As Tim watched through the partially opened door he became more excited than when his girlfriend had given him a blow job at the movie theater last night. His mother was laying across the bed running her hands over her body, moaning softly as she pulled on her nipples and squeezed her breasts through her open negligee. His father had been dead for almost two years now, but he had never thought of his parents as having a sex life because they were old. But there his mother was, feeling herself and becoming more aroused and excited by the minute. Her moans of pleasure increased, and then he heard her whispering his dead father’s name as one of her hands slipped under her negligee caressing her pussy. He guessed that his mother was in her late 30’s or early 40’s even though she didn’t look it, damn, his mom looked really good for an old person. Looking at her body writhing on her bed as she fondled herself he compared what he could see of her figure to the girls he knew, and though he couldn’t be sure, he thought his mom would win hands down. Turning from his mom’s door with a dick as hard as a log he almost knocked his 16 year old sister Nicki down. She was smiling at his guilty expression and flushed face at being caught, so she teasingly told him she was going to tell mom that he was spying on her. Chasing her down the hall and into her room he knew he had her cornered, but she jumped onto the bed pulling the covers up over her head, laughing and teasing him like she used to when she was six years old.

Jumping onto the bed, he pulled the covers from her and then turned away blushing, because his sisters skirt rode up almost to her waist, exposing her panties. When he turned back to look at her his eyes fell to her panty covered crotch which seemed to be beckoning him. She hadn’t moved, at least not to cover herself. Her short skirt was almost around her waist giving him a unobstructed view and his cock which had grown soft when his sister had caught him, now became rigid again, putting a tent in his pants that was hard to hide. Without thinking what he was doing Tim reached out laying his hand on her thigh and then he leaned forward staring into her eyes as he brought his lips to hers. Nicki had always had a crush on her older brother, often dreaming about him and sometimes fantasizing that it was him who was touching her instead of some boy she had gone out with from school. But now that he was in collage hanging around older boys and girls he no longer paid much attention to her or her mother. She loved her brother and would do anything for him and she was hurt that he didn’t seem to care about her like he used to, but now his kiss sent her heart soaring and she threw her arms around his neck grinding her body to his as her small tongue met his like a lovers.

His hand reached between their bodies cupping a small firm breast, and he marveled at the firmness and perfect hand full, he could feel her nipple grow rigid through her bra and the thin material of her blouse as it pressed into his hand like a hot poker. Breaking the kiss he told her he was sorry as he rose from her bed, but before he could turn and walk from her room she rose to her knees and began unbuttoning her blouse. Dropping her blouse beside the bed she looked into his eyes with childish love as with deft fingers she opened the fastener between her perky firm breasts and discarded her bra, freeing her tea cup size breasts and lust taunt nipples to his stunned gaze. In amazement he looked at her kneeling on her bed with her breasts exposed wondering just how far she could go, but when she undid her skirt pushing it from her waist and down her legs he couldn’t believe what his little sister was doing. His dick began to stir as he took in the lovely sight of her near naked body and wondered why he had never noticed how pretty or near perfect her body was before.

Climbing from the bed she stood before him looking into his eyes as her fingers slipped into the waist band of her bikini panties and provocatively slipped them down her cute little ass letting them slide down her legs joining her skirt and blouse on the floor. Standing naked in front of her brother, her body quivered as the look of pure lust in his eyes sent a salacious thrill through her. Her arms again encircled his neck as she stood on her tiptoes and mashed her lips to his, grinding her lithe body into his groin and the ever increasing hardness of his dick. As she broke the kiss her eyes dropped between their bodies to the growing swell between his legs and then her fingers lightly danced over the hard bulge. Tim felt as if his dick would burst from his pants as he felt her fingers brush over his cock and his mind raced with lurid visions of him and his sister fucking like two wild animals. Looking back at his sister he almost laughed, her eyes were still locked to his crotch and her fingers continued to flutter over his bulge, it was at that moment that he knew that he was going to fuck her brains out. With a soft gentle whisper as if talking to himself he told her that if she really loved him she would show him by sucking his dick, and as he looked at her he saw her tongue lick across her lips just before she looked away from his crotch and into his eyes.

“Come on sis show your big brother how much you love him. Crawl between my legs and wrap those pretty lips of yours around my fuck stick. You know you want to.” Looking again at the bulge in his pants Nicki slowly dropped to her knees as if hypnotized, never taking her eyes from his crotch and in a small cracking voice said that she loved him and would do anything for him. As her small trembling fingers worked at his zipper and then into his pants trying to free his growing hardness he reached out and brushed her cheek with his hand telling her that he loved her too and that what they were doing was right. As his cock sprang into view with her fingers around it he pulled her face forward telling her to open her mouth and suck on his cock like a lollipop. Opening her mouth as her head moved toward his cock she wondered how his penis would taste, would it taste the same as her boyfriend’s or would her brother’s taste different, better. Her tongue brushed over the piss hole and all around the tip licking up the pearl like drops of pre cum as they appeared and then her lips slipped over the crown of his cock sucking him into her mouth. Moving her head up and down as his fingers twisted in her hair, she slowly took more and more of his cock into her mouth finding the taste of his penis much more pleasurable than her boyfriends. But when he told her to stop she instead clamped her lips tighter around him sucking harder as the feeling of sexual pleasure he was giving her tickled her palate. Pulling his groin backwards he felt her teeth scrap along the shaft of his glistening cock as it slipped from her lips and he almost shot a load of cum into her mouth.

Gathering her legs under her she stood and began unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it from his shoulders and letting it flutter to the floor. Her small delicate fingers danced over his chest and her finger nails lightly scraped over his own hard nipples sending a small shudder through his body. Kissing his chest and licking over his nipples her tongue traveled down his chest and across his stomach as she slowly dropped to her knees before reaching up and undoing his belt. Putting her hands into the waist band of his pants she slowly tugged them from his hips and down his legs until he could step from them. His hands caressed the sides of her head as her hands then tugged his underwear from his hips to join his pants on the floor. Pulling her face once more to his hard seven inch cock he pushed it between her lips and into the warm moist cavity of her mouth, sighing deeply with satisfaction. Watching his sister’s lips slowly move up and down his cock as inch after inch slipped into her mouth he wondered why he had never thought of doing this before. Hell, now he wouldn’t have to worry about whether a date would put out or not, he had his sister. Wasn’t she on her knees sucking his cock like someone drinking a coke through a straw, and hadn’t she said she loved him and would do anything he asked.

He began moving his hips in time to her bobbing head and then to his surprise and happiness he felt his cock slip into her throat. Her muffled gagging as her nose pushed into the hair surrounding his cock only increased his sadistic behavior and with a slow pleasurable movement he withdrew his cock from the tight clinging grip of her throat leaving just the head between her lips. Pushing his hips forward while pulling her head, he watched her lips slide down the saliva coated length of his cock until they were again tightly clamped around the base of his manhood with her nose pressed into his groin hairs as his balls slapped her chin. Either his sister was a natural born cock sucker or she had been doing the boys in school. The tight clinging grip of her throat as his cock slithered forward with each slow face fucking movement made him want to shoot his cum into her throat and have her swallow every drop. But if he did that he wouldn’t be able to fuck her for awhile and he did want to fuck his sister bad. “Sis, Nicki. Unless you don’t want me to fuck you I think you better stop now, my balls feel like they’re going to explode.” He felt a spurt of cum erupt from his balls and then up through his cock as he pulled free of her mouth, He watched as it spurted from the tip and hit her still open mouth, only inches away.

Nicki had not wanted to stop but his words about fucking her made up her mind and with reluctance she let him pull his cock from her throat and mouth. She saw his cock spurt once and felt the drops of cum splatter against her lips and with childish glee she licked the unexpected offering from her lips, savoring the taste. Silently she swore to herself that if not today, then soon she would have her brother shoot his sperm into her mouth and throat so she could swallow every last wonderful drop of it. Telling her to get on the bed so he could show her what it meant to really please a man, she eagerly obeyed spreading her legs wide. Climbing onto her bed between her widely splayed legs he lowered his face to hers kissing her deeply before taking one of her nipples between his teeth and softly nibbling on it, causing her to moan loudly with pleasure. Kissing her flat stomach he then traveled down between her legs placing his lips against her pussy licking up and down the dew moistened little slit concealed beneath the fluffy curls of her pubic hair. Spreading the pliant warm lips of her pussy, he worked his tongue upward from the tiny little ring of her anus over the hot wet sizzling fissure of her pussy, to the throbbing oily marble of her clit. Naked, lurid sensations whispered to Nicki from the heat of her loins. She had never felt anything as marvelous as what her brother was doing to her and without being aware of it her back arched from the bed. Unbidden loud moans of ecstasy escaped her lips as she ground her pelvis up into her brothers face and marvelous tongue, wriggling her hips seductively in a timeless dance of arousal. All too soon he stopped, and as she weakly raised her head begging him to continue he raised himself over her, placing his hard throbbing cock to the hot saliva moistened opening of her pussy. Nicki reached up encircling his neck with her arms as with one mind numbing lunge his seven inch cock slipped into her pussy. She bit into her brothers shoulder muffling her scream as his cock slipped deep into her pussy tearing away her childhood with one savage thrust, breaking her hymen.

Her whole body shuddered from the searing pain and her legs flopped loosely under her brothers lunging body as her mind screamed in agony. Sadistically Tim lunged into his sisters cunt grinding his loins against hers with no thought of tenderness or love, only his own savage need for fulfillment and relief. Her muffled screams of pain only drove him to greater more cruel heights as visions of her bending to every sick whim he could envision danced before his lust clouded eyes. Sexually explicit words flowed from his lips as he savagely pounded into his sister as he pictured her under his complete control doing anything and everything he told her to. As his cock lunged cruelly into her, he envisioned his sister being used by a group of men as he looked on encouraging them to fill every hole in her body with their hot seething cum; a vision so wanton and depraved that it would make a normal person doubt his sanity. Nicki felt as if her very soul had been torn from her body at her brothers first savage lunge into her pussy. There was no tenderness or soft loving words of passion as she had envisioned her first time would be, and she felt as if she had somehow been betrayed. Her tortured mind had thought that her brother would be loving and tender as he made love to her, not like this, not like some wild animal rutting in some dark forest. Her pussy hurt each time her big brothers cock plunged deep inside her, and yet when his cock withdrew she felt a strange emptiness and longing for him to again sink deep into her cervix. Nicki held her breathe slowly raising her trembling legs as he lunged into her grinding his pelvis against hers, and then before he could withdraw her legs encircled his buttocks locking her ankles together. As the minutes slipped away and her brother showed no sign of lessening his deep hurtful lunges she moved her buttocks in a small circular motion trying to relieve some of the pain.

To her surprise the motion of her hips lessened it somewhat, and then another feeling unknown to her raced up her spine causing her young body to shudder. Moving her hips in ever widening circles she discovered that if she lunged upward and ground her pelvis in a circular motion each time he moved downward into her, a tingling almost electric shock traveled up her spine to burst inside her head. She began to move upward in wild abandon to meet her brothers lunges, biting his neck and shoulder while proclaiming her love with gasping breath. Each stroke of his hard beautiful cock drove her wild with a desire to please him like no girl had before, her trembling body bucked and twisted under her brothers cock thrusts and her tits felt as if someone were rubbing them with a powerful lotion causing them to tingle until her nipples felt as if they would burst. Bright flashes went off behind her tightly closed eyes and she felt as if she were soaring up into heaven. She felt his cock swell as his balls hit the crack of her ass for what seemed the thousandth time and then her insides felt awash with the flood of his sperm as his balls emptied. Clinging to her brother she rode out her first ever orgasm as well as his, and as he collapsed onto her she kissed his neck and face whispering that she loved him.

Climbing from her bed he looked down at his kid sister telling her how pleased he was with her and then he dressed and walked from her room leaving her lying on the crumpled sheets naked and satisfied. Unknown to either Tim or Nicki their love making had been heard by their mother, and she had stood in the doorway watching her son and daughter fucking like wild animals not only playing with herself but bringing herself to climax at the same time her children did. Over the next few days Nicki couldn’t do enough for her brother and whenever she thought her mother wasn’t looking she would rub against him like an animal in heat. Tim found this amusing and would whisper nasty little things to her about sucking his dick or fucking her little aware that their mother was making plans of her own.

Saturday morning after breakfast as they sat watching TV and whispering to each other their mother walked into the living room saying she was going shopping and asked if they wanted to go along. Saying they were tired and just wanted to hang around the house their mother pretended to pout. Her motherly instinct told her that the minute she walked out the door her son and daughter would be rutting on the floor like two animals in the wild. And she was right, as soon as the car pulled from the driveway Nicki was in Tim’s lap, kissing his face and neck as her hand gripped his semi hard cock through his pants begging him to fuck her. Laughing at her eagerness he pushed her to the floor and then stood over her telling her that she was no better then a cheap slut and then he pulled his cock from his pants telling her that if she wanted his cock so bad she could crawl on her hands and knees to him begging for it. His cold manner and cruel words stung but her eagerness to please him as well as her need for his cock outweighed her pride, so on hands and knees she crawled to him. As Nicki’s small delicate fingers encircled his semi-hard organ it twitched and hardened to her tender touch and with almost childish glee she licked over the pre-cum swollen crown before pulling it to her mouth. As she begin bobbing her head he told her to look into his eyes so he could see how much she liked sucking his dick and then with an evil smirk began telling her of his plans to share her with his friends and classmates. “Suck it whore. Suck my cock and think of all the boys I’m going to sell your sluttish body to. Ohhh yea, that’s it. I knew a cock hungry slut like you would like it if I let my friends fuck you.”

As she listened to his hurtful words she felt her cheeks redden with shame and something else, and then she realized the something else was the thought of doing just as he described, and her body seemed to burst into flame at the thought of her being used by his friends. She greedily licked and kissed the crown of his cock making it grow and harden until it stood out from his body, and then she put her arms around his hips cupping his ass cheeks with her small hands pulling him deep into her eager mouth. As Tim looked at his sister gobbling his cock like a man dying of thirst he knew his words of sharing her with his friends had excited her. Oh she might balk at first or even protest but when the time finally came, she would do whatever he wanted once she understood that he was serious. She was always saying that she would do anything for him. Well he would see, and so with visions of his little sister fucking his friends he instructed her to suck his cock until he shot his wad. “I want you to gobble on my cock until I cum and then I want you to swallow every last drop. If you’re going to suck cock slut then you have to do it right. It would be a shame to waste a man’s spunk when a sweet little cock sucker like you can drink it.”

Her body trembled as his words rang in her ears and she pushed her face toward his groin while at the same time pulling his buttocks toward her until her nose pressed into his pubic hair and his balls hit her chin. His cock slipped in and out of her throat as she greedily bobbed her head slavishly sucking him to a hardness that made his cum filled balls ache as he told her he was going to choke her with his cum. Knowing that swallowing his cum would please him she worked her tongue over his dick as her lips slipped up its length each time he withdrew from her tight clinging throat. She wanted him to cum, she wanted his manly juices pouring down her throat and with determination she sucked harder and faster trying to hurry his climax so she could get her first taste of cum, and then she got her wish because his cock began spurting. His hands held her face to his crotch as she swallowed each torrent, her throat milking his cock with it’s clinging grip never loosing a drop as he emptied his thick creamy sperm into her mouth and down her throat in spurt after spurt until with a last tremendous shudder he held still.

Ordering her to her feet he led her to her bed room telling her that he was going to take pictures of her dressed in every miniskirt she had as well as her negligees. As she posed for him in every skimpy outfit she had, his cock stood at attention, bringing a look of lust twinkling in her eyes which was captured in every shoot. After each picture and while she changed for the next he would fondle her, teasing her with the promise of sex while telling her that she was his fuck toy to do with as he pleased. When he shot the last picture he crawled between her legs and made love to her, not savagely like the other times but tenderly and with affection knowing that in doing so he was assuring her cooperation.

Later that evening Tim couldn’t sleep and slipped down stairs to the kitchen and then into the living room after fixing a snack. Turning on the TV, he flipped through the stations to the Playboy channel, and after about a half an hour the flick was starting to get to him so he opened his robe and began stroking his cock. He didn’t notice his mom standing in the shadows staring open mouthed at his hard on as he pounded his pud while watching the action on the TV until he heard her gasp. Turning and looking into the shadows his robe fell open exposing him even more, and then he saw his mom with her hand over her mouth as if to stifle her gasp of surprise and shock. Without trying to cover himself up he patted the cushion beside him and then turned back to the TV. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his mother stiffly walk toward him and as she sat down a smile crossed his face. His arm reached out around his moms shoulder and with just the slightest pressure of his fingers she slide closer to him laying her head against his shoulder. He felt her hot ragged breath on his neck and then her lips pressed ever so lightly on his ear lobe almost like an angel’s kiss.

His right hand released his cock, moving up under his mother’s chin turning her face to his and then their lips met. At first she was unresponsive, but when his tongue pushed against her lips seeking entrance she began to slowly cave in. Within minutes their tongues were dueling as his mother half crawled unto his lap, hugging him tightly as a soft murmur of pleasure escaped her lips when his left hand covered her breast and rubbed over her nipple. Tim turned pulling his mother to him and slipped his right hand to her thigh, his fingers dancing lightly up her thigh as his left hand continued to fondle her firm tit.

Tim felt his mother weaken as his hands worked on her body. At 5 foot 6 inches and what he guessed 105 pounds his mom was only an inch taller then Nicki but they both had the same slim figure. In fact, he’d bet anything that his mom could wear Nicki’s clothes. He wondered how his mom would look dressed like a teenager as his lips and hands fluttered over her body, and then he visualized them together, two petite redheads with green eyes and light freckles, standing before him wearing micro mini’s, eager to do his bidding. Building his mother ever higher toward an orgasm and willingness to except him as a lover, his fingers caressed her every curve and swell like the softest touch of a feather or the breath of an angel. Pushing her back onto the couch he untied her robe letting it fall open and then he removed her negligee whispering that she should never cover up her body because she was so beautiful.

Kissing her face and neck as his hands worked over her body he whispered to her of his desire to see her dressed in micro mini’s without underwear open and eager for his caress, willing to spread her legs and take him deep into her hot willing cunt like her daughter Nicki. Spreading her legs he crawled above her teasingly rubbing his engorged cock over her pussy lips as he told his mom how Nicki was his willing sex slave, and that he wanted her, like her daughter, to dress and act like a whore willing to spread her legs for him with a simple nod of his head, then he lowered his body to hers whispering for her to put his cock in her cunt and fuck him. Angela’s mind was a mixture of wanting her son as well as fear, fear of doing something that was against nature and the laws of the country. But as his soft whispers confirming his sexual dominance of his sister Nicki and well as his desire to have his mother become his sex slave burned into her brain, she surrendered to the burning need to once more feel a man’s body over hers. Reaching between their bodies she grasped his lust hardened cock guiding it to her cunt and then she screamed excitedly as his hips lunged downward.

Angela arched her back, spreading her legs as her sons cock danced over her pussy lips before slipping into her. Her breath grew ragged and her chest heaved as her arms encircled his neck pulling him tighter to her while her hips began moving in small tight circles. “Ohhhh Timmy, Love mommy, love mommy and make her your slave. Fuck me and make me your slut like Nicki. Fuck me.” Tim’s ramrod hard dick felt as if it were being sucked into his mothers cunt and he couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was, it was almost like his sisters. But when her pleading words to make her his sex slave pounded in his ears, he did what was only natural, and in one swift downward lunge sank his seven inches deep into her. Her body arched from the couch lifting him into the air as she bucked under him and then her legs locked around his lunging hips as her finger nails racked over his back. Clamping his hand over her mouth to stifle her cries of lust he began pounding into his mother savagely while whispering into her ear that she was his whore to do with as he pleased. His words brought a pleading muffled “YES” to her lips as she writhed under him promising to be his forever and to do what ever he told her. Her body grew flushed as she felt her nipples rubbing against her sons chest, and the sound of their bodies slapping together seemed to announce to the world that she was his to do whatever he wanted with. She pictured herself and her daughter dressed like sluts in micro minis without bras or panties as her son led them about in public displaying them to strangers. An orgasm racked her body and then another, but still her son lunged against her, drawing her from some dark hidden puritan place in her soul out into a blinding light and into his sexual fantasy. Angela was an experienced woman unlike her daughter Nicki, but her son made her feel like he was her first lover and she found herself falling in love with him and like any teenager with their first lover she vowed to be his forever.

She felt her sons dick throb and twitch as it pounded again and again between her cunt lips, his lunges becoming more like a deep twisting grinding impalement. Her hands fell to her sons buttocks pulling him deep into her as her groin pressed up to met his frantic lunges. Lunging forward one last time before holding himself tightly against her body his buttocks tightened and his testicles drew into a knot. She felt his sperm race up along the thick length of his cock flooding her womb. Her third orgasm sent her heavenward just as her sons cum flooded into her willing cunt and she kissed his face and neck promising to always be his and then they collapsed into each others arms hugging each other close. Regaining his breath Tim again whispered to his mom how she was to dress, painting a picture of her without underwear dressed like her daughter in micro minis. When she hesitantly said she couldn’t wear that to work he untangled her arms from his neck and climbed from the couch putting his robe on telling her if that’s the way she felt then fucking her had been a mistake. “But Tim, men, strange men will be able to see under my skirt; they’ll see my pussy. They’ll think I’m a slut and that I want them to see me. They’ll think that they can fuck me.” Crying she slipped from the couch hugging his legs telling him that she loved him, promising to dress in skimpy clothes for him alone but begging him not to have her display herself like some cheap slut to strangers. Pulling away, he hissed at her that if she really loved him, dressing like a slut was a small price to pay for his cock. After all, if dressing in miniskirts without bra or panties was good enough for her daughter who spent her days at school surrounded by dozens of horny boys, then it was good enough for her. Telling her that her vows of love and promises to do his bidding meant nothing, he turned his back to her and walked from the living room and his mother without another word, leaving her crumpled and broken beside the couch with tears staining her beautiful face.

The next morning Angela came into the kitchen wearing one of her usual business suits, her eyes still puffy from crying and saw Tim running his hand over his sisters ass playfully, not even trying to hide it from her as she entered. From the corner of her eyes she watched Nicki’s expression as her brother ran his hand from her tight ass up along her inner thigh and then under her short skirt spreading her legs apart. She wished that it was her instead of Nicki that his hands were caressing and Angela’s heart pounded loudly in her ears. Her face turned crimson as she watched her son openly fondle his sister as if they were the only ones in the room. She almost didn’t hear her sons whispered promise of sex as the horn of Nicki’s school bus sounded. Pulling his fingers from her cunt he placed them into her mouth as he told Nicki to make sure the boys saw her twat. After his sister left Tim stood and looked into his mothers flushed face as with an evil smile he told her that she could have been his fuck toy too, and then he walked from the room.

When Nicki came home from school she found Tim and two of his college friends watching a porno movie and drinking beer. Not wanting to disturb them she headed for her bedroom but stopped when her brother called out her name telling her to come and meet his friends. She entered the living room and walked to her brothers side, looking shyly at his friends as his hand cupped her buttocks before sliding under her miniskirt exposing her nakedness to his friends glances. Nicki’s cheeks burned crimson not only from his touch but also from his question as he asked her how many boys had saw her cunt that day. As her brothers fingers teased her pussy lips he told his friends that she sucked dick better then a hundred dollar whore and then he told her to drop to her knees and show his friends how much she liked sucking his dick. Nicki felt ashamed and tried to pull from her brothers grasp but his fingers pinched her pussy lips holding her to him. “I said get on your knees and suck my dick, slut.” Nicki’s body shivered visibly as her brothers fingers again pinched her pussy lips as she hesitated, her eyes closed as waves of pleasure rippled up her spine and moans of wanton lust slipped from her lips. As she licked her lips a vision of herself kneeling between her brothers legs with his cock in her throat while his friends watched floated before her eyes.

As his hands fell from her body she slowly dropped to her knees unzipping his pants and pulled his cock free. Lowering her head to her brothers cock she licked over the head lapping up his pre cum before opening her mouth and taking him deep inside. From the corner of her eyes she saw the excited faces of the other boys as they leaned forward in their chairs to get a closer look as her lips traveled down the length of her brothers cock. When her lips pressed against his zipper and his cum filled testicles hit her chin, her cheeks again flushed when she heard the others excitedly exclaim they could hardly wait for her to deep throat them too. As she worked slavishly on her brothers cock he told the others that not only was she a hell of a cock sucker but a damn fine piece of ass as well. Nicki’s heart beat like a trip hammer as her brother told his friends that for twenty bucks apiece she would not only suck their dicks but fuck them as well. Before their mother got home Tim was true to his word, allowing each of his friends to use his sisters body telling them that any time they wanted a piece of ass they knew where to come. Not only did Nicki fuck and suck her brother and his two friends she also lay in front of the TV copying the woman in the porn movie by fucking herself with a large 10 inch ebony dildo while her brother told her that he was going to pimp her out to his friends for gambling money.

After his friends left and Nicki was cleaning herself up he walked down stairs with a smug smile on his face, that was the easiest $40 bucks he’d every made and now he could bet on the Lakers game tonight. Hell he could bet whenever he wanted cause he was sure that the two guys that had just left would tell everyone they knew what a fine fuck his sister was and he would have guys beating down his door for a crack at her tight little cunt. Looking up he almost slipped at the sight of his mother standing at the foot of the stairs. His mouth fell open as he took in her trim figure dressed in a miniskirt that hugged every curve and swell of her girlish figure. Turning around slowly to show her son everything he unconsciously licked his lips upon seeing her ass. It rivaled his sisters in both tightness and size and his cock sprang to attention at the thought of fucking this sexy woman like he had done just a few short days ago.

“Hello sweetheart. This is what you wanted. You wanted your mother looking like a whore, so here I am. I’m yours to do whatever you want with son. I love you and I”ll do everything you say from now on as long as you fuck me.” A gasp came from above and behind Tim as the startled voice of his sister filled the house “MOTHER.” Turning his head Tim looked back at his kid sister and then down at their mother again, a twinkle lit his eye with the knowledge that not only Nicki but his mom as well was under his control. As Nicki came down the stairs she grabbed her brothers hand looking down at the bulge in his pants telling him he was sick for getting excited over their mother. As they sat together in the living room Tim told his sister to knock off the jealously shit or he wouldn’t fuck her anymore or sell her to his friends. Hadn’t she liked being a little slut for his friends just an hour ago, and then he told his mother how Nicki had spent the afternoon with him and two of his friends before fucking herself with a large black dildo while they all watched. Angela’s breath came faster as Tim described what his sister had done. She could hardly believe that her son had sold his sister to a couple of strange boys to get money to gamble with. Looking at her daughter she saw her wipe a tear from her eye as she haltingly whispered that she loved Timmy and would do whatever he told her too, even if it meant fucking every boy he knew.

She knew how her daughter felt and couldn’t blame her for doing what she had just done, and secretly she hoped that soon her son would do the same to her. Putting his hand under each of their skirts and playing with their pussy lips he told them to remove their clothes and go down on each other and as they began removing their clothes he slipped into an easy chair to allow them the whole couch. Their willingness to comply with his commands without so much as a whimper surprised him somewhat. Not so much his sister because she had already been bent to his will and had started down the road to being his whore, but his mom was a different matter. As they sat beside each other lightly touching and caressing each others naked bodies he marveled at how much they looked alike, the same curvaceous figures with tits that were small yet proudly erect and tight firm asses that made a man drunk with longing just to fondle them. Their long flowing red hair waved about their heads as they twisted about to face each other and then he saw his mom bring her lips to her daughters and begin kissing her passionately while her hands fondled Nicki’s breasts and tweaked her nipples to rampaging hardness. His mothers legs parted as Nicki’s hand slipped between them and rubbed over her pussy lips before massaging her enlarged clit. Both mother and daughter were breathing heavy as they worked on each others body and then Nicki broke the kiss and took one of her mothers nipples into her mouth sucking and biting it before trailing her lips down her mothers body. Shifting to her knees Nicki helped her mother lay back and spread her legs before lowering her face to her mothers cunt, licking up and down the dew moistened slit.

At first it seemed as if the daughter was in control but then Angela shifted about under her, pushing her own face into her daughters snatch and began licking and sucking like a man dying of thirst. Their arms were around each others buttocks gripping their ass cheeks tightly as their tongues probed deeply into the others pussy. Tim stood, his eyes fixed on his sisters cute little ass as he began removing his clothes eager to sink his rampant cock into her ass hole there by making it another hole into which he or any body who paid him money could push their dick into. Neither Nicki or her mother had heard Tim and were hardly aware of him until Tim climbed onto the couch behind his sister and again repeated his words.

As his nasty degrading words whispered to the mother and daughter Nicki raised her ass wiggling it invitingly as she looked back over her shoulder at him. Her mothers tongue prodded at the fleshy lips of her genitals and she moaned unashamedly as her brothers hands roamed over her bare back and down along her sides. Nicki’s brain raced with excitement as filthy words spewed from her brother’s mouth as well as the prospect of what he was going to do, and she trembled as his hands grabbed at the firm half moons of her naked ass. She could not suppress a groan of anticipation as her brother pulled the resilient cheeks of her buttocks apart, exposing the smooth, deep fissure of her ass. She closed her eyes expectantly, pushing her face tighter into her mothers wet pussy as she felt the insistent prodding of his prick against the moist nether lips of her anus. Willing herself to relax she felt his cock enter her with an ease that surprised both of them, the taut elastic grip of her rectum slipped back over the bloated head of his prick like a powerful rubber clad fist as he bored relentlessly up her nether entrance, deep into the virginal depths of her rectum until his bloated balls slapped heavily between her thighs. Tim’s eyes widened as he looked down at his little sisters naked ass obscenely spread to either side of his prick as her anus lips stretched around his thick blue veined hardness. At first the pain had been brutally intense, stunning her mind and blocking out all other sense of feeling but after a few more deep, girding thrusts into her rectal passage she once more began licking her mothers cunt as the unmistakable whisperings of her lascivious passions broke through her feverish consciousness. Nicki’s curvaceous body quivered and squirmed under the sadistic deep thrust of her brother and the tonguing of her mother as the damning cries of her own lustful desires wailed at her like an ancient chorus.

You like it, Nicki! He was right. Your nothing but a cock hungry slut and you love his cock in your ass. Your nothing but a cheap whore and you love getting it in the ass. Oh God you love it and you want it bad!

Her buttocks began a slow sensuous movement around her brothers cock as she gasped for breath and groaned soulfully. Her virginal asshole began to quiver and contract lewdly around his blue veined hardness in a milking gesture of animalistic arousal. Pushing forcefully back against his deep thrusting erection in an unspeakable act of cock hunger her mind whirled in dizzying passion, and salacious visions danced in her shaken thoughts. She imagined herself in front of Timmy’s friends and classmates as in a slow motion like dream the boys all rose and striped exposing their long hard cocks, dozens of them, all for her. Mmm, it was a fantasy that drove her crazy with hot burning passion. She saw herself on her hands and knees; a hard cock between her legs and then another delicious hard, pulsing cock slipped into her mouth while a third shoved into her asshole.

The lurid scenario she imagined as well as what she had done earlier with her brother and his friends added to her wanton arousal! Nicki groaned incessantly now as she pushed back and forth between her mothers tongue and her brothers ravishing stiffness, skewering herself painfully with each impaling thrust. Tim was speechless as he leaned over her bucking form clasping her small breasts tightly as he coarsely dug his fingers into the tender flesh before pinching and pulling her nipples cruelly. Gurgling whimpers of animalistic arousal came from her throat as she lifted her head from her mothers pussy shaking it wildly from side to side, and then hissed savagely through her clenched teeth. “Mmmmmm, yessssss! Yessssss, yessssss! Fuck my ass with your big hard dick! Fuck sisters ass, and hurt me, hurt me soooo good! Oooooohhhhhhhh Godddddd, Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!”

With the conquest of her ass hole Tim’s power over his sister was now complete and he knew there was nothing the little slut wouldn’t do for him. He shivered as his mother sucked first one and then the other of his balls into her mouth and he realized that what he planned for his sister also included his mother. As his sick mind envisioned his plan his cock pounded unmercifully into his sisters ass as his mother continued to suck his balls and then he shuddered as his balls sent a forceful blast of cum deep into his sisters rectum. Nicki yelped with surprise as his cock spurted again and again in a seemingly unending flood of ejaculation that ricocheted along the tight tunnel of her rectum until her insides were awash with his hot creamy load. As his cock slipped from her asshole with a lewd slurping noise she fell forward burying her face into her mothers pussy. Cum dribbled from her ass hole down over her cunt lips and thighs to be eagerly lapped up by her mother as Nicki gasped for breath like a dying man. Her whole body shuddered with ecstasy, telling Tim everything, and then he pushed his filthy dick to his mothers face telling her to take him into her mouth and clean his dick. Later while he fucked his mother, Nicki not only kissed her mothers lips and throat, but suckled her nipples as well and when her brother finally pulled his limp organ from his mothers cunt after shooting his sperm into her Nicki licked the juices of their lust from his cock. Unknown to either woman Tim had rigged video cameras throughout the house allowing him to tape all sexual activity in any room, and after reviewing this tape he added it to the other one of his sister and his friends.

His sister and mother were his, totally and utterly his to do with as he pleased. With two beautiful women such as his mother and sister willing to bow to his every demand he thought he was on top of the world, but that was about to change because Tim was in over his head to a gambling syndicate and they were threatening to do some major damage to his body if he didn’t pay up. So in desperation he did the only thing he could think of, telling the bookie that he had a couple of home video’s of his mother and sister he would be willing to sell if he could find a buyer. Within twelve hours a very rotund man was standing at his door and introduced himself as Rollo asking to view the tapes saying that if he liked what he saw he would pay well because he had connections for national distribution.

He sold the video of his sister fucking him and two of his friends as well as the video of him fucking his sisters ass while his mother and sister performed orally, to that shady lowlife named Rollo and the guy had paid rather well because both women were redheads as well as the family connection. Tim was still in a pickle though because the money he received from the two video’s only made a small dent in his gambling dept and within a week his bookie was pressuring him again. By a strange coincidence the fat greasy Rollo called him again offering to buy more video’s, but when told they were like what he had already bought Rollo declined, saying that if Tim couldn’t came up with something better they couldn’t do business. Racking his brain for a solution as he begged the greasy slob to buy what he had, Rollo instead suggested a video showing his mother in some seedy bar being gang fucked by several men, promising him $17,000 in order to pay off his gambling debt. He even told Tim the name of a bar saying that he was sure the patrons would be more then willing to let him tape them slapping the sausage to a sexy redhead like his mamma, and then he had laughed saying it was either a gang fuck or no deal. Tim had bowed to his wishes without wondering how the greasy low life knew how much he owed, promising to have the video within two weeks.

After their first sex orgy it became routine for both his mother and sister to describe in detail what had happened each day. The women would tell about the males who had not only rubbed against them or snuck a feel of their ass or tits, but also the ones who might have seen their snatch that day, and how horny it had made them. These nightly sessions at the supper table strengthened his hold over them, as well as the sex he had with one or the other while the non participant watched and then later licked and sucked their spent juices from his cock and the womans cunt.

A week had gone by since his last talk with Rollo and Tim was beginning to have second thoughts about what the fat greasy slob wanted him to do. But the matter was taken from his hands when Rollo called telling him that he needed the video within 24 hours or he could forget it and then hung up. As he stared at the dead phone in his hand he fought with himself. Yes he had planned on having his mother fuck several of his collegiate friends, and was even going to video tape it. So in a way, what Rollo had demanded was not much different except he had no idea who, or how many men might be in the bar. And then he thought of the $17,000 he had been promised and how it would get the bookie off his ass. Grabbing a video camera he made sure it had fresh film and then he called his mother telling her that he would be by to get her after work before scribbling a note to his sister telling her that mom and him were going out and that when they returned he would fuck her brains out.

-To be continued…-