipple, sucking it into my mouth, my teeth nibbled tenderly at its tender flesh, bringing loud gasps of pleasure from her throat. As I continued to lavish kisses to her breasts and suckle her nipples, she whispered into my ear that she loved me. I was too excited to understand everything at that moment, as she whispered that soon I would be free and that no matter what happened, when all attention was on her I should run. As what she said dawned on me I raised myself above her, looking askance into her eyes, when all of a sudden all hell broke loose. Suddenly Padro dressed as a Spanish Noblemen burst into the room, followed by the huge Great Danes and a large barrel-chested Negro whose skin was so dark it had a bluish sheen to it. The Negro pulled me from my wife’s arms, holding me aloft, as Padro accused my wife of taking a stable hand to her bed on their wedding day.

What the hell did he mean, his wedding day, and what the fuck was going on? As the Negro held me aloft by my shoulders, shaking me like a rag doll, I saw from the corner of my eye the small red light of a video camera, indicating that everything was being filmed and suddenly my wife’s words made sense to me. In my heart I knew what was going to happen but, as it unfolded almost like I imagined it would, I was still stunned. With what looked like a riding crop Padro lashed out at Sharon, lacing her thighs and breasts with thin red welts, as he called her a whore and a slut, saying that if it was other cocks she wanted on her wedding day then other cocks she would get. And then he turned to the Negro who, while still holding me aloft, yanked at his pants, freeing a midnight black cock over a foot long.

I had never in my life thought a man could posses an organ so huge and the damn thing wasn’t even hard yet. The dogs were jumping about whining and yelping, and as the barrel chested Negro stepped toward the bed throwing me into a corner near the opened door, he twisted his fingers into the flaxen curls of my wife’s hair pulling her face and upper body toward his huge, semi-hard organ as the dogs in their excitement leaped to the bed, pushing their muzzles to Sharon’s tits and between her parted legs. I could see the dogs excitement as their tongues lapped at her exposed flesh. Their cocks poked from their sheaths, growing harder and longer by the second as Padro yelled that since his gringo bride preferred cocks other then his she would service his Negro field hands and animals like the whore she was. With one hand pulling my wife’s face to him, the other fell to her thigh squeezing it, and the contrast of their two skin colors was like night and day.

One of the dogs jumped between her opened legs, his hips pumping madly, as he tried to push his dick into her cunt, just as the Negro’s dark cock pushed against my wife’s lips, she uttered a single word, “Now.” Bolting to my feet I ran as if the devil himself were after me, knowing that in doing so I was leaving the one person I loved most in the world to the mercy of a depraved group of Mexicans. But as she had promised she would, she had made it possible for me to escape.

I wandered for almost two days before finding help in crossing the border, and then I wasted more than two weeks as I talked to government officials, both American and Mexican, trying to get them to find and rescue my wife. But the fate of one American in what they term the global scheme of things is not very big on their agendas. Especially when that person was a cheap slut that fucked animals and groups of men and derived great pleasure from her depraved acts as one of the American diplomats so aptly put it when he produced a tape. Waving the tape before me he said it showed my wife deep throating a coal-black Negro while being fucked in the ass by two large Great Danes.

Throwing the tape on his desk he laughed, saying it also showed the slut being fucked in the ass by the Negro’s foot long cock, while sucking the dogs off till them came. Opening a drawer he threw several more tapes on his desk saying that my wife had been a busy little slut, and then, looking at the titles, he put one of them into the VCR, telling me with childish glee and a smirk that it was one of his favorites. As the video started I couldn’t help but notice that her figure was still the same petite one I had so loved. My wife was dressed in an almost non-existent cowgirl outfit, the skirt barely covering her crotch and tight cute ass. The fringed vest was open enticingly, showing her small but perfectly shaped breasts and nipples, looking for all the world as if they were begging to be sucked. The jist of the tape was that my wife was in a stable grooming a horse and as she bent over while brushing it’s flank a group of five Mexican peons entered the stall and proceeded to ravish her while she was still bent at the waist.

As her face repeatedly pushed into the horses belly as they thrust into her, the animals cock began to grow and soon over a foot of horse meat hung swaying in front of her. The men, thinking this funny, pressed her face to it, telling her to suck the horses cock, as the horse too was horny and, with much talking and gesturing on their part, the men soon had my wife’s lips around the horses cock. As they continued to thrust into her from the rear, her small hands encircled the throbbing horse cock and soon she had her mouth stuffed with over six inches of two or three inch thick animal cock. With the animals cock glistening from her saliva as she slurped wantonly on the monstrous cock, more men entered the small stall bringing the number to about nine. As they too fucked her, she continued to slavishly suck on the animals cock and, as the horse came, the camera shot in, showing the gushing semen dribbling from between the thick cock and her tightly stretched lips as her throat muscles worked to swallow the horses cum. And then, with her still wearing her little cowgirl outfit, the men tied her face down on a weight bench-like contraption, and with her face almost to the ground and her ass about three feet in the air they guided the horse over her. The men had the horse rear up till his forelocks were on the bar over her and then guided his still dribbling cock to her cunt.

Pressing the fifteen plus inch dark cock to her cum drenched pussy lips, the men jabbered excitedly as the horse pressed forward slowly, sinking inch after inch of almost fist size cock into her. The camera shot in for a close up, showing her cunt flowering open as the head pressed against it and then her pussy lips tightened around the monstrous cock, caressing it lovingly, as a guttural moan wafted from her lungs. Her cunt lips seemed to be nibbling and sucking the animals dick as it sank relentlessly, ever deeper into her belly and then the camera panned back. As the final couple of inches sank between her cunt lips and the horse began moving faster, my wife, with hair flailing about and hips lunging upward to meet the pistoning cock began screaming for the horse to fuck her as the men laughed, calling her a gringo slut and horse fucker.

When the film ended the diplomat pushed his face to mine, telling me I was foolish to even think of rescuing a slut who, as anyone could plainly see, derived great pleasure and enjoyment in servicing and being serviced by groups of spics and animals, especially animals with huge dicks. I felt like killing the sick son-of-a-bitch. This was the type of person good tax dollars paid to help American citizens if we needed it. Taking the tapes from him I threw them to the floor and stomped on them telling him that after I found my wife I was coming back and if he were still here I would stomp his ass just like I had the tapes. Turning from him I walked from the Embassy. I was on my own. I couldn’t expect any help from my government. Selling everything my bride and I owned, along with borrowing what money I could from friends, I purchased guns and a 4 wheel vehicle. For almost a year now, I’ve traveled deeper into Mexico, following every rumor of a blond gringo whore. And now as I sit in the hills overlooking a Hacienda waiting for night to fall, I’ll finally get my chance to keep the vow I made to a young bride so long ago, when I held her in my arms and with tears in my eyes pledged to always love her, promising that once I escaped I would return and save her or die in the attempt.

– The End ? –