God how I miss being with you. The way my head feels when I lay beside you and put it on your chest. Your own personal scent that lingers in my head long after I leave. The way your fingers felt as you lightly ran them on my arm and back as I lay there, sending shivers of delight down my spine. Just the feel of your body as I put my hand on your chest and traced every inch, every hair with my fingers and palm. The sensation my lips got when I kissed your neck, nibbled your ears, sucked on your nipples and felt your pleasure and desire. The pleasure that ran through my body when your hands and mouth caressed, nibbled and bit my breasts. Making them hard and actually at times giving me a great orgasm.

The heart stopping sensation when your fingers and mouth took my clit to a hard, red, bud of fire. The urgency to thrust my cunt into your face, as you sucked, nibbled, bit that hard hot bud. Taking me from climax to climax. The feel of your fingers as I fucked them when you inserted them into my hot wet cunt. Getting me wetter and wetter with anticipation of the magnificent cock that would take their place.

The erotic awesome heavenly feeling when that cock finally got into my cunt and how perfect it felt there. The feeling of ecstasy when I clamped my muscles on that thick cock of yours and you gave me orgasm after orgasm. Making me cum over and over as you tormented my cunt while fucking me.

The thrill of having you thrust and ram that thick cock of yours into my pussy from the back hitting that special place time and time again. I remember the sensation of your cock in my ass. Ahhh I remember the twinges of feeling good there tooo.

The feel and taste of your cock as it hardened in my mouth as I sucked on it, nibbled the head and took it deep into my throat. Feeling you rise your buttock to thrust it down deep in the back so I would gag and close it around your shaft. Feeling my cunt shoot cum out as you did this. The sensation I got running my tongue up and down your johnson, feeling it get bigger and bigger as I sucked longer and harder.

Ohhhhhh the feeling of having your balls in my mouth moving them around with my tongue. Then, when you finally exploded deep inside of me, such a peaceful, satisfying feeling of fullfilment. And the way your fingers would draw little circles on my lower backside after you exploded inside me(from the back).

Yes I miss all of that something terrible, and long for the time we can be together again. No one will ever make me feel the way you do.

– The End –